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  1. I really enjoy the Bioneer YouTube Channel, run by Adam Siniki, which centers around creating a body that isn't just beautiful, but is prepared for any situation, mentally, endurance-wise, strength-wise, explosive-strength-wise, mobility-wise, and so on and so forth. Adam really tries to provide facts, and rather than just jumping to conclusions, lays out the information and lets you decide what you want to do with it. He has a beautiful attitude towards fitness, and I think this channel could very well improve your entire life as well as all other human beings on this planet. In fitness, train to become good at LIVING, be prepared for life, and don't just focus on one aspect while pitifully neglecting the rest.
  2. @StarfoxEpiphany your domain of mastery is definitely chiropractor/physical therapist
  3. Working on the life purpose course right now, and I am super confused on one thing: What the FUCK is your domain of mastery? Like nobody clarifies what this is. And how is it different from your ideal medium?
  4. This thread is beautiful
  5. In reply to the first post in this thread: the enlightenment , clarity, and joy you're looking for it ever-present through whatever decisions you make, whatever you do, whatever happens. Become conscious of this. The rest will take care of itself. Much love!
  6. This sounds a lot like Osho. I hear a lot of happy, enlightened dudes saying shit like this and trust me, a relaxed, totally present, no concern about the future or past, abandoning oneself to the innocence of the moment, is FUCKING awesome. But it's useful to find a career that matches with you and your joys in life. So that's what a life purpose is useful for. Career. Work on that. But do it with a purposeless, joyful just because attitude. Let go and enjoy life! Don't take life too seriously.
  7. Bro i didn't even finish it, its a dense fucking book haha
  8. Hahaha yeah I never finished that book. Pro Tip: If you stop vibing with a book, stop reading it And paradoxically, I actually enjoyed it. It felt like a confusing labyrinth of words that sometimes takes you to a magical place with a few insights here and there. The main thing to take a way from Joseph Campbell is to follow your bliss. It sounds cheesy but this motherfucker is a badass because he did it. He wanted to study myths and shit all day so he did and he got good success for it but wayyyy more important is that when you watch interviews with him, he has a joyful childlike glow to him and everything he does. It's quite beautiful whether your moral compass (your judger) agrees with him or nah. So I mean you could turn this into a learning experience and try for 24 hours to do only that which you enjoy (a challenge proposed by Osho, who is a dude I'm super curious if you'd vibe with). But yeah that's my petty 2 cents but man it seems like you wasted a SHITLOAD of time with this Joseph Campbell dude.
  9. Fuck wow, holy shit. This is profound, although all words I use fail to convey the immense perfection of what this and all things really are. Have a lovely sunday.
  10. I'm finding Models and Dating Playbook for Men to be quite useful too.
  11. Bruh those are some gold comments. I've had the same sorta thing happen!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. This is for real. He has an undeniable presence to him. Still some questionable actions but if you're busy trying to judge the good and evil actions of others, you're overlooking the heart of everything beyond good and evil and dualities of the like. Like bruh, he's just a dude. Helped a lot people and pissed off just as many but overall, how good of a person he was, like any person!, doesn't matter. What did he use? I recall him speaking against the need for any psychedelic drugs unless you're already 'enlightened' then he says it doesn't matter. I don't know his history and shit. Educate me Leo hahahaha. And if your ass is as shiny and clean as the top of your head, he's pretty damn pure. Osho's cult was a lot more fun Bruh. Sounds like Osho. Woke but not grown. But that in itself is half of the charm. I don't know. Glean what you can from his teachings but if you're that stuck on it move onto other teachers that resonate with you more. Simpllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. Whatever resonates with you the most. I started with Living Dangerously and then read another outstanding one called Meditation for Busy people.
  14. Osho being his usual confusing Self ^^^^^