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  1. LSD feels super draining to me. Ayahuasca and mushrooms not so much
  2. Man, im rooting for you. Im sure you gather the courage to talk to you family about it. Baby steps out of this hole your in right now you will be so much stronger afterwards
  3. Hey man.. That sounds thought. I am sorry you are going through this right now. Its. strong from you to share that here with us and the first big step in getting better. I can imagine that it must be really hard to open up to your family about that. Do you have friends that you can open up to first or did you consider getting professional help? Psychologists are trained to deal with agoraphobia and its very treatable
  4. the understanding that very, very, very little is worth compromising on good sleep. It happened over years to have that realization and I had to quit a lot of negative habits I was still attached to that were influencing my sleep schedule. Also, you need a compelling purpose that makes it worthwhile to sacrifice other things. Sleep will be the foundation of your life, for your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Without proper sleep everything else crumbles
  5. There are hundreds of sports to choose from and the vast majority is not give you brain injury. Almost all sports have injury risks including the healthiest ones. If you want to stay on the safe side and reap the benefits of exercise and being social yoga, running and going to the gym are great options
  6. Can somebody explain why you need to Avoid ALA if you have heavy metals in your system ?
  7. @RoerAmit keep us updated please
  8. go work a job. Barkeeper, waiter, cashier and save up
  9. Can you be more specific with the substances you took. How many times and what type of insights you had ?
  10. How often did you took your mentioned psychedelics and what realizations you got from them ?