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  1. A video I made that shares the two most valuable pieces of information I've come across when it comes to trying to build a career in alignment with Spiritual Work https://youtu.be/mxHd-pX-_3A
  2. If Don Beck is a Trump supporter then I am absolutely lost as to how he created the SD model lol.
  3. It sounds like Don Beck is just salty Ken Wilber took his model and improved it. Ken is the epitome of Tier 2 thinking, so for Don Beck to say he's nothing beyond Orange is absolutely outrageous.
  4. This is a video for those seeking to dive deep into spiritual work and expanding their consciousness. It explains why this work is the one of the most important things a human being can pursue, and how it literally helps create an entire new world
  5. Thought this provided an excellent overview of the Spiral Dynamics Model. Not everything can be explained in such a short time frame of course, but it's about as good as it can get for only being 25 minutes. Definitely worth a watch for those seeking to understand the model quickly