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  1. Sounds like a pseudo problem.. Who’s offended? Why? ?
  2. Eating meat seems very unnecessary. Really hope we grow out of it. “Norwegian decent” + “slender frame” in Your post made me listen to A-ha? @Flowerfaeiry
  3. I have a similar feeling and besides that I feel how relaxed the body is just when I wake up. And if I observe carefully it’s possible to feel how it tenses up somewhat in ca 10 seconds. Trying to override that part currently ☺️
  4. Scam, I’ve been in a similar situation. When they talk it sounds so convincing and like an hour later I came out of it. Was almost like hypnotized or something. Don’t fall for it.
  5. @tatsumaru It’s like You collected the opinions in my head about this subject and wrote it here?
  6. @modmyth Theoretically You got it right. I’ve been physics professor many times. But my students kept failing so often that self doubt creeped in. I mean who wants to be bad at their job? Although depressed professor could be one option ?
  7. @Topspin715 Welcome?☺️
  8. @freejoy I’m not buying it. Comparing, measuring, judging has ego written all over it. Just mind games.
  9. @Uchral Just out of curiosity, what’s Your description of reality?
  10. Am I really the only one who’s having trouble believing his measuring technique ??
  11. Well, some girls like to listen. Try something relatively soft first and see where it takes you..
  12. Let’s look at this testing method first. If it would be reliable we would use it it in courts with 100% right conviction rates, find all missing people, know answer to basically every question... It’s absurd...
  13. I’ve done the same thing with the mirror. After awhile you are not sure anymore who is it that is staring back. Love it.
  14. @integral Did you just put all Intp’s in one pot?
  15. @1liamo78 Why Do You think Moksha asked You that question? Can the answer to how we identify ourselves influence the answer of Your question?
  16. @1liamo78 Did You try to find an answer to Mokshas question? Isn’t it most important to understand first , who is doing the searching/trying to find answers?
  17. They keep saying here that there is no reason . So “why?” becomes useless. It was my favorite question ?
  18. @Blackhawk Exactly. i learned to like not knowing. There’s peace in it. Somehow active searching, comparing, analyzing etc switched to more chill observing.
  19. @Carl-Richard That sounds like some christian saying:” You just need to pray hard , man!” ? Not picking a verbal fight here. just to clarify...
  20. Or she stays with you for other reasons than tier one would? Or a mix of those two? What are tier two values? Maybe tier two is so independent that she doesn’t go after a guy because of his funds/status etc? Maybe I’ve been there.. Agreed. But is it wise to “lean on” the other person?
  21. @StarStruck People used to think for the longest time that swans are white, then they found some black ones in Australia. I love these kind of stories. Can never assume..
  22. @Karmadhi Don’t put all women into the same pot. Try to imagine what kind of consequences that might have on Your “future”... Can You trust Your partner if subconsciously there’s a suspicion that no matter how “good”she is , she might screw You over? I’m writing from my own experience. Can You trust life?