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  1. But even if we expand our identity to others, this expanded identity wouldn't still encompass the joy other people experience. It would be limited to their smiles, happy words, expressions of joy, etc. However if I help myself I will experience the joy, the excitement, the peace, etc. What about this?
  2. This question has come up for me. It has confused me. What are your thoughts on this topic? How and why do you help others? Some will do it because of moralistic reasons (like stage Blue), others simply ignore helping others (Orange), others devote everything towards this goal (Green), etc. If you can't feel for yourself, or even see, the benefits of helping someone then why would you help others at all?
  3. After contemplating and observing my thought patterns I find that my skepticism and doubt is VERY BIASED. I only considered possibilities which were threatening to me and somehow I clinged to them. I would think: "What if I am being decieved this very instant into going on with my normal life in order for someone to hurt me or use me in some way?", "What if I am in a matrix-like simulation?", and other sinilar stories. But I wouldn't consider the opposite "positive" possibilities like: "What if I can achieve great things in my life?", "What if I am living in a beautiful world on a beautiful planet with beautiful people?" 😊 I would also create this kind of mental loop where as soon as I would react to these "threatening" stories with more stories like: "What if I'm just deluding myself? What if I am not in a simulation at all? What if it doesn't even matter? What if I can simply live life like I want?", I would immediately react again with: "What if THAT is just another deception?! Oh shit. Here we go again..." This condition is getting better though. I am able to be less fearful and calm when such thoughts arise. Going strong! 💪
  4. @winterknight If God / The Truth (whatever you want to call "it") is absolutely infinite and formless, then why is this "dream" of life this particular form. Why must we be human? Why must we live on Earth? Why not a totally different world? Related question: Why must there be ignorance in the first place at all? Why must there be the delusion of self? Why not just infinite awareness right from "our birth"? Why must there be a spiritual path in the first place? Does Enlightenment give the answers to these questions?
  5. We can question beliefs we have about the world. But what would it even mean to question existence / experience. Leo talks about questioning everything. Sure you can question the notion of "yourself". But can you question existence? Existence / experience is just what it is. Experience can only be experienced. Can't be questioned, unlike beliefs. And sure, there is no "subject" who is experiencing things. Things are just being experienced. But that doesn't change things. Experience is still there. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. @Baldmunt I have experienced the same thing. What most helped me get over this paranoia was: Focused observation of my paranoia. Seek to understand your thought process on this topic. Writing your thoughts in a journal goes along great with this. Contemplating my paranoia. Where is this paranoia coming from? Why do I need to be paranoid about this at all? Hope this helped. Message me if you need anything else.
  7. Maybe don't talk about Spiral Dynamics per se, but rather explain things in a more simplistic way. Don't use the colors (Beige, Purple, Red, etc.). Explain that different places have people with different worldviews. Examples: Africa is very tribal-oriented Canada is very liberal America is mixed brew (patriots, liberals, capitalists...) [Some place] is very capitalistic [Some other place] is a dictatorship Etc. That way you wouldn't have to go into the details.
  8. @Emerald @Truth Addict @tsuki @Scholar @tedens Thank you all for the advice. Will work on it.
  9. @Leo Gura @tsuki Thank you for the advice. I have thought about using psychedelics to help "jump-start" myself and get myself out of this mental trap. I have asked a similar question on another post. Given my specific circumstance, is it a good idea for me to take psychedelics to help me resolve this issue? I am fearful I might lose it if I do, given that even without psychedelics I have the same fear. This is a question to all. Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  10. Whenever I've had philosophical problems (I don't know what to call them exactly.), I've turned to this forum because most other people will look at me like a nutcase or just say "Get over it!" or something like that. Don't think that will solve this though... After contemplating a lot of things deeply I've come to these conclusions/questions/problems: How can I be certain of anything? I exist and no one else exists. The first problem How can I be certain of gravity? How can I be certain the cup of water exists? How can I be certain I am not in a simulation? How can I be certain I am not in some sort of Truman show (google it)? How can I be certain I can sleep? How can I be certain I live in a world where logic works and exists? How can I be certain I am in world where Nothingness exists? How can I be certain than ANYTHING exists? How can I be certain that I can doubt stuff? Now I am almost in constant anticipation of anything that might happen. I feel like I might lose it. Don't know what to do. The second problem I have started to deconstruct the notion of "other people". All that exists is my subjective experience. I intellectually know that even I "don't really exist". All that exists is "my subjective" experience. Nothing else. This problem by itself isn't a problem. It feeds into the first problem. Being doubtful of almost everything, and having a hard time treating others as "others" makes it very difficult to actually reach out and talk with people or do anything with them. Even asking for help about this issue seems pointless in a sense. .............................................................. The first problem I would relate with skepticism and the second problem I would relate with solipsism. Both are philosophical terms. Google them if you're not sure what they mean exactly. .............................................................. I honestly feel like I might go nuts. I have an almost constant tingling sensation on my head (from stress/anxiety). I have a hard time going to sleep because of this. Sometimes I panic and don't know what to do. Plus I feel like I'm effectively stuck in a loop. Can't really get on with my life. What can I do? Please help if you can. P.S. I tried to keep this post concise. I could divulge and explain more if you didn't quite understand what my predicament is.
