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  1. Spiral dynamics is a copyright-protected term. If someone uses the model and the name they use the intellectual property of the people that claimed it. If the developers from spiral dynamics do not agree with the interpretation from Leo they can take the video down
  2. Hey Man, cool you are learning spiral dynamics !! I guess your question was if Leo has a turquoise episode? Here is an alternative link: Leo had to take it down because the developers behind spiral dynamics where nit agreeing with his interpretation of stage turquoise
  3. The purging of Aya and Kambo feels very different. Puking on Kambo is like puking when you are sick. You feel sick to your stomach physically so you purge. Purging on Ayahuasca feels like puking the sins of the Universe throught you out. You puke out the trauma of seperation. It is not like Ayahuasca feel so nasty in my stomach I want it out. The urge to puke comes when you feel yourself holding on to your negative ‚stuff‘ inside
  4. Im not set on this one. I have to try it alone with pure chemicals to be sure.
  5. Yeah a bit… But there is no doubt that the vomit not just came out of the blue randomly. It was always combined with me holding on to some painful belief, emotion, trauma until was not able to hold it in anymore. After puking I felt like a weight I carried around for a long time was lifted from my shoulders. Obviously, its something in the brew that acts on your gut. But I don‘t have a comparison to pharmayuasca
  6. Thanks for sharing. Maybe Im not as spiritual clean as you but the vomiting did not come from the brew itself but from emotions and ‚impurities‘ that where stored in my body. It felt like I puked them out. Some do not puke at all but ‚purge‘ with loud yawning or going to the toilet.
  7. I see. In that case might be the same. Did you ever drink ayahuasca brew ? And how does the Dmt plus harmala work for you ?
  8. If you get your hands on pure DMT, you don't need Ayahuasca. This claim is so wrong it hurts me. Maybe from your unique experience, but from mine, Ayahuasca is very different from smoking DMT
  9. Do you experience purging, like puking and yawning with the pills ?
  10. I don't no if getting high is the right word for it. It's undoubtedly psychoactive. I felt like blood is circulating better, i felt warmer, more flexible, and more comfortable in my body. I felt an increased desire to commune with others and be more vulnerable with them. I also felt energized and more awake but it was more subtle than a mdma high. I don;t know the dosage. It was not too much. Cacao even raw cacao you get on amazon or the supermarket did not do the trick for me. At the ceremonie they used a special cacao. Unfortunatly, I don't remember the brand
  11. I found raw cacao that was served in a cacao ceremony coming closest to my mdma trips
  12. Leo. mentioned in the interview with Kurt, that he has his notes on his camera like a teleprompter.
  13. Frank is something else, man. Feels like i am downloading a higher state trough his videos
  14. @Leo Gura What is your opinion on a water distiller? Do you think it filters out heavy metals in a similar manner as RO