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  1. Is meditating with metronome an effective way to develop concentration? I've heard many times that, it is less effective than other techniques, and they offered breathing meditation. But, i don't get the point. What is your thought?
  2. Don't get me wrong, i really like these old-school, self improvement videos. They changed me a lot. But when i watch your videos, after a while comes a feeling that, when Leo says something, it is truth. I take some information for granted, because Leo has it said. And i think i am not alone. Especially low developed persons are doing this when they try to develop themselves. When the information is right, it is most of the time harmless. But in some cases it is the opposite. If you say "stop going to work, and start your own business right now", some people will stop enjoying their job. Or another example. You talk about spiritualism and enlightenment a lot. That's why i stopped 2 years ago reading Quran. When Leo says the truth is not Islam, it is absolutely correct. You have this power here. Do you think that your thoughts have changed in some topics? If you record these videos again, would you change something?
  3. Is it possible to create any kind of business that later you don't do anything but getting money?
  4. Plan: Going to Germany, studying Medicine even i don't like it, maybe it will get better with time. Then going to Amsterdam, gaining lots of psychedelic experiences. Maybe then i can find my life purpose, or start a business. Now i simply have a lot of fear. Is this a good plan?
  5. I am 22 years old, and entered medical school 5 years ago. University is already over, and i know nothing about medicine. I live in Azerbaijan and it is very easy to finish medical school without learning. Education is very low quality, they give you exam answers, and you can give money to have good grades. In last 5 years the only thing that i have done was german learning. I learned it because i planned to go to Germany and study medicine there. But, i dont feel any passion to medicine. Maybe i didnt learn anything and this is the reason. But it is very hard for me to learn it. Should i do it? Or should i search my life purpose and quit medicine? 1. I do not wanna live in Azerbaijan. All of my friends are going to another country and i feel very lonely. 2. I have no money. I can teach here german and get some money to live. But it is not something that i want to do for years. 3. Family tension. I have a deep belief that if i quit medicine, my mother will not love me anymore, and there is a feeling that my friends going upwards, i downwards. I feel very bad because of my bad life decisions. I screwed up everything. Dont know what to do. Even suicidal thoughts come sometimes when i think about my life. Help me.
  6. @Leo Gura I have not any access to psychedelics yet. And probably i will not have in the next couple of years. Only In Netherlands i will try mushrooms, and i will be there just for 3 or 4 days. I am open to any other ideas. I just wanna know how to system of mind works, and how can i replace my negative feelings and thoughts with positive ones?
  7. I struggle with some emotional problems like jealousy, performance anxiety, unworthiness. I try to see the mechanisms behind them, and replace them with rational ideas, which can help me to improve myself in a less neurotic way. But nevertheless, i feel same crippling feelings again and again. What can i do?
  8. Hey guys. Every day i learn german 6 hours, practice meditation for 1 hour. But, when i want to do any other thing, for example: socializing, having sex, listening music, watching a movie, etc. anything that i didn't planned before, makes me feel stressed. I feel that there is no place for joy in my life. Feeling is, when i listen music my mind says that, it is better to do extra german or meditation, or something else productive. It's like i am addicted to doing work and competition. I don't know how to plan my day effectively. Is it okay to live everything very planned? x hours of meditation, y hours of socializing, z hours of rest, etc?
  9. I do 60 minutes concentration practice every single day, but i can not stay motionless during meditation. I blink, move a little bit, swallow, sometimes even krack my fingers. These are very tempting feelings that i feel in my body when i try to sit still. What are your advices?
  10. Hey. My biggest problem is that: I can not find my life purpose. I want to create online courses, but i don't know if it is a profitable business. What does it take to create an online business? What do you offer me?
  11. @White Monk actually, i am afraid of the health problems that this work can create. have you ever tried it?
  12. I am afraid of trying holotropic breathwork alone and i am really suspicious about it. What benefits have you experienced?
  13. When i do this technique, i watch to the wall. But Leo said that; do not look any special object. But even if i try to meditate in nature, mind starts to focus on some point without my control. What do you suggest?
  14. How do i know if something is true? Can i trust my direct experience? How can i know things like astral projection, new dimensions, insights of dmt trips are true. not illusion?
  15. Hi, i am pretty much newbie at self-improvement work. I was a procrastinator for 3-4 years, mental masturbation was the biggest enemy of me. At the same time, i found lots of good stuff on internet, online courses, websites, books and so on. My main problem was acting. Nowadays, i have started to act. But, i have a problem about sharing. I have lots of great resources to use, and they are enough to me for next 5 years. When i want to share it, there is a feeling that doesn't let me share. I compare myself to others a lot, and jealousy problems. Every time, when i feel that i share. But the feeling doesn't change. Should i start working on my emotions or even after emotional mastery there will be obvious ego traps like this? Maybe i feel like a victim, i feel like if anybody use this resources he/she will be more successful than me. Maybe the problem is here. What is your advice for me?