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  1. If infinity is infinite, it could be finite
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, I've started 1 hr cardio with a day in between for my health.
  3. I believe it matters what you believe in regards to awakening. If you believe you need to do practices then Christian monasticism is a viable path. You can look up Bernadette Roberts, who used to be a nun. Her being a nun started her off in a path to awakening, resulting in her later in life arriving at No-self. This arrival is equal to awakening in my understanding.
  4. Hi guys, I have this silly idea that as a young adult of 27 years old, it doesn't matter much what I eat and if I exercise or not. I know it's silly but I'm not convinced. Can you give me some encouragement with facts that it does matter?
  5. In my view profound enlightenment leaves one free of the fear of death. You know you're not that which dies. It's hard to bullshit yourself on that point.
  6. I used to believe everything real was NOW. So I also dismissed stories from the past. Adhyashanti said if he was being real, when asked the question how did you experience the conference, he would have to say the conference IS. But as you live storytelling is something of a useful skill when interacting with your fellow human beings, so I'd say (and he would say) you eventually train yourself to produce stories again.
  7. Right, this understanding that there is a singular "enlightenment" just doesn't hold up when you see the differences between descriptions.
  8. I don't see a post remove button
  9. I think it's about the knowledge that you are consciousness, not a body.
  10. Sounds like the condition called "night terror"
  11. Istredd does it in the Witcher, so hey why not