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  1. Hey guys, basically whenever i meditate more often than not i have this monstrous feeling that my sense of self is going to be obliterated. Part of reason for this i believe is a bad trip i had years ago from laced weed which was not very different from what i've read in some psychedelic reports. So when i sit to meditate i'm forced to retreat, because i don't want that to happen. Not yet. I want meditation to give me: a sense of clarity - clearer thoughts increased concentration and well being increased focus and peace better decision making i also want to combine exercise+meditation as a workout plan more than a spiritual goal. So how can i do that while keeping my ego intact?
  2. @Nahm it could very well be the case. I will continue 🙏
  3. @The0Self what is this? What is this that it is what it is?
  4. Perfect brilliant stillness - David Carse The philosophy of consciousness without an object - Franklin Merrell-Wolff
  5. so this was all a joke?
  6. Whoah slow down there bud, where did you get this from? You cannot do as much as lift your little finger if your body is against it..
  7. I think 120k a year would be ok
  8. Hey guys, any idea if AstraZeneca is safe? Its the only option currently in my country
  9. Hi guys, i've never taken any psychedelic in my life. If i took 5-MeO today, what is the chance i would experience infinite love?
  10. It may be a TR-3B spacecraft
  11. In case you haven't read this before:
  12. Beautiful, try giving this a read: it will blow your mind
  13. I think you are relying your question on your visual perception only which is incorrect. Direct experience is not what can you see with your eyes only
  14. Does god have any particular message about me?
  15. visualization without action is incomplete. So study hard
  16. Read the book perfect brilliant stillness by David Carse, it might help
  18. @Leo Gura why did i decide to have such a hairy ass?