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  1. Here is my cup of tea: If you you have a daily full time job - pick just one If you don't, start with one primary purpose (most of the time) and one secondary, maybe an hour daily if you can. Do other things maybe little on weekends if you have time. ... and one more thing, it's crucial what did you choose as purpose. For example, if you play punk/rock guitar, it's enough to practice like for an hour daily. If you want to play classical or jazz, then you need minimal of few hours daily of hard work, specially in the beginning. I struggled also with this, I tried to be in multiple careers, but it's too neurotic, anxious and I was not satisfied with myself because I never mastered one thing to express myself in that field. And yes, limit your time on the internet, it's a massive distraction!
  2. It was easy for Aristotle to say that because slaves worked for him. One third of the Greece population were slaves. He considered slavery natural and even necessary. He even looked down or them as lesser creatures I agree that we are working too much but the society still gives you a chance to escape from 8-12 hours of daily grinding. You can start your own business, work part time, freelancer... If you have shelter, food and love, that's all you need, everything else is a bonus like traveling, clothes, technology etc. We must be thankful to have all that today. I have my business and i work daily 4 to 6 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It was challenge to get there, many years of patience but you can do it. Good luck!
  3. I now play only on Sundays and vacation. I love to travel through imaginary worlds! Can't wait until they invent real holodeck
  4. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women
  5. @Taha mouline I am cutting sugar and all other refined carbohydrates to avoid glucose spikes. It is hard but after two days my body feels better and I will continue to do this. Also I don't drink coffee anymore, black tea or other similar stimulants. That's a big one and it helps a lot! My diet now: Lots of fiber, veggies, eggs, meat and limited fruit. Banana is a big no. I force myself to drink at least two litres of water and herbal tea. And yes, physical exercise every day, but I avoid it on empty stomach in the morning.
  6. I went to check my blood and they found that after 2 hours after sugary meal my body goes to hypoglycemia, 2.7mmol which is low. I am not diabetic. Is anybody here having problems with hypoglycemia even if they don't have diabetes? Thank you.
  7. I went few times to a neurologist because i have this postural right hand tremor for three years already. I am professional musician so it's not convenient. My hand is shaking when holding phone, using my wallet or when I twist my wrist. It's only I right hand for now. Although, I feel that will soon start also in my left hand maybe. Brain MR is fine like the EMNG of the hand. He gave me Clonazepam 0,5mg. That was two years ago and I still didn't take it because I read about these disturbing side effects and people are writing that this medicine is very addictive! Is anybody having experience with this medicine? Even the second neurologist told me that I can try and take it, but I'm still afraid of it, don't know why... If you have advice for this I would be very thankful, specially if you have experience in pharma or neurology. ...And maybe some other remedies for these essential tremors. Neurologist advised me yoga. Thanks
  8. Thank you for answer but I'm afraid that you missed the point of my post. My point is that modern self help industry is too much focused on self development and too little on sharing practical love and support work in the communities. I'm not saying that 99% of self development is like that, 90%, 80%, 70%, 50% or 40% etc. It's just criticism, not judging. Actually you are assuming wrong because you don't know me. I do the things that I listed regularly but lately It was shrinking because i filled my life with too much work on self development and that was primary motivation of this post. And also seeing people doing this mistakes. Peace
  9. Everything is healthy in moderation. With this rapid advance in technology the information spreading is so beneficial that can be equally destructive as well. I noticed lots of people pursing enlightenment are equally addictive and neurotic about it as any other compulsive behaviour. Their desire for being enlightened is overwhelming and leads to isolation and locking up in their room. Instead of this egotistical self-development why aren't we focused more on helping others and keeping our communities healthy? And I don't mean virtual platforms, forums, social networks and etc., but real communities with people you know. Of course you need isolation and self contemplation but I think that modern self help lifestyle is too much focusing on self. There is so much talking about God and enlightenment online but when was the last time you volunteered to clean your environment? When was the last time you spend time with the poor or sick people in the hospital? When did you last time call your friend randomly and asked him how is his life at the moment and do he need some time for talk, coffee or need money for education? When did you ask your neighbours if they need help with building their home, help to carry their groceries or medications if they are too old to go to pharmacy themselfes? Why we are daily focusing so much on our self development theory and ignoring daily dosage of practicality? Just some healthy criticism, I am not pointing fingers and accusing anyone in particular, this is just my observation both in online and offline self development movement.
  10. I even consulted this with a therapist today, he said the same thing like you but you said it even more deeply and with heart. Thank you, your words are kind and sincere.
  11. @Sevi That was some wise insights, thank you. That's why I'm not going to let my compulsiveness and fears ruin these moments with her. I will be aware of them but I won't let them controlling my life and destroying my health with worry and depression. She is actually pretty strong and proud woman which I admire very much. We will spend so much more beautiful times together and I am so excited about it. @Sevi
  12. Thank you all for the answers! In one hand I am in love with her, love her and enjoying every moment with her. In other hand I'm sometimes surprised when I see few wrinkles on her skin or few gray hairs. I mean, It does not bothers me so much right now because I find her generally very attractive and I am also not perfect. For example I also have few gray hairs on my beard, hairs on my back and some other places actually, I am 14 years younger but in a general sense, just average looking guy while she is naturally beauty. But my fear is for the future mostly. This possibility that I am not truthful with my intuition and I am blaming myself for it. My intuition is telling me that I will probably loose my sexual attraction when she reaches old age and my high sex drive will remain. And then we will split up and it will be my fault for ruining her life. But in the same time I now the truth. And the truth is that I really don't know what will happen in the future. And If I followed my intuition maybe is not always right choice. I mean, If I followed my intuition I would like to sleep with every hot girl out there. My reason is telling me that I should stay in this relationship and observe what's going on. I don't want to ruin this relationship which i value very much with quick and potentially stupid decisions. And then after few more weeks, months or years of working on my self-actualization, observing and communicating with her I will find the answer. Time will tell If I can't tell it now. Maybe I'll loose my sexual desire, maybe will grow or maybe it will stay the same. Maybe I'll learn something new about myself. So, is this maybe selfish of me, am I running away from something or is this ok for now, i don't know... But again, thanks for the answers, I am glad to be a part of this community. If you have some more comment or advice, much appreciated.
  13. Thank you for your time and answer, your words are inspiring 😊👍
  14. I'm not afraid of being alone and single, actually most of my life I've been single and because i am artist I need solitude i quiet time alone. My girlfriend understand this so we hang out together 3-4 days per week and it's very balancing lifestyle for me. I don't know what will happen in 10 years or how I'll feel. But this fear of loosing attraction disturbs me.