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  1. Sensitivity is intuitive spirituality. It is the realization that there isn't just "me", and that there is a sameness between "me" and "them". Dive into it, and you will dissolve.
  2. I agree with @Consilience. Psychedelics can jailbreak your mind, but only temporarily. The steady flame, where you are free from suffering regardless of circumstances, is developed through meditation. Drugs can show you what is possible, but they are incapable of keeping you there. Swimming upstream requires integrity, courage, and resolve. There is no shortcut to the other shore.
  3. I agree. The problem with solipsism is that it doesn't recognize the big Self. It only miscontrues the small self, as the big Self, and doubts everything beyond its boundaries. Awakening is the realization that there are no boundaries.
  4. Solipsism distinguishes between real and unreal. That is its shortcoming. Ultimately, everything is real, because everything is Consciousness.
  5. I agree, but that is not solipsism. When boundaries dissolve, there is no external world that is unknown or unreal. It is all Consciousness.
  6. Resign, and for the next 15 days be present. Use it as an opportunity for spiritual growth. You are more likely to grow in a storm than in a cave. Radiate sincere kindness and space. If you really want to leverage it, realize that your boss is the same Consciousness that you are. See beyond the personality to the essence, which is who both of you actually are.
  7. Any bubble claiming to be the only "real" bubble is solipsistic, and is false. If you want to expand the bubble to include everything and every nothing, then sure. But that is not solipsism. Solipsism requires an "other", which it mistakenly labels as unreal.
  8. Love, in the ultimate sense, is profoundly beyond the human emotion of love. Ultimate Love = Seamlessness. There is no separation, no selfishness, and no superiority. Sub Ek: It is all One. Everything is loved not for its own sake, but because the Self lives in it. - Katha 2.4.5
  9. It is all the same Consciousness, in different states. The appearance of created things is mythical, but their essence, which is Consciousness, is real. Everything confuses those who regard things as separate from the Self. Brahmins, kshatriyas, creatures, the universe, the gods, everything: these are the Self. - Katha 2.4.6
  10. It is not just about letting go of thought patterns. Sensations and feelings are also products of the conditioned mind. In meditation, the purest moments are spacious. Thoughts and feelings come and go, but you are the space itself. Realize your ultimate nature as the sky, across which the clouds of the conditioned mind come and go.
  11. When there are no thoughts about it, only being, it feels like clouds moving away from the sun. There is only the shining Self. Thoughts come and go. Allowing them, without identifying with them, is the path to enlightenment.
  12. ⚡ The glimpse is the beginning of the ending of suffering. I don't feel a lot of people understand this. Opening your eyes is a profound first step, but it doesn't dissolve your attachments to the dream. It is simply the realization that you are in a dream. Letting go of your desires, and embracing equanimity, is the exit from the maze. Something I wrote a while back, which speaks to this: Bonfire of Being Consciousness strikes the spark of my undoing, Catching in the kindling of thought, Consuming it to soot, intensifying, Crumbling the timbers that it wrought, Purifying fire ever rising, Burning through the ropes of my desire, Devouring the karma of my making, Soul wind stirring these flames higher, Scattering the ashes of my suffering, No delusion left, only the fire.
  13. There are sincere people in Mormonism, and in every other religion. Instead of judging them, allow them the freedom of their spiritual journey. Some will eventually leave the dogmatic beliefs behind, and others will cling to them their entire life. Either way, it is their path, and nothing will change it until they are ready.
  14. Dealing with your demons is a sign of spiritual progress. People pursue awakening, as if the seeing itself dissolves the conditioning of decades. It doesn't. Awakening is only the first step on the path to enlightenment. Then the shadow work begins.
  15. Perfectionism is based on a lie. It is the false belief that the human form has the capacity for flawlessness, in a phenomenal world that is constantly changing. In the dream, where dualities are inevitable, perfection is impossible to achieve. The Self hidden within, which is the dreamer, is already perfect. Your purpose is not to find perfection within the dream, but to realize the perfection of your ultimate nature. When you do, the drive for external perfection will dissolve. Instead, you will see lucidly, even with the dream. Life will lose its seriousness, and creativity and joy will naturally flow.
