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  1. Hi everyone. I study dentistry about 3.5 years, but i do not feel any desire to learn dentistry. My father wanted me to become a dentist, because he was a dentist. Unfortunately, hi died at 2013. After 2 years i passed exam and started studying at college. I have not access to Leo's Life Purpose course yet. But i feel that, when i play my electric guitar, improvising solos, i feel alive. I do not feel how time passed. But i feel fear deeply. There are some reasons: 1. I have really strong negative motivation about money. I think that if i quit college and pursue music, i will not be able to even pay the bills. I can be a music teacher but that is not what i want. 2. My mom. She wants me to become a doctor. When i say i don't wanna be, she feels so bad. We live together, so i feel very bad too. I love her, don't wanna make her sad. 3. Sometimes i feel good about dentistry, sometimes feel so bad. When i feel that " I can learn these stuff and make good money, then i can pursue music" feeling, i feel great. It is an outer motivation, it passes quickly. And there will be lots of lost years if i pursue dentistry. So, i don't know what to do. Leo, i am waiting for your answer too. Thank you.
  2. I use meditation technique which Leo explained in "How to meditate deeper" video, stage 2. But now, i want to practice mindfulness meditation, because i daydream a lot. Should i use them both?
  3. @okulele Life purpose, relationships, money, finding Truth. These 4 things are the main things i want to solve. When i meditate, there are a lot of thoughts and stories about them. I don't work on them because i think they are distractions of ego. But thoughts are very sticky. They come every day at my meditation sessions. I can not feel present because of thoughts at any moment of the day.
  4. Hey guys. I read this forum and watch videos about 2 months. But now, i feel stuck. I am new for self-improvement. I have not much success at relationships, money, fitness and stuff like that. I meditate 45 minutes a day, and it feels so bad. I can not observe my thoughts well, a lot of things come to my mind about different things, and i lose control. I don't know if i do it correctly or not. What do you think? Should i improve myself at other areas first? Or i should meditate and do self-inquiry too? Are they opposite?
  5. @Bobby i ordered it man. but i will get it at the end of january. Whenever i try a technique i feel anxious because i feel i am doing something wrong. So i decided just to be aware of thoughts and watch them.
  6. I already meditate 45 minutes a day. But i want to change my technique. I felt confused about which technique works
  7. Does mindfulness meditation (focusing on breath) help to clear your mind? It is not about observing your thoughts, it is more like running away from them. How it will help to have a calm mind?
  8. Hi guys. I started to meditate a month ago, with Leo's "No bullshit guide to meditation" and "How to meditate deeper" videos. But at 1st video he says that do not go with thoughts. At second video he said that let the mind do what it wants, just observe it. When i meditate there are lots of topics in my mind and there are lots of thoughts about them. I try to be aware of them, but at least they are stories about thoughts. Should i just observe the thoughts and let them go, or observe all the thoughts and stories? Second question: Is vipassana meditation is same with concentration practice? There are a lot of people doing vipassana as a meditation, but isn't vipassana a concentration practice with focusing breath?
  9. I started to meditate a month ago, but yesterday i felt so stressed during my meditation. I was trying to achieve something, like clearing my mind from thoughts. It ruined my meditation, what can i do? How can i drop the idea of "getting benefits of meditation quickly"?
  10. I don't have a life purpose. I study dentistry, but i don't have any motivation to study it. Except money + other negative motivations. But i think that if i study medical subjects about several months, i will start like it. But, i will not have a purpose in dentistry. I can like it and make money from it. Should i have a purpose?
  11. Hi, When i meditate i have lots of scary thoughts like ghosts, devils, paranormal things. Every time when i had thoughts like this i was saying "okay, it is just a thought, it is not real". But today, i watched leo's episode about paranormal things, and couldn't meditate even 10 minutes. I live with my family , but i go to my another house to meditate because of silence. I meditate alone in dark. Maybe i should not go there, my subconscious mind doesn't let me to be in peace. I feel safer at home lol
  12. Hi guys. I have a question about meditation techniques. There are lots of techniques , and i started to meditate 5 days ago. When i meditate i close my eyes, and trying to be aware of everything. I don't know what is the name of this technique, but Leo said that it is meditation for beginners. I really like meditating, and the question is that ; should i change my technique after some meditation work? Are some techniques better than others?
  13. you say nothing different. body changes , mind, thoughts change. and we say that "they can not be me." why? why we are looking for something constant?
  14. God damn. I just wanted rational explanation. I can not understand this stuff