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  1. Yeah anyone can say they relate to something, but do they really understand it? An SD test could be created, but it would be more like an IQ test than a personality assessment.
  2. I spent a lot of time in orange just seeing what was out there in terms of my interests, and trying to determine the best of the best (in things like music and philosophy). When you go past orange, things will really change. It's a whole new chapter of life. Then you will experience transcendence. So go on a search for the highest information. You already have some of it given that you're on this site. And importantly, it's your journey, not ours. You will feel within yourself what you are meant to be doing. You don't have to love a negative situation. Rather, love will pull you through the negative situation. Love, faith. And so on.
  3. Most of most groups are probably conformist/conventional.
  4. "Birds have nests, and foxes have dens, but the son of man has no where to lay his head."
  5. I meditated heavily for a brief while. Now i can relate to what you say about entering the meditative state very quickly. I now meditate for shorter times. Mindfulness is more used to combat negative emotions like anxiety, and these are less than they used to be.
  6. Blue is about belonging needs. Its the community focus of religion that makes it blue. A good approach to religion can take you right up the spiral.
  7. Ah... Yes, play is good.
  8. I majored in maths because i was good at it. Some maths is interesting, some isnt. I enjoyed the proofs in topology, but not real analysis, despite them being similar subjects. But anyway. I always would say i didnt want to go into finance, when asked what i was doing with the degree. I personally don't think there is much true purpose for that field, or much opportunity to use a position in it for moral good. I'm a critic of many careers, and finance is one of those. If you're good at maths, learn statistics if you havent already. Its useful in social science, and i found use for it in my own life.
  9. Focus on bettering yourself morally, focus on learning the truth. Do not do what is cruel, and do not latch onto falsities.
  10. The thing is though, that a big reason why people sin is to make themselves happy. They are making themselves happy often at the expense of others. People who have little sin in them and much love are often less happy because they sacrifice more of themselves for the sake of others. They also take less part in the world than do the sinners, who are getting their fill now. The thing is though, that after a sinner sins, they will suffer from remorse at some point afterwards, when they repent. So someone in a loop of sin and repentance would likely be suffering a lot, but essentially feel addicted to something that sin is giving them. Those with much love have a special kind of happiness that comes from love, and the sinner will not know much about this, or else they would love more. Although some have much sin and much love, and alternate between them. Because I don't know how else to take the quote, I'll take it literally. I don't see too much of what exercise has to do with sin, but people who exercise a lot are often very worldly and status oriented. There could be other reasons, such as dedication and responsibility. Sinners don't have to be sinning in a way which is obvious to others. Take for example the Pharisees of the bible. They were huge sinners who tried to make themselves out to be low in sin, but really it was just a way of making themselves feel better, stronger, more holy etc. By contrast another person may be lead to sin by demonic possession, and could be healed through their faith and go to a life of less sin. Don't judge by appearances, but by the truth which cannot be seen. However, yes, you are close in what you say. The courage to heal would be a path of misery due to the remorse they would feel. The unhappiness they feel is the results of their sin, and some particularly evil spirits will go a long time, increasing their sinfulness and not repenting. They may have great power in hell and be enjoying great things, because they will not feel the hell that is meant for them. So the sins are not the expression of their unhappiness, but rather the unhappiness is an expression of their sin. Now, on the other hand, sin can also be driven by things like fear. So there, if we call fear a form of unhappiness or pain, the pain is fueling the sin. There are many reasons that people sin, some being more evil than others.
  11. Test results are often inaccurate. You probably see yourself as more N than the average person, perhaps due to things like interests, and this translates into a high N score. If tests were accurate, we wouldnt need recent developments like the reading of facial expression to determine type, but various people and groups have been making developments in that arena. If you go to typology forums, you will see many people asking for input on their type, because at this point determining type requires the analysis of a skilled typologist. I pay more attention to the test at keys2cognition, which tests for cognitive functions. Its actually decent, but requires multiple takings, and interpretation.
  12. With forum posts, i associate different sentences with different cognitive functions and then look at the sequential order that they go in. With youtube videos i use the qualities of the voice, and to an extent the face and body language.