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  1. If therapy would serve as an obstacle to finding true peace and happiness it wouldn't be very good therapy. Both spirituality and psychology deal with the mind. There are ineffective therapists, and so probably ineffective spiritual teachers. Both aim at a happy mind.
  2. You had awakenings to God, not enlightenment, correct?
  3. You're not enlightened so how are you saying it's this or that? I'm not enlightened either.
  4. Here's an idea, build an enlightenment ego. A strong ego is simply confident. So you can be confident in your enlightenment search. I know what I want (enlightenment), am not afraid about it and strive confidently for it.
  5. I think thinking is overrated. When you're not thinking is often when you're most happy. Are you even thinking when typing this kind of stuff?
  6. To me no ego means you recognize other people are worthy of being, just like you. So humans aren't bad in any way. I don't really see how this is spirituality, it's just being human. I think spirituality is about proving that we are consciousness, not a body. Also about how to live happily in the moment.
  7. At 16 y/o when I started spirituality you couldn't get me off of this stuff, totally addicted. Unhealthy. I would suggest age makes you look different at things, at 25 my perspective was yours, at 29 I look at it all as necessary steps.
  8. in germany september
  9. When I think consciousness I'm thinking a certain level of functionality If I'm enlightened then I'm more in tune with reality so I'm more functional
  10. Yes love and growth, bliss