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  1. Man, i struggle with sex a lot. I ejaculate under 1 minute, and i can not make my gf orgasm. Her behavior changed towards me, now she is more reluctant and undesirous for sex. I feel very depressed, i don't wanna lose her for that reason, i am afraid of cheating as fuck. I have a trauma in the past about cheating. I feel very insecure about that. Can you guys teach me some fingering techniques to use? I try to stimulate her g spot, but after a minute my hand starts to hurt, i can not maintain stimulation about 10 minutes. Waiting for replies. Thanks
  2. Hey guys. I am asking for sex advice again. I can not make my girlfriend cum, even with my fingers i dont know what to do exactly. Have premature ejaculation issue, trying to solve it. I feel the disappointment of her. A month ago she was so clingy, now i feel that she is not attracted to me that much. I don't wanna lose her, even the idea of losing her makes me sad. I dont act needy, and not afraid of emotional suffering. But i think that if i solve my sex problems, my relationship will be much better. Waiting for your advices, thank you.
  3. Does do nothing technique lead to enlightenment?
  4. man, thanks for your comments. but i had erection problem fuck.
  5. Hey guys, i will have sex tonight after a long dry spell. I ejaculate too early, and do not want this to happen tonight. Can you give me some advice? Should i buy those spesific condoms to delay ejaculation?
  6. @Nexeternity I try. My life is not great, i have lots of stuff to handle. But, relationships are great sources of happiness for me, i can not let it go.
  7. i thought if a girls says this kinda things, it is almost over. it is a belief in me. you are right, i have to work on my insecurities.
  8. @Evilwave Heddy i think i have a chance. she lives in my best friend's house, so i plan to go there on tuesday. it is not a problem if she is not going to contact me. I can meet her if i want.
  9. @NoSelfSelf man, actually i did it because i thought that it is not a good move to talk about that. if a girl says sth like that it means something went wrong. so, i didn't want to hear "i dont wanna meet you anymore" word
  10. Hey, guys. 2 weeks ago, i met with a girl. She is my best friend's friend, and i liked her so much. She is a teacher in another city, so she has to live there. It is holiday here, that is why she is in my city. She was planning to go her city for 4-5 days, her family is there. But, she decided to stay here for me. I didn't ask her for that, it was just her choice. She is not that beautiful, but i liked her lifestyle, character vs. In few days, i created attraction, after a week we kissed at my friend's house. Everything was great. 3 days ago, we went to cafe, talked a lot. Meeting was good. Next day, in morning she texted me casual stuff like how are you? bla bla. After 4-5 messages, she texted: "I am not sure about my feelings, i like you, but i am not sure.". I felt very bad. I said : "okay, you do not wanna meet with me anymore". She said: "No, i want. But i am just not sure about my feelings". I said "Understood. I don't wanna meet anymore". She: "Okay, understood". Then she decided to turn back her city for 5 days. Next tuesday she will come back. We do not text each other. What do you think? I want her back, should i do something? Sorry for bad english, maybe it is hard to read. I couldn't cover all of the story, if you have questions, i am ready to answer.
  11. @ajasatya Teaching music is not being a musician, it is being a teacher. Composing, talking about it, etc. are things that almost every musician do. There is not a guaranteed way to make good money at music sector. Even if you are very qualified musician.
  12. Man, actually i do not have access to LP Course yet, but i struggle with fear a lot. I think that, there will be so much money problems in music sector, especially if you are in high quality music, not some low consciousness pop music. If you have an idea about making good money with music, let me know.
  13. I plan to have a retreat for 10 days using do nothing technique. What do you think about that? Have you ever tried that? What are your experiences and advices?
  14. I saw this sentence under one of the Om Swami's youtube videos. What do you think about that? Do nothing technique is very enjoyable
  15. Hi everyone. I study dentistry about 3.5 years, but i do not feel any desire to learn dentistry. My father wanted me to become a dentist, because he was a dentist. Unfortunately, hi died at 2013. After 2 years i passed exam and started studying at college. I have not access to Leo's Life Purpose course yet. But i feel that, when i play my electric guitar, improvising solos, i feel alive. I do not feel how time passed. But i feel fear deeply. There are some reasons: 1. I have really strong negative motivation about money. I think that if i quit college and pursue music, i will not be able to even pay the bills. I can be a music teacher but that is not what i want. 2. My mom. She wants me to become a doctor. When i say i don't wanna be, she feels so bad. We live together, so i feel very bad too. I love her, don't wanna make her sad. 3. Sometimes i feel good about dentistry, sometimes feel so bad. When i feel that " I can learn these stuff and make good money, then i can pursue music" feeling, i feel great. It is an outer motivation, it passes quickly. And there will be lots of lost years if i pursue dentistry. So, i don't know what to do. Leo, i am waiting for your answer too. Thank you.