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  1. I know What i am sharing could be a distraction so pls dont be distracted from our Core work - "Enlightenment". Written for channels and those who would like to improve their channeling. Topics include: What is channeling? Why channel? Psychic greetings/attacks Temptations and the ethics of channeling Channeling and Christianity From Late : Carla Lisbeth Rueckert ( who channeled "ET Ra" from "The Law of one" https://www.llresearch.org/library/a_channeling_handbook_pdf/a_channeling_handbook.pdf
  2. https://intermetu.com/ International Metaphysical University
  3. I was able to see utter perfection in everything. So i decided to come up with this metaphor. When we see this image1 as your life we automatically judge and say its incomplete, not perfect, bad, and not acceptable, its wrong, its somehow not how i want it to be, And we have our own needs, judgements, bias that how our life "Should Look Like" and not like how it is and that creates lot of issues -- anger, hate, jealousy, trauma, no-forgiveness, incompleteness What you need to see is your life just like this image1 is perfect the way it is, that unsolved image is Literally Perfectly solved puzzel, like stars and moon, or beautiful sunset. Complete and Perfect Literally your life is that way, and when you accept it, see the beauty in it, be thankful/respectful for every people, every thought, every emotions, every situation occurred to you. you see now you have more power to make higher choices and become more abundant.
  4. In this ground breaking documentary Many evolutionary scientists come togeather and discuss all evolutionary theories about origins of life. And evolutionary scientists are coming to an understanding that everything happening around its not just happening by natural selection but an marvelous miracle beauty designed by an intelligence at work That is Nothing!, Nothing is the Intelligence, the God. Science is in the business to not accept that everything is run by an intelligence, but to come up with a reason that there should be natural cause for the origin. And the conclusion is that there's no natural selection happening but theres intelligence running and we cant deny. But to accept that is the very justification. Now science needs to change its very paradigm to look at things.
  5. Self Bias Self-Bias.docx
  6. All part conscious politics with all extra resources shared by uptill now All Part Conscious Politics.docx
  7. understanding relativity part 1 RelativismRelativity.docx
  8. ask powerful questions Ask Powerful Questions.docx
  9. This is Ashtavakra Gita Ancient Hindu sanskrit Scripture and translation of it in english Pure Consciousness Wisdom.
  10. A Must watch Documentary on If You want to understand how nature is Godly intelligent, creative, love based, survival based, strategy based, Interconnected, Deception based, and selfless enough to be killed.
  11. Conscious politics III - the principle of politics.docx
  12. Indian YT channel - explores natural products/resources https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYC6Vcczj8v-Y5OgpEJTFBw
  13. we can post alternative healing/medicinal methods which have a high potential for cure. i want this thread to be big contribution for such resources, for higher degrees of consciousness we also need to master is higher degrees of health on physical and energy levels. here are links of Some resources and methods. what doctors dont tell you magazines https://pocketmags.com/us/what-doctors-dont-tell-you-magazine-2 Enema Benifits -helps in Digestion and also i guess will help in better absorption of psychedelic when plugged https://www.satvicmovement.org/product-page/enema-kit skylife YT Channel- also shares/explores healing methods - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCakmCJOK1gJFZS-lUF6xEiQ Leos book list on Nutrition, Neurofeedback. others - intermittent fasting, nootropics, shamanic breath work free online https://breathworkonline.com/lp-sky/
  14. @Kushu2000 It will be really convenient if you could also upload the notes in onenote format.. as it makes easy to have every thing in one journal
  15. Spiral Dynamics Notes. Spiral Notes.pdf