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  1. I'm currently on day 6 of my water fast. I will break it in two days or so. From my experience up to the 5th day is the hardest physically. You purge a lot of toxins in from your digestive system and other parts of the body. After day 5 I experienced emotional release and healing you are confronted with a lot of negative thoughts and emotions. From all the experienced I read on reddit and watching youtube videos, deep healing starts after day 10. It also depends on the person if you live an unhealthy life and have no mental strengths then it might unfold otherwise.
  2. I feel you, also have these backlashes after 1 year of going as hard as I can the actualizing/spiritual path. Be loving and patient with yourself, recognize that despite your high ambitions you are still limited and have lower needs to fulfil. Go step by step and don't beat yourself up for mistakes. Ego-Backlashes are perfectly normal and part of the growth process
  3. Beautiful
  4. Hey, I recently listened to a podcast on MBTI and personal growth in which they state how to develop this " weakness" in INFJ. Maybe you can identify with some of the things said I found it very valuable !!
  5. For a short but powerful energy boost, I recommend whim hofs breathing method works at a similar level like QiGong
  6. ENFJ-A We are currently learning in our studies how to build and analyse these tests
  7. This is true but that doesn't that is very useful in some cases. Most people build strong defence mechanism when they are young and because of them they suffer all sorts of neurosis and diseases. In fact a goal of psychoanalysis is to guide the patient to break down those defences and let him re-experience the pain that then allows healing. It is true that for people with severe mental trauma that are not psychological stable opening the "flood gates" radically trough the use of psychedelics it can lead to stronger and more disfunctional defences and regression but for most people psychedelics are an extremely potent way to heal. Just my thoughts
  8. Thank you very much for the response ! Great advice I will think about which route to take but i only have about 33 days max. I also heard that the frances route is overcrowded but i read so much about it in took i am very curious to experience it, altough my main goal is to have an adventure and come closer to me. I also heard that Camino la costa is way harder to walk ..
  9. Hey guys, This summer I want to take a journey to santiago de compostela on the jakobsweg (camino frances) this summer to make a lot of experiences and contemplate my life . Does anyone took the route and can share their experience or tips ? Costs ? Things to avoid? How long did it took you ? Did you sleep in a tent or in accommodations ? Is learning spanish necessary ? Psychedelics on the route ? Although I did a lot of research already, I would highly appreciate some input from someone on this forum !
  10. In my experience and from what i read, something like 21 days to make it more stable. But you have to develop a taste for the habit otherwise in my opinion it won't stick
  11. Tried rectal administration today ( just put the blotter in my butt al natural) 100 mcg 1-PLsd. For me a much more gradual come-up but way more intense. There was no nausea all what was very nice. I also felt like i sobered up way quicker after the peak.
  12. Concept of the self, Psychology and Art, Cultural Differences in Psychology (Pathologies, Values, Worldviews). How people define spirituality, what people's goals are, how people cope with death, family dynamics. Horror movies influence, porn influence. May I ask in which city you are studying? ( Also study in the Netherlands)
  13. Very nice posts thanks !!! Here the five koshas and their ancient names
  14. He's an amazing teacher his guided meditation are taking me very deep very quick