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  1. If you want to live a good life, take up the idea of becoming a spiritual warrior really seriously. Fight for the truth everyday. Not everly self-proclaimed truth seeker and one who is familiar with enlightenment actually does this work for the rest of their life because the struggle is too real. The resistance and all the mind storm that gets in a way, saying 'I'm too weak, I can't do that', 'I wish I was never born', 'I am such a waste of time and space', 'I didn't ask to be born' or 'the world is unfair' - (which is kind of true, but bear with me). I know what I'm talking about because I go through this storm every single day. Sometimes one cannot sit and meditate because the pain is too unbearable and the reason to suffer seems simply insurmountable. It also seems like some things are very important in life, such as recognition, social status, money or looks. But soon these things will fade and, in the end, it will be only a matter of how free are you from your mind. How can there be anything permanent? Do not give up and fall into an illusion that suicide is a better option. There can't be anything more deluded than that. In short: you'll become a fantom and your pain will be 1000x times worse. The inner work has to be done while the body is alive. Your mind is going to try to convince you all of the things that you believe to be true right now, but the thing is that none of that is true. we are designed to be masters over the mind. We must realize the truth that is beyond words. I like to go and listen to the sound of silence or the peaceful sound of river waves to calm down and heal. I recommend you not to stress over the things you cannot control in life to cherish the miracles around you. 😊
  2. For most it's a choice to live a life of peace, injoy and creativity over the petty existence of shame, hatred and non-acceptance. It's all up to us. We can be higher than angels or lower than devils.
  3. @zeroISinfinity mind and ego are usually the same. Are you talking about the soul?
  4. @Red-White-Light haha you were not alive enough in the first place
  5. This is such a gem. Love - Wisdom - Will - Evolution - Co-creation. Full episodes are available on youtube.
  6. These tests examine a very narrow range of subjects you learn in school, that's why it's more of a test of your hard-work and diligence. I don't think they can show if anyone is truly smart. Not to say that they are not important. But intellectuals are distinct for their thirst for knowledge and wisdom far outside of what's taught in school. Learning is unlimited! Appreciate the beauty of life.
  7. Your life depends on women? Everything people do revolves around beautiful women. Men try to find good paying jobs and develop social skills to please pretty females. Unattractive girls try to become pretty because they know beauty is a power they lack. Feminine beauty is a powerful thing. Life has always been this way. It’s just how nature has always functioned. If you don't have any desires of total transcendence of the ego like some here, then everything is relatively ok. You're just being honest. For the record : Everyone has a star until they die. There are also stars of love, friendship etc. But the biggest star of all is the star of desire.
  8. Here's my vision board. spent 3 hours doing this. Made a mistake in the text🤡
  9. @Espaim me too!
  10. No. There is nobody to get annoyed. There is still a belief that you are a bodily being. Youre talking apout past. There is only NOW😨🤩😍🥰🥰😩🤯