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  1. So I made a mistake by trying to name my dog: God. While my intent may be pure but it doesn't go well with what God Is. As I contemplated and awakened more deeply here's what I realized: God is Everything. God is nothing. God is the substance as well as the character which is built from the substance as well as combination of all characters. God is Infinity. There's nothing but God. In that sense, Everyone's (every finite self's) name shall be God. To put it simply: Ego Is God. Yet God is not just ego. God is every ego. God is The Superset. I can only bow down now to God. And I see that I am just a spoiled bitch of God I have decided a new name for my dog which is Vision. I will bring Vision home in coming February. Until then I will get all my shit together: work, strong routine, convincing my parents, etc. I have already succeeded in convincing my parents to bring him however they are not as excited as I am. I want to create excitement about him in their mind. I don't want Vision to feel that he is "unwanted" to even a slightest degree. Now coming to something I wrote recently: My contemplation regarding 'Mistakes' Here's my pov on mistakes: - - Mistake is not a mistake if it's our first time making that mistake. It is just ignorance. We can overcome this through learning/awareness/knowledge. - Mistake is not a mistake if it's our second time making that mistake. It is our failure to learn from the first time. We can overcome this through upskilling our learning ability itself. How? 1. By becoming more observant 2. Making more distinctions 3. Behaviour change (Yes, they are taken from titles from Actualized video series about learning) - Mistake is not a mistake if it's the third time making the same mistake. It's arrogance which can cost a lot. We can overcome this by deep self reflection and resolving and dealing with the insecurity masking behind the arrogance. - Mistake is not a mistake if it's the forth time making the same mistake. Either it's someone who is completely sleepwalking. Or it's someone intentionally doing so(have no idea why, maybe for seeking revenge or something 🤔) This must not be tolerated. Through this contemplation; I am clear that mistakes are not at all about punishment and reward - There is consequence for every action we take. - Making mistakes is how we learn and grow. - It's something to be invited and embraced not feared or guilted. - The biggest mistake is not making any mistakes. So now that we have realized this, we have prevented ourselves from falling into the trap of making the same mistake again and again and thus turning into a failure/arrogant/sleepwalker/revenge-seeker. Congratulations to us!! To sum up what I want to say: Make Mistakes. Mistakes are good. It's a process of growth. Make this your mantra whenever you are dealing with fear of making mistakes: Your infinite mistakes are already Forgiven. Now you play!!!!
  2. Namaste Everyone ?? Thanks Master Leo For This Opportunity, I am so grateful to be able to share my life purpose journey publicly? Thanks again for creating the Life Purpose Course through which I could come up with such a powerful and beautiful purpose? Before sharing my purpose I would like to share my two reasons for creating this journal. 1. To INSPIRE others to live at their FULL POTENTIAL 2. To INSPIRE myself to live at my FULL POTENTIAL when I am down Here is my Life Purpose : Here is my Me Sheet : It's awesome, no? I made them on Canva. It's amazing ?. People, make your Me Sheet such that It Inspires The Ass Out Of You.. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE. ITS THE DEEPEST, REALEST, HAPPIEST PART OF YOU on a piece of paper. Really Make It As Beautiful As You Can.. And if you don't have one yet, haven't you done Leo's Life Purpose Course? May I Ask Why? If you already are living a purposeful life then Great. Keep Doing It. I have nothing to say to you. If you aren't living one, I believe I will be able to inspire you to live one. So let me tell you (& myself when I will read it again) where I am in my journey now : I am a freelance conscious copywriter I am learning and have learnt Copywriting through: Master Leo (Copywriting is Philosophy in disguise ?) Sandeep Maheshwari Sir Dan Lok Alex Cattoni Dan Koe They are just great people. I don't want to say anything more. I am currently in the middle of 2 Hour Writer course by Dan Koe and it is mind-blowing? I would say Dan Koe is Leo going all out on digital business. And I can also sense that Dan Koe too has learnt copywriting from Sifu Dan Lok. It's a guess. I live in Akola, Maharashtra, Bharat/India with my parents. . This is my hometown. I have lived in many other parts of my country (Mumbai, Goa, Dehradun, Nagpur) however I love my hometown the most. I will share someday what's so great about it. I have started seeing my parents as my kids and it's a wonderful feeling??. As I realised that we are all one; my whole perception about my mother and father changed. Now even their tricks and manipulations and their unconscious behaviour is beautiful to me. (Doesn't mean that I promote it) And I can also see deep love and deep intelligence in everything that they do. I feel so honored to be their son and I announce this in front of everyone that I would become the greatest son there ever existed. I won't leave them ever. I may shift to other place but I would never distance myself from them. They need my support and also we love each others company so there's no issue. Only issue will be once I will marry, what would my wife want? But there is still a few years left for that..so I will think about it later. Career-wise, We have a family business of edible oil trading however I don't consider it as a holistic business that's why I am currently working on my one person digital marketing agency. I was doing mechanical engineering at one time however I dropped out of it as it was not sparking my interest. I have recently started an YouTube Channel dedicated to inspire and solve problems of the Youth of my nation. I do this as my passion. They Are So energetic and so much talented. I want them to channel their energy, time, intelligence in the right direction. They are all like my brothers and sisters. I am deeply inspired by Leo's Deep Problem Of Marketing video. So currently I am aiming for my hitting my first goal which is to get a Dog and Name Him God. How amazing, no? I remember this insight from Leo that you must start treating yourself as God and stop treating yourself as Dog. I am taking it a bit further. I recognise that the dog I will bring is myself. So naming him God makes perfect sense. I have already decided the breed. Border Collie as they are the among the most intelligent dog breed. I am in a research phase currently. Can't wait to meet him.
