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  1. I also feel this from time to time!! Maybe change the genre?
  2. Yeah lmfao
  3. I couldn't agree with Mark more here. His view is very eye-opening. Especially the politics part where he goes to say that most USA citizens agree on stuff but still manage to fight about everything. Damn!
  4. Two accounts sounds good but I might be more interested right now in helping local enterpreneurs with their WordPress needs.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Would you like to show me your work so I can learn? Don Aapo
  6. One of these sites is owned by a corrupt person I know in real life.
  7. In hindsight, the psychosis was just a lie my narcissistic mom told me when I was listening to Devil's music on my PC. My mom claims to be a feminist. This is her website. She did 0% of the design herself, this is simply a bought website.
  8. Hey fellow actualizers! I hope you're all doing just fine and fantastic. I definitely am! It has been 3-4 years since I first took the LP course. My mom bought it for me! Thanks mom! But anyway! After I finished the course, I have put in around a few hours of work and mental contemplation along with steering my life along the path of an artist career, which I decided to be musical after finishing the LP course. I was specifically talking about being a 'Performing Artist' I am blessed to announce, that after self-reflecting on the point here and my journey, it's incredible to realize that it's exactly what I've been doing. Not yet generating much cashflow with my business efforts but I feel like the course is set, and that I am managing my energy properly. I am going to add that taking a break from creativity helps too! Maybe a week or two of just chilling in ur house and watching some videogame streams or playing some games might do you a great favor! I'm going to do that right now ;). This is one blissful path to take in Life. Please buy the course guys!! Also don't just buy it. Make it the fucking focus!! You will cry after. I promise. Don Aapo
  9. Ah. I loved the replies guys! Thank you so much. I will meditate on your answers guys. Now I'm just tired and have to get some rest. Speak with you soon. <3
  10. I've always been pretty shitty off financially. I've been a struggling entrepreneur for around 4 years now. Having wanting to be an entrepreneur since childhood, a childhood dream of mine. Anyways a funny realization and here it is. I live in a rental apartment. I like to travel. As I was preparing financially for my future and my dreams and stuff I want to buy (maybe a house, maybe a car, maybe a sailboat, who knows?). I realized that in my current situation if I wanted to for example move abroad. It would make perfect sense for me to not lose the rental deal on my current apartment. It would make perfect sense for me to have 2 apartments, if I decide to get a new one. This might not make sense for you. It definitely doesn't for everyone. I am not saying every person in the world should own 2 apartments. I am saying I would be better off financially in case I decide to move. I could instead keep renting this old apartment for example in AirBnB. This is not always the case, and your mileage may wary. As a general point if I am saying I did something, it doesn't NECESSARILY mean EVERYONE should do it. Maybe U get shot in Alaska and U just happen to have Heroin with you and you have to perform an emergency surgery on your foot. I would take some heroin at that point. I am not necessarily arguing you should be taking heroin tho. I have personally never done it and never would. I don't see it as a conscious behavior. Unselfish people live in Heaven. Selfish people live in Hell. The choice was made by God. You don't have to make it. It was made for You. However, maybe Life holds something very beautiful for you out there. Maybe you have just looked into the wrong direction? Outside? or Inside? I wonder what is being said when one says the words "Spiritual Ecstasy" Why did they come up with that word? What did they need the word for?U What is it pointing at? Until next time, Don Aapo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- okay guys, what did u think of it? I would love some feedback as I'm trying to make money using these blog posts along with other content I'm posting on my WordPress blog and my social media (Instagram and TikTok) blog - instagram - tiktok -
  11. I took it and it changed everything for me. Been developing my artistry for 3 years now. Really solid course imo.
  12. Feeling a sadness about life right now. Stay strong guys and gals❤️
  13. Give yourself a high dose of Self-Love
  14. I should've expected a post like this on Actualized Lmfao! "Can't stop Truth seeking, plz halp" Has to be made into a meme. Por favor
  15. I would like to thank Leo from the bottom of my Heart, and all of you my Beloved's here on Actualized. My life has became blissful now. I am full of Freedom and Love. My heart is bursting open in ecstasy. I have so much gratitude to Leo. Guy lifted me from a deep crisis in my late teens in Life, and in 7 years the quality of my life went from Hell to Heaven. <3 Thank you, Master. Let''s remember gratitude guys and girls, it's the most subtle feeling of Majesty. Thank you