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  1. You are welcome for all the spiciness and entertainment, finally something else than your boring ass ego.
  2. You are creating duality. I don't see any duality. Don't even come to me with that bullshit about duality or nonduality, I have no interest in that unless you have a question. You can't help me.
  3. The Holy Spirit can't blaspheme. The Holy Spirit is driven by the source of the universe. It is beyond Karma and beyond all this bullshit of blasphemy. To believe you are something else than the holy spirit you are delusional, that itself is blasphemy in fact.
  4. Only an ego would want to be taken seriously.
  5. I know, that is why I am telling you to fuck off
  6. You are lucky for being able to see it. Bless you.
  7. Love is not "bigger" it is the infinite source itself.
  8. That is not rest. That is the bait of the ego to lure you into unconsciousness, prolonging the delusional journey. I pray for you to have consciousness because "bouncing back to ego" is the most retarded, ignorant and foolish thing I have ever said someone say. Congratulations. How dare you even be giving your ignorant and arrogant advice when you are literally on an "off and on thing" and not completely enlightened? You do understand that every single word coming out of your mouth will be destructive and contribute to ignorance? It is better for you to keep quiet until you have fully stabilized in that which is true, otherwise you'll be bringing people back to hell with you. "Rest in the ego" hahahaahahahaha lmfao
  9. That is only a belief. A thought believed in. None of it is true. Thought can't be without you (pure awareness) and yet you (pure awareness) can be without thought. You already confirmed this in your own experience. The fact that you had even 1 single moment of no-thought, means you are automatically beyond thought completely, beyond emotion and sensations completely. You are independent of them, but they are dependant on you. See, who is the greater? The pure awareness that you are, or thoughts, emotions and sensations that you are aware of? The game of life is that the ego baits you into believing you are powerless without it. You must see through this illusion and understand that all thoughts, emotions and sensations are useless and its source is the egoic-mind. You must transcend this way of thinking and believing about life. I recommend watching Moojiji on youtube instead of talking to these dumbasses on this forum that will only lead you to more delusion. If you are honest about seeing that which is true, with no bullshit involved, no sugar-coating and garbage egoic-mind distractions, watch Moojiji on youtube. Actually I am god. You are imagining a thought that is saying "@IamTheHolySpirit is not god" and then you believe it, and then it appears as if I am not god. It is only because you believe I am not god that it appears that I am not god. In my direct experience, I am god.
  10. Yes I know what I mean. There is a belief from the mind saying "You are not always the higher consciousness" but that would just be a thought perceived. I am the highest self and I can't be anything else. Once you see it like that, you are choicelessly 24/7 enlightened. Because there is literally nothing that can be "not enlightened". Ofcourse I say "enlightened" but that is just a title. I mean knowing your true self. It is actually very simple and once you get over the delusion that you can EVER be separate from the self, it'll be clearly seen you are always, ever-presently the self. It is only when you believe thoughts, emotions or sensations in consciousness that you "forget yourself". You must identify to not be enlightened. So it is easy for me, I just see through all delusions and illusions and naturally what stays is the self. I don't identify with anything at all, and by this simple "exercise" that "I" am not even doing, naturally only the highest is present. When you see that "you" who needs to "abide in consciousness" doesn't exist, it is just a thought, therer is only consciousness left. Nobody to "abide" in it. There is only consciousness and a dead "ego" you could say. The longer you are in the state of no-ego, the harder it'll be for the ego to "resurrect itself" by luring you into identification with thoughts, events, appearances, emotions and sensations. I am the self beyond delusions, and all delusions are easily perceived by the power of discernment that is extremely useful in remaining as the self. The power of discernment is the only power you truly "need" to remain as the self. Everything else is a waste of time and effort, all you need to do in life is to discern: Is this true, coming from enlightened consciousness or is this coming from egoic-consciousness? You must not follow any action that is forced/suggested to you by egoic-consciousness. Absolutely deny it, because it will automatically put you in a situation in which the egoic-consciousness appears to have the better hand. Don't play on the ground of the ego, you must stay in the ground of your own self. Only once you are stabilized in the self, you know what you are beyond belief, beyond distractions, once you simply know there is nothing that can touch you anymore, you DECIDE that nothing can touch you anymore, you simply DECIDE to NOT identify with ego, no matter what, this gives you incredible power because you are DECIDING to be in acknowledgement of that which you TRULY are. So for now don't look for anything else other than the confirmation of your own true self. Anything else is a complete distraction. A few months of consistently and using the power of discernment, you should be enlightened beyond "going back" or "relapsing" or "identification with the mind".
  11. Look how you identify with this feeling appearing in consciousness; "I feel too much "I am right" in your messages" that itself is just a thought! You literally just believed in a thought and a feeling appearing in consciousness, and now you are identifying as it. Obviously your ego is triggered, it is better to wish clarity for your own self because you are identifying with the mind.
  12. If you believe "I am good" it means you believe you are "good" and that automatically means you believe you are separated. There is a universe in which "I am good", so now you are separated from the universe, by believing you are an individual and you are good. That is why I say, stop believing ALL THOUGHTS. You have nothing to do with that. Why the hell would you pick any "good thought" and believe it? The silence itself is the highest bliss, highest beauty, there is nothing for you to look in thoughts. If you believe thoughts are useful, you are still delusional.
  13. Notice that this is the "egoic-minds" purpose. First of all you are not an idiot. You are aware of "idiocy", is that which is aware of "being an idiot" an idiot? That awareness is closer to who you truly are, so first of all you can't say you are an idiot. It literally is false no matter what. That which is aware of self-realization, can that get "self-realized"? "self-realization" is just a trap of the mind to keep you searching for something you already are. There is no way for the mind to get self-realized. That in you which has a desire for "self-realization" is just the mind. The mind has put another mask, instead of wanting sex, money, drugs, now it is a "higher mind" and now it wants to get self-realized. You must realize that this "higher mind" is just pretending, it is not you. You are that which is aware of the higher mind. And you are able to be aware of that awareness. You are already the highest self, the universal consciousness. It literally is a matter of being aware of the identification, and stopping it. So currently you identify yourself as being "an idiot that wants to be less of an idiot and to get self-realized" There is an awareness of that "idiot", otherwise you couldn't say "Yes, I am an idiot and I want to get self-realized" The fact that we are able to say "there is an awareness of that idiot" means we can be aware even of awareness itself. So there is an idiot, there is something that is aware of it, and there is YOU, aware of the awareness that is aware of it. You are not even close to an idiot, actually you are in a completely different dimension. You are the source of all existence actually. You are literally one with that. Just stop believing the mind and its delusions. The mind creates self-images about itself, I want to be self-realized... I am currently an idiot... But whatever self-image there is, it is only an image. Fiction. Not real. Not fact. Not truth. All complete nonsense, just thoughts believed in. Do not believe any single thought, emotion or sensation, for you are that which is beyond them, and are choicelessly aware of all of them.