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  1. You don't actualize a concept of yourself, or an image of yourself. You search internally for the cause of your ignorance. and actualize the self, your core being. not the mind masturbation you might be performing daily to yourself (don't take it wrong).
  2. You need to intensely want truth, not relief of your suffering. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND my friend. You will need to know your worldy self and not the lies you tell yourself to be, also have a good heart. goodluck. P.S 10 min meditation a week ?????? try 45 minutes per day, you don't seem to want to help yourself truly. Also lose this idea you have of awakening lose all concepts.
  3. Don't get confused with the voice in your head, it's the devil my friend. Once you've 'died' you'll know no questions asked. Read my post, hope it helps!
  4. When you've just woke up and when you're about to go to sleep.
  5. Devil is just your ego desires attachments choices based on emotion etc. The things you've build up from birth up untill now once you've achieved the light you can precede that devil by that self God, the devil can never win. God has no opposite.
  6. It's one, not you, that's pretty self centered, as if you're the leading role in a movie, no we're all the leading role.
  7. This is what islam believes, if you believe in the Q'uran then yes
  8. What are you talking about
  9. Did I just write that all for nothing ? Well just be then.
  10. @LastThursday You just said "The only way to know is to "experience" or become aware of it directly. Thoughts are not good enough" So I said read my article. I've experienced the absolute in different ways so now I "know". This does not depend on my viewpoint, it is what it is and always has been. Life is the effect produced on the substance of Mind by the sequence of alternating electromagnetic pulsations which constitute the process of thinking. The progress of this effect is registered in integrating light and manifests itself in that orderly periodic phenomenon inherent in all matter and all things which man calls "growth"(experience). Life is merely the registration, in matter, of states of motion of thinking Mind. Man calls these various states of motion of the one substance by many names, and they appear to be many substances. The apparent difference between the many is due solely to difference of motion and not to substance. Many states of motion are possible but there are not two substances in the universe. There is only one substance. As all states of motion are MEASURABLE and are under the absolute CONTROL of mind, and as man is mind, man may, with dawning knowledge of causes change any one state of motion into any other state of motion, and by doing so transmute any one substance into any other one. The granite rock may become gold or radium at will of man. The force called "thinking" which impels Mind into concentration and decentration in sequence is the only energy of the universe. There is no other energy. The universe is Mind only. The universal constant of energy registers, in the substance of Mind, the illusions caused by the thinking of Mind. All thinking is expressed in measurable and opposing impulses of opposing motion. All motion is action and reaction. Life is merely the action of thinking; and thinking is as eternal as the thinking substance of Mind is eternal Let me try to elaborate: Inferior to God there is nothing. Opposed to God there is nothing. Creation is not more, nor is it less than it has always been from the beginning. It cannot be more than God nor can it be less than God. God is in reality, and it exists in substance. God is thinking Mind. The substance or body of god is light. The One universal substance which is God is a tangible substance, a thinking substance, comprehensible and describable and possessed of principles which are familiar to man through man's observation of the One universal substance in "created" things. The substance of all "created" things is light. The One substance of thinking Mind is all that exists. The "created" universe is the registration in matter of the idea of thinking Mind. Mind is expressed in light. Light is the storehouse of the energy of thinking Mind. The universe is a universe of energy. Energy is expressed in light. Mind is the universe. Mind substance is "spiritual" substance. Spirit is light. (Added picture maybe that helps) SO CONSCIOUSNESS GOES BEFORE MATTER MY FRIEND 'Buddha' got a physical building out of the ground with just his thought, and so did 'Mahavatar Babaji' by the way, look it up. These are just levels of consciousness we are yet to realize.
  11. @lastthursday Read my article on my experience. Actually no they dont become thought, thoughts create matter which goes to the cosmos then fuses with antimatter and creates lightwaves.
  12. This is ridiculous, something can only come from something not from nothing and nothing can come from something. Consciousness comes before matter my friend. Everyone always exists as you can get a phone call now telling you that some relative passed away some hours ago (sorry for that example but maybe so you'll understand).