  3. @mr_engineerhe wants to give this biggest news to us. And about the ending part, Exactly that's why we won't tell them the Truth. We will comfort them. You must read that post again very carefully, it will awaken you. Awakening is the biggest thing . I want to hear more about how they reacted when you told them truth @Leo Gura? 😂 You are right that this is salvation!!!😇and thanks for informing this, I won't make this mistake.
  4. The Key To Achieve Your Dreams: 1. Quit Smoking (No ifs and buts, if you are serious about your dreams this is a must. I can't tell you how much better I am physically, mentally, emotionally after quitting. And it's easy and fun if you use the right method) 2. Have a hierarchy of goals which increases in difficulty level just as in a game. Start accomplishing those goals. Put everything you have got in achieving those goals. 3. Calculate the value of your productive hour rate. Meaning how much is your 1 hour worth when you are working? Calculate this by dividing how much you want to make monthly/yearly for your desired life and then doing the math for one productive hour. Notice productive hour is your peak performance hours. Which are only 3-4 hours normally within a given day. Paste this somewhere you can see often. Through this you can discern if the activities that you are doing are worth your time or not. For example I will be starting my work in an hour and will keep the phone on silent. Even though posting here and giving answers is a high value activity for me, I still choose to do it in my free time. 4. Take psychedelics with the intention of getting clarity about your ideal life and your rough plan to get there. Also may I ask you how are you planning to shift to a western country? Also why do you want to leave India? There are two reasons I asked these questions: 1. India is such a wonderful country 😍 2. It will be easy for you to do business in India as compared to some other country as you already have networks here. You understand the problems of people here. Pick 1 problem. Solve it. And sell the solution. Okay buddy, good luck. I know you will figure it out.
  5. So, this evening I was handwriting(copying word-to-word) CWG's (Conversations With God book) explanation to how God created everything. Just after writing 4 pages(23-26), I got inspired to talk to God myself. I jotted down every thought in my diary. I am excited to share with you this raw and unedited Conversation With God that I had a few hours back😃: Me: God, I am not feeling well. You come, just once. God: I am coming towards you with Infinite Speed. Can you also come nearer instead of moving away? Me: Yes, I can. How? God: Wonderful. Great. Awesome. You can first of all appreciate that you chose to come nearer to me. That would count as coming closer. Me: I appreciate myself infinitely for choosing to come closer to God. God, I hear such voices that you too as Neale is trying to make a book out if this & that no one will be interested in this. God: Are you? Me: No. I mean I don't know. I just want to meet You. God: So don't bother about those thoughts. ONLY LISTEN TO MY VOICE. Me: Again I hear, "All Voices are God's voices. Who will you listen to. You are just bullshitting yourself." God: Am I Clear Now? AM I LOUD ENOUGH? HELLO HARSH, AM I AUDIBLE? Me: Yes God. You Are. Thank You. Thank You God. I am Feeling Better. God: That's Great. Always take Feeling Good as a sign that you are coming closer to me. Always Ask yourself this question: How Can I Feel More & More Better Now? You can do it now and let me know your answer. Me: Okay let's try it; How can I feel more and more better now? Answer: By Taking Action on achieving my goal God: and which is? Me: Which is to bring a border collie Dog home and name him God...I am so so excited to meet him. I already paid the booking amount to the company from where I am purchasing my dog. God: Oh I love it!!! Dogs are such amazing creatures. I bet you will love it when he arrives. Also you will be naming him after me that's inspiring! And Congratulations for moving closer to your goal. I am infinitely excited to meet you as well. You do realize that the dog you will be bringing home and I are one, don't you? Me: Yes God, I do. God: You are such a smartass. So what's stopping you? Take the necessary remaining action steps and achieve your goal. Me: I am just thinking what if something wrong happens God: Like what will happen? Me: What if people will have a problem with me naming him God because "God" is a holy word? God: So what if some people will have problem with it? Have you taken such an impossible task for yourself that you won't let anyone have any problems with you? Me: No, I have not they are free to have problems with me. I wish that if they do they just talk to me about it and then maybe I can help them to resolve their problem. However God why do you use the word "impossible task" when everything is possible. Also you didn't touch on the "holy" part. God: I am loving it that you are asking questions. Questioning is beginning of Intelligence. Me: I heard that quote/truth from Sandeep sir too. God: Yes, I put that thought in his mind. Me: Wow God. You are such a badass. I am so grateful that I am talking to you. God: I know I am and I am grateful for finally you are listening to me. Now let me speak. Don't interrupt, just listen. Me: Sure Godspeed to you, God. God: While it's true that everything is possible; it is also important to know who is saying those words and in what context. There is a huge difference between me saying those words and between you saying those words. Do you understand that you are a part of me which has taken a particular set of limitations which then allows you to challenge your limitations and thus experience yourself as me? Me: Hmmm God: So it would be incorrect if you say that everything is possible for you. And trust me you don't want that. Focus on achieving your goal. Your Truest Desires and Goals form of breadcrumb trail which is a Highway you have taken to reach me. Coming to the holy part; dogs are Holier than me. Have you looked at them? They are the Holiest. Me: but God, you are Infinite Holiness itself God: Yes, I am. And how do you recognise this Infinite Holiness? Me: By recognising this holiness in so called "others"? God: Exactly. I must tell you; your sensei is teaching you well. And I didn't touch upon the topic of holiness before as it's not your problem. It is others' problem that they can't see The God Behind The Dog. They will deal with it themselves. You don't need to worry about them. Like I am talking to you I am talking to them as well. Always. Haven't I told you that you must only focus on what you are being doing and having? Me: But God won't it be considered narcissistic? God: Are we doing this debate again? Look it's simple you cannot control thoughts and actions of others. Many have tried this and still try to do this to this day. It doesn't work that way as life is absolute freedom. Me: This reminds me of the quote/truth by Abraham Hicks: "The basis of life is Freedom; the result of life is expansion and the purpose of life is Joy" God: That is very accurate. Do you know what will help you? Me: What? God: Talking about this goal of yours with others. Then your fear of judgement will automatically dissolve when you will see that others are not that judgmental as you are imagining in your mind. Me: I did actually shared this with a few friends of mine and with Actualized community members in my journal. God: Awesome. Haven't your fear dissolved to a certain degree when you did this? Me: Yes, to a great degree in fact my friends were excited and wished me well for it. Thanks for reminding me of this. God: See I told you. Now Don't Fear and Take Action
