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  1. Ayahuasca, is a wise ancient medicine and in the guidance of shamans you trust and hopefully, lovely people around you have permission to fully surrender. I remember I was also very afraid of doing stupid stuff in front of other but you will be surprised how accepting people are when they share the same experience. Ayahuasca works differently for everyone so don't go in with too many expectations but be ready for high intensity. Recognize that the spirit of Ayahuasca is a loving one. It will not send you into bad experiences without purpose. Don't be afraid to ask for the help of the shamas they are there to guide you. And most importantly you cannot die physically on ayahuasca everything is going to be fine and better. Bendiciones Infinidos
  2. If you approach a girl you are not attracted to oftentimes your approach will not be very good. Your chemistry with the girl and your intention are not there. If you approach a girl you are authentically attracted to your flirting skills will come much more naturally and the girl will feel your attraction to her which makes her also more attracted.
  3. Hey, I'm also learning spanish at the moment currently also B1ish. I learn mostly by consuming comprehensible input. That means I'm mostly reading and listening to native spanish. Great channels to hear native speakers talk in an understandable way are, dreaming in Spanish, how to Spanish lessons & podcasts and Spanish after hours. For reading, I would suggest a book you already read and liked in a language you mastered which is not too technical. If you search for something you are truly interested in movies and books are probably your best chance but you can also find very interesting topics discussed in the podcasts and videos I mentioned.
  4. In my experience Ayahuasca is for healing. If you need to realize god on Ayahuasca to be whole again, Ayahuasca will help you do it. Only do Ayahuasca with a competent shaman tho.
  5. For 25 days you're looking great man, good fucking job. I bet you were already into healthy eating and living before your weightlifting journey.
  6. When I was 12 I failed 6th grade with a lot of bad grades, during this time I felt absolutely worthless because In my family your sense of worth was largely determined by what you achieve. One day my mom told me that she is very sorry for me that I failed my class and that this must be a very challenging experience for me, because of this she gifted me two music CDs to cheer me up. This is deeply stuck in my memory because for the first time in my life I felt seen and emphasized. Furthermore, I was shocked in a positive way that my mom was caring for me despite me not fulfilling her expectations. I was 9 or so when one day me, and my dad were driving to France. On the highway, he needed to do something in the car and asked me to hold the steeringwheel while he was doing it. I was super afraid but my dad said that I don't need to be and that he knows that I can do it. Afterward, it felt great because I recognized my dad trusted me with his life and he truly believed in my ability.
  7. Her
  8. Frank Yang is one of the most amazing Teachers for a modern generation of Spiritual Seekers and deeply realized. I was very skeptical about Frank, especially about his claims on psychedelics. Furthermore, how can some young, former Fitness influencer teach this stuff? For some reason, I kept on watching and it became more and more obvious that Frank is beyond all spiritual stuff including I am god.
  9. I'm not sure how to make sense of it, but It is the case for me that the more conscious I become the more I see synchronicities including angel numbers.
  10. Ayahuasca is without a doubt a powerful tool for healing. Truth = Healing, and you can experience some profound psychological and even spiritual truths about yourself. It's great that you did not give up yet and consider every possible way to truth, but doing ayahuasca alone for the first time is a bad idea. You could seriously harm yourself and complicate your journey to the truth. Consider if you want to attain truth and healing to do Ayahuasca, but to do it with Shamans. From my perspective, it is not wise to separate Ayahuasca from the ceremony and the professional guides there. The ceremonies can change your life, as they did for me. So if you want to attain truth consider saving up some money for a ceremony this will help you to come closer to who you are.
  11. @Leo Gura In the podcast episodes he is accused by three people that were closely evolved including a man of gaslighting, emotional manipulation, being a narcissist sociopath, and financial scamming. I am always very skeptical when hearing a perspective that is so absolute about someone but listening to it it seems that he is certainly doing some weird-ass culty shit. One girl was upon meeting him told by him that they are soulmates destined to save awaken the word and such and right after that he wanted to merge bank accounts with the girl according to her. Furthermore, he is convinced he is destined to awaken the world this is for me at least a sign of some Zen Devilery going on.
  12. I love Leo and what I really appreciate about its teachings is that they are straightforward and multi-perspectival, nonetheless, I resonate with Frank Yang the most and currently assume that this is the best stuff out there if you want to go all the way.