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  1. This is a playlist by a very insightful, video essayist, of video games that he found meaningful. I personally think Life is Strange and Detroit Become Human are spiritually enriching games for understanding choices, how we make them, and what makes them meaningful.
  2. This guy freakin loves his job.
  3. Afroman is a comedic stoner rapper and he truly mastered his craft. He is a man who lived his life purpose. His music has a magical frequency to it. Vice recently made a short documentary about him:
  4. That’s the thing. I’m not even 18 yet!
  5. I’m 17. When I first turned 17 I started doing LSD. I went on a few trips, called it good, and moved on with life. Just today, one of my coworkers, a super kind, spiritually intelligent dude looked at me and said, “You’ve done psychedelics before.” We talked about it and he says he’s totally down to be my trip sitter on 5MEO-DMT. Should I accept? Is this too young of an age to be using psychedelics? Any advice? I’ve been eating super clean all year, a medical medium lifestyle, so my brain and body are unreasonably healthy and happy. What do y’all think?
  6. Awesome, thanks for all the tips guys!!! My key takeaways are credit cards are useful, don’t depend on them, and use them responsibly. Love you all!
  7. Noted. So you use a credit card? And loan cars? I recall you advising to stay away from all loans, has this changed? Are car loans okay?
  8. Hey Leo! In your Advice for College and High School Students video, you recommended staying far away from credit cards. I spoke with a financial advisor the other day and the first thing he said was to get a credit card and build good credit while I’m young. Everyone around me at work says I’m stupid for challenging that idea and that I need a credit card. Is it worth it?
  9. All of don miguel's book
  10. Or flying Jesuses. There's a lot of those around here
  11. SO. HARD. to sit still. lots of darkness. never had to face it before. It feels like getting loose a bunch of blocks first will help me face my darkness, rather than suppress my urges to move and just sit there and do the technique and go fucking crazy
  12. Shit man, no wonder you're profile pic is so... sobering hahaha
  13. Last week I was having a lot of trouble in my yoga practice then I realized, "What if I'm going about meditation in the wrong way?" So here's my guestimate about what the right order to do different types of meditation techniques would be. Cathartic Moving Meditations Yoga (the meditation kind) Normal Meditation Any thoughts?