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  1. I think you are talking about this video don't,t ya? I stumbled over it like 3 days ago in the stage turquoise thread truly remarkable!
  2. To be honest, that is exactly how to feel. That resonates a lot, it feels like you spoke that out for me thank you for your time !!!
  3. Hello, I would appreciate a reading a lot Is my relationship with my girlfriend authentic does it do more harm than good eventually?
  4. I already bought it but yeah I set the intention to be in the 5 percent! Thanks ! Any other insights?
  5. You're welcome
  6. It was super hard for me to be upfront about stuff like this but if you guys have an honest and open communication I'm sure you can find a way. Just make sure you actually do it there won't be the perfect moment and its also kinda unfair for him not knowing where you stand. It is my first Girlfriend and I'm still confused about whats the right thing to do. Through having a very deep talk, where I told her upfront of how I feel, what my values are, and how I imagine my future we sorted out a lot of stuff and I got more clear about what I want. I am still together with my Girlfriend we have a Long Distance Relationship but knowing that I can be so honest and open with her gave me back some of the freedom I felt I was lacking. Try to be as honest as possible that's what I found is the most useful thing in those situations. All the best.
  7. Hello, it is very tricky I found myself in a similar situation with my Girlfriend. Maybe if you are unsure just try to tell him the truth about how you feel and you are not sure on how to handle it. Probably you guys will find a solution or gain more clarity that way. ( Worked for me quite well, but I'm still struggling a bit)
  8. I just tried it out today followed by a cold shower! makes me feel so amazing Thanks for the recommendation !! How long do you shower or are you doing it intuitively?
  9. Totally agree! It also feels like its training you in communication skills especially if you are interested in therapy.
  10. I think this video is very interesting for beginners on the Spiritual path that want to pursue enlightenment very fast. The Psychiatrist trained to be a monk but chose then a longer and more worldly path to Enlightenment. Around 1Hour and 25 Minutes, they talk about different kinds of Yoga and paths to Nirvana.
  11. The plot of Into the Wild is a great example of green reacting against orange. The movie itself is more yellow.
  12. I was also pretty muscular in the past and received a few compliments for that. But since I focus more on my purpose and getting forward in life, I get way more attention from girls.