  16. From the ultimate perspective, there is no time. Consciousness is beyond time. Its infinite manifestations have already happened, and are yet to happen, which only makes sense within the relative spacetime realm of the dream. Consciousness is every form, and experiences every form, but the individual form does not experience everything. The "I" that experiences everything is incomprehensible to the individual "I".
  17. Consciousness is the essence of everything. Being is abiding in this essence, as your true Self, rather than identifying with the conditioned mind. Ego is complete identification with the form identity. It is drawn by the conflict of desire and fear, and is dismissive of everything else. It is useful to have some connection to our form identity, but the essence identity is of primary importance. - Eckhart Tolle
  18. I agree, and should have clarified what I meant by identification. I was referring to the false identity that some people develop as spiritual teachers, because the role makes them feel special. Having people gathered around them in a circle and nodding at their wisdom only strengthens their ego. I feel that is why Eckhart Tolle used the term "external identity". He wears teaching like a cloak, which he removes when it is no longer needed. It doesn't define his sense of self: When I'm with people, I'm a spiritual teacher. That's the function, but it's not my identity. The moment I'm alone, my deepest joy is to be nobody, to relinquish the function of a teacher. It's a temporary function. Let's say I'm seeing a group of people. The moment they leave me, I'm no longer a spiritual teacher. There's no longer any sense of external identity. I simply go into the stillness more deeply. The place that I love most is the stillness. It's not that the stillness is lost when I talk or when I teach because the words arise out of the stillness. But when people leave me, there is only the stillness left. And I love that so much. A true spiritual teacher speaks from a place of presence, getting out of the way, and allowing Consciousness to communicate through them. They may not even speak at all. Ramana Maharshi is known for sitting in silence with his students, as a primary method of teaching: Silence is the true upadesa. It is the perfect upadesa. It is suited only for the most advanced seeker. The others are unable to draw full inspiration from it. Therefore, they require words to explain the truth. But truth is beyond words; it does not warrant explanation. All that is possible is to indicate It. How is that to be done?
  19. Identifying with your career choice, or anything else, is egoic. It is not who you actually are. Living lucidly is realizing that ultimately, there is no individual identity. I advocate celebrating the dream, and the character within the dream, while realizing that it is only a dream. It is the best of both dimensions. You are free to enjoy the dream, without being bound by it.
  20. Identity is ego. If someone is truly awake, they see through an omnidirectional lens. Sub is all One.
  21. It's actually deconditioning. Your mind has been conditioned to look for happiness outside of the Self for your entire life. Meditation counters that. Instead of allowing the currents of the mind to pull you under, develop the capacity to remain present, regardless of what conditioning throws at you. Swimming upstream dissolves the ego, and it becomes increasingly desperate. It's like the Wicked Witch of the West melting when dumped with a bucket of pure water. 💧 The ego will throw your deepest shadows at you, hoping to snag your attention and steal the energy of the Self that has sustained it. See it for what it is, and let it dissolve. What is left is who you are.
  22. Spiritual teachers who identify as a spiritual teacher are not true spiritual teachers.
  23. When this is seen, the game is not over. It becomes less serious, and more fun. Lucidly living in the relative dimension of sense perceptions, without identifying with them, is the true purpose of the game.
  24. I agree. Consciousness has an overall upward trajectory, toward Self-realization, within the dream. Any good dream requires drama. Dualities within the dream demand balance. They are opposite ends of the same stick, and when you pick up the stick, you inherit both. Within the dream, there can't be order without chaos. Overall though, Consciousness trends toward awakening. It is its primary purpose. When the cosmos finally awakens to its true identity...💥 The dream cycle begins again, and microorganisms swim in the sea of relative reality.