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  1. Haha, I don't think he'll get away with that But seriously I think Hasan would be receptive if it's communicated in the right way.
  2. Maybe you could teach SD to Hasan Abi that would be awesome
  3. I feel you, man. That sounds like a rough breakup. I know It's cliche but you just got to hang in there. Listen to nostalgic music that reminds you of your time together and cry your guts out. Keep in mind that in an absolute sense it's not the fault of any of you. Reflect of might have gone wrong without guilt and entertain the thought that your life might get positively impacted by the pain you are now going through. From what you are sharing it sounds like she was a great woman, but keep in mind that you will find someone equally great if not better when you focus on your healing. And now the most cliche thing: You will get better with time and If you survive the next months you will have grown a lot and you'll be ready at some point again for even deeper love. Godspeed Man, I wish you the best.
  4. The character Maximus Decimus Merelius from the movie 'Gladiator' is a perfect example of a man who sacrifices everything because of his principles pays the highest price and then works his way up again because a lot of people are attracted to his high integrity. Brings me to tears every time
  5. Sounds like the Universe is grooming you to become a breatharian
  6. On the one hand, I always thought it is very magical and I am a bit jelly that a woman can have that experience. On the other hand ,I am very glad that I don't have to go through the pain of giving birth
  7. I'm Vegan for 1 1/2 years and I'm feeling good. I ate very healthily before that so I did not notice a substantial change besides feeling mentally better. I would say I generally have more energy but it's a bit harder on my Digestion. I eat mostly Whole foods with a lot of variety and I would recommend you do the same. Btw at the start, I lost weight but more due to not going to the gym. Right now I start building muscle again and I feel no difference from my non-vegan days regarding gaining weight. Good Luck
  8. This forum gives me a connection and motivation for this work. It's nice to see there are people out there burning for the same thing
  9. One of my favorites! A lot of beautiful Wisdom and very enjoyable to read
  10. I study Psychology and what Leo said is my experience in a nutshell but University has some other benefits for me like networking and having time for trying new things.
  11. To reach our fullest potential our current beliefs, habits and ways of seeing and thinking about the world has to die.. Do you wanna die?
  12. Shunyamurti comes to mind! He runs a successful conscious spiritual community in costa Rica. I hope i can go there someday