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  1. HAHAHA Nice one.
  2. 16/23 jesus. Good list.
  3. I'm straight stage Beige / Purple. And to think I was being proud of feeling others. Stage 2 huh, what a joke, and just how much pain and focus I invested to even get there in the first place right...
  4. 40 dates mate you definitely don't have fun.
  5. Well, that partially makes you a psycho! Welcome to the club buddy. How old are you? Some stuff comes with age, and I remember my years being that way. In retrospect, I should have doubled down. Isolate, build, keep my mouth shut. There is selfishness, and there is healthy self-development. I don't think you're selfish if you're not taking away from people. You're probably just as socially inept as am I and don't realize how easy it is to reciprocate. Reciprocation is invisible to me, and when I discover it I'm always baffled... It's that automatic, yet easy? Unavoidable. #1 in social behavior and psychology. Dunno, note down what you get, and give back. IT DOES IMPROVE YOU AS WELL, and your life. The selfishness you have is inadequate. You've got to be more selfish, so much so you'll give for the promise of getting even more. Is that twisted? I don't yet know or care. Give.
  6. Holotropic breathwork & magic mushrooms are pinnacles of what I know can help surface those pesky though loops. The more I wait the more it stagnates. The last time I did breathwork a LOT of pain suddenly appeared. A LOT more than I'm aware of now. Basically spastic muscle contractions and crying. No way around it. Helped me get out of some shit, develop some shit, and waaaay more on its way.
  7. Hopefully, the business model is stable enough so it provides some savings. Many recommend multiple-year savings for the owner at least. Not the ones just starting before COVID (bummer) but that's over now, with lessons learned. If I can't sustain the cash flow closing the company is the best choice providing others don't rely on it (if they do, huge bummer, more work.) Then keep those relationships solid until the COVID is over, and resume operation. Why didn't many companies do that? I don't know. Many could have saved themselves from going under by simply pausing. Ending a business? What is that? How can a business 'end' just like that? If it offers a service or a product can't it resume after the pandemic? Some could. Why didn't they?
  8. Boy boy, I'm 24 and seeing the same. It's a sedentary lifestyle that's got us bro, let's leave it for good. I've noticed it's 1000% a serotonin issue. In my experience when I'm not a solid part of society I feel too fluid to stand for my right. In a way, it's due to being too open with bullshit spirituality (too much mental masturbation!) did you hit the gym today? Punched the boxing bag? Fasted? The last two do wonders. Also, mushrooms tend to give you some dope-ass insights and change the way you see everything, but it's due mainly to serotonin again.
  9. Precisely. But be careful since those years are ***crucial*** for character development, and nobody wants to develop it in a single-minded political dogma no matter its quality. I wouldn't let mine ponder it for longer than what's necessary. It's up to you to understand where that limit lies, but in my perception, going ahead of her and explaining your body of understanding in way more detail than what she engaged with politically would yield in her mind-shifting paths. They just need something to rely on. Today's landscape is so brittle and scattered that our community-driven brains hardly cope with it, which is why they find outlets in disgusting ways. Or the thing I originally suggested, which is less likely to happen.
  10. Sure, just make her feel safer, and more expressive than what yelling her political stance at a rally ever would. There is no way in hell she has a stable, solid understanding of politics developed enough to flourish rational viewpoints. She doesn't get what she's in for, but she does emotionally understand that being part of a group that has the potential to create impact is suitable for her survival. Pure herd. I get it, I judged myself as intelligent at 16 but it was most simple, uncontrolled, misdirected emotion. Guide her by her side. If she bit into it there's no going back other than her giving up (which she, hopefully, will)
  11. My man is ready to leave this world twice at once.
  12. I'm getting into the marketing industry. Even while double-checking all facts for checkability and as much 'truth' as possible to sustain profit, my mind has gone so sleazy, dark, manipulative, and sticky it's absolutely uncanny
  13. This exactly. From experience, I see the careful use of psychedelics as the #1 method of removing trauma. We must distance ourselves from that self to alter it, otherwise, I must change I, which doesn't happen often, if ever.