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  1. Not quite right. What time if there's none? It's an illusion after all. Our consciousness is already infinitely forward and infinitely backward in "time". No beginning and therefore no end which nullifies time. I've already won, I've already lost... I've already died. Nowhere to go and nowhere to do. Oh well... How do you know we're not on the nth chance already instead of the first? And it's irrelevant either way. We could have one chance, two, 8 billion... no difference. What is there to lose anyway? There's your life, there is mine, it's just experience which isn't necessarily more valuable than no experience. Why be so apprehensive about it ending then? I mean, try to imagine living in your current form for eternity. It'd be absolute hell.
  2. Yep, but I don’t think God has much of a choice. Apparently a reality where it’s all goodness or there is more good than bad can’t exist, for whatever reason.
  3. You’re literally the shepherd boy from “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf” story. You can give it a quick read here if you’re interested: https://www.shortstories4kids.com/2017/02/the-boy-wolf-short-stories.html
  4. Just explain it and stop beating around the bush.
  5. The kicker is I believe that you still have to go through that process, or some other process. You wouldn't see it this way if you hadn't taken MDMA first for example. The thing with Spiritual teachings, in my experience, is that it's usually a kind of "easier said than done" thing. It seems simple and straightforward in thought, but in execution turns out to be a whole different beast.
  6. What's the problem with killing a mosquito? I don't think they even feel pain. Also, God has already experienced an infinity of mosquito deaths. You're never doing a good or a bad deed sadly. Every possible scenario has already happened infinitely many times. The illusion is that you're experiencing something unique and without contrast rather than cruising through a pre-recorded tape.
  7. Bro that’s just an ingenious word salad. God is not biased in the Absolute sense but relatively he must be. Some people definitely have it better than others, you really have to be blind not to see it. I can already tell you someone without any sort of deep-rooted trauma has it infinitely better than one with severe trauma, not even accounting for anything else like happiness, relationships, experiences, money, etc.
  8. If you think you're being sly with this, think again. You literally got it all wrong (as per Leo's knowledge) so it's not like I can just simply correct you and you'll believe it, and all these questions you're asking me are answered by Leo in that video, so yes, I do encourage you to go watch it again and to pay close attention to it. I could answer that last question of yours but I don't have the authority for you to believe anything I say, so instead of going back and forth where I tell you what Leo actually said and you deny it, do yourself a favor and go re-watch the Solipsism video and let Leo be the one to answer that, which he does explicitly.
  9. Who gives a fuck? Honestly. I don't care about being a soldier or giving it my all, I didn't ask for it... I didn't ask to undergo the trials and tribulations of reality. I won't ever sink into shit either as I'm always more than ready to pull the trigger if things start to get too unbearable. I legitimately don't feel any fear at the prospect of taking my own life, not anymore. It's literally genius if you're able to override the initial fear of ending yourself No need to suffer mindlessly for decades just cause. One's experience is worthless outside the ego-POV anyway, if you're not enjoying it you should be free to opt out of it instead of playing mind games with yourself to convince you that it is indeed worth living so you can keep dragging yourself. I stand by this. Just take a look at how you're spinning stories about being a soldier and giving it your all to justify your pain whilst also projecting it onto others. I don't, I feel and see all things as raw as they get, no matter how bad or hard to accept. You'd rather suffer for the rest of your life as long as people can remember you for being "strong and courageous" or whatever even if you're not actually being or feeling that. Your entire life is designed around avoiding embarrassment or leaving a corrupted image of how you'd like to be seen. You don't want to LOOK like the little guy, but you'd rather BE the little guy as long as nobody else knows. See, I don't share that problem either. My problems genuinely go so far beyond fear and trauma that the prospect of putting a bullet in my head and dying instantly feels extremely loving and liberating in comparison. I've already gone to 2 different psychologists/therapists with over 15 years of experience and neither was able to help me, one even legitimately said she'd never seen a case like mine, and the other just ended it on "seems like your problems are too profound". Not to mention none were able to tell me anything that I didn't already know or had tried. I am simply unable to fool myself into feeling love or masking my true feelings with positivity about this existence if it's not the case. I cannot be delusional. And it is what it is, but I'm done with the stories in the realm of "reality is moving towards love", "you're always given what you can handle", and "it's so you can learn a lesson". Yeah, like there aren't millions of low-conscious, fully ignorant and advantageous people getting their limbs cut with a machete and their skin peeled by the rival gang who didn't learn a thing in relation to love in this life. What about them? Lol.
  10. Lol, so you got an awakening by completely misunderstanding what Leo said in that video huh? If this is what you concluded you gotta watch it a couple more times because that's not what he said at all. In fact, once you "get it" (supposedly) you won't even be so foolish to come to tell "others" on the forum.
  11. I’m having a hard time comprehending what you’re saying. Would you mind trying to rephrase that in a way that’s easier to understand?
  12. You gotta expand as much as possible here. This is beyond fascinating. Also, when you say God is always more than your visual field, does that mean that the POV-based solipsism you’ve been preaching all along has been discarded?
  13. Lmaooo You’re just usually not super clear about it, that’s all. It’s like you directly transcend the “are there other bubbles of perception or not?” question and go straight into “it’s neither” which just leaves people confused.