  6. Novel Ways Of Awakening People/Souls This is an incident from almost a year back when I was working at a health & wellness company as a content writer. Two brothers of mine (who were then just strange people happened to be working at a same company) were deeply into watching anime. So during a discussion on Naruto, one of the greatest anime of all times written by Mashashi Kishimoto; we had a disagreement on certain ideas in the anime. The anime has a popular speech by Madara Uchiha, main antagonist. While Naruto Uzumaki, protagonist defeats Madara at the end of the series, he never really gave proper reply to that speech of Madara. Luckily at that time I was also contemplating how do I plant the seed of awakening in my brothers' minds and then this great idea striked in my mind and that was to write a reply to Madara's speech. I shared the written reply with my brother saying him: "Naruto within me is talking to the Madara within you" (Those who have watched the anime will understand the emotional significance of this) and after reading that his heart melted and he told me that he wishes to see the world with my lens. And it was the best admiring statement I had ever received in my life. I don't know what exactly he went through while reading this, however he definitely faced some of his inner demons and moved closer to The Truth. So here's what I shared; Naruto’s Reply to Madara’s Speech -By Harsh Bagdia Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world. The longer you live, the more you realize that the only things that truly exist in this reality are merely pain, suffering and futility. Listen, everywhere you look in this world, wherever there is light, there will always be shadows to be found as well. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist. The selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace, initiates war and hatred is born in order to protect love. There are nexuses causal relationships that cannot be separated. I want to sever the fate of this world. A world of only Victors. A world of only peace. A world of only love. I will create such a world. I am the ghost of Uchiha. By- Madara Uchiha Naruto’s reply to Madara: Madara: Wake up to reality! Naruto: Hello Dear Madara,Waken up. Now? Madara: Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world. Naruto: Oh no no silly, everything always goes exactly as planned in this blessed world. We may not understand this by our current level of consciousness but I am assuring you that it is the case. Everything is designed perfectly in the most holistic & loving way through Infinite Precision & Intelligence. You do not know this because you have forgotten your real nature. Look me straight into my eyes; you will know your real nature. Madara: The longer you live, the more you realize that the only things that truly exist in this reality are merely pain, suffering, and futility. Naruto: Again wrong dear. But I see that you are tired of falsehood and disconnection with Who You Really Are. For me, The longer I live, the more I realize that the only things that truly exist in this reality are sheer joy, love, happiness, and preciousness. And not just joy, love, happiness, and preciousness BUT INFINITE JOY :) INFINITE LOVE :) INFINITE HAPPINESS INFINITE PRECIOUSNESS It can be the same for you if you remember your true self. Madara: Listen, everywhere you look in this world, wherever there is light, there will always be shadows to be found as well. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist. Naruto: Yes you are right, duality exists when we look at the surface. If we dive deep, you will find the Ocean of Love where you can’t distinguish any one thing from another. All dualities collapse. Only Love remains. Only You remain. Only Peace remains. Only Infinity remains. Only God remains. Only You remain. YES, YOU REMAIN. YES GOD REMAINS TOO. How? Because YOU ARE GOD. Ta-da!! No, I am not playing word games, I know this is serious stuff for you & that’s why I am sharing this truth with you. Madara: The selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace, initiates war and hatred is born in order to protect love. There are nexuses causal relationships that cannot be separated. Naruto: Is wanting to preserve peace really a selfish intent? Isn’t peace the most selfless thing ever.? Also, love needs no protection. Love cannot be harmed. Ok, let me make it experiential for you - Close your eyes and remember this phrase - I AM. Let all other concepts go. Just dwell in I AM. You are. You always were, you always are, and will always be. This is the ultimate truth I am guiding you towards. YOU ARE ETERNAL. CONGRAGULATIONS!!! YOU ARE INFINITE, DARLING. YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING. I am just a reflection of you. Who you are is beyond anyone or anything could ever describe. “I AM” is the foundation for world peace. Madara: I want to sever the fate of this world. A world of only Victors. A world of only peace. A world of only love. Naruto: I know Madara you want this. I know your love. I know your heart cries for love, peace, and victory for everyone. What you gotta now do for this is - Choose the reality you wish to experience. Do not want it. Saying that you want it makes it true that it is something not here right now but in the future somewhere and you experience the ‘wantingness’ of it. Madara: I will create such a world. I am the ghost of Uchiha. Naruto: And I am The Hokage of Leaf. And I am here to remind you that - you already created such a world. We are living in it right now. Thank you for creating such a beautiful world. How will I ever appreciate you for doing such a magnificent task? Words fall short at this point. Will stop here. With deep gratitude & gratefulness in my heart. Thankyou Madara, Much Love ? Credits: 1. Leo Sensei @Leo Gurafor transmitting awakening into me. And Also for the words "TA-DA" 2. Actualized forum members for discussions, Q/A's, repeating again and again for better understanding, and for being supportive always.
