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  1. When i do this technique, i watch to the wall. But Leo said that; do not look any special object. But even if i try to meditate in nature, mind starts to focus on some point without my control. What do you suggest?
  2. How do i know if something is true? Can i trust my direct experience? How can i know things like astral projection, new dimensions, insights of dmt trips are true. not illusion?
  3. Hi, i am pretty much newbie at self-improvement work. I was a procrastinator for 3-4 years, mental masturbation was the biggest enemy of me. At the same time, i found lots of good stuff on internet, online courses, websites, books and so on. My main problem was acting. Nowadays, i have started to act. But, i have a problem about sharing. I have lots of great resources to use, and they are enough to me for next 5 years. When i want to share it, there is a feeling that doesn't let me share. I compare myself to others a lot, and jealousy problems. Every time, when i feel that i share. But the feeling doesn't change. Should i start working on my emotions or even after emotional mastery there will be obvious ego traps like this? Maybe i feel like a victim, i feel like if anybody use this resources he/she will be more successful than me. Maybe the problem is here. What is your advice for me?
  4. I use this technique 45 minutes per day, and every week i increase 5 minutes. But, every time when i meditate there is a problem. I have no problem with monkey mind when doing meditation. But, when the awareness comes, i don't know what to do. I can't drop it, so i watch it. But, when i watch it, there are still lots of thoughts in my head within awareness. I can not discriminate if they are automatic thoughts or i create them intentionally. So, i don't know where to stop thinking. Waiting for your help.
  5. Can this technique damage my health? What are the possible consequences?
  6. I deeply want to become a musician. I have found great online resources to learn electric guitar, but my main dream killer is the money issue. I study dentistry, but it is not my passion. I can try hard and become a dentist, then i will not have money issues. I guess a life without money problems will be so much easier. But if i choose to become a musician, even if i become a great artist, i can be broke. I know some people with great musical talent, but have no money to pay the bills. So, i can not underestimate the money factor.
  7. But, i don't know which meditation technique to use. I do "do nothing" technique every day, is it okay to use that technique for retreat? Or should i use vipassana?
  8. Is intentionally lying bad for enlightenment work? I can see it is all about lack of awareness, but ego creates lots of "games", and it causes lots of suffering. If i lie i suffer, if i don't, i suffer too.
  9. Man, i struggle with sex a lot. I ejaculate under 1 minute, and i can not make my gf orgasm. Her behavior changed towards me, now she is more reluctant and undesirous for sex. I feel very depressed, i don't wanna lose her for that reason, i am afraid of cheating as fuck. I have a trauma in the past about cheating. I feel very insecure about that. Can you guys teach me some fingering techniques to use? I try to stimulate her g spot, but after a minute my hand starts to hurt, i can not maintain stimulation about 10 minutes. Waiting for replies. Thanks
  10. Hey guys. I am asking for sex advice again. I can not make my girlfriend cum, even with my fingers i dont know what to do exactly. Have premature ejaculation issue, trying to solve it. I feel the disappointment of her. A month ago she was so clingy, now i feel that she is not attracted to me that much. I don't wanna lose her, even the idea of losing her makes me sad. I dont act needy, and not afraid of emotional suffering. But i think that if i solve my sex problems, my relationship will be much better. Waiting for your advices, thank you.
  11. Does do nothing technique lead to enlightenment?
  12. man, thanks for your comments. but i had erection problem fuck.
  13. Hey guys, i will have sex tonight after a long dry spell. I ejaculate too early, and do not want this to happen tonight. Can you give me some advice? Should i buy those spesific condoms to delay ejaculation?
  14. @Nexeternity I try. My life is not great, i have lots of stuff to handle. But, relationships are great sources of happiness for me, i can not let it go.
  15. i thought if a girls says this kinda things, it is almost over. it is a belief in me. you are right, i have to work on my insecurities.