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  1. I completely get from where you are saying this, My Honest and Humble Recommendation was to Meet Anthony In-person / Call. As it's hard to switch diets for a normal person, the body reacts anyway and when you have such chronic conditions it gets harder! Could be possible that the Book of his doesn't point to the exact condition your facing, and I somewhere trust that THE SPIRIT would have an Answer. My whole family suffers from Hashimoto's thyroiditis. From My Grandma to my Dad to my Aunt and yet I can't help them with all this information as they are stuck with their biases and after watching actualized for 6+years now I'm able to empathize with their suffering and ignorance both. You taught me from breaking your ideologies to deep non-dual understanding to going full circle with understanding consciousness and awaken to Love. I just wish to help you with what came after this Qn: What Would Love Do Now? Try Convincing your master for meeting Anthony, could be possible that he would heal, at least he would know whats going on! Yet It's your call. I'm happy to just reach out to you for the first time and thank you in a very different way.
  2. Hi, Forum Members! We all Have Suggestions to show up and give a sense of satisfaction and help to @Leo Gura But I deeply Empathise on Each one of you and your best attempt to help. Yet we just do our research and shoot assumptions on what we think is true! I wish not to Push my assumptions/biases/ideologies/facts(science) here! I Just wish to share which I intuitively feel and experience that information is accurate and to the point coming from a higher authority, The Spirit of Compassion as Anthony Williams Describes in His First Book - (Anthony William - Medical Medium_ Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal). As I watched the video(from the blog) Even before completing the video, Yet I haven't Completely watched that. I just could relate to that sensitivity and chronic fatigue, which eventually hits me same as Leo Describes after Eating Eggs, Milk, and even so-called Healthy Foods! I'd With my whole heart Request Leo and other members, Who feel that they have reached the end of hopes and no good is happening I truly sense that, I truly empathize that and I wish this Resource could be something which just went off sight or being missed or easily ignored as it does not fit into our survival paradigm or any paradigms that we know and trust. Here Some Videos that would need open-mindedness! a radical one! The Pathogen which is really responsible for Thyroid is Epstein-Barr Virus. PS for Leo: Try Going through the Book, I'll Link it Here Anthony William - Medical Medium Thyroid Healing_ The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodule. This is The Book That can Help Healing Thyroid! you may Know it! or Even Read it! If Possible by any means Try Meeting in-person or Video chatting with Anthony Williams! I'm sure he will Help you Cure this! You can call him psychic but A Spirt (Spirit of Compassion) has been talking to him since 30Years since he was a 4years kid. As you speak to him(Anthony William), Spirit of Compassion telepathically identifies the core causes of your illness and guides him to convey the same to you. Anthony William says the people who come to him are those who have already visited 400 Doctors, tried all of the remedies available but still couldn't find a cure, but Medical Medium information has Healed them. Leo, I don't need to convince you for how capable Anthony Williams is, you must check it out! He has been Healing Millions Across the Globe with Clear information to Chronic Illness. You can find him on Instagram or Twitter he's Pretty Active there. My Deep Gratitude and Love for You Always