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  1. Spiral Dynamics Notes. Spiral Notes.pdf
  2. hello actualizers, i got curious about sexual transmutation when leo told there is such a thing in one of his videos, and started researching about it. stumbled upon a very good book from Chinese sex guru - mantak chia. if you are practicing kriya yoga.. then within a month you will get powerful results coz kriyabans are having habit of that in pranayams you have to pull that energy up in spine ( i made a variation of travelling thorugh each chakra up spine ) experience - mastrubation use to exahust me now after practicing this for two months i can claim - it can give you an spiritual orgasm ( different from ejaculation ) which is like you are having sex with all the women in the world, or can say is no women can give a pleasure like this, condition: when both of you know about these tao technique, oh man then that sex would be on whole another spiritual level ) benefits: 1- satisfies your sexual urges/ needs. 2-you learn to store that potent sexual energy in your bodys store house, and use it as creative energy.. instead of wasting that precious energy through ejaculation 3- heals your body 4- chakra activation 5- deep sleep 6- less sexual thoughts or sexual urges 7- you learn to direct that energy in higher dimensions of your spiritual body 8- puts you in good state of mind - psychedelic like state p.s. train your mind to keep that energy in the body coz you body naturally wired to throw that energy outward for procreation, but you have to learn it to get a hold of it and throw inwards for transcendence book : https://www.amazon.in/Multi-Orgasmic-Man-Sexual-Secrets-Should/dp/0062513362 additional video - practice sharpening knife for men :
  3. @Leo Gura i am on this topic mental kriya, in the book, it says it is Superior to om japa in chakras and dharna ( concentration meditation ) and you are much likely to acheive breathless state on mental kriya, what do you think should i skip concentration on bregma or do mental kriya along with concentration?
  4. Shinzen youngs guide to become high wattage broadcaster human for positive feel. https://youtu.be/-KFJYzPYDfA Below Guided technique can also be used as meditation technique for increasing mindfulness Part 1:- https://youtu.be/abRaPYjb6mA Part 2:- https://youtu.be/u41_dSjKGtA Part 3:- https://youtu.be/WLzTRHay_Tw I really want to embody this technique and want to become like the "young monk" shinzen meet..really looks piece of wisdom. what u guys think about this?
  5. Tantric orgasms - found this article in news..i dont know whether its helpfull or not..so posted here to see what u guys think of this..quite open to the possibility..that may be orgasms can shape our beliefs and reality the way which we desire..and also tap into infinte nature. --------------article starts------------- Orgasm is a word that’s mostly taboo. We hardly mention it at our dinner table, at public places, or at family gatherings. We just can’t. There’s a lot about orgasms that we do not know. A sexual apogee can affect not only your bodies, but also your mental health and even your lives, or so says Teal Swan, an international spiritual catalyst. There are many kinds of orgasms; most of them have nothing to do with sex. There are countless benefits of orgasms, and these not only involve physical and emotional benefits but also achieving what you desire. They are like the sorcerer’s stone. They may also help you undo harmful beliefs and manifest what you want in your lives. TOI Health got in touch with Teal Swan, an international spiritual catalyst, who shared with us her views of orgasm, its types, and benefits. TYPES OF ORGASMS The primary thing that we need to understand is that an orgasm may not be only sexual. Orgasm refers to a sudden release of energy which may or may not be sexual in nature. “When it applies to a sexual orgasm, this energy that is accumulated is usually sexual energy. Where as in a different type of orgasm experience, the energy that could lead to a peak can be any type of energy. On an energetic level, an orgasm can technically be seen as a climax that involves the sudden release of accumulated energy. This could be either pleasurable or not. For example, by this definition a seizure is a kind of orgasm, so is yawning, so is sneezing, so is birth, and so is crying. As far as the body is concerned, orgasm is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. But we can use techniques, like breathing and conscious control of our thoughts to facilitate any kind of release that we desire to have,” says Teal. Two studies reported the percentage of women who had orgasm while giving birth. A 2013 study pinned it at 0.3 percent while a more recent 2016 study found the number increased to 6 percent. USES OF ORGASMS We have often heard that orgasms are healthy for your body. “Accumulation of energy creates imbalance in the body and if that energy is not channelled, the body becomes unhealthy. So, orgasm keeps you healthy on a mental, emotional and physical level,” says Teal. The physical benefits “Orgasm leads to feelings of euphoria and pleasure which reduce stress, depression and anxiety levels, thus boosting the immune system. Orgasm is also known to burn calories, promote relaxation and release tension, which can improve your sleep quality. It increases blood circulation in the body and the brain, leading to increased mental sharpness. It can help alleviate pain, regenerate cells in the body and inhibit the aging process,” says Teal. “It increases the hormone oxytocin in your body, which is a powerful brain chemical that inspires feelings of intimacy. Known as the “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin makes you feel connected to your partner, making you bond better,” she added. The Spiritual Benefits “After an orgasm, the