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  1. @Karmadhi the Faking stuff comes off a bit off. Good confidence is not Faking
  2. I've noticed this as well and had similar questions. It felt whatever I watched , I was molded by. And also even, the people I hung with. They have a strong influence on you I also believe through my own art of creation and focus, these external factors have less of an impact on me. But they still will, even when I am consciously creating I definietely think that the inputs matter a lot. As well as the things you visualize, say to yourself, the people you are with, the content you consume I can also relate to boring affirmations. I find theory to be much more inspiring and "real" But yeah I think theory can have a profound impact on you as well. But affirmations can be very specifically tailored. (You can design your own affirmations). You can design theory too by cherry picking the right theory for you . I've done this a couple times, I would clip parts of videos that I really enjoyed and then listened them on repeat 1-2x a day. That molds you a fuckton lol You can also write them out ot print them out and reread them in the morning Or read specific pages in a book consistently on a regular basis Making it very easy/enjoyable to consume helps as well.
  3. very beautiful thanks for sharing that. ive experienced similar things with my therapist so i can 100% relate. not every therapist though is like this. ive had some kind of rude therapists in the past
  4. @itachi uchiha yessirrr. thats what actually got me to read it. but yeah just a suggestion because i felt we were experiencing a similar problem
  5. i found this book you might like -> its about managing hurt feelings and building agency https://www.amazon.ca/Triggers-Stop-Reacting-Start-Healing/dp/1611807654/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=triggers+david+richo&qid=1631294763&sr=8-1 something special i liked in it is that it validates the hurt person but also gives them agency. if ur having trouble with toxic people this could help you explore those feelings and stand up for yourself
  6. na don't be. if i had to guess, you just have a very self-honest personality.
  7. @flowboy julien is similar. They employ a ton of manipulative sales tactics and their rationalization is that they're trying to help you. So they put you in a really low state and then get you to buy I remember on stage julien and Tyler would shame the audience like you guys will never be successful, where do you guys think you're going consider where you're at and then a ton of fear based tactics. Then they'll sell their program at the end like a saving grace to your issues. But it can be damaging for low self esteem issues cuz it can really install disempowering beliefs At the end they asked for a show of hands of who is interested in this products and I remember this one dude shot his hand up and the look on his face was like devastating. Like he was really negatively impacted by it. I was like Jesus Christ they're really getting to some people Manipulation is crazy. That being said, julien also introduced me to David R Hawkins letting go so I'm grateful for that
  8. i think what youre looking for is emotionally intelligent + mature people green value set might be what you're looking for but it's not a complete enough thingie
  9. id recommend finding highly experienced programmers in good positions and asking them questions. i say this because i have friends who work in silicon valley and their understanding of the coding world is immense.
  10. shit people do for content lmao.
  11. Yeah part of his popularity is because of his blue talking points. No way would he have his success in India without that image
  12. Not all green is gentle and caring Hasanabi for example is a good example. Green politically Or like people that care about the environment/animals and will shame you for it if it misaligns with their values Then again Noones perfect.
  13. @Leo Gura it's a little too bold lmao
  14. Part of you might be doing something that's keeping the relationship alive. Maybe you can't let go yet?