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  1. You can't be manipulating reality from fear, this is going to get out of hand Namaste
  2. Right now, well fed, unthreatened, we have the luxury of pretending the Donners and the Nazis and gang-bangers are someone else, but they're not. They're us; a veil's breadth away. There are no good guys and bad guys. People are people, all the same; only the circumstances change.
  3. ""When I use words like love and hate, what I really mean is more like attract and repel in the energetic sense. No-flow places and ego-bound people repel me, as do ego-saturated places where the greed and vanity of the people seem to permeate the air. Whatever doesn't repel me is either neutral or attracts me. This is true of everyone, but most people drown it out. It's much subtler than love and hate; it's at the level of energy, and when your energy is distorted, you're distorted."" Jed Mckenna
  4. I like happiness as much as the next guy, but it's not happiness that sends one in search of truth. It's rabid, feverish, clawing madness to stop being a lie, regardless of price, come heaven or hell. This isn't about higher consciousness or self-discovery, or heaven on earth. This is about blood-caked swords and Buddha's rotting head and self-immolation, and anyone who says otherwise is selling something they don't have. JED MCKENNA
  5. I don't understan this statement very well, I would appreciate some examples from human experience Thanks!
  6. if anything requires knowledge and effort and seemingly superhuman powers of imagination, it's not truth but delusion
  7. "The whole directing/channeling thing seems to be hard for me to grasp rn though" is just what you do with the energy that you have, for example if you are fully concentrated you are directing energy to concentration, if you are thinking about your problems and worries you are directing energy to the ego... just see what are you doing with your energy thats it
  8. @rorghee The prupouse is to concentrate to beat the addiction. you didn't want that? Try different concentration exercises, I already told you some of them and you can invent your own as i say. if you start fighting against the addiction surely the discontent will come alone, as you know it is difficult to do against an addiction. when there is discontent you are able to get raged, if there is no discontent then no. it doesn't make sense to create discontent for creating it so if you are content you don't need to get raged, just concentrate with an exercise. Or perhaps you want to study or work or read or do sport or do something else with this addiction energy and forget about spirituality. It is your decision to make. "am i meant to bring up memories or bring to mind all the bullshit in my life and work with that?" no but you can start learning little by little what is going in your head and how has your life been and gradually understand things , in the end everything is connected in one way or another, for example your addiction has not come alone, it has its causes. if you keep doing spiritual practices everything will come out with time. but its your decision to make, you don't have to stir your life if you are content with it. "And, Is this rage concentration kind of like what happens in sports or is it different? Like for example I play soccer and say the other team is pissing me off, that ego anger that i feel is often useful to me as channel it into passion and concentration which is vital in a sport like that and I will probably play better. yes but is important to direct enregy to concentration not to thinking or not to feed the ego more "But in so many other areas of life, raging and being angry is often counter productive so yes I've definitely suppressed rage in the past, didnt know that actually expressing rage would be useful to me" most people have this problem, yeah sometimes is counter productive and it's frowned upon that's why I tell you that hate is not bad but you need to know how to use and when and how it works all this concentration/energy/emotion stuff. for example if someone is crushing you do not hesitate to get raged and take the necessary actions. But if you have got discontent in your life don't be angry with people it's not their fault and is worthless, it's not worth living bitter, release it when you are alone but always direct the energy to concentration.
  9. @winterknight since you're enlightened do you feel slut when you are with a girl or having sex with her? or is gone totally?
  10. you are the picture of the wall, the picture of the wall is awareness, you are aware of awareness
  11. Concentration and hatred of the false. Attachments are only emotional energy
  12. love and common sense
  13. what effect have high intensity sports like running or cycling on the ego? i mean, do have unbounding ego effect? or do have bounding ego effect? this all suposing that you excersice completely concentrated on your awareness