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  1. Help, I am clueless. I have LSD blotters, how do I microdose? Do I just cut them up with a razor blade?
  2. @Striving for more Please don't be disrespectful on my thread. I appreciate your honest expression but you sound very immature. Yes, It's normal to manifest desperation and you probably will f*ck up a lot of approaches/texts/dates because of that, that's just part of the learning process. The important thing is to remain steadfast and results will be guaranteed. Also, nobody is desperate for sex all the time, you probably feel just fine most of the time. Do some meditation or explore psychedelics to gain some centeredness, strength and wisdom. Holding a grudge against women because of being rejected a lot is a very predictable egoic trap, if you had some consciousness you would have shaken of these toxic thoughts and attitudes pretty easily.
  3. @Esilda Women intuitively understand dating and the dynamics involved, most men are not so socially wired and need to learn this. You can be a "self-fulfilled" attractive guy but if you are a reclusive and autistic ape when it comes to interacting with women you will remain forever alone. Guys learning the proper dynamics of dating is also for the benefit of girls. Maybe you will never meet your dream prince because he has a limiting belief that approaching women is needy and that he is not yet "self-fulfilled" enough. Again: watch the virtue signaling and projections, Both sexes have their own struggles when it comes to dating, but you don't seem very understanding of the struggles of men
  4. Connect? Ouch, I even get rejected when I just try to share my perspective and understanding.
  5. All guys want connection but connection alone is not going to satisfy his core need. A woman can be lustful and promiscuous but at the end of the day, her core need is intimacy/connection. What? No. If a guy dates a girl and they have sex after a few dates, that means that a sufficiently deep connection was successfully built. Or if the men and women are clubbing, are horny and go for a one-night-stand this also means a connection was built. Maybe in a short time but maybe that connection was really intense. Of course, there is always the risk of bad sex.
  6. I stated the core biological needs of both sexes. Yes, it's a generality but a pretty solid one. Your examples don't disprove this. This is what all girls say, it's your core need. Normal women are not prostitutes, they all have standards and need a connection in order to have sex. A guy facilitates this connection by being attractive to you.
  7. This is definitely true, that's evolutionary biology for you. It's harsh. For women and men but in different ways. I have by the way no interest in having a "man vs women" discussion. I understand this is your feminine perspective as what I wrote was my masculine perspective. The one is not better than the other. Your need is first and foremost for romance, intimacy, "decency" and emotional connection. You think of this as a pure angelic wish, this is your rainbows and sunshine. Your most heavenly fantasy. A guy wants that too but his biggest priority with women is sex. men equate sex with rainbows and sunshine. His most heavenly fantasy is a harem.
  8. The need for sex is something a guy feels on a daily basis in varying intensities. It is a deep biological need that really has the potential to f*ck you up if you don't deal with it properly. So it is crucial that men learn to handle and satisfy this need but at the same time, It is very much so looked down upon if you are honest about actively pursuing women to satisfy this need. Guys want emotional connection too but it is not their priority. It is virtue-signaling if you start your spiel about how much you value love and emotional connection and guys that "just" want sex are creeps. The comment was a tacit example of this feminine and societal attidute. That's totally understandable, there is no judgment here. After all, as a society we cannot admit we are horny animals and as men, we cannot explicitly admit that we first and foremost want sex from women.
  9. @Esilda I love that you brought this up because this is typical of how most women think about game. Notice the tacit virtue-signaling and disgust you have for game. I am not judging you because this is how 90% of women think about the concept of "game". What you don't understand is this: If you get approached on the streets by a strong, confident, charming good-looking guy you will go home and tell your girlfriends enthusiastically that this very cute boy approached you and you will probably note that he was tall, dark whatever. (even though it was a more unconscious primal or spiritual-energetic aspect that ultimately won you over). Now if you get approached by a dark soul loner with poor social calibration your face will shrivel up in disgust and you'll go home and tell your friends that a maniac approached you. You will then reiterate the importance of #metoo and feminism. Strong guy = massive survival value for you therefore everything he does "I accept and think is cute". You will yield massively to him. Dark soul nerdy guy = "Ewwwwwwww. Please get him away from me." Of course, these are two extreme examples. But ultimately your biggest problem with game is that it is a seemingly love devoid statistical endeavor and that a "creep" can grow into a stud that you are attracted to. As a guy, I think the best thing that "game" teaches me is how to act whenever I meet a girl that is just my type or we are in love. When there is a match like this girls assume everything will be smooth and effortless. But you have no idea how easily an inexperienced guy can ruin a match made in heaven. I personally was so inexperienced and insecure that when an absolute tenner fell in love with me there was nothing I could do. I actually broke her heart with my inexperience and insecurity.