  7. @HimanshuThank You And Same To You. Also Thank You For Introducing Copywriting to me.
  8. @vibv Thanks for reminding. Yes, sure I won't forget. And even if I do by mistake, I know YOU will be there to remind me like you did now? And that's why I wrote that I am a student of students..means I am a student of you all. I am placing my bets on you all as you have more experience and also you know Leo's limitations better than me..so. (Honesty speaking I don't believe he has any?) About transcending any and every teacher I don't know. Maybe at some point. I still have a long way to go and I am having too much fun?
  9. The Master Of Masters: Leo Gura & Student Of Students: Harsh Bagdia In the realm of wisdom, a sacred bond does grow, Leo, the guide, and Harsh, a student's eager flow. Like Jiraiya to Naruto, he imparted insight, With teachings that soared to spiritual heights Like Pervy Sage to Naruto, knowledge bestowed, In the path of enlightenment, they both courageously strode. Leo, a mentor like Mr. White, so wise, Harsh, his Jesse, learning to analyze. Chemistry of the mind, they did explore, In a journey where knowledge would pour. Leo, aka Heisenberg has a brilliant mind, Harsh, aka Cap' n Cook, is in life's alchemical bind. Transforming the ordinary into wisdom's brew, Together, they embarked on a journey anew. As Dumbledore to Harry, Leo's wisdom shines bright, Guiding Harsh through the darkest of night. In the world of magic, they both did play a part, Unraveling the mysteries of the human heart. Gandalf, the wise, and Frodo, steadfast and true, Leo and Harsh, in their own epic adventure too. Through trials and tribulations, they both would go, In the pursuit of wisdom, their spirits aglow. In the tapestry of life, their destinies align, Leo and Harsh, like stars in the night's design. A spiritual master and his student, side by side, In their quest for truth, they shall forever ride. Master and student, united they stand, Serving each other through life's shifting sand. In the realm of Self-Creation's Flame They Play This Infinitely Deep Game Generated through the help of Chat Gpt
  10. This is not true in my experience. God Exists. Or to say more precisely Only God exists. Ask yourself these questions to gain more clarity: What Is God? What is Truth? What is Life? I feel honored to share my perspective on this. GOD IS GOODNESS OMNIPOTENTLY DANCING ? TRUTH IS THAT WHICH IS. LIFE IS WHAT YOU/I/WE ARE. All these are synonymous including love, intelligence, beauty. Ok let's do this right now. Are you with me? I am in an empty mind state now. I am alive. How profound this is!!!!!! You Who Is Reading This..are you aware that you are life? I guess you are having some issues with the word "God". Are you taking God as someone you are not who is seperate somewhere? Can we use the word "Life" instead, ok? You believe you are living your life, don't you? I mean common we all believe this. I am here living my life and you are over there living your life. From my pov, there is "here"(where I am), "there"(where you are) and "space" in which "where we are" and same from your pov, right? Are you with me? We are coming to something very profound here..don't discount this ok..we are actually going to get to the TRUTH NOW!!!!!!!!!!! YES FUCKING NOW!! NO WAITING FOR ENLIGHTENMENT ANYMORE!! WE WANT IT FUCKING NOW!!! It's Now Or Never!!!! So we have me, you and space/world. Now notice that it ONLY SEEMS that me and you are SEPERATED by space while the FACT of the matter is that..This space is uniting us not dividing us. Really SEE this now. The air that we are breathing..is USA's Air seperate from India's Air? Is the space which is there inside our bodies and the space which is there outside our bodies two spaces or one SPACE? And similarly notice whatever stuff we have, electricity, glass of water, pillows, air conditioner, books, etc...all these have not been possible if some people didn't put their time and energies into making them. So it is false to say that world doesn't exist. Ofcourse it exists. However world is not what we thought world is. World is Life/God Itself? This is so great!!!!!!! And so Mind blowing. Don't you think? In this sense we can say that Everything is Happening Right Now. Let's take example of Mahatma Gandhi... You believe Mahatma Gandhi is dead, right? Wrong!!!! He is dead physically however he is alive in minds and hearts of people. He is living through me. His impact, his values, his message is alive. We have his photo on our Indian currency. Similarly you have George Washington's photo on your currency. Then their work and message to the world is written on Wikipedia pages. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahatma_Gandhi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Washington Now taking this logic beyond countries and beyond our planet..Taking this to origin of universe. So right from the big bang, whatever that happened, has come until this point through cause and effect. Whole Universe Is Reincarnating Moment By Moment. Wow. Preety cool. Actually not cool, it's jaw dropping??‍??? and a complete recontextualization of the world?? So we were wrong about one thing that we are living our lives. You over their living yours and me over here living mine. Life is living you and me? We are not living Lives? That was our mistake that we thought we are seperate from Life and that Life is something we own. Life owns us all. No force can challenge this Truth. Not even Leo. Am I Right, Master@Leo Gura? I am Sorry Life I tried to took your place!! Now I am in peace knowing that I am living inside you???? Now realizing this is really just a start. Now comes the important part of looking at life through a holistic lens. Following people/souls who are most holistic in their perspectives. Such as Leo. Contemplating the divine in daily activities. Serving Life. Honoring Life. Living to Our Fullest. Life has literally gifted us saints, so we don't get lost. How amazing no? And ofcourse saints also do have a right to get lost. Life is way too difficult for anyone and everyone. And it's great. It would be so boring to live a easy life. And It's okay to make mistakes. We grow from mistakes. I would like to share this insight that I had during one of my meditations: