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  1. Thing is, the opposite (I'm the only bubble that exists) is an assumption as well. There is no absolute truth in the relative realm so saying "this is what I can verify" is simply your perception of what makes sense to you given your current state and view of the world, but reality isn't logical. You win nothing by thinking you're the only "real bubble" so why spend time pondering over it?
  2. Do you mean that God or Infinity, numbs itself from this all-encompassing, omniscient knowledge that is a part of itself in order to explore itself? That doesn't really make sense. Why would that be a thing within Infinity? Is knowledge just one of its attributes and therefore it can suppress it? So you're saying it chooses to forget WITHIN infinity as well? And not just when being a human, like us for example. Also, the way you put it makes me think that infinity is a part of oneself rather than ITSELF alone. Because you say you're in the position within infinity, rather than just you being infinity. And if infinity is aware of it suppressing omniscience, what drives it to explore itself if it already knows everything to begin with, and this being known by it as well since it "creates" and "explores" itself.
  3. @johnlocke18 I get it but you were still describing a good chunk of it that's related to what I asked. Also, is that the only thing the entity told you? "Look where no one else is looking", or are you purposely withholding info? Because truly, there's like a thousand places one could look for where no one else is. Unless it's simply a "look within instead of without" thing. And yeah, I've read the "look where no one else is looking" advice or 'realization' (call it what you want) before, plenty of times. Taking the credit about such a thing shouldn't be important to you at all. Go deeper.
  4. @johnlocke18 would've been nice if he just told you where to look for lol. Also, Can you expand on this? I know language most likely fails you here but I'm pretty good at comprehending what someone tries to explain after a trip that makes little to no sense. Do you mean you went to "somewhere" completely different from here as in nothing like you've ever seen before or could even imagine? Like something so different that it just does not compute? And by this I don't mean like 4 legged kangaroo beings in a pink planet, no, I mean literally "like you've never and could never see before". Because this is what I imagine infinity is like. Infinite novel things (and more). Like if you think about it, things in the Universe (or just earth) make sense to us because they're supposed to. Concepts, physicality, thoughts... whatever we can boil down our existence to. But who's to say there's not infinite many other-ness that we can't get to and would never comprehend because there's nothing to comprehend as it's not bound to this 3D material realm at all.
  5. There are people making bank with its predictability actually. Quantitative models, trading, sports betting, machine learning, data science. All of this works thanks to being able to predict outcomes; not entirely, obviously, but still mind-blowingly accurate: which means, being more right than wrong in these predictions. Heck, Jim Simons is a great example of this. It's not entirely predictable but within our reach (planet earth) we already predict tons of things correctly. As per the knowable and being understood, you're probably right.
  6. Go mess with a big dude, he'll take every inch of Solipsism out of you with a punch. There's literally no better way to ground yourself when you're having existential doubts. Like Mike Tyson said: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". You're too comfortable, and that's why you're having these thoughts. Do you think a homeless guy is wondering whether people around him are "real" or not? Or someone escaping from the mafia? The answer is a resounding no. Welcome.
  7. Meh; just another meaningless word. And another paradox is created. It’s “perfect” but it might as well be “awful and rigged” (to say something) and it’s the exact same thing. Whether it is what we call perfect or not holds absolutely 0 meaning. It’s of no practical use in the relative world and neither it is so in the absolute. The illusion of your ego disappears after physical death and you go back to experiencing a game full of stuff you enjoy and don’t enjoy. Even blissful psychedelic trips mean nothing. Like reality literally just IS WHAT IT IS. This is just a nice poem, but I will say it’s pretty beautiful.
  8. I feel like you still aren’t acknowledging what he’s saying. Can you realize why things are the way they are through Psychedelics? (Since the monkey mind is torn apart whilst on them). Are we just told the “monkey mind” will never get it because it’s so far out? Perhaps even God doesn’t know why it’s the way it is, because it’s a mystery to itself as some other person wrote in one trip report here.
  9. The thing is "God" or "consciousness" as far as I understand is infinitely all-inclusive. Meaning it's a-ok/at peace with itself. And it is infinitely so, meaning every aspect of itself is what people here call "Love" or when they say stuff like "All of reality is love" and the like. Obviously, it's not actually love, it's something else far greater, but it is the closest thing we got to describe it. Also, don't forget God is both Hitler and the Jews. So everything it does, it does so to itself. At the same time, I feel like it has no choice but to be and "do" what it does, which I feel kinda sucks. So we're always doomed to the same experiences good and bad. It is what it is I guess, nothing we can do about it.
  10. Could you please expand on this? Do you mean it's infinite in length or infinite in content? Like there's always infinitely novel things, or something else.
  11. Leo, could you please expand on this? Can infinite intelligence be a thing even? Or do you use the word "infinite" to refer to something outrageously big? Infinite intelligence would need an infinite ground to expand itself on (Nothingness doesn't count because there's nothing to infinitely evolve and expand into). From the point of view of anything in the Universe, infinite intelligence couldn't be a thing, at least if it's contained within it.
  12. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just speed-read my replies. I'm not talking about myself here, I'm talking about those who have, and have had awful, disgustingly bad lives full of suffering, as I mentioned like 3 times or more. What is the point of such a thing when the ending of it all is here already? Also, your "contains lots of truth" quote only applies in the relative domain and yet you're also dismissing aspects of the relative domain to make a point about the absolute. Thank you for the contribution mate.
  13. Awesome trip report mate; would you mind expanding on this a bit?
  14. Man you literally just hit the jackpot here (more or less), albeit you had no clue.
  15. Instructions unclear. Am now being processed into a Psych Ward.