  10. This tells me you know nothing about women
  11. It is not an excuse, I am planning on continuing (I even hired coaching for the coming weekend). It’s just when I day game I come into this state of consciousness that is “seeking/scouting” almost plotting. As in contrast to being energetically centered, secure and deeply strong as whenever I am just running errands. I was asking for advise to overcome this issue and ideally combine my attractive non-needy state with the scouting (more needy) aspect of actively day gaming. I am extremely introverted so day game is pretty much my only hope.
  12. Since this spring I started approaching women in the streets. A huge motivating factor was that I thought of myself as a very attractive guy. Like before I knew about even the existence of the possibility that you can approach a woman on the street, I would get a lot of attention from girls when I was simply walking and running errands in the city. Girl's heads would turn, they'll look straight into my eyes, often being all feminine and bewildered, sometimes smiling and even glowing. Hot girl would feel my presence even before I turn the corner and they actually saw me. These "magical" moments of attraction were very common for me. The very reason girls were so intrigued by me was because I had a very secure, strong and even spiritual energetic presence. (I am short and not that good-looking). But now that I started approaching women in the streets there is none of that magic. Women don't look at me when I am doing "sets" and the only result that I got so far was a few dates with just barely-average-looking girls. Nothing more. I feel it's because doing day-game and scouting out girls to approach is an inherently needy activity. The paradox is of course that when you cannot care less about girls you will get a lot of attention from them but when you are doing an activity that involves actively scouting and approaching girls you will stop existing for them. There is inherent neediness and the power balance advantage is with the girl. Is there a way to be energetically secure/strong and still actively seek out women and approach?
  13. I still need to be social in order to have a dating life. Also for my professional life, I need to start going to events and build up connections. But ultimately I have a vision of ending up alone.
  14. This is going to be a somewhat openhearted and vulnerable share on my part but I feel I need to do this. My apologies in advance if this post seems randomly structured or somewhat torn in contradictions, see it as a reflection of my struggles here. I am 24 years old and extremely introverted. In my teens, I got disillusioned with my friends and became a kind of a misfit loner. since then I have struggled with feelings of insecurity and shame for it. Though I did went through a lot of (and I can even say massive) personal growth in my young adult life, this made me think that I overcame most of my petty insecurities and angst. But in the last few years, I started doing psychedelics, and more recently since the spring I also started approaching women in the streets. This has resurfaced a more serious and existential sense of outcastness for me. Like at times I literally feel like a crazy person and it makes me feel ashamed. I actually have an uncle who is very spiritual-minded but mentally ill and he is a real f*cking outcast, like in the ugliest and most hardcore sense of the word. My parents are tacitly afraid I will end up like him. At times I cannot help but to understand their fear. On the very first psychedelic trip that I had (three years ago), I cried for having lived my life so alone and I got a new massive appreciation for my loving family, which up until that point I underappreciated. They are the only people in life I truly trust and deeply care about. Forgive my superstitious language but I feel like it's my fate is to be alone. My whole teenage and young-adult life I struggled against this fate only to suffer in the process. The more I have let go the more inner peace I gained. I thought that my surrender was complete and last year, the pandemic year was actually the most peaceful year I ever had. Though this year is different. This year I have set the goal for myself to be more social and to date more girls because I am not done with those experiences and I do not want to waste my youth in that regard. But ultimately I know that I do not want a family of my own and I have no desire for friends. Lately, I was having a pleasant dream of laughing with some old colleagues, which were one of the few people in life I enjoyed spending time with. Also in that dream, I was validated by pretty girls. Nothing sexual but they gave me a sense that I belonged, was respectable and most of all: normal. The dream was noticeably in contrast to how I feel in waking life. Typing this made me cry, I feel overwhelmed by life and sorry for myself. If you had comparable experiences and life paths I would love to hear from you.