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  1. I have noticed that we humans are evolving and becoming aware of consciousness within self and others , one in the same, anyways , the awareness I have is that everything here on the planet is evolving and becoming aware of self, EVERYTHING... All the great creations, all of the smallest of creations. I have witnessed many species becoming aware of its self , there just isn't enough time to list them all here and continue to stay on point , there are so many aware of not only self but of everything and everyone it is sharing life with here on our beautiful planet. Animals helping other species not just is own. Has any one else been aware of this?
  2. I wonder because i'd love if you would chat just a little while with me, one on one? I have only idiots surrounding me who could not say a word unless it's " let's go fuck" and it's a complete let down because at first I believe , this will be interesting conversation because I have heard gossip that the male adult I am going to meet is well educated and has this or that to show he is intelligent. Wrong, two sentences and it's a complete waste of time and brain cells to be in the same room with the egotistical bastard that has every sign of being a narcissist. Total disappointment.. Of course I am from Kentucky so what would I possibly be thinking right? But I may be of some interest to a person such as yourself. Maybe....
  3. Have you found your dream girl yet Leo? I often find myself lost in dream with someone who I have never met but am hoping he is real...
  4. I see to be targeted for being a fan of some one and I wonder if anyone has some advice on how to turn the table, so to speak on the foolish people who are trying to stop me from being who I am ?
  5. I find it a struggle to keep others energy from attaching itself to my thoughts. It seems I can not find the place of balance after a strong conflict between me and another . I would love to know how to just let go of the emotions I have hidden because I'm certain these emotions have me all fucked up too. I wait for the chance to meet someone of whom could hold a real conversation without using the words; 'I love you so much' . It is something I have concluded that people do to just control the situation and me . If I were to let out all the emotions and words that are jumbled up inside this brain and Soul, I would destroy all human life, or change the rotation of this planet completely. Yes, it is that thought alone that keeps me as I am, fucked up beyond all hope of breaking free of myself.
  6. Leo, Ask me for coffee if you are ever in Richmond Kentucky. I know a great spot to just sit and relax and have a conversation. You may find something you were waiting for.
  7. I have awaken to the realization that I have never been my true self with anyone . I would always be the person someone wanted or needed me to be . Always. I meet someone by chance and would enjoy all that they were but I never allowed me to be seen. When did I decide to be other than myself? When did I first believe in everyone but me? How am I ever going to be more than my upbringing? The last question is the only one I need to answer . The others are for the girl who hides away from herself and I want to tell her, come out of the shadows and believe you are and know it beyond every belief you now have and stand in the light of love and understand you are more than your thoughts and I know that because I am you there and I am me here and I will never go back so live as you want there is nothing holding you to your past love is here not there .love is what you seek how can you obtain it if you always stay hidden?