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  1. @Nahm I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you expand? I have been noodling for a long time now, that is true...
  2. @Setty Yeah, it would be much more helpful having a teacher in person. Thanks for the information! I really appreciate it
  3. @Nahm Haha thanks for the recommendation. I sing and play guitar actually! When I'm in the zone it does feel like an outer body experience
  4. @Forestluv Thank you for the information. I will check that thread out and Adrienne's 30 day yoga series. I also found a Youtube channel called "Yoga with Tim", have you heard of it?
  5. @Girzo I have decided to learn Kriya yoga. I stumbled upon Leo's video "The Importance of Real Yoga" and learnt about Yoga's original purpose in ancient practices (to reach enlightenment). I bought the book about Kriya he recommended in his book list. The journey continues...
  6. @snowyowl To be honest, I don't much about yoga or it's subcategegories. I've just heard it's really good for you. Thanks for the link, I will try her out now!
  7. As well as doing meditation every day, I want to start feeling fit and healthy. Do you recommend any youtube channel/videos I can check out to get started? Cheers