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  1. I only smoke one, two or three cigarettes per month when feeling cool
  2. You are not alone. Loneliness is a common thing in modern society, because it's designed to be that way. For example: 99.9% people who live in tower blocks don't even know each other. They don't know who is sleeping above them or below them. Towns are full with strangers and it's incredibly easy to be lost in that endless sea. But, you can use modern tolls such as app sfor friendship and dating. And don't be afraid to use them, they are saviours in this times and almost all young men are using them. And when you go to places where there are workshops, classes, yoga, kung fu, whatever it's impossible that you will feel lonely! Why am I telling you this? Because I was in your shoes my whole young life with history of domestic violence and was growing up when there was a war in my country. When I started to go to places like observatory and workshops, I found best friends for my whole life! Just go and don't analyse it to much, life is to short, save your loneliness when you'll be granpa
  3. My physician prescribed me clonazepam for postural hand tremors, medication that Mr. Peterson was also prescribed and he got terrible withdrawals. Thank god I didn't start using them. I hope he will be healthy soon.
  4. I agree. Like when they decided to put warning labels on tobacco. But I'm afraid that the food industry is so corrupted that it would require 10 times more time and effort.
  5. Ad for this site is popping at my screen at least 10 times every day: They marketing is very aggressive and the prices for online courses are... Well... See for yourself. Looks like "Fast and Furious" meet "Buddha" 2. Is this bastardization and monetization of spirituality? Maybe I am completely wrong and I apologize if my assumptions are wrong, but I just have a bad feeling about this website. It looks like the true reason for it is profit hiding behind words like "truth", "god", "ego", "true self" etc. Like another "spirituality" fad for rich people to feel good about them themselves. I doubt that true spiritual teachers would have this business mindset. For me glamourism, consumerism and spirituality mindset just don't go together... What do you think?
  6. @Fishy Yes, but majority of pipe smokers that I know of rarely or ever died from it while almost 80-90% percent cigarette smokers had premature death because of it.
  7. Hi, are there strong evidence for risks if you smoke pipe with organic leafs occasionally? For example I like sometimes smoke long pipe and put organic tobacco, mint or sage. These are all locally grown from people I know without additives and chemicals. I know that many ancient cultures used to smoke pipes and I don't know how many of them are proven to die directly from pipe smoking? Here are some of pipe smokers that lived long years that I know: J.R.R. Tolkien - 82 years Mark Twain - 75 years Bing Crosby - 74 years Albert Einstein - 76 years ... And many others. I don't know that pipe smoking even was the cause of death with these people. What do you think?
  8. Fuck this human society starting all the way from Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Roman Empire, Middle-age Islam, European Christianity, British Empire and now this Global Modern Consumerist Shit Hole, starting from United states of America, the center of malignancy! We should stay in forests as hunters and gatherers. At least we respected the environment then and were living in small tribes and communities, not isolated from God and His beautiful creation called Earth. Always the same story: natives living in harmony with nature until "high society" came with their mechanisation and interests saying: "this is OUR land now". And the natives understood everything except "OUR land". What the fuck is possession? They said: "We are just borrowing this land from our future generations". And where are the billionaires now, our modern society heroes, our archetypes, our gods? Where are the 100000000000000 trillions of dollars now to save our precious environment?
  9. Thanks for the tips, as more I detach from things, the more I feel calm i appreciate things I already have and that are still functional.
  10. Hi, anyone here have a few tips for frugal living in town for person of average income? I live in middle/east Europe, so it's not high standard of living like in the U.S. Are you satisfied with your spending or do you struggle to save up money? Thanks
  11. Victor Wooten - The Music Lesson Not only for musicians but for all people who have any interested in spirituality.
  12. Is putting number 9 on prices manipulative? For example like 9.99$, 29.99$, 99.99$, 499$, 999$, etc. Why would you charge something for example 29,99$? In your head was 30$ but then you think about it again: "yes, I will earn one cent less which is nothing but sell more because I want to trick my customers for thinking they got a better deal, they will tell others and number 2 will be in subconscious more that 3".
  13. Hi, I'm struggling to focus on a "point" between eyes when meditating. I don't see any point between my eyes when I close them, I can't imagine any point, it's frustrating and I can't continue to further lessons in Kriya book. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. ... and yes, go nature as often as possible, even if it's a nice, quiet park. Cities today are mostly noisy, ugly, full of distractions and you feel this neurotic consumerist, shallow mindset. At least 10 or 20% of your time try to relax among trees.
  15. I got this feelings sometimes when I take long walks. Most of the time I don't even bring my phone with me, I'm just observing. It's shocking when you disconnect from the screen for few hours and just focus on observing and see how many things you miss while you walk every day like other zombies in the streets, always rushing or looking at their phones. They are so many details on the buildings, houses, trees or maybe interesting stores or coffee houses that you never noticed. Yesterday I walked to a nice and quiet park without so many people, noises and distractions. I just sat down at the bench, looking at trees, watching the shadows, birds, squirrels, feeling the wind, listening... I was in awe and free, like I am 9 years old again! Another good thing to feel sometimes like a child is to join group that shares your interests and hobbies. All of these people have a little child in them. You can never be 100% kid again but bringing that feeling sometimes or regularly makes you free, energetic and If you are artist it's crucial for creativity.