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  1. The thing you call outbursts are love. In Leo's case well calibrated and sometimes tough love, which he knows is necessary for you to grow up. Like a mother who turns her child's TV off because she knows it's best for the child to stop watching. The child on the other hand cries about it and might even start to hate its mother. Eventually, the child will understand... Edit: it might help the child to learn about the nature of the universe amd realize it is god.
  2. @Proserpina where did Bentinho say this?." A bit like what Bentinho talks about how if you don’t keep up once you reach a certain level you can become very unwell or die" it resonates and Id love to know more
  3. @The0Self Thank's boss! It was today that I found out that I contracted Covid, so might not have been redistribution after all lol
  4. @The0Self Thanks for the summary! From the things I read, DMPS does chelate mercury, it just doesn't cross the BBB (blood brain barrier). I've heard it's a smart move to reduce the mercury load in the body first, before going for the brain.
  5. @Leo Gura I just saw a good amount of people talk about "jump rounds", where they went from very low doses to moderate or high doses and did very well. I now guess these people didnt try to find their tolerance dose but just started very low out of the gates. This made me thinking that going higher in dose might be the right move. Since redistribution symptoms were insane, I'll probably go down to 1 mg DMPS.
  6. @Nivsch Thanks I just wanted to confirm it, since I saw a comment of Leo that mentioned that a 0.1mf dose of Ala is not intelligent. Dont quote me on it though. I guess this means I have quite a bit of chelating to do as you said.
  7. After completing my first three rounds of chelation, (for confirmed mercury toxicity) I have a few questions regarding the dosage of chelators. Started my first round at 12,5 mg DMSA per dose. I felt very good during and after chelation. After reading that DMSA is less effective against mercury and not ideal for people with yeast issues, I ordered DMPS. My round with 10mg DMPS every 7h went so bad that I had to quit after the second day. So I halved the dose, based on the general recommedations in the ACC Facebook group, to 5mg DMPS on my 3rd round. Completed the round but redistribution symptoms are intolerable. I have a feeling, that going even lower is bullshit. I see a lot of people in the ACC Facebook group that take doses in the 0. mg range. Instincts tell me to jump back on DMSA, do a few rounds and try to double the dose. What do you think about this? Can dosing too low cause more harm than good? Of course, Further down the round I want to introduce ALA. (I read the books and even Cutler himself recommends higher doses) Thanks to Leo's video I knew that a single high dose of DMSA, which was recommended by my doc, would be stupid. So I'm grateful I didnt make that mistake.
  8. @Razard86 Thank you! I have been reading his book, which is real practical and gives some solid steps for achieving healing. I'll give my best and will let you know once I've achieved my goal. Rj is definitely a master I have been looking for.
  9. Thank you for your input! Yeah acceptance is a big one and always the first step. But many authors and elightened masters like Hawkins (in Healing and Recovery) or Wayne Dyer claim that you can heal the body and diseases like cancer through different techniques, LOA, visualization, miracles etc. On the other hand, I have heard of enlightened masters who became severely sick and died of cancer etc. So there seems to be a lot of contradicting claims. What are you as your higher self/god really capable of? Isn't the answer everything? I mean I manifested business success. The next thing I am manifesting is a healthy body. This shouldn't be that complicated. On psychedelics I have received some answers as to why my illness came about and on how to heal it, thought I'd share: - bodily sickness brought about through trauma, trauma is there for you to realize you are god - this body runs beautifully on every fuel (cancel all other belief systems/ they are just belief systems. By believing them they become reality) - once you have healed your human traumas all your health will be restored to you - this is a game for healing traumas. Traumas only are generated in infants so that they can heal them and realize they are god. Its basically a simulation to realize you are god. - all trauma comes from the innocence as a new born consciousness , i am a clean slate and truly innocent - if I heal my need for acceptance from others my body will be in full health/fitnness and 100 % strength again - all that happens in my life is trying to make me stay conscious of this truth Iam god Iam everything Iam the mastermind that creates this beautiful Illusion - my trauma/lower self seeks approval from others, I am healing that right now, I am healing this inner wound , forgive myself for it, let go and allow myself to heal - Just bc others arent there yet, dont be afraid to shine your light fully. - dont be afraid to express yourself , dont be afraid to get judged by others, they only see a higher level of being and ultimately want to achieve it themselves - stop judging yourself and others - In crisis say: I will not veer from this spiritual work - Be (a light of) love, then god will always take care of you There are a few more but those are my favorites!
  10. Does reaching/embodying higher states of consciousness contribute to the healing of physical illness in the body? As a 23 y/o male I have had some health issues that I've been really trying to solve for the past three years (wrecked gut health through parasite infections, antibiotics etc.) On the physical plain I'm doing everything possible (working with really good practitioners, diet, lifestyle, supplements, intensive research...) The extreme suffering this disease has caused me, led me to further go down the path of awakening and ego death, which is beautiful and something I'm really grateful for. I have reached enlightenment and most of the time I'm perfectly in a happy/loving/giving state of consciousness (of course, sometimes I still have slip ups). My fatigue and some other symptoms really hinder me though from doing a lot of human stuff (dating, holidays, more work etc.). The energy I have, I mainly use for business and practicing spirituality. Even though I managed to burn through a fair amount of karma (materialistic goals, women etc.) early in my life, I am not done in this regard and there are still many human endeavors that I want to experience. Therefore, I have the intention of living in a fully healthy body. I know that Leo has suffered from chronic illness. How does one best deal with bodily illness from a spiritual/mindset perspective? Do you have any experiences or know any healing stories? I really appreciate you guys!