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  1. This album was produced as a result of LP course taken a few years back. Thanks Leo and Actualized crew. I hope you Love it!! 17th March 2023
  2. I cried a few times in my house whilst bootstrapping myself up as an artist. Now my project has been growing as I've been learning to market myself more efficiently. Many struggles, of course! All worth it a thousand times over!
  3. I've spent a hundred nights with Leo in my apartment. Endlessly watching his content on YouTube Now I also make money working in my underwear from my laptop at home. Hm?
  4. I got no other way to stop the madness except to call out these violent beings by their name God forgive me!!
  5. 4 Years After Doing The Whole Course Including All The Exercises No more day job. On track on becoming a professional musician, like the Divine Child within always wanted. Grateful!
  6. I got first introduced to Leo's work of and the concept of Self-Actualization back when I was 19 years old. I am now 26, soon turning 27. Music producer Mat Zo shared Leo's How To Meditate video. Since that day I've been a follower of Leo and During that time I was probably around stage Orange in my development if we're talking in context of Spiral Dynamics. I was introduced to RSD and I followed their content and then I just noticed that Leo is on another level and soon my interest in RSD dropped completely. Not saying they're a bad company or anything but yeah, I'd say they're quite Orange. Anyway, when I was 19, before finding out about Self-Actualization, I was depressed and miserable. My mother was never too loving towards me. Dude showed me how to inject life with passion, love and energy. Sure I was also happy growing up but man. I do not regret a second of watching Actualized on YouTube, contemplating the subjects, hundreds of hours of meditation. Psychedelics, including 5-MeO DMT in Portugal . I am a native of Finland, born here in the North where 5-MeO-DMT can be hard to source sometimes. So I decided to move to Portugal and experimented with psychedelics quite a bit. Fun times :). My life would not be the same without you, Leo. I don't know how to say it to "a stranger" on the other side of the planet ;). I feel like I am a stranger to you. I've watched almost every video on YouTube channel. I like to say that we've spent countless evenings together. Think about it man. I spent my life from 19 to 26 watching you talk about philosophy, man. Bought the Life Purpose course and am currently on track to becoming a professional musician. This would not have been the case without you, Leo. When I first found on YouTube 7 years back, I could not have imagined that I would create music for a living. A list of concrete and actual benefits from following Leo's work, Not a wage slave (How many hours of happiness is that added to my life? I'd say a few hours every day ;). Not depressed Confident Educated AF Like 10x more Conscious Really seeing life in a new way Book list is fucking awesome and I can't wait to get back to some of my favorite ones there. Carlos Castaneda is just too sick! Spiritually inclined, as I have been since a child, probably, like you said. Made Mastery a top, top priority for me in life. It's already visible in each aspect of my life, of course. I even added it to my own list of values when I completed the Life Purpose Course. I do not probably have to work another day for a boss that doesn't give a shit about me, like I used to in the past sometimes. Now a professional artist/entrepreneur/producer kinda guy. You know, I've spent literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours watching Leo. It's why this feels so funny. I've "hanged out" with Leo online more than any other person on this planet. Watching him talk. Just day after day. It's like a different universe for me for a while since I haven't watched an Actualized video in a week. This has not happened in my last 7 years. I've watched Leo just about every other day. Maybe sometimes going 2 weeks without. I trusted his advice as a beginner on the path. It has served me extremely well to just have trusted Leo. Just talking about my own direct experience. So Leo is like my business mentor that taught me how to eat well, how to meditate, how to have great relationships, how to think about the world, how to question my own biases, how to not judge myself, how to hold Balance in this Exquisite life. I only gave him 300 for the Life Purpose Course and like 25 dollars for the book list? WTF? You can spend that money on fucking alcohol in a nightclub in one night. Think about that. More money spent on drinking one night, than a spiritual mentor guru who pretty much saved my fucking life along with making me such a joyful human being! 7 years and only 300 euros? What the f***. The value I've gotten from Leo feels better than winning the lottery. Not a wage slave, man.. profound feeling. I can only hope that I might touch others the way you've touched me and the rest of us, bro. Keep it real, Leo. Your grateful student, and your fucking brother. Thanks for making dreams come true, man. Need to get back to being a Patreon of yours, man. Well deserved ;). Don Aapo Anandamayi
  7. It will come, brother!
  8. Her name is Mantra Will post photos later
  9. I don't quite remember who it was here on forums mentioning that singing is a spiritual practice for her, but I started to sing that day and it has been like 3 years and I am getting ridiculously good here!! Practicing every day for around 30 minutes! Much gratitude to that poster!! The practice includes listening to one's own voice and forgetting how you look like!
  10. Yo I am dropping in from HKI, FIN. All bout dat Finland
  11. I also feel this from time to time!! Maybe change the genre?