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  1. I won't be posting any more to the forum. Bye.
  2. I'm presently at the intellectual peak of my life.
  3. I've renamed the Cognitive Hierarchy to the Functional Hierarchy. The 16 levels are the 8 cognitive functions, in the order relevant to the personality type, first in ordinary form, then in transcendent form.
  4. I won't be responding to any more posts. The definitions/descriptions won't ever be posted due to lack of interest. The replies in this thread are saddening.
  5. I've discovered other developmental hierarchies, but I'm not going to share them.
  6. Mostly when a person becomes famous they become more evil. There's a reason people talk about celebrities "selling their souls". It's very difficult to become famous without selling out. That said, if you could do it via GOOD means it would be an excellent way to influence the world for the better. Sadly though, that's not the way it happens. It never does.
  7. @Proserpina I'm sad to hear about your lack of direction. I have 3 pieces of advice. 1. I notice you have a lot of writings, and there are core themes. Try to distill your ideas into something that can be written on a page or two. Get to the core ideas. This will help with developing Ne and Ti as well as Yellow/Experimental. 2. For an Fi dom, it's not so much about having a direction, as doing what makes you happy. Get to know your preferences. If you like something, move towards it. If you don't like something, move away. 3. The mental health system can be a big reason for lacking in direction. Get angry about what they've done to you. It's wrong, and because of karma they will have to pay you back in the afterlife.
  8. @Proserpina I would imagine you get to Yellow, and perhaps even Turquoise, in your more spiritual states, but I don't believe you're there as a baseline. From reading your posts, you seem clearly in the Introspective mindset (upper Green), which is where most of this forum is at. Still, I encourage you to try and be as Yellow as you can be. Where I imagine you excel more so, is in spirituality. You would be further along in the Spiritual Hierarchy (I won't say any more about this) than most of this forum. Spirituality is your strength, and as an ISFP (I'll call you that even if you identify as INFP) so is empathy and self-understanding. Keep pursuing the mystical and higher states of being/awareness
  9. Ages of Thematic development (Centre): 7 Convention 10 Success 13 Modelling 17 Community 20 Introspective 22 Experimental 26 Holistic 30 The Now
  10. You don't want to. Trust me.
  11. My ages of Thematic development (Frontier): 5 Success 8 Modelling 10 Community 13 Introspective 15 Experimental 18 Holistic 21 The Now 24 Verification 28 Mission And soon to become Axiom. I haven't plateaued yet!
  12. Oh, another milestone for this year: My Centre became The Now.
  13. I need to find new things to work on.
  14. Why do we need proof? It's intuitively obvious.