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  1. Maybe this will be of help to you guys. I think @Leo Gura talked about his?
  2. Another record by me, guys and gals. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Love is the game of Masters and everyone who is wild enough to try it!!
  4. So I create music and other things!! Here's the link friends. Hit me up with a comment and let me know what u think!!
  5. So I am just walking down the street near my new apartment near Helsinki, Finland. Just a nice summer evening. I see a guy smoking a joint and I ask him if I can also have a little. So we share it and we talk and I look at the book in his hand. Sure enough, it's David Deida's Way of the Superior Man. I kinda smile and think to myself that I remember that I read this book in my teens when I was like 17 or so. Then we part ways and I go to home and sleep. The next evening we meet again by random and we start to talk about books and I ask him what books he is reading. He's like "Well, some books on Yoga. Also the Book of Not Knowing." I'm like... what? Where did you hear about those? ","
  6. Hey guys. I'd love to see some business theory applied in practice here, tell us about the sales you made and you are growing your revenue? I have a blog which I am currently trying to sell slots in. I have a base of readers, got started just over one year ago and got like a few active readers now. I am hoping to be a big blogger one day along with my music which I've made some money in after an advertising campaign. Above link is the product I am trying to market right now. I did one of those myself in a media and I think it will raise my revenue in the long run (the blog visibility). If you got feedback and suggestions I'd love to hear.
  7. Started producing music seriously after the LP course so this baby is a result of that!
  8. I make music and I thought Actualized would like to hear.
  9. is my blog which I started when Christopher "Hareesh" Wallis asked people to volunteer some WordPress work for him. Since that day I've beeen in love with that blogging platform and gained 100 followers in a year or so. I've been receiving daily likes for months straight now and am very , very happy with all the readers who like my stuff. I also post on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. Life Purpose course along with courses, along with observing how the artists I admire do it, taught me everything I currently know about my craft which is electronic music, songwriting, visual art (album/single cover arts). I started my journey with no facebook friends, since I didn't use that platform, a fresh IG account which is 1.5years old and my first Spotify release was 5 months ago. I have been writing my commonplace journal for a few years now and I also decided to publish it completely. If you want to buy it or other products I got for sale, the hotlink is I haven't got a first sale yet from the shop, yet. So if you want to be my first customer, be my guest! If you just want to enjoy my free content, that's absolutely cool and awesome! I appreciate all likes, comments and subs to my different social media profiles. I am releasing new music now on a schedule and my discography consists of around 50 songs in Spotify now, thousands of blog posts, hundreds of Instagram posts and many, many drafts which I am working on and will release in the near future. If someone wants to check out my art and give me pointers on how to make it better, I am receptive and grateful.
  10. ❤️
  11. This album was produced as a result of LP course taken a few years back. Thanks Leo and Actualized crew. I hope you Love it!! 17th March 2023
  12. I cried a few times in my house whilst bootstrapping myself up as an artist. Now my project has been growing as I've been learning to market myself more efficiently. Many struggles, of course! All worth it a thousand times over!