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  1. The vase was empty. We had forgotten all about it. Did you fill it? I was about to finish that. No you shut up. Shut up shut up shut up. I'm a friendly person. I want bread and soup. Do you have butter? I forgot to light the stove. How will we make our soup? you're so silly, you make me smile
  2. I'm really starting to get the hang of this whole actualisation thing. I figure all I need is a life purpose and I'm ready to go. So I've signed up for Eminem's Be Real academy program and I'm gonna put my all into this. I am soooo ready. The first subject is called if I had a million dollars. We have to write a million dollars budget for our life assuming that's all we ever make. I don't kbow a lot about money, but I'm keen for the second subject, Amityville. We have to write a horror story, and it has to be. Really. Fucking scary.
  3. Hackers make me sick
  4. What did the farmer see? Just what his karma be When you hear alarm you flee I'm so allah ackbar my G
  5. It's all happening.
  6. This is the pinnacle of ferocity. The writing on the wall is plain for all to see. Never mess with the chosen one. I am the great gatsby, the one and only. Who goes there? Never step into the castle unless you are prepared to tithe. Teeth chatter, bones shatter, none matters but pitter patter rain drops time stops you flop I stop for no man.
  7. Oh, and I'm just playing, typology. You know I love you.
  8. Ok, I caved and bought alcohol I hold to this being a good idea.
  9. This sickness sucks. I'm in constant pain with so many symptoms and no one has a clue what to do Bout it. People even actively work to make it worse. And I have nothing to think about except typology. Over a decade of typology typology typology. And don't even get me started on money. In now paid lab rat because I got screwes over and no one appreciates the work I do. Like, hello? I'm a fucking genius. I'm revolutionising psychology here... But nope, I'm left to be a fucking outcast for reasons that make no sense to me. Why are people not BEGGING for my attention? I spent my whole life trying to work out how to speak, and when I finally learn how I have no one. But I've got my spirits and my spiritual experiences and that pulls me through. Each day is something new. So there you have it folks. A living teaching story, told by the latest and greatest. Business time.
  10. So for my budget I'll be buying food, drink and herbs. I'll spend each day smoking damiana etc and drinking mountain dew. This will allow me to save a couple hundred dollars each week for when I need it. I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with the money because I really have few needs. I might go back to drinking eventually, but without people to talk to I don't know if that will work. I'm hoping I enjoy the herbs, because it sounds like a great alternative to my current lifestyle. I don't know what to do if this doesn't work. I guess I'll just stick to tobacco instead of the herbs. When all is said and done, drugs really are a convenient way to get through the day. But wait! There's more! See, if this works out I'm looking at some seriously trippy experiences coming up l. Don't ask how that works, but it all has to do with freedom. Get it? I'll be well on my way to overcoming the issues that plague me so. Ah, but you ask, how can I be so sure this is so? Well, a little birdy told me that all you need in life is... Oh, but let's not get carried away. At this rate I'll be over the hill in no time, seeing sights no eye has seen. And that's living to me. A simple 1, 2, 3, and I start to see one more can become of me. Ya?
  11. I was recently put in the psych ward for a month for refusing to see a doctor about physical health issues. A few years ago I was put in rehab for 3 months for drinking 5 ciders a day and talking to spirits.
  12. I haven't masturbates in almost a year. That wasn't really out of choice but because my dick stopped working. I like thinking less about sex though.
  13. Regarding cognitive functions, I'm trying to reduce my Fe because I have basically no one to talk to. This is why I don't want to drink. Alcohol is a social drug. My Ti was mainly focused on maths, and somewhat defining words, and the only maths I do now is adding up how much I spend. Maths is pretty useless. So I've changed from Fe and Ti (INFJ) to Te and Fi. I'm using Te for chores, but since I'm disabled I won't be using so much that I can work a job. I'm generally looking for more things to do. I've been focused on Fi for a long time, in terms of things like introspection and goodness. I'm now really starting to focus on the emotions in my body and learning what to do about these. So I'm changing my focus a lot and this is an ongoing process.
  14. I'm going to try and replace alcohol with herbs. I will also reduce tobacco. I have an order of extracts and regular herbs such as red lily arriving soon. I'll see how it goes. Quitting takeaway too. Not socialising or using the internet much. Doing more chores now than I was before. Still getting better control over my thoughts. Still plenty of changes to make but I don't expect to get it all done at once.
  15. I'm a good person and this forum is for bad people. Should I post?