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  1. @Keryo Koffa how did you gain knowledge of these chemical concoction? Seems intresting.
  2. @Leo Gura dont you think intelligence is also based on factors like level of consciousness, understanding? sure the individual differences also play a role.
  3. @Javfly33 even I was at your position. Caffeine creates a lot of stress and dependency, when u I use to wake up my head use to pain, it was hard to even get up. I decided to try herbal tea ie ginger tea. And yeah it's much easier to quit caffeine through this. Try it.
  4. do you know best forums for understanding business and marketing?
  5. flow like a water be persistent, do not indulge into the senses or sensory pleasure restrict yourself. because mind likes to take pleasure from external objects and the goal is to limit it. withdraw from it.
  6. green goblin here is like a gremlin speaking to norman osborn making him suffer in pain, because thats what a gremlin would want. to not let you realize your True Self.
  7. I am new to studying psychology from distance learning. any good resources or advices which can help me?
  8. in pickup they teach disqualifying women and she starts to qualify herself and starts to chase you. what are your views on this and how healthy is this!
  9. @deathendmartin practice kriya yoga in sober, in sober is where you will sharpen your concentration and sober is were you will feel the sweetness of energetic points. and use psychedelics to go deeper into the understanding of consciousness with contemplation
  10. @Inliytened1 I realised that one. And I I am going to go deeper ie being open to more. @MellowEd I am not talking about entities. I belive its much higher state of consciousness than God consciousness.
  11. Just out of curiosity! Can one access Alien intelligence a with with serious contemplation on Truth and what is consciousness? With 100s of psychedelic trips?
  12. @Fluran have you tried 5meo before? was the experience with current 5meo toad venom similar with synthetic? was there any body load with this?
  13. @Thought Artwhen ever i feel emotionally overwhelmed i come and listen to this i think its more about conditioning your self to not resist and to trust more with positivity.
  14. I have tripped many times on acid like 10 times solid tripping. At times I am finding I am not getting much of different flavours and aspects of awakening ; as @Leo Gura points and validates to alien consciousness. I feel the substance has limitations to what consciousness levels it can take you to. I am curious if is it really the issue of substance, or its the issue of lack of philosophical foundation and contemplation? It could be both strong philosophy and substance which would take me to more higher forms of awakening?
  15. I took a 200 ug LSD, and have already done it many times before and I have realised I am God consciousness. This time I thought of surrendering myself more completely and I realised my Self as intelligent consciousness but something still is off and caused a lot of stress and anxiety. As if there is still no compelete understanding of Totality of everything. Why is this doubt? How should I go forward? Is it lack of phylosophical foundation or self inquiry? @Leo Gura your input is anticipated.