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  1. @Sleyker De nada amigo
  2. You could go to your local library or internet cafe if internet's a problem, but there are a few videos that require you to be alone in a room with your eyes closed to limit distractions. So for those ones I recommend doing it at home. If at any time the video is buffering, use that time to think and take notes of what you've learnt so far.
  3. @LoveandPurpose Get good grades. Push through it for the last three months. Afterwards, you can do what you want.
  4. @Nahm I don't know what you mean. Could you explain more?
  5. @Nahm Each person could have a different reason couldn't they? But i think it comes down to self-validation
  6. @Nahm because they themselves are fighting their own battles
  7. @Nahm I said it was because they're insecure and want to make themselves feel better or to impress others
  8. @Lise By the way, I'm on the same step as you, and I struggled a little bit to find the "butterfly with the lesson" but after writing about it I think I discovered a lesson, maybe it will help you discover something within yourself. Here's what I wrote: People see me as someone who is worthless and careless, because that's how I got people's approval in school when i was 8 years old. I didn't feel intelligent enough and didn't get good grades, and I had an inferiority complex with my classmates. Why did I have an inferiority complex? Maybe it's because I went to a Spanish school not knowing the language that well, and everyone else had 3-4 years of a head-start, leaving me to play catch-up. This feeling automatically made me feel like an outcast and less of a person than everyone else. So, I gained my classmates' approval by playing stupid and making a fool of myself to get a laugh out of them. On top of that, I was called ugly. That same year as an 8 year old, I got into an argument with one of the classmates in the playground, and then all of a sudden it seemed as if the whole class was ganging up on me and shouting at me. I pushed one of the girls away and she began to have an asthma attack. They looked at me as if I was some sort of monster or an inferior being. That is a horrible feeling, to feel like you're hated by everyone, to not feel part of the tribe, and when you're 8, your school is your entire world. As I started puberty at around 11 years old, all the negative moulding from when I was younger continued, but now it was really starting to affect me. I saw myself as worthless and, in turn, i subconsciously acted and saw my potential as worthless. I had a low self-esteem and was very quiet in my new school at age 13. The only people I wasn't quiet around were my friends. Acting like a fool was what I was most comfortable doing, but only with the people i knew well, because now at this age everyone was a lot more concerned with how they came across, and so with most people at my school, and especially the "cool kids" I couldn't act this way in fear that I would come across as weird or uncool, so I reached for the second easiest thing, which was to be quiet and shy. I didn't seem to know how to talk to most people like everyone else. I got anxiety just thinking about it. I couldn't express myself in an authentic way. But people thought that was just how i was - to some i was a fool, and to others i was shy. This battle turned into a deep depression and anxiety. I stayed at home in my room on a computer screen for most of my teenage years. I didn't learn how to interact with people properly. At 23 years old now I'm seen as the shy boy by people who don't know me, and the fool by my friends and close family. But i'm slowly breaking away from that. I don't have to let my past define me. I can learn from it and grow. And these are the lessons I learned: Do not reject or automatically judge someone that you have just met. Get to know them first and welcome them with open arms. Do not be scared to be your authentic self. You are not worthless and you are not a fool. You are a kind-hearted person who has beautiful ideas to share with the world. You will not be understood or liked by everyone, and that is okay. Just remember to never stop being true to yourself. Now you understand what it feels like to be feel inferior, isolated and cast out, so you could turn that into a lesson of compassion. Treat people how you’d like to be treated, because you understand the pain that it might cause them. Now you know how important it is to surround yourself with people who appreciate you and see your worth, and you can appreciate them back.
  9. @Nahm They name call either because they're insecure and want to make themselves feel better or to impress others. So, what's the positive lesson behind that?
  10. @Cover AW Just do your best (i find writing down any passing thoughts is helpful) and continue to the next step. It's fine if you couldn't think of more, because he shows you other techniques - I'm a bit ahead of you near the end of the Values section and it has been really useful. The Negative Values Release video made me break down crying. Powerful stuff.
  11. @diamondpenguin I worked in a fruit n veg warehouse. I quit the other day, though.
  12. @7thLetter I'm 23 too! I thought the same in all of my jobs when i saw people in their 60's doing this shit job. I feel so bad for them and like you it motivates me to not fall down that path. I did quit my job in the end, because i found it difficult to find time after work - i have a girlfriend, so it was hard to manage time to get my head around this course first of all, and secondly i had no idea what i was aiming for. I have started the course and have spent all day everyday studying it and really putting in the mental effort. I will get another job soon enough to finance me, but right now i'm spending all my time focusing on finding my Grand Vision that i'm aiming for.
  13. @nahtanoj I've been doing the LP Purpose for the past few days and studying it hard and taking A LOT of notes and reading over them agin and again. I left my job, and told my girlfriend. I know some people here advised against it, but it's what felt right. If i'm going to take this seriously then i'm fully going in. Working at a shit 9-5 job is too much of an obstacle and distraction for me at this time in my life. I'm ready! I haven't told my dad yet. I'm spending all day everyday doing this course and figuring out once and for all what my grand vision is, what i'm aiming for every day when i wake up early. I will probably get a zero hour contract job soon just to make a bit of money here and there, but i have enough savings to last me a while.
  14. @Shiva Yes I have savings. I can get a job easily when i run out of money. I don't know about my risk tolerance.