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  1. When I was a child, I was put under with Ether for an operation. It did cause hallucinations when I was going under. With the modern anesthesia, you just go out and wake up when its over.
  2. If you don’t learn anything from each interaction, then 1 approach is exactly the same as 1000. The point is to learn something and become more skillful. That is why the goal should be to connect, not approach. He is not connecting. It’s like the woman isn’t even there for him.
  3. My ex wife was 20 years younger than me. But because of her challenging life experiences, we were at the same level of maturity. We split up for other reasons but are still best friends. Age is just one factor in determining compatibility.
  4. People use to commonly gossip like this when they saw a mixed race couple. Gossip brings out the ugliness in people. It's better to mind one's own business and be happy that someone else is happy rather than trying to undermine them.
  5. He starts the discussion at 36 min. talking about being tricked by the left into playing the game of identity politics and warns about developing the emotion of resentment which is very dark and leads to hell. His first explanation goes from 36min - 42min.
  6. I wonder which of these feelings of attraction to the strong masculine are healthy biologically determined female behavior and which are unhealthy neurotic needs? Where do you draw the line? At the one extreme, the need for an “asshole” is clearly the result of neurosis. But even the need for an alpha male seems to involve the fantasy of someone else making you happy. I can see why Buddhist monks take a vow of celibacy. Instead of getting trapped in this drama that creates endless suffering, sexual energy can be used to support awakening.
  7. Conservative groups driven by Real Estate agents have been spreading the meme that California is a failed state and encouraging Californians to move to Texas. I wonder what some of these transplant conservatives are thinking now that they are trying to survive in a house with no heat when the temperature in the night dips below zero. The negligence is so huge and the consequences so tragic. What do people do who have babies or small children? I am surprised there aren´t more casualties. They can´t be allowed to get away with this through their media propaganda. Don´t people know that Denmark has windmills that operate in winter?
  8. The lady in the first video was way more insightful than the Teal Swann “asshole” nonsense. She was actually introspecting on her immediate emotions and trying to make sense of it all. The other videos go back to the typical shallow stuff that women say, but may not reflect the deeper feelings that create a bond in the moment.
  9. When I lived in Mexico, the electricity would go off several times a year, usually during a rain storm. But it usually wasn’t off for more than 12 hours. Also, the houses don’t have any central heating. When it was cold, I had a portable gas heater. One winter was very cold, and it was miserable even with a gas heater. Having to live for days without heat when it gets below zero sounds incomprehensible. I actually think there is a lot to be said for the use of low technology like in Mexico. It is decentralized and robust. Having everyone 100 percent dependent on a centralized electrical grid is vulnerable to catastrophic failure.
  10. That guy has no social sense at all. He is just scaring women. Don’t do this. Learn to connect with people in appropriate social situations. Talk to everyone – men and women, young and old. Talk to people you aren’t even interested in. Have a conversation with the checkout person at the supermarket. That is appropriate. Don’t approach. Connect.
  11. I had a girl friend once who was a model, and it made me appreciate some of why women behave the way they do. Random guys would actually follow her home when she was driving in a car. Beauty attracts some of the worst characters or can bring out the worst in men. All kinds of volatile emotions and desires are being triggered. That’s why women feel vulnerable and the need for a man that can protect them and provide a home. My advice to men is to just be yourself, relax, and treat a woman like another human being. That alone will make you look self confident and strong.
  12. I'm thinking of waiting for the Johnston & Johnston vaccine. It is only one shot.
  13. This just strengthens the case for not trusting the media. Because the media showed no skepticism, but went with the weapons of mass destruction narrative put out by the government almost completely. I agree we need multiple modalities of knowledge, but the concentration of media power into smaller hands and censorship works against that. The media doesn’t deserve our trust.
  14. The problem is if somebody lies to you once, then what procedure do you use to determine whether what they are saying is true, that is better than flipping a coin? I still remember when Colin Powell gave his presentation in front of the UN presenting the “evidence” that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. The evidence was presented with many details, photos and maps. The very few people who questioned this were called fools. The media went along with the story 100 percent.
  15. The mixing of news with entertainment began with the advent of cable TV. Now, news is primarily to generate the emotions of fear and anger, in order to attract the maximum eyeballs for advertisement. Furthermore, the news is centrally controlled by a handful of organizations. So, there is no longer a trusted source of information. On the other extreme, anyone with a creative imagination can generate a conspiracy theory, so this isn’t reliable either. It amazes me that the during the American Revolution, the population received reliable information using letters carried by horses. There was actually less confusion. This is a good example of how technology makes things worse, and not better.