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  1. To want to do something well
  2. Makes sense to me since you have more opportunity. I'll try and give 7.2.
  3. Are you saying in empathy it's also necessary to be openminded? I think this is really interesting, you can't be empathic without considering your own viewpoints to be potentially flawed.
  4. That's a very positive way to think about neuroticism. I tend to think of it as a blockage to proper analysis. When I'm in a state of agitation the stress gets in the way of being able to think clearly. Maybe agitation isn't the same thing as neuroticism.
  5. do you meditate on it or do you try to express it physically, not to derail the thread but if you want we can PM I also have experience here
  6. Coaching isn't a magical cure. I'm sorry you have a hard time with your condition,
  7. I would question your definition of success. I consume what I like, why would that not make me succesful? Don't give up your critical thinking and open mind You don't sound ridiculous I'm guessing you know this 43 is pretty young imho
  8. you're too good to me, be nastier
  9. I do it for the glory, it's a song
  10. I see where you're coming from when you made your smartass reply to me Jac I didn't read your post properly