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  1. Thank you for the soid advice guys (and girls)! Really helpful as usual to see beyond my own perspective.
  2. Since in Europe drinking is such a big part when going out, I wanted to know how you guys handle it during night game? Background: Due to health reasons I dont drink. When I get to know girls in bars, clubs etc., having drinks is a big part of what people do there and Im not sure how to go about it. Question 1: Do you order water in a cup? How do you react when girls as you if or why you dont drink? Question 2: What are some fun things you can actually do with a girl in a bar/club environment? I move her around, have silly and deep converstions to stimulate her emotionally, go to the dancefloor etc. But when you avoid the bar and drinks completely it feels like missing out on another fun activity. I read the goal is to go on as many mini adventures with her as possible/ move her around. Or is good verbal game enough and it really doesnt matter what you do? I really appreciate you guys and this forum!
  3. Those are the relevant excerpts.
  4. @Leo Gura I thought it was obvious that this was meant as a joke 😂 sorry for the confusion, love you man
  5. That really hurt my feelings. I thought we had something going on here. Always knew you were an asshole..
  6. @CoolDreamThanks I get what your point of view is: The world created by ego is evil and we need to overcome it through spirituality/truth. I don't think it contradicts what Leo says. He always says that selfishness exists. The more selfless you become, the more godlike you are. The more selfish a person is, the more he acts like a devil. The result can be seen on planet earth (wars, starvation, business scams etc.) You overcome this devilry by realizing truth. From what I understand it works like this: We are in "earth school". Most people incarnate are free souls with an intention to learn certain lessons. They need to take the curriculum as Ram Dass says. Some more experienced souls incarnate to also learn some lessons but mainly to awaken others. If I were God, I'd cast myself down to darkness and separation in order to free myself from delusion and find out all over again that I am love/truth/all powerful. It's just so juicy to realize and fun to play. Don't discredit Leo for his suffering. All the great saints suffered immensely. Dolores Cannon says in one of her transcriptions that the line for disabled/sick peoples bodies is longer and than the one for the normal ones. Why is that? Suffering erodes your ego slowly and binds you to the truth. It's the best catalyst there is. How I see my life purpose: I'm here to master my emotional state/frequency independent of circumstances. Help yourself and then help others.. or be the white dot in the YinYang symbol, i.e. the opportunity for truth in the dark. God isn't evil, there is always the opportunity to realize god. Bashar and some others said it: Earth is hard. So cheers to you brave bastards for coming down here. Sometimes I'm tired of this shit too and wonder why I was so foolish to incarnate here lol. God forgets quickly, the greedy motherfucker.
  7. @tezk Thanks for the answer and the tips. I'll check out the book (also know him from YT) and watch your video. Very interesting stuff. If we can stay in this mindset we can handle it man.
  8. @Leo Gura Thank you. That goes to my reminders on my Smartphone. Not letting people gaslight you is a big one. Many simply cant understand (not eating certain foods, going to bed on time, spending time alone etc). Good thing Im aware that I am only imagining them lol. But I need to practice setting these boundaries with people. That is a good list Leo and the mature way to deal with it. I love it. Another question (less important but interesting): Do you tell people who you are dating or friends etc? I dont want to be commiserated. Tell them if relevant and then be lighthearted about it. Is that the move? PS: "Im Trimming my social garden" is a phrase that Mystery uses in many of his infields. The whole "I demonstrate high value by showing that I dont like to hang out with just anyone" seems to work well with chicks. Also good life advice generally probably.
  9. Hey I'm 24 years old and suffering from chronic health issues. (Gut stuff and chronic fatigue mainly) I already did pretty much everything treatment wise and visited the best doctors/naturopaths/coaches, so I dont need tips there. My health definitely improved but I still experience symptoms. I can see now how this limitation keeps me humble and oriented towards my highest path which lies in truth and being love. It stops me from indulging in degenerative, self destructive behaviour and chasing dopamine highs. It lets me focus on my business in app development (thankfully already quite successful) and deepenig my awakenigs and cuts all the other crap out. It also helped me heal old trauma and helped to erode a big part of my false sense of self. Sometimes I still feel the pain of not being able to do stuff others are doing. (Which I ultimately know wont make me happy). But still sometimes its hard to accept limitation. I still believe I can heal myself if I make it a top priority, but it requires great self discipline. Because I slowly got the money thing down, I do engage in game/pickup right now because I know that's a karma I can't just let go of. It's fun but I still feel like this drains me sometimes and I need to be extra careful where I invest my energy into. I feel like playing life on hard mode. Also feel like it's me making sure that I go down the right path in life. The potential for inner growth is enormous but still it's fu*king hard sometimes. I know some of you guys and Leo as well have similar experiences. Do you have any tips on how to deal with limitation/illness mentally?
  10. Good one. Screenshoted it. Like leo said: Raise the bar of what you can love. Can you see the love in a rapist, your suffering or the dog shit on the side walk? This human experience is really a great tool to be a master of ones frequency independent of circumstances. I still think I was a little foolish in coming down here. Our soul forgets so quickly how intense the suffering here can be. Giving hints to others is a fun thing though and moving people closer to God/Home is fulfilling. Still, having experienced how much love is possible in this universe, I wonder sometimes why I came down to all this human ego bullshit and selfishness. What a life lol keep up the good work brother
  11. The thing you call outbursts are love. In Leo's case well calibrated and sometimes tough love, which he knows is necessary for you to grow up. Like a mother who turns her child's TV off because she knows it's best for the child to stop watching. The child on the other hand cries about it and might even start to hate its mother. Eventually, the child will understand... Edit: it might help the child to learn about the nature of the universe amd realize it is god.
  12. @Proserpina where did Bentinho say this?." A bit like what Bentinho talks about how if you don’t keep up once you reach a certain level you can become very unwell or die" it resonates and Id love to know more
  13. @The0Self Thank's boss! It was today that I found out that I contracted Covid, so might not have been redistribution after all lol
  14. @The0Self Thanks for the summary! From the things I read, DMPS does chelate mercury, it just doesn't cross the BBB (blood brain barrier). I've heard it's a smart move to reduce the mercury load in the body first, before going for the brain.