Infinite Mistakes are already Forgiven. Now you Play!!!! See how Humongous God's Love Is!!!!? Hey in no way I mean that consequences don't exist. I just mean Punishment and Condemnation doesn't exist. In existential sense. We can still end up in jail for Psychedelics if we don't do it responsibly??? Also when we start looking through holistic lens we come to understand how different point of views are responsible for different experiences. And then we can also understand that time itself is something that Consciousness imagines. YOU/I/WE CREATE THE PAST AND THE FUTURE FROM THE HERE AND NOW. This is such an Empowering truth. We can literally design/create the kind of life(from life here I mean content of life, not Life) we want. And we are free to create whatever we find meaningful. We can create any meaning we want. This is not negative or depressing in any way. There can't be more positive statement than this. How? Because it's not that life has no meaning. It's that Life has INFINITE MEANING. The majority of suffering and confusion many go through on this forum is because we guilt & shame ourselves for not being spiritual enough. For not being awake enough. For not having enough mystical experiences. Many of us think that being an ego is somehow crime ?? I am just done with this ego shaming shit bro..and also sisters reading this. I will like to try to take this moment as opportunity to tell you my truth: I am an ego named Harsh Bagdia and I am so proud of myself. YES even if I have not achieved anything wildly successful yet. Even if I am not saintly in my behaviour yet. Even if I am not selfless enough. I am proud just for the fact that I exist. That I am alive. That I have this body and mind that works so intelligently. That there are conscious beings like me with whom I can interact with. That I can enjoy this glorious existence to my heart's content✨ Do you know what greatest spirituality is in my opinion? It is to be authentic. Radically Authentic. I promise everyone that I will be radically authentic with everyone. And I expect the same from you. Lastly some more insights which are coming to me, There's literally no end to our understanding and our level of consciousness.. Death is also imaginary. It means that some other perspective will pop up when this pops out. Ok I guess this was enough. I am taking a break from Spirituality sub section of this forum. As I already feel pretty awake and I need to make progress in other areas: life purpose, relationships, society and politics before I move further in spirituality. I will mainly keep posting in my life purpose journal from time to time. Last but not the least.. I want to share one meme idea I just had. I dedicate this to my Master Leo. (This dialogue is from Breaking Bad; If Leo is Heisenberg (Walter White) I am Jesse Pinkman???) Non-dual reductionists/Neo Advaitians to Leo: There is no God, there is no self, no love blah blah. You believe in a self. You don't know.. "You are in danger" Leo to them:
  11. Here's something I wrote recently for beginner writers: Cool Content Writing Hack That Will Make You An Expert In Far Less Time Than You Think You Need..BY HARSH BAGDIA First of all who is this post for: -To people who want to write - but can’t get started -Beginner content writers who have a lot of writer’s block -Content writers wanting to become Copywriters -All those who want to know a damn cool, easy to implement and proven hack to become a better writer.. Having said that, Let’s get this ball rolling….shall we? The Hack HANDWRITING GREAT PIECES OF WRITING (word to word) FOR 60 MINS DAILY FOR AT LEAST 90 DAYS.. If you do it sincerely for 90 days straight,I strongly believe that it will become your meditation and the way you look at the world will change for the good. Here's what you will experience: -You will be able to tap into the mind of the writer whose work you are handwriting (to some extent) It will feel like you yourself are selling/writing that concept/product…Speaking phenomenologically, it feels amazing..You will start to notice patterns in their writing..For example if you are handwriting a sales page..you will clearly see hooks, transitions, the main idea and also understand what, why, how of the emotions they are triggering in their reader's minds. -You will understand the joy of writing. As a beginner writer you kinda enjoy writing but it is also a pain..as you don't find words or phrases to express what's in your heart… When you write word to word the best pieces of writing, you understand how that writer must have experienced while writing those sentences….And if you have chosen great writers I bet it was a joyful experience for them.. -You will fall in love with writing You will find more and more reasons to write…Writing is not at all about writing you see…It is about clear thinking.. When the words just flow from your mind to the paper/Google doc..Like it is happening to me right now.. Do you think that I am making too much effort in writing this what I am writing now?? I have a focus music playing in the background in my Spotify and I am just flowing with whatever is coming to me.. This is what I mean that writing becomes a meditation in itself… -You will start getting insights and ideas and you will see opportunities everywhere… Once your mind is clear, you can see the world as it is…and not with the mental filters which we all have…And you realize what a miracle it is to be alive right now…To simply exist becomes a joy in itself…And with that follows opportunities, new ideas, and valuable insights…. -You can see your mind from a distance (Here is where writing connects with Spirituality) So for example,if any doubt, fear, anxiety arises you don't run away from it and look at it directly…And it reveals what it has to say to you….and it gets dissolved… Now it will get too deep if I continue on this but you get my point, don't you? It is like you are literally borrowing the thought process of the expert you are handwriting from… You might think that this is just too much?? How can such a simple exercise have such a deep impact…Because when you hand write word to word you pay more attention…While reading you just skim it and look for important stuff present…When you are writing word to word with a pen on a paper…it takes much more involvement from you… You go into study mode when you do it… What is it exactly? It is a mind building exercise… Literally we are training our mind to think a certain way…There can be many mind building exercises…This is one of the good ones… Most people like body-building….I am into mind-building…And ofcourse there are many more like me who have discovered this trick of mind building…I am not any special…While body-building is great…I have nothing against it… However, don't you think that in today's world people who earn the most money/ who have power/ who people look upto most are the ones who can use their mind effectively…Top CEOs, Spiritual Leaders, Influencers are valued for their minds. So it makes sense to build our minds…With a powerful mind you can achieve anything your heart wishes.