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  1. Lmao stop all this mental illness bashing.
  2. I like this. No such thing as enlightenment. But there are radically different states of consciousness and functioning in consciousness.
  3. Great! Happy for you What is the key to ending depression? For other people who might do the same I think about chronical depression and how to end it.
  4. I'd just say keep some sense of logic to ground yourself. Keep grounding.
  5. lol. Nice stigmatization. I can be highly conscious, even happy while some portion of me is having schizophrenic thoughts. I dont live in my thoughts anyway so who cares
  6. The difference is quality of consciousness. The enlightened is very clear.
  7. Who cares what everybody says, what you say is what matters.
  8. Moment to moment be motivated. Motivated to write posts, do the laundry, have fun
  9. I don't seek to complete my life because life isn't perfect, it's a work in progress. Get it?
  10. I don't understand, I can be happy and strive to fulfil some purpose.. what's the problem? Regret is just bad imagination, you conjure up some excuse to feel bad. Just focus on something motivating. Why not? Happiness and growth.
  11. I can maintain focus through psychosis, reading complex psychological material. I don't know how I just know what I read is relevant so I can focus my energies.
  12. But I like music: I don't know God.
  13. I get my energy from positivity. Feel good have lots of fun with yourself don't take life seriously. Funfunfun
  14. I like Leo's talk on how everyone has good intentions. I'm not an authenticity fan so can't help you there. Good luck!
  15. If you want consciousness 24/7 then be conscious when doing other activities also.