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  1. @Bazooka JesusJesusJesusJesusJesusJes What did the abyss say when it was examined? What is love? Baby don't hurt me.
  2. Update: I've decided to not quit many of these things. I'm still drinking and smoking. I still listen to music. I don't do much else on the internet though. I basically have one friend that I talk to I'm keeping a watch on my thoughts to keep them productive to my purposes. I still think about typology and developmental psychology. I am learning to get over the mental health system. I'm moving past the past. I've been eating a lot of takeaway. I no longer want to work or study. So many of the things I had planned on quitting didn't pan out, but I assure you I have been making a lot of progress.
  3. This blog is about one of my currents focuses in life: quitting habits. I will mention things relating to the Thematic Hierarchy in characterising these habits.
  4. What did God say when he died? Nietzsche you're a fucking noob. Now Zarathustra will NEVER return...
  5. What's the difference between a proton and an electron? Neutrons are fucking homewreckers.
  6. Why did the river cross the styx? Because Hades wanted a holiday.
  7. It depends. You go to the spirit world. Experiences there differ. What you will find, Is that after all is said and done, And life has become one and none, That friends of before and tomorrow, Come to forgive all your sorrow, And as we do part farewell, Some are sent to fucking hell.
  8. There are many awakenings on the path to enlightenment, And many enlightenments on the path to awakening.
  9. I've just about stopped using the internet. At the moment all I do is check this site. I'll disappear from here pretty soon.
  10. That's because the stereotypes are wrong.
  11. I should be at transcendent Ti, but my writing points to me still being at transcendent Te. I need to work on opening up Ti. Thinking about the thematic hierarchy is probably key to this.
  12. - I've quit music - had a second coffee yesterday, so had to have one this morning. LAST ONE. - not gonna buy happy high herbs again - gonna attempt to stay away from takeaway again
  13. Te chores, thinking about work and study Fe: friends, cats, forum, thinking about mental health system Ti: google searches, caffeine Fi: alcohol, tobacco, happy high herbs, sugar, music, takeaway, thinking about regrets Lots of unhealthy Fi.
  14. So, I just bought sushi. Still eating takeaway =/ And I had a coffee this morning. But I'm hoping it's my last one.
  15. Overcoming Se/materialism means I don't really need money. Over the past 10 years I have mostly spent money on drugs. I will be quitting all drugs so this means I will save a lot of money. Overcoming Si/convention means I don't/can't do things the ordinary way. I am very odd and unique. So I neither need a job, nor can I fit into a work culture. And my functioning is going down. All I can do is live with my parents and focus on my research. The thematic hierarchy is a BIG deal. This is the next step to modelling human development. It is a major breakthrough. I recommend everyone learn about it.
  16. Stage red is about materialism, not aggression.
  17. So a lot of these habits pertain to Fi. My Fi is unhealthy because of what I have focused on with it. I am looking to reset this stage and build it anew. Things like food, smoking and music are problematic. I don't know what it should look like instead, but it's not that. My Fe is well developed, but I need to focus on reducing it. Stopping talking to people will be a big step. Ti is largely about stopping the google searches. I have healthy Ti with typology. Te is what I really need to focus on reducing. I need to stop being results oriented in ways that are too ordinary. I can still focus on success but this should be more spiritual. Stopping anything requiring steps like chores - cooking, cleaning - as well as technology is a big thing. I have already made a lot of progress in that regard.
  18. Figure out where you are on the spiral and really focus on that. You're probably at something like Fi/Ti. Focus on understanding your preferences for things like art, and work on academic subjects. Learn maths and integrate it into your life. The notion of "how" to do something, like moving up the spiral, is Te/Orange. If you want to focus on stages above you, think about the idea of the new and complex. Focus on value-based ideologies, as well as abstract ideas of success. Go about things in a way that goes beyond what you already know. Also, try to reduce any materialism you might have. Materialism will keep you locked in the lowest level of the spiral.
  19. Stage blue isn't about belief in God/the bible, it's about things lie convention and conformity. Chances are you don't have to do anytining to integrate this.
  20. The hardest things to quit will be tobacco and thinking about the mental health system. I think I've already quit alcohol, and I'm about to quit caffeine and happy high herbs. I'm currently high on kanna kava. I've quit veganism now (I only had that diet because meat was making me sick, not because I believe eating meat is wrong) and I will quit sugar with caffeine (I've been having energy drinks lately). I should stay away from take away, which hopefully won't be too difficult. So now I have to be careful of my internet usage, and work on cutting out interactions. I've made a lot of progress with not thinking about work and study, because I am now more content with my life as it is. Cutting out regrets is an ongoing battle. Stopping thinking about the mental health system will be very difficult, because I am still stuck in the system. I can do it!
  21. Summary: quitting drugs quitting bad food quitting the internet quitting socialising quitting bad thiought habits
  22. I'm tryung to overcome the S levels of the thematic hierarchy. This willl mean I'll n o longer be so influenced by sensory things. Not many people can pull that off.