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  1. A small and simple model I made based on perception regarding Truth for the seekers. Don't forget every bubble outside of time&space is just as much whole and complete as the ones "higher" up. Also, in the fourth bubble one needs to experience psychological death (dying before you die) in a deep meditative state. BEWARE OF MIND-TRAPS AND CONFUSING CERTAIN TERMS WITH CERTAIN EXPERIENCES.
  2. From a lot of your posts it seems like you have no idea what Nibbana is.
  3. Would you like me to sugarcoat your illusions? This is NOT what an "awakening" is. The mind is playing tricks on you and you agree to whatever the mind shows you..
  4. Of course you both have similar experiences . You're both quite delusional. Lmao
  5. That is the danger with people that have mental illnesses and pursue the truth, people confuse their experience with enlightenment and create their own fantasy and call that ultimate reality. Even reading my comment now they will think, what is this guy talking about? I Know what I'm talking about? ^ See what I mean LOL ^
  6. Amazing report, thanks for this. Gave quite a good view on what I'm heading towards! How many mg did you take?
  7. @RMQualtrough If you watch it frame by frame using ", and ." you can clearly see it appears out of nowhere from a spot which should have been easy noticeable if it was 1 inch further away. It also stops for a split second hovering around. Quite convenient moment in space and time for "dust" to appear and move on the camera lens. Not to mention all the other thousands if not ten thousand dust particles floating around in a room and "this one" making the grand entrée.
  8. It's both material and immaterial. If it's dust it's funny that it went particularly from his head moving away.
  9. 3:06 either that's dust or it's his consciousness leaving the body.
  10. Let me say it like this, as long as thought identifies itself with sensation "i", will is born out of desire and action will most likely follow. In the absolute sense it's just happening and there is no free will, even though in absolute sense there is no distinction between the relative and the absolute. therefore we will always arrive at YES and NO
  11. The universe and therefore you are in complete order. To say it is disorder (chaos) would only mean that one is yet to perceive order, life in its Totality, the Whole. The disorder lies in perception, like one perceives a volcano erupting as disorder yet it aligns completely with the movement of the universe. To say there is no order also contradicts the notion of "not having free will". I agree and disagree with this, there is free will and there isn't. Free will is limited and all choices we are able to make within time/space have already been laid out for us to just make, however and whenever we choose to. For example saying "the way I am going to die is already set in stone" is a true and it's not because it's not one way, its multiple ways. You can get hit by a car or you can jump from a bridge, It's all been made available to just happen when it happens within TIME and within SPACE, hence the illusion.
  12. @Leo Gura I think you could focus more on integration and embodiment, waking up from the gut.