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  1. Yep, the direct experience was too shocking. It was like meeting God in flesh.
  2. Met a kid on the streets of Helsinki Finland. I was in an altered state of consciousness, basically a ecstasy state. Walked past this kid, and I asked him if he can count all the cobblestones of Helsinki, Finland. He gave me the exact number in 3 days.
  3. As many of you might be aware, we live in a mainly stage orange society. I've taken Leo's life purpose course, if any of you still are considering it, please give it a serious shot. That course changed my perspective on reality to a whole different level. We're all victims of collective ego (I'd say stage orange science based society) which abuses us. Today I had a big realization about my own life's work. What has been seen in my trips to the mental hospital can never be unseen. The abuse that stage orange medical industry is making on us is quite horrific to be honest. This has to change. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject, or stage orange scientitism in general. DM's also welcome.
  4. Also had similar experiences when doing a solo psychedelic retreat, songs changing based on what I'm feeling, etc. Freaky
  5. A video on this subject is my suggestion!
  6. I have also been abused by people close to me. So I think I can relate a little bit. I am still in the process of forgiving, maybe I haven't processed all my emotions yet. Journaling works wonders. Singing is profound for me in dealing with emotions. If you're dealing with guilt and/or feelings of inferiority and anger and whatever, just remember that it will be okay. I had to kind of get to know the triggers which subconsciously reminded me of the abuse situation. When you get triggered, etc, just keep breathing deeply and allowing the feelings to pass. Allow yourself to feel lightheaded even. Notice if you judge yourself, and let it go. In the end you can choose to be the bigger person and forgive, but you must not force yourself. Only do it if you authentically feel ready for it. Letting go and releasing these emotions can be quite intense so be prepared just my 2 cents.
  7. Interesting thread! Follow your intuition with all your courage and don't give a fuck about anybody else's opinion.
  8. Thanks guys! I was planning to share some of my crazy trip experiences Thanks for the idea, I will probably write some or check my commonplace book for something.
  9. Hey guys, I decided I would share a little bit of my journey thus far. It's been a wild ride. I have been following Leo's content since he didn't ever mention God, been also on the Actualized Forum since it's very earliest days, mostly as a lurker. I would say I have been doing Self-Development for around 7 years now. I originally got into it because I was a very shy kid, had social anxiety, so I started doing pick-up and got involved with self-development because of it. Now 24 years old. So I have a few years of experience under my belt, by no means a master yet but that's cool. I've done LSD, Mushrooms, 5-MeO DMT, NN-DMT and a bunch of other psychedelics. Also been practicing different spiritual techniques, studying and contemplating and read around 150 books. Mostly Leo's book list. Also watched almost every single Actualized episode, except all of the very first ones, many of them multiple times. I wanted to talk about my experience with this work. The amount of work is actually quite big. I haven't had a dayjob in years, (I'm very blessed to be born in Finland where we have a welfare system that supports people with no jobs.) But, oh boy, are the rewards massive as well. To the guys and girls who are struggling with this work right now, feeling confused and lost, maybe depressed. Keep going! There's a lot of value in this! I got started with this work because I battled with depression for my whole life. I was somewhat a different kid growing up, was bullied a little bit. More on the sensitive side. Little bit of a traumatic childhood. But this work has completely transformed me. It has brought me so much that it's really impossible to describe with any words whatsoever. It's literally beyond all words and concepts. I'm honored to be a part of this community!
  10. So, I think we're all heard Leo and other spiritual teachers talk about our true nature, right? Love, God, Consciousness, etc. In middle of my contemplation session I kind of got a flash in my mind, a question popped up. Is it an epistemological mistake to know Truth? Can Truth be known? Or can it only be directly experienced? I'm feeling that language is very limited as well here! Enlightenment means you're directly conscious of the Truth? Deep understanding of Epistemology is essential to know the Truth. I just became directly conscious of this aspect of reality. I guess that's why Leo also teaches it. (thank you for all you done for us man, really grateful for this. you're the sensei man.) Also, if you guys be me right, can you even answer this to me? If I'm only asking myself? Lul Reality, you are so funny sometimes.
  11. I like to listen to his talks as audio books. You can get them from Audible for the cost of a audio book and some of them are over 40 hours long. It's good stuff, definitely check it out. Also; This right here.
  12. Okay, so. You want to hold the belief that it's possible for you to succeed, which gives you a certain flair of confidence. So make the distinction between 2 types of confidence. The one that you 'can succeed in whatever you're doing' Tackling limiting beliefs, visualizations and breath work can help. Then the other type of confidence is like an side-effect of having a lot of direct experience in your field, that comes with time.
  13. Do you feel like you're succeeding in your vision for life? What was the hardest thing you have done? Whats the best comment/email you ever got? Congratulations on the big milestone, man. Much love!! <3
  14. I almost want to congratulate you for being courageous. Really well done.
  15. I definitely think you can do do both at the same time. Maybe figure out for yourself through for example contemplation, which feels more exciting to you right now, and pursue it with bigger efforts.