body opens up to a state of receptivity, during which the meridians and chakras of the body receive an unrestricted flow of energy. Alignment occurs between the vibration of your physical perspective and your non-physical perspective. Thus, you experience a blending between your physical aspect and your non-physical aspect. During an orgasm, the awareness of your identity or your ego is dissolved. Hence, you can touch your infinite nature. This is why sex and orgasm have been used as tools in spirituality to reach higher states of consciousness. Orgasm is, in fact, one practice you can use to attain enlightenment. Tantra is the most well known example of sexual practice being used as a doorway to enlightenment,” Teal said. Manifest What You Want In Your Life Through Orgasms This sounds a little too fancy to be true but the analogy is convincing. Teal says,” Human life on earth is the by-product of orgasm. Orgasm and conception go hand in hand. An orgasm has an element of extreme creative force to it. The question is, what are you conceiving?” She calls it the ‘art of manifestation’. She says, “Orgasm is one of the most powerful tools for manifestation that you can possibly imagine. Nothing matters more than what you are focusing on and feeling the experience of in the moment of orgasm. What you focus on, especially on a feeling based level, is what you will conceive.” “In the minute of orgasm, the accumulated energy that is building up is released. You can aim and lend that powerful burst of energy towards what you desire, thus manifesting it into reality.” Be it a career promotion, a relationship you want to mend, a project you want to work, think about being there when you have your next coming. Manifest Positive Beliefs In Your Life Through Orgasms Much the same way as manifesting your desires works, here your focus is on manifesting a belief in your life while you climax. This can be used as a powerful self-esteem building process, a process to replace negative childhood thoughts such as about your looks, and so many more. Take the help of your partner to prompt what you want to hear while you are having your big O, or utter it mentally to yourself. THE IDEAL FREQUENCY OF ORGASMS Many of us often wonder what is healthy. Teal answers it for us. She says, “This really depends on the person and the person's capacity to build up energy. We are all different in this respect. For some people, an orgasm per day is healthy; for others, several a day is fine; while for some, once a week will do. This also depends on what a person is doing in their lives. We can "waste" our sexual energy and use orgasm as an escape, in which case the orgasm is not healthy. But we cannot make general statements about what is healthy for all people or how many anyone can have.”
  6. This chant is just sounds to take you to the ultimate..this is also a tool which u can use..as sadhna 24x7. Dont go for the meaning of this chant, coz meaning is nothing.. if the meaning of the chant would be " UR A FOOL AND EVERYONE IS FOOL" U would develop certain resistance even if the chant is beautiful..
  7. Wow..taking 20-30 grms of mushrooms and going in far away different galaxys and learning and seeing things from that dimensions and just copying and making that stuff on earth for ex: pyramid THATS TOTALLY INSANE..INSANE! My head bows down to thae knowledge of mushrooms. Thanks leo for this thread
  8. @Leo Gura leo, situation is there is this my ex gf nd recently she got into molestation by his friend to whom she trusted..i felt bad..and my ego said :- now you can get her back by showing affection and through some manipulation ( now this clearly states i have not got over her), but there was this muse that go talk to her don't expect anything..just somehow try to release her emotions..now in this..there is higher concious talking and lower..nd i am naturally listening to higher calling nd will do that..but i dont know how i am feeling bad. i guess ego is creating coz it has not got over her..but i am aware of all this happening..and also detached at the same time from thought and emotions..
  9. Hello everyone, I am serious on this enlightenment path, and have also have realised the true nature of no me. i mostly try to act selfless in out side situations, but there is ego which wants to be selfish ( thats a jugde ) but then too negative emotions are created.. But i m simply deattached from emotions nd let them arise and i try to enjoy them. So the point is, will this get better with time? the egos selfish desires nd emotions which it creats? Thank you, Peace ✌
  10. @dice allow that sleep..u wont sleep because u r not that one whos sleeping but witness of that..just try to be aware of it while Meditation..nd u can see even when ur sleeping u are not sleeping
  11. As leo said in its latest video about ego..to ask ur self the most powerful question " hows my identity related to this suffer? ", when i was feeling little sad.. I asked the question, and just nothing happend but just suffering dissolved.. was just observing while asking this question..what to do i?..the thoughts of root cause didnt came up, but suffering dissolved, and i will also say when ever i try to contemplate anything i dont know why but nothing comes up..sometimes it comes but sometimes it doe..like in this one? I would appreciate any opinion on this, Thanks
  12. Is it that in product Its just books names, or softcopies of book for online reading? Thankyou
  13. Heyy leo I really dont know how consciousness works! can you explain, or will make a video about it in future?
  14. Hey..guys i m practicing this technique,, and the results are very good. I get peace of mind, and also slowly overcoming all the vulnerablilities. I also want to know you gus result and how this has impacted your life.. Thanks for sharing LEO WE ALL WOULD ALSO LIKE TO KNOW YOURS