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  1. I'm still debating with myself should I told her that I saw her texting and that I was feeling very jealous. Because if I told her that then I'll admit that I did watched her phone while she was texting which was not so nice gesture from me. I mean, what would be the point of that conversation?
  2. @laptophaver What would you do if you were in my situation then?
  3. @RendHeaven Thank you for such expanded and detailed answer, I read it all. I was just talking with my friend last night and told him about this, my girlfriend sending hugs to some guy. He told me that he have one female friend who is a girlfriend of his friend and that she is sending him hearts emojis and smiles all the time in messages. So one hug is not a big deal. He also told me that I am jealous and possessive, specially when I watching her phone when she's texting. He didn't even suggest that I mention this to her and don't talk about it. So I think the confusion is in me because of one part of me who loves her and the other part who is like her prison guard, watching her every little move. And these two parts cannot live together... The idea of letting go of this other part is a relieving feeling.
  4. @M3t4 Yes, I am thinking about and planning that conversation when she's back from her trip
  5. @Farnaby When someone touches my girlfriend in a flirtatious way I don't think I just react and I am full of rage... It's so strong that I can't contain it in myself. I think it's a very complex emotion actually that really confuses me. I always focus on the worst outcomes, that she will cheat on me or that a guy will physically hurt her. I grown up with abusing family, father who beat me and a mother who always said that it's all my fault. So this is emotion is probably amplified by fear of confrontation, fear of loosing my spouse and fear of worst outcomes. I am working with therapist but yeah, it takes time and hard work to beat this sh..
  6. Thank you for your reply, I was silent last night because I didn't want to reveal that I was looking on her phone while she's texting hehe. And she's gone on a trip to London this morning so I didn't want arguing before the trip. Last month we were at friends wedding and some fat, drunk idiot started to dance with her and he was going with his hand towards her ass and then I pushed him and told him to fu.. off... I was always a jealous person, I rarely show it to my spouse. Instead I keep the anger within and than it explodes. But I will listen to your advice, thank you friend.
  7. My girlfriend and I were watching tv last night and I saw that she was texting with some guy and they were talking about that they will meet next wendesday at 2pm and after that she replied "see you" and sent a hug emoticon. Is this normal? I think that she recently added him on Facebook, I don't think she's her friend.
  8. My good friend, I had a few suicide attempts when I was very young, and my father committed suicide 2 years ago... I can't even explain the pain my family has gone through, I bet you have few people that love you (even if you think you don't, been there), and most important, there are many people who will love you in the future, you are young, life is just starting! I've been through hell in my life, now I have my own business, very good friends and loving girlfriend. Please seek professional help, you will not regret it, It was one of the best decision in my life! Don't seek all answers online, every person is so special and different and requires lot's of work by you and professional, people here are not clinically trained. You are now confused and your mind is all over the place, of course it's frustrating to you, trust me, I've been there... I mean, internet is great thing, don't throw it away, but don't 100% rely on it! And yes, talk to someone that you know, grab a cup of coffee with someone, don't be at home glued with your eyes & mind to your screen, it's a trap!! Also, been there hehe... I wish you good luck and live long and prosper!
  9. I can give you some tips, been playing guitar for 20 years and now I teach guitar for at least 10 years. In the beginning don't rush, just play easy songs in very slow tempo, sometimes with metronome and drum backing tracks. Be organized and play every day. You can catch basics fast but you need many years to play fluently! If you like Metallica for example, first Learn: Enter Sandman, For Whom The Bell Tolls, One (only intro) and Seek And Destroy (intro). If you want to be in the league of musicians you have mentioned, let that be your motivation but to only think that you can be good as that is a very brave thought! It requires tons of talent, and years of insane hard work, you really need motivation for that. Ask yourself if you can be good as those guys first time after 5 years of daily practice for hours and hours... If you want to master something easier like punk/rock, you'll be ready to form your first band after like one year of learning, it's that simple but Metallica, Queen, Ed Sheeran, forget it, you'll need much more. Most of the people quit because in the beginning is very hard and they fail to realize that you need many, many years of experience to be a performer. But you are young so don't worry about that, just be persistent! Try to be organized and serious about your music but in the same time having fun. It's all about balance. And try to find the best guitar instructor in your town, maybe just for the beginning so you don't waste your time with potentially bad technique. If you don't have money for regular lessons just go there at least 2 times a month. Last tip is that you don't lost yourself in the sea of techniques and knowledge, listening is the top skill of any musician! Listen to Victor Wooten book on Audible: The music lesson. Hope this helps, good luck!
  10. Here is my cup of tea: If you you have a daily full time job - pick just one If you don't, start with one primary purpose (most of the time) and one secondary, maybe an hour daily if you can. Do other things maybe little on weekends if you have time. ... and one more thing, it's crucial what did you choose as purpose. For example, if you play punk/rock guitar, it's enough to practice like for an hour daily. If you want to play classical or jazz, then you need minimal of few hours daily of hard work, specially in the beginning. I struggled also with this, I tried to be in multiple careers, but it's too neurotic, anxious and I was not satisfied with myself because I never mastered one thing to express myself in that field. And yes, limit your time on the internet, it's a massive distraction!
  11. It was easy for Aristotle to say that because slaves worked for him. One third of the Greece population were slaves. He considered slavery natural and even necessary. He even looked down or them as lesser creatures I agree that we are working too much but the society still gives you a chance to escape from 8-12 hours of daily grinding. You can start your own business, work part time, freelancer... If you have shelter, food and love, that's all you need, everything else is a bonus like traveling, clothes, technology etc. We must be thankful to have all that today. I have my business and i work daily 4 to 6 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It was challenge to get there, many years of patience but you can do it. Good luck!
  12. I now play only on Sundays and vacation. I love to travel through imaginary worlds! Can't wait until they invent real holodeck
  13. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women
  14. @Taha mouline I am cutting sugar and all other refined carbohydrates to avoid glucose spikes. It is hard but after two days my body feels better and I will continue to do this. Also I don't drink coffee anymore, black tea or other similar stimulants. That's a big one and it helps a lot! My diet now: Lots of fiber, veggies, eggs, meat and limited fruit. Banana is a big no. I force myself to drink at least two litres of water and herbal tea. And yes, physical exercise every day, but I avoid it on empty stomach in the morning.