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  1. Yes in messages where Claude has to analyze a lot of data at once the message limit can be reached rather quickly. I import my journals for Claude to analyze which contains more than 100,000 words, this is pretty heavy so I can only do so much before the message limit is reached.
  2. @Leo Gura no financial gain? Really? Feel like you could sell a lot of copies depending how you brand Leo
  3. @Leo Gura approximately when will the course be released?
  4. what everyone else is saying about exercise is extremely accurate. It is the #1 most important habit for keeping the depression away. I am not diagnosed but bipolar is common within my family and I usually go through at least one depressive spell and one hypomanic episode per year. I have gotten very good at fighting the depression, ever since I found my life purpose and began the process of actualizing it along with working out 3-5x a week I pretty much never get depressed anymore, whereas before I would become suicidally depressed in my episodes when I felt no purpose in life, was not working out, and had bad routines and habits. I would be curious to know what your hypomanias are like? These are the episodes that have the potential to be harmful if you aren't aware what can trigger it and when it is coming on.
  5. @VictorB02 Your points sound like they are coming STRAIGHT from some conservative media outlet. There's hardly any depth to anything you are saying. All of this is highly nation-centric which is a very limited perspective. I'm hearing the narrative that what you're saying is about me, my country, my nation, my people...but at the end of the day, it's not about the US, it's about the whole entire world. As the leading military power, the US has a duty to maintain peace on this Earth...it would be an abomination to not help Ukraine in this situation, who Russia wants to usurp literally just because they don't like the fact that Ukraine has become more westernized (more like the US) and has swayed from Russia's collective values. It would be extremely concerning if we simply just allowed Russia to annex Ukraine. The illegal migrant issue as well as the homeless and homeless veteran issue is a very complex and nuanced topic. Yes, all these illegal migrants and the perks they get do get mess with the balance and make life more difficult for a lot of people in the US but they come here in the first place to escape actual "nightmares of poverty"...I find it absolutely atrocious that you called the PNW a nightmare and war zone...dude I have lived there my whole life and if you call that a nightmare then you better call Mexico the absolute darkest depths of fucking hell. What we should be doing is funding and setting up more projects in Central America to help develop them so these countries are no longer shitholes that people need to flee from. I would gladly pay 2% of my income to these projects if they were set up correctly...but of course conservatives would lose their fucking minds if this happened and call it an infringement on their freedom and liberty and continue to get angry as hell when illegal migrants enter their country without ever fucking acknowledging why they came here in the first place.
  6. @The Mystical Man If thousands of people lives are changed for the better because of Leo's teachings and 2 people commit suicide, should he take all his videos down?
  7. You are right about this. I have thought about this a lot and ultimately listened to my heart when it came to the decision. The two girls that I have met are definitely not completely turquoise, but I would say they are solidly Tier 2. I go to a university with 23,000 students. 0.01% of 23,000 is 23. That would leave 11 or 12 of them being female. And there are probably less than that because college aged kids are usually younger than a fully developed human. But I don't see why it would be so shocking to meet a couple girls out of the maybe 4 or 5 or more that are solidly Tier 2 at the school. I met one of them at an outdoor yoga class, which is a place they have a good chance to be.
  8. It's not for the most part. The separation is due to a variety of reasons.
  9. I have also learned there a lot of Green women who talk Turquoise but are really just dogmatic new-age spiritualists. Be aware of this trap.
  10. Interesting perspective. You might be right on this. I just dumped a Green/Yellow woman...sometimes I wonder if I will ever find anyone better. I have met a couple solidly Tier 2 women (with a good amount of Turquoise) over the past couple years and I got to say I want to have the attitude where I won't settle for anything less than someone like them. In both cases when I met these women they were already in a relationship and/or I was in one too, but I still remain friends with one of them and she is dating a yoga guy who is like 10 years older than her. But damn...love talking with these women, even if it is just sexually neutral friendly conversations. The Tier 2 women are out there, but yeah they rare as fuck.
  11. @Pharion Glad to hear from you. Wow, it does sound like we have a lot of similarities with our creative minds. And good job on almost finishing your first novel! What is it about? Yeah, that was my main concern about going straight into writing novels...it is so hard to make a living off it. Most people don't realize how extraordinarily difficult it is to make it as an author. Making it as an author has got to be one of the lowest success rates of any other professional endeavor. The thing with my work is that I want to be able to write completely freely and not care if my work makes it to the New York Times Bestseller list or not. Two books that moved me extremely deeply (mentioned in original post) were Beyond Azara and The Solandarian Game by Martin Ball. I doubt those books have even sold 2,000 copies, and the everyday person would not understand its spiritual themes at all. But those books are fucking masterpieces, and I want to create work like that. I don't want to change my ideas and cater to the masses just so I can survive, which is why I believe this business is necessary for me to create first.
  12. @axiom Thank you for your response, Axiom. Your words do ground me a bit. It has been a theme in my life that I believe I can do too much in a too short period of time and then I get disappointed that I don't end up doing all the things I had planned. I don't want that theme to occur in my LP. I will contemplate more and listen to my intuition on what the heart feeling is, do I want to jump straight into storytelling? Or is this self-help/spiritual business (that does weave in storytelling heavily) a better way to go?...I've had success online in the past, really enjoyed doing it and was fulfilled by it, and know that I can be much higher quality than I was before...my initial feeling tells me this route will lead me to more freedom later on. The way I see it is that even if I don't start taking writing novels seriously until I am 35, I'll still have 40-50+ years to go all in on the craft. I don't view my current business plan as a type of fulfillment-avoidance...the prospect of jumping into it deeply excites me, but you're right in that it has a potential to become a prison that makes it hard to escape from. Don't want to get trapped. Will contemplate this more. As for the glamping site project, I don't view that as the means to become wealthy...perhaps I should have specified that more in my original post. I'm not trying to build an AirBnb empire here. I would expect to make far more money from the business. Like you said, that project is something I see as paying for the bulk of my living expenses. I live a fairly frugal lifestyle now and I don't expect that to really change all that much as I accumulate more $...I view it as the more money I make, the more money I can save and/or invest in my projects. I don't think it is unrealistic to expect that I would be occupied with glamping site maintenance (given that there are a couple other friends on the project as well) for about 8-10 hours per week, leaving lots and lots of time to work on the business. I am also glad you brought up other life events that would effect my ability to work on these projects. I know I definitely do not want kids until I am at least 35 or 40, and there's quite a good chance I decide to never have kids. But romantic relationships will be a factor along the path the entire time, as for the time being I see myself being single for awhile, but it is very likely the desire to have a partner there will come into play, which could change things. Lots to think about! Thank you for your thoughts Axiom