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  1. hmm we are trying to identify what training our mind is exposed to when learning a skill. There is good training and bad training, we need to be aware of what we are exposing our selves to. In the case of language learning, we are training the ability to memorize symbols and repeat them. That's the core repetitive action taken. That's what we are communicating to our mind system. I can’t see it that way but interesting explanation, thanks👍
  2. @integral Who ranks the value of learning a thing? Is it the person who’s learning or is it someone else’s ranking system? In case it’s someone else’s, who’s is the “best”? Why? The chess part was a joke, I also play😉
  3. @Tim R Yes, for me it started in nature, totally alone. More and more often it comes over. Lately even at work. With really strong emotions and warmth... ❤️
  4. @integral Must be all that chess that made You so stiff, can’t be the music😛 Who’s to decide, what’s valuable to learn? Can it vary between different people?
  5. Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, English and some Russian. Languages are cool👍
  6. @universe Very well put!! ❤️
  7. Too funny, I wanted to ask the same question...
  8. @VeganAwake Some years ago somebody broke my car’s locks , tried to drive away with it, couldn’t, took some stuff and left. I still remember how I sat there and realized that it didn’t happen to me, it just happened. I laughed couple of minutes . Very liberating. Every lousy situation that I have had since then goes thru same process in mind.
  9. It could be Your world. What is necessary to catch a self-actualizing, “deep” woman for a meaningful relationship, with shared development etc?? I’m assuming that You are shooting for that, correct me if I’m wrong. What is really important??
  10. @Javfly33 What if You are just genuinely pleasant person to be with? Good listener with sense of humor, kind etc. Your “aura/presence “ will draw all kinds of persons towards You, they can’t help it. Then You choose...
  11. Ok, I did. You basically answer it with Your question. We don’t know. Can be joking , can be daddy issues, who knows 😁 What is Ok/normal? To whom? etc😉
  12. @Preety_India It’s impossible for someone, who knows even less about the QUALITY of their relationship than You, to evaluate this...
  13. Sounds like You are forcing it a bit. Have You tried an approach that the right person comes to You when the time is right? Do You know, who You need?
  14. I think that it depends where you live...I would narrow this down a bit. Use local information. The quality varies a great deal.
  15. @Hardkill Now ask yourself : ”Do I really want to do it or am I just arguing?”