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  1. Nice one! I've been letting go and seeing where it leads with my girl, and oh boy is it wild. Yes, it's wild, which is seen as dirty, and entangled because it is that way. Ultimately, it's a play with fire, cool while safe. Just be able to put it out at any moment. I've been in situations where I couldn't, and now it kind of runs my life.
  2. Ouch, that did hurt her ego, and she probably bases it on the idea of being with someone in that ordeal. I doubt you will get her back to where she was looking towards (forward to) it, but I doubt she is on bad terms with you. What do you want?
  3. Girls who over-sexualize themselves in inappropriate places. I see girls dressing overtly and over the top in a public institution (read - college). I wouldn't stop it for the world but when I see a pair of buttocks in yoga pants at the study place, it just frustrates me. We don't have the social way of handling it other than the dress code, which isn't enforced (at all). It's just off and they don't care, men have rejected that standard, and we all enjoy them. Then don't look at me weird when i look at you to the extent of your revealing skin if you wear a crop, I will stare on purpose, what's weird about that? In other news, me over-sexualizing girls.
  4. I have this exact concern because I project my opinions and traumas. I feel they act as if they always have an one-up in any social interaction because their reactions to you guide your status in a conversation. Women are experts at subconscious communication, so one 'ick' reaction from you impacts the underlying hierarchy if it's not defined in stone. I think they use that. I mean, most of them do, and of course they do, that's a key survival mechanism. I'm in engineering though, so it kinda kicks my ticks. However. I like to be right and display narcissistic tendencies. I like to dominate the convo when there are women around, so they could say something about me as well. Basically I don't handle it in a chill, cool, composed manner. When I do, their influence drops because they don't hold that power over someone who is grounded and accepting, chill, a humorist. If you made her laugh you'd see she holds little power over you. Do your job, look at the facts (men lie too) and act according to the best principle for yourself and your job position :shrug:
  5. Make her cum and exercise afterwards
  6. Lol I'm 25 and I fret the day that comes. That shit literally shapes my way of thinking, giving me life and holding me sharp. Want to drop libido? Ejaculate 5 times today, then try and be normal, social, and productive and tell me how it feels. For bonus points refrain from ejaculation for 7 days. Compare the two, and then tell me you can't wait for your testosterone to drop and sperm to stop producing.
  7. I've been approaching girls lately and just throwing in comments. In old days I used to be a hard hitter, but the probability of me being an absolute creep were much higher. Right now I get positive responses, and today a cutie even talked to me at neighboring college! Good feels. I'm 5"7' so getting attention is not a given, but I've succeeded in getting some good girls nonetheless. All started with actualized.org, Arash Dibazar, and RSD.
  8. I had a direct experience of the 4th dimension of space when I took 5g of lemontek shrooms (please don't do it). If that didn't break something I don't think it's breakable. Can't wait for DMT, I might try that at 30 something...
  9. If you implemented all he says you wouldn't need to pay. You don't (we don't) care about easy, free stuff.
  10. Wow, @Ampresus, I'm in the exact same situation. 11 months, best relationship ever, urges continue to grow, and I love approaching. Here are my good 2 cents: You never had urges to cheat, you have urges to hook up with other girls. We are sexual and especially if you are on this forum you are more open to feel suppressed urges. It is desirable to have them. Imagine if you didn't, how many complexes would your genes have? I know some guys who don't even look in the direction of other women when they are in a relationship. Admiration, and confusion from my part, so no judgement here bro. Second, if your girl isn't perfect, and you aren't 100% sure you will be with her and only her for the rest of your life (which, by your definition, is how it is) it is, again, completely normal to want to have options. So, we have options + desire. The only thing stopping procreation is your consciousness right now, and your prefrontal cortex. Kudos for you for posting this here instead of going behind her back. What I know is I lose all desire when I see her, and letting go of my eggshell behavior next to her allowed me to be more fluent, and somewhat more satisfied. Other than that, can't help, just bonkers I had the same exact thought a few minutes before seeing this post.
  11. I met all girls through cold approach. Girlfriends were always random. ONS were more consistent.
  12. https://dmt-nexus.me/ These guys are really picky, careful, and mindful when it comes to DMT. If they have good experiences, go ahead.