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  1. Hi, When i meditate i have lots of scary thoughts like ghosts, devils, paranormal things. Every time when i had thoughts like this i was saying "okay, it is just a thought, it is not real". But today, i watched leo's episode about paranormal things, and couldn't meditate even 10 minutes. I live with my family , but i go to my another house to meditate because of silence. I meditate alone in dark. Maybe i should not go there, my subconscious mind doesn't let me to be in peace. I feel safer at home lol
  2. Hi guys. I have a question about meditation techniques. There are lots of techniques , and i started to meditate 5 days ago. When i meditate i close my eyes, and trying to be aware of everything. I don't know what is the name of this technique, but Leo said that it is meditation for beginners. I really like meditating, and the question is that ; should i change my technique after some meditation work? Are some techniques better than others?
  3. you say nothing different. body changes , mind, thoughts change. and we say that "they can not be me." why? why we are looking for something constant?
  4. God damn. I just wanted rational explanation. I can not understand this stuff
  5. thank you for answer. but, what do you mean? am i this consciousness? are body, mind and ego not my part?
  6. hey, guys. i am new for leo's enlightenment videos, and i only watched "spiritual enlightenment intro and 2". I haven't done any enlightenment exercise yet, i try to understand things logically. But there are some points that do not make sense. First of all: Who am I? Yesterday i was walking in street, at the same time thinking about that. I thought, there is body, mind, and ego. 3 things creates me. With body i can see things, with my nose i can smell things, etc. Mind analysis things and for example it says that "this cat is small" or "this place is dangerous". Ego wants stimulation to feel good. I explained things with these 3 body-mind-ego stuff. It is my body, my mind, my ego. And they are changing every day. If you cut my arm and my legs, i will change. Because body is part of me. 5 years ago i was only thinking about my future, career. Now, i can understand life better. Mind creates better thoughts, so i changed. Btw, when i say mind i mean "something produces thoughts". 5 years ago ego wanted different things about life, but now it wants other things. But who is aware of that? Isn't it mind? When i meditate it says "be aware, observe everything", and this is a thought. So, is meditation a mindstate? I do not believe in free will. I see myself as body-mind-ego based robot. When Leo says, "you are not body/mind", i think that, "okay, they are not me but they are part of me. i am not just body, or just mind." So, i am confused. Help me. Second question: At "spiritual enlightenment 2" video, Leo was talking about bubbles. He said that," we can not know if something comes from nothing, or another thing. If something comes another thing, then where does another thing come from? What created God? ". (Sentences are not literally same). What created God? Is that question irrational? We only know one existence. God doesn't need to be created. Rules of this existence doesn't affect God. So, it can be existed forever and not be created. Sorry for bad english. Waiting for answers
  7. Hi guys, i am new here. I am 20 years old guy, studying dentistry. But i don't want to study dentistry, i am very passionate about electric guitar. But i think that i will not gain much money with it. I live with my mother, and she will feel really bad if i quit dentistry. I want to learn coding but i do not have a vision there. I have not enough information about any job. Long story short, please give some ideas to me. Sorry for bad english.