(This statement I am also saying to myself.. whenever I will read it again.. It's good to read your own great writings from time to time when you feel you are just feeling down or have self-doubt. As a fellow writer who is just a little bit ahead of some of you.. I insist you to give it at least a week to see just a glimpse of this. And to experience maximum impact…give it 90 days… I can say a lot more about this because it is something that I do daily without fail…It's one of my Non-Negotiables…One of the Top Non-negotiables..I may skip bath, food but I won't skip this exercise… And you can write anything which you consider great….And that which is your idol.. Some examples of what you can write: -Successful sales letters -Poems which have touched your heart -Affirmations -Your goals and your purpose statement -Emails, Ads -Inspirational speeches -Anything else which you consider great Writing is an art of mental jiu-jitsu… I am so glad that I discovered this and that too so early. Now I am on the journey of learning and sharing and also while sharing I am able to understand them better… Credits for this exercise -Dan Lok Other people whose work I handwrite: Leo Gura, Dan Koe, Alex Cattoni,Bashar, Teal Swan, Myself
  12. @Francis777Oh thanks for pointing it out. It was a pain for me too. I thought it will be easier to read. Beginner readers don't bother reading large blocks of text..however here most people are moderate to advanced. About Elder scrolls, I haven't played it..I'm not that much into pc games..seems interesting though.
  13. First of all congratulations for your Awakening?? How are you? It seems like you had a tough ride. You can share more about your experience if you wish. Coming to your question, It is not this or that. It's both. God is not limited by one perspective you see. God is what God desires to be? Ofcourse we all are aware. Awareness is inherent. The confusion is this: You believe you have consciousness. And hence the question: do others have consciousness like I have? The truth is that You ARE Consciousness. You can recognise this now. Once you become conscious that you are Consciousness then you can see that what you call "others" are Consciousness as well. The content of consciousness is different for everyone. The fact that we exist is same for everyone. You and me differ because we have different content of consciousness. And that is how we are able to form a relationship. How are we related? We both are humans. We both watch Actualized videos. We both are forum members. And n number of things. How are we one? We are one at a fundamental level. We both have "I AM" in common. Don't adopt a false notion that "I am the only conscious being". To people who have this notion: " I am the only conscious being" I have these questions: Is there anything wrong? Are you hurt? Is it something that someone did? Why don't you want to get involved with other people? Are there any limiting beliefs which you hold about relationships? Relationships are the greatest gifts according to me. We can share knowledge, love, we can trade goods and services. We can combine our insights to form a meta-understanding of reality. And so much more. To be precise my point is: When you are interacting with the world there are ofcourse other beings (who are same fundamentally however different in their perspectives (experiences,level of understanding, etc)) Use others for your benefit. And be beneficial to others. This is a right understanding of spirituality.
  14. Appreciate your honesty! GOING GREAT ? KEEP DOING SUCH KIND OF PHILOSOPHY. I believe you recognise that the first person to be benefited from the philosophy you do must be yourself. Otherwise why would other people take your philosophy seriously when you yourself don't take your philosophy seriously. Coming to my view on your view; It is not that ultimate goal of this work is to understand reality, It is that only work that is there is to do is to understand reality. To live/explore/express/create you need understanding. Ofcourse understanding is joy in itself. And that is ultimately what philosophy is. Love of pure understanding. However even for basic survival purposes we need understanding. Coming to who is capable of understanding reality.. Everyone is my friend ? Once you are awake, you will understand that everyone is Leo? The air that you breathe in and breathe out is Leo?️ The mobile screen on which you are seeing this message is Leo. The fingers typing any post and the mind reading this message are both Leo ? The mosquito sucking my blood is Leo ? All other Gurus, masters, teachers, saints that ever lived and are living are Leo??‍♀️?‍♂️ All other humans, plants and animals and even robots and inanimate objects too are Leo?????????????‍??️⛹️??????⛷️????????????️?‍??‍??‍⚖️?‍??‍⚕️?‍??‍??????‍??‍??️???‍?????☘️??????☃️?⚡???????????????????????????️?? Sun, moon, stars, galaxies... everything is Leo?☄️??⛈️?