  11. @Marinus I have 2 words of advice which I think will boost your journey. They are not specific "tricks", but rather general guidelines: Apply the principle of deliberate practice: Always immerse yourself in situations which are just enough challenging. Focus on improving consistently and incrementally. If it's too much for you to start being physical with the girl, then that's not your next stepping stone. Though, if it's something you've already done hundreds of times and you can effortlessly do it (e.g. saying "Hi!") and you aren't doing anything more, then you ain't making progress. Approach this whole process as understanding the realm of human social interaction: Don't treat girls like simple machines which do certain things when you push certain buttons. Human social (and sexual) interaction is a rich, dynamic, and complex process. What you will talk about and do will highly depend on the context (the place, the situation, the psychology of the girl, her clothes, etc.). Treat this like learning and mastering a whole field of life, just like you would when studying and mastering, for example, a certain sport. Also know that you are not starting from ground zero. Your whole life you've been interacting with people, even if to a lesser degree compared to others. You can use this past experience, if you haven't been already. Being introverted-oriented myself, these principles have helped me a lot. Keep up the good work! I wish you development and progress.
  12. Normally one would say that 4 h / day is too much. But in this situation you have to decide. I remember there was a time, usually during summer or winter breaks, when I'd watch one video per day. I felt I needed to get a grip on these new concepts he introduced. Now I probably watch 1 video every 2 weeks. If it's getting in the way of living and developing a joyful life, then cut the video-watching to one video per week. If you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with his more "advanced" topics, go through his video titles and pick videos which are appropriate for you at this stage.
  13. As an idea, what if there existed a separate thread, or folder, or whatever — a single place where all of the FEATURED topics on this forum would be grouped together? As of now, if a topic is featured (which probably means the moderators and Leo consider it an important post) it will gain attention for some time, but after a couple of days it will get buried by all of the new oncoming topics and posts. These FEATURED posts could be categorized in the designated thread/folder/place according to their original thread location (Self-actualization / Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Spirituality / Life Purpose, Career, Entrepreneurship / etc.). What do you think? Tagging Leo to see this: @Leo Gura P.S. I think the same can also be said about the important mega-threads we have.
  14. Anyone familiar with Jorge Luis Borges? Is this a hint at Absolute Infinity? I think Leo has mentioned this guy in one of his vids, not sure. In the essay “Avatars of the Tortoise”, [Jorge Luis] Borges speculated that paradoxes were clues to the unreality of the world: Let us admit what all idealists admit: the hallucinatory nature of the world. Let us do what no idealist has done: seek unrealities which confirm that nature. We shall find them, I believe, in the antinomies of Kant and in the dialectic of Zeno. “The greatest magician (Novalis had memorably written) would be the one who would cast over himself a spell so complete that he would take his own phantasmagorias as autonomous appearances. Would this not be our own case?” I conjecture that this is so. We (the undivided divinity operating within us) have dreamt the world. We have dreamt it as firm, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and durable in time; but in its architecture we have allowed tenuous and eternal crevices of unreason which tell us it is false. Source: "Labyrinths of Reason" by William Poundstone.
  15. What do you mean by negative? In my mind, talking about free choice leads nowhere. It's like an empty statement. What does free choice even mean? I've contemplated this and found that it's a meaningless play on words.