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  1. There’s also sigma and possibly others… Not kidding.
  2. What would you “do” with that answer?
  3. I think that a healthy combination of the two is best option. Depends on the situation. The line between a child like and adult behavior is arbitrary.
  4. What would even nicer, really high end drones wiping out invaders forces and then all the accused act like putin: We don’t know, never happened, maybe it was a bird or something…
  5. @flowboy Jeeeses. Quite a list.. Any luck?
  6. @Johnny Galt I listened to that Youtube clip. Small parts here and there. She definitely could write and there’s definitely value there, specially for those who haven’t integrated stage red and blue fully. Like me. I tried to jump over them as fast as possible…At the same time I feel how dry and square it is. Damn.
  7. @Johnny Galt A lot of assumptions in Your text? Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. Seems that You liked it… Also it seems that You think You have a capability to direct people to think in certain direction? Careful with that?
  8. @Johnny Galt I haven’t read it. Now I became curious, what thoughts would I have after reading it. As for A. Rand’s worldview, wasn’t a fan of it, can’t remember what exactly, something seemed very wrong with it.
  9. I would walk. In any direction, besides north. Specially if you are young.
  10. @Benton Character in Ayn Rand’s book or something…
  11. If the person I am dating is bi, it’s possible to date the third person at the same time. So it’s three persons dating simultaneously. Hope it clears the confusion.
  12. I’m not bothered, I’m curious to why people actively choose to see things one way or another. And the justifications. So the question really is: who are we trying to convince while trying to convince others?