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  1. I am this selfish "corrupted" being trying to uncover God. But also notice how beautiful I am despite being a demon.
  2. It actually isn't. Don't be so fearful. After sex, you are on top of the dating power dynamic but by being so fearful you will lose this position.
  3. @Danioover9000 Eastern European history is all about committing horrible atrocities onto each other and thereafter living together as if nothing happened.
  4. Yeah of course, they have a shared history, similar culture, mentality and the same Slavic "vibe". Though Russia has a big imperial ego while Ukraine does not and wants association with the west.
  5. @withinUverse Thanks My profile pic is a demon as imagined by Mikhail Vrubel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Vrubel I once felt like that Demon while on psychedelics.
  6. Those that fight are literally convicts and low-live drunks from the provinces. But Russian society and culture are definitely not barbarian. Like to be fair if Ukraine was fully or half conquered nothing would really change existentially or materially for the Ukrainian people. They didn't live much better than Russians and they have a similar Eastern European mentality. Just 30 years ago they lived peacefully with each other in one country and served in the same army. They intermarry all the time. They would have been treated as equal citizens and go on with their life. It was probably Russia's original plan to conquer the eastern half and south of Ukraine and leave the way more nationalistic and monocultural Ukranian western part alone.
  7. @withinUverse Nice, Thank you! Yeah, I am obsessed with art and plants haha. I am also very sensitive to stylishly dressed girls. "I like your style" is almost my only opener because I almost exclusively approach girls with sexy/feminine styles.
  8. I need to get better at this, I want to pick up chicks that go (alone) to museums and botanic gardens, they are the highest quality ones. I actually subtly tried this by using observational openers, but still, I am overcompensating with extreme friendliness and dropping out very fast so as not to seem pushy or needy to have a conversation. I don't want to make it awkward as we are both confined in the same place.
  9. @Leo Gura I think Ukrainians take full responsibility for manifesting their sovereign will to be with Europe, they are fighting it for it and they are even winning.
  10. @Emerald Fair enough. Though I also understand the need to control certain books so as not to expose children to certain topics. There is for example absolutely no reason why gender fluidity needs to be taught in schools. If it is, it's because an agenda is being pushed. Which is very cringe and obnoxious and doesn't respect the ignorance and innocence of children (including teenagers.) People with outlying gender distortions are a small minority. Most boys that are feminine and overly sensitive are just that, boys! they will grow up and mature into men. So yeah let's just make sure kids know who Mark Twain is and spare them all that gender confusion a minority of the population struggles with.
  11. @Loveeee When she was put on trial, the question was whether her visions came from god or from the devil. They couldn't find anything to suggest it was from the devil so they burned her at the stake on charges of wearing men's clothing. A perfect illustration of the mystical yet highly dogmatic worldview of medieval Europe.
  12. @Emerald Having gender fluidity books in school is pretty fucked up. Shit like this got people voting for Trump. What's wrong with good old classic literature or scientific books about nature and the universe?
  13. Yes and no. There is a lot of stereotyping here. The Russians were fully justified in their dogged tactics in WW2 due to the existential nature of the fight against such evil as the nazis. But in the cold-war era, the soviets demonstrated the reasonable effectiveness of their modern army in Afghanistan. Seemingly on par with America's in Vietnam. Though yeah with a bit more of the characteristic cruelty and the occasional wiping of villages off the map but still a decently effective modern army. It was only natural to assume that Russia has dropped the cannon fodder strategies of ww2. They only fell back to it because they don't want to retreat with their tails between their legs. Tactically sound cannon fodder strategies are a cold but effective way of capitalizing on your numerical superiority, It's exactly how The Union army turned around the civil war. They don't have some superhuman toughness, people that are miserable with no future and have nothing to lose are willing to risk and sacrifice more. You see this a lot in the middle east. Also unlike in the middle east, Russian mothers usually have only a few children if not just one, so they tend to be very anti-war and definitely not willing to sacrifice. How do you explain Russian women being so much more feminine than western women? in a sense they are weaker but not saying they aren't also tough in their own right.