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  1. YoU aRe A pSyChOpAtH
  2. The Aal-Luuk-tree is a mythological tree from epic texts of our folklore, it is that which connects three worlds: the upper, the lower and the middle.
  3. @peanutspathtotruth I think it's more important for you to stop theoretical reasoning and do the work
  4. @Leo Gura you might be right but I do not want you to dismiss Shunyamurti's teachings because of only one factual mistake he has made. He provides a very intelligent and coherent analysis of the ego structure, Atmanology etc. Also being very well-read and educated about ancient teachings as well as different metaphors for the higher self in various traditions is very rare and by far not 'hippie bullshit'.
  5. @Leo Gura he probably just spoke about the educated elite. So he was kind of right. Of course the group of Roman philosophers was better than the modern political elite
  6. @Leo Gura Can you tap into the past? Like, real past of the etheric supernet. Like some real psychics do
  7. *provocative*
  8. @Leo Gura what made you really want to awaken? Is it your illness?
  9. This. Is. GOLD
  10. Watch this video.
  11. A journey to self-love and acceptance. Positive affirmations don't work as long as you believe that they are not true. If I think I were brainwashed to feel that I'm not worthy of love, it's not the fault of other people, but of my own self - the ego mind. Only I can change my mindset.
  12. Wow. I love it!
  13. This song makes me want to cry