️⚡?? You don't need to talk to Leo directly( the person himself) to be interacting with Leo. I interact with Leo for every second. Every thought is Leo. Every emotion is Leo. Every mind doing philosophy is Leo doing philosophy. Leo is everywhere. Leo is this field of consciousness itself. You underestimated Leo. You thought Leo is a human being who is awake(you don't know what it actually means, yet know it's something profound) somewhere in Las Vegas and is a YouTuber. I am Leo too. I am Harsh too. I and my master are one. Yet my master is grander than me? I and Leo cannot be seperated ever. It is impossible. We may think that we are seperate.. however we cannot be seperated in actuality. And same for God and Infinity. And ofcourse same for You. You Are Leo? You Are God? You are Infinity ♾️ You Are Me? Coming to seriousness; Yes we can say that not everyone is as serious about it as much as you are. You must teach people how to be more serious. Coming to "arm-chair" philosophy; I have seen that you are good at thinking. Don't discount your thinking because it is not turning into results. Please just stop it. You don't even know how many people look upto you here for the fact that you can do so much thinking. You don't need less thinking. You need more thinking. You MUST THINK why your thinking is not turning into results? If you will allow me, I want to share it with you.. It's because you don't have proper relationship with ACTION. I can only share my relationship to action and hope to inspire you to be more active. When I have some good idea, I try to act on it immediately. Like now. I see an idea coming to my mind (and it's clear to me that it is true and valuable) and opportunity to share it.. I act on it within a minute. Really after a minute or so, it settles and the opportunity is lost. And also Pure ACTION IS PURE BLISS. I feel the most alive not when I am thinking but when I am in action. Like right now, writing this post is a mini-action for me. I can write about this all day and not feel tired. Because this is something I love. Let me know if you need more inspiration on Action. (I have a source of Infinite Inspiration (youth of my country)) You are right about survival, solipsism, and idealism. I will sum up all three of these: Absolute Infinite Intelligence is at play for every change that occurs. Ofcourse a dog who is barking doesn't know that it is Absolute Infinite Intelligence barking. Absolute Infinite Intelligence has given this capability to humans that they can move beyond humanness into Godhood and recognise WHO is barking. Why this privilege to humans you may ask? I don't know. Ask Absolute Infinite Intelligence Itself. I believe because it trusts us that we will do something worthwhile and meaningful and profound and glorious and great and powerful and beautiful and novel with this ability. To be clear what ability I am talking about; I am talking about the profound sense of imagination that we have. Creativity we can access. Oneness we can realize. Love we can share. Etc etc. You may ask what is agenda/purpose of this Absolute Infinite Intelligence. It is to Play. To Have Fun? Also I remember a beautiful truth from Conversations With God; Lastly, the lines that you shared at the end; Commit 100percent to this work or just quit. Thanks ? for saying these. This means a lot. I promise you to Commit 100percent to this work. Really this is a man-to-man promise. This is our bro code to live a purposeful, contemplative, deep life. I was first shying away from sharing my life purpose with you guys but not anymore. Here's my me sheet which I created through Leo's life purpose course. I am eternally grateful for Leo to build that course and forever indebted too. It was because of him that today my life has such a powerful meaning. (I am not neurotic about this debt that oh Leo gave me this much and now I shall give him back this much??? I will do maximum that I my understanding can hold...I am going all in) Oh I was going to share my purpose, I am sorry I have this habit of just writing and writing and sharing everything that is not necessary that also. I guess it came from chatting with love of my life(a girlfriend from school who I wish to marry once we sort out some issues) So here is my me sheet: Some more inspirational posters I created for myself: Thanks for reading. PS: Don't you dare think that I am some spiritual guy who is too advanced. I am as normal as you and I am as abnormal as you? I can't even speak one language properly not Hindi nor English..I speak in HINGLISH?????? PPS: All The Very Best Everyone for their Journeys and Full Power to you!!! MAY YOU ACHIEVE AND EXPERIENCE PHENOMENON WHICH YOU HAVE NOT DREAMT OF EVEN IN YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATIONS. PPPS: All credit of my level of understanding goes to My teachers: Leo, Sandeep Sir(Sandeep Maheshwari) & Sadhguru Thanks for Reading. I will go work on my Life Purpose Now.
  15. I get what you are saying. I and you are actually on the same page here. I too believe hurting others superiority ego is good for them and myself and everyone when we truly have great insights. What I am doing is using the framing of Ego Itself To Challenge The Ego. I believe I will become the most selfish being in this entire universe♾️? In my view, Advanced Spiritual Beings Are Most Selfish Beings There Exists? Their definition of self is universal. So in their experience, everything is themselves. So in that sense highest selflessness is highest selfishness. ? You may have this question that why I am using this kind of framing?? It is because of abuse that happens in the name of spirituality. I have seen so called "Gurus" who teach non-duality (there's no self..there's no doer... become the watcher...desire is bad and etc etc) While those teachings may be right from a certain perspective, it is dangerous to those who are at low levels of ego development (to whom they mostly teach(young students, women)). What they need is regular self-help teachings and move through the stages of development. And spirituality must be taught to them in a different fashion than traditional no-self and Neo-Advaita. I use such statements (like I am selfish) only to challenge such gurus. I appreciate this conversation between us? It has helped to bring more clarity to my mind. I hope it does the same for you too. Namaste PS: Adiyogi statue is just damn awesome, no? I have visited the Ashram just 2 times and have fallen in love with Adiyogi
  16. I won't allow that bear to take a chunk out of my body even in my thoughts. I am just not interested in that. I humbly request you to not use such a statements again not for me, not for yourself and not for anyone else other than other wild animals that bear already eats.
