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  1. When things don't go your way, do you get upset?
  2.,000+hours+needed+for+awakening "how to practice better"
  3. Depends on who you ask Nisargadatta Maharaj: The desire for harmony and peace is in eradicable. But once it is fulfilled, the concern ceases and physical life becomes effortless and below the level of attention. Then, even in the body you are not born. To be embodied or bodyless is the same to you. You reach a point when nothing can happen to you.
  4. The world is improving by the day. Take a look at these Ted talks. Perhaps we can help improve it? If you like science, from the Moral Arc by Michael Schermer: "We can trace the moral arc through science, in general, as a species, we are becoming increasingly moral." Don't be a victim, take responsibility for improving the world. Still(:)) plenty of people in dire conditions that can use our help.
  5. I'd say enlightenment is an abiding state, and you've not reached a permanent place of abiding. Experiences are not enlightenment.
  6. You can strive for receiving love from others, and loving unconditionally, at the same time. Loss and gain still exist, but you stop caring. Why strive for love when you don't care? We're wired to strive for love, so simply not resisting your nature might take this form. It might also just be for the lolz. Why not play some ego games for the fun of it
  7. From Gods point of view I suppose that's true. But it's not true when seeing from the humans perspective.
  8. One perceptual bubble is also an idea I'm still wondering where you get this idea. Who says your personal direct experience is the only truth?
  9. I doubt very much Leo ever said there's only one perceptual bubble. Where did you get this from? You're in non duality because consciousness is all there is, that's you, you're everywhere! Why shouldn't this include other perceptual bubbles?
  10. It's the rational thing to do when you believe you're going to heaven for it.
  11. Alright a helpful link for you, this was posted on this forum a short while ago. "doctrinally and logically so, what IS anatta (the five psycho-physical aggregates of the mere empirical, corporeal self) are indeed 'myself', in so meaning the mortal (mata) self composed of the bodily humors which is fated to death. That mere self is never implied nor meant when Buddhism speaks of immortality and the path leading to same (amatagamimagga) [SN 5.9], of which "the body cannot pass that gate to fare beyond,..only the Soul (The Self)" -"
  12. Just to clarify, you mean awakening as an experience? As in different from enlightenment? If not, I'd like to enrich your perspective. Enlightenment can be defined as the end of suffering. First case in point would be Gautama Buddha himself with his fourth noble truth: there is a path out of suffering. Other cases proving the point are Roger Castillo, as he describes it in his videos: And his teacher: Ramesh Balsekar , Gary Weber, and possibly Cornelius Christopher.
  13. No, and I've done 30-40 (between 1-10 days) of them.
  14. If enlightenment had no benefits nobody would talk about it like they are. Imagine the realizers realising their shift was into something negative, they would warn against it.
  15. @kinesin For your peace of mind, not that you need it. The Gita speaks about such things. I've also been down a rollercoaster of this kind, with all sorts of energies. I'm not as far along as you are maybe. I'm still recovering I was also skeptical about the existence of various beings, but the thrill it gave me was far too good to let go. I'd advise to enjoy the energy, but keep acting according to your own intelligence. Basically keep using reason, common sense and science. Some people in this forum would advise using the law of attraction, but there's no evidence for that kind of thing. How do you think one should act, kinesin?