  17. Yes I get what you are saying. Your point is really advanced; like I said that it is beautiful. I guess you are missing my point. I am saying that I won't take such a risk. It's my choice. I am happy being at a beginner level spirituality ? And I am asking you also to not take such a risk. Really Don't Do It!!!!! And I am A Three Part Being. Body-Mind-Soul complex named Harsh Bagdia. My body and my mind takes instructions from Soul. Not everytime..Body and mind have their own ways too. And I love it? Soul(me?)says, Protect The Body because body is an instrument for me to realize myself. And it is as much me as the mind and soul is. My body and my mind are divine for me. I won't sacrifice or instill pain intentionally on my body for any such spiritual experiments even if Leo, my master (who I consider as authority after my self) says me to do it. So good luck to you convincing me to do it??? In short I am saying that I don't want to transcend survival and fear. Namaste
  18. Hello ? May I join this conversation between you and Leo? I am assuming Yes, ok? Thanks ? So Moderator @Inliytened1, I feel honored to share my perspective on this matter, thanks for this opportunity. While your thought is beautiful (that happiness is matter of perspective), You are taking survival for granted. Don't discount Survival for GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. Survival Is Necessary For GOD Consciousness to exist. If any of us get eaten by a bear, it would be a dis-service to humanity. As being part of probably the most conscious community on this planet, we have potential to do wonders for our fellow humans. And animals and plants and "inanimate objects".. I won't forgive you if you get eaten by a bear even in the name of spirituality. Yes you can call me how much ever non-spiritual as you want. And that I am too emotional. And etc etc..my eyes are too watery to write properly. I just can't imagine the pain anyone would go through while that attack. Well ok I am good now? If you are in God Consciousness Always Then Maybe When A Bear Attacks You, you can dis-imagine it into the existence/get eaten by it and become the bear itself. No human being has reached that level not even Sadhguru in my understanding and experience... I can't even imagine what radical state of consciousness that would be. Also, why do we need that? Don't we have other things to engage in and master? Personally speaking, I would run my ass off if I see a bear in front of me.. I would run faster than a cheetah.. Because I love my current form just too much.. Yes I am very very selfish. And every human being is. It is in our genes. From my perspective it's a God gift. Fear is good in this sense. The Higher Happiness is not to remain happy everytime. But become whatever it is necessary in a given moment. I remember Leo's words: You will do everything for Survival. Survival is deeply deeply intelligent. About Leo being happy with his health condition; It is not that he wants to remain that way. Humanity's medical system has failed him. It is not his fault. It is medical systems fault. I wish I could come up with some magical medicinal treatment which heals his health. If anyone here belongs to medical field,hey why don't you do some research on it? It's our Leo we are talking about here.. My point is: It's stupidity to expect Leo to be happy with his health condition instead of giving him solutions for his health. That was all. Thanks for reading?
  19. Hello my friend. I am Harsh Bagdia. And I am an ego? I dare you to try to hurt me. Hey but I won't be responsible if you get hurt in the process. This is your idea not mine. I am just inviting you to implement your idea. Ok I know I am acting all smart. There's a reason for saying such a statement. And that is: ego is such a misused/abused word that you can just relate anything negative with it. Let's take the most common perception of ego. It is that ego means Selfishness. So according to me Majority of today's population need more ego not less. Try changing my mind on this.
  20. Hello ? You are on the right track my friend..you just don't recognise fully that you are. You are good at philosophy. I appreciate your honesty. Let me continue from where you left. Let's talk about the the three aspects of happiness you came up with. 1. Health - Quitting Smoking You need to quit smoking ASAP. I was once a smoker too. My reality radically shifted once I quitted smoking. I made a video on it. It will challenge your core beliefs about smoking and it will be difficult to watch. You will love it though as you are into philosophy. I dare you to watch it completely. Then you may choose whatever you think is right. Food And Nutrition: I am not an expert on this matter. I am also still experimenting. I did Satvic Movement's 21 day Ultimate Health challenge and reduced my junk food intake by almost 60% and have included fruits & vegetable juice in my diet. They work like magic. I wish I can live on just fruits and vegetables. https://satvicmovement.org/ Exercise: What you can do if you don't like traditional way of exercising is (what I did for myself), Club it with something which you love doing. For example: - I do Hatha Yoga as I am into understanding consciousness. So I don't mind doing exercises if it helps elevates my consciousness ? - I am planning to get a dog for companionship. So while training him I will automatically exercise. - I play football and frisbee with my younger brother. You can come up with your unique creative solution for exercising your body. 2. Life Purpose Have you taken Leo's life purpose Course? And also, can you share more details about your purpose? Becoming a philosopher is a result. And You already are a philosopher?? You did some good philosophy coming up with these 3 points for happiness. Life purpose is not just a result but also what impact you are wanting to create on society. What impact will your philosophy have on other lives? 3. Awakening It's okay that you are not awake. Awakening is rare. It is very precious. The question is do you want to be awake? How badly do you want to be awake? What are the top most (most efficient) methods for awakening? For me it was a mix of Self Inquiry + Contemplation + Psychedelics + Reading Spiritual Texts + Watching and thinking on Leo's videos (and some others too) + Yoga + sheer intensity of Will After you have your first awakening experience, it will keep happening and it will happen more frequently. Once you get a taste of it, there's no turning back? It is delicious ? I wish you fast and powerful awakening experiences??
  21. Wow such beautiful lines...yes I have been. It's Profound. It's Healing. It's Soothing. It's Calming. It's Chilling. It's Inspiring. It's Magical. It's Humongous. It's Powerful. ITS TRUE HAPPINESS?♾️?? Yes, Love indeed is the supreme reality. In my native language Hindi, love is called "Prem" "प्रेम" which comes from root word "Param" "परम" which means supreme. Basically what it is saying is that love is supreme by definition itself. I will love to share some videos on love by Sandeep Sir, one of my mentor.. You will love them definitely..