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  1. My enlightenment level is OVER NINE THOOOOOUSAAAAAND!!!!!
  2. The meta ending of the going meta video was an even more effective God realization than the "realizing you are god" video for me.
  3. why do people want to pay so much extra? I'd pay the same amount I paid for the LP course for a new course, lol. That was a pretty good price to me. if you want to give leo extra money he's got a pateron you can give as much as you want on there.
  4. Oh I have, a lot. It was many years ago when I was going through this phase. And it was definitely the mythic Christian view of God that I was raised with that I was reacting to. I had no conception at the time that God could even be thought about in any other way. Suffice to say my views have grown substantially since then!
  5. Actually I'd claim that the only good Star Wars movies are the original trilogy. Everything that's come after is varying levels of bad, prequels and sequels alike. But I nonetheless prefer the prequels to the sequels because they are far more unique. There is nothing else like those movies. Nobody else but George Lucas could have made them. People will still remember them decades from now. Every scene is a meme for good reason. They are deeply weird and fascinating. The Disney sequels are assembly-line crowd-pleasers that couldn't be arsed to even try to tell a coherent story over the trilogy. Each subsequent Disney film was an increasing reaction of "oh Disney really doesn't give a shit do they? so why should I?" I'd take a fascinating mess over generic pabulum any day.
  6. I can definitely relate to this. For many years I would say that obviously God wasn't real and that religions were BS, yet I nonetheless was still terrified of the possibility that I was wrong and would go to hell or whatever. To nobodies surprise that contradictory mindset made me absolutely miserable!
  7. all the star wars films could be listed in order of release and that would more or less suffice as a ranking.
  8. On the occasions I smoked during the peak it made the experience very hedonistic and I couldn't really do anything except roll around on the ground in pleasure and would lose memory of portions of the trip. If you smoke when you're coming down it can bring the trip back and extend things for a few more hours.
  9. I'm on the MAPS Canada mailing list and Mark Haden recently sent out a letter distancing himself from Ball which is how I found out about this in the first place. Apparently they're removing Ball from the MAPS guide as a consequence of this Psymposia exposé.
  10. Usually I'm pretty familiar with most of the nominees, but covid really did a number on both the film industry and on the attention I gave movies last year (which without any theaters to go to, dwindled to almost nothing). So this might be the most underwhelming set of nominations I've ever seen. Curious to see how it shakes out I suppose. Awards shows are mostly dumb but I've gotten a kick out of watching the Oscars with friends in past years. But that's pretty unlikely this time around.
  11. Yes you can feel like your personal barriers and inhibitions are lowered so much that you can feel like you could do some "crazy" things. like I absolutely get why people could end up running in the streets naked on psychedelics, or feel like they could fly and jump out a window, you just kinda don't give a fuck. But if you're well aware of the circumstances that you're in I don't think it's a particularly large risk. Like it's still your choice as to whether or not you're going to do the stupid thing or not, it's not like the psychedelic is mind-controlling you to do stupid shit. Like for example I went for a walk through the park on shrooms once and I had to piss and I was like "oh I could just piss right here, what difference does it make?" but then I was like "oh wait, no that goes against standard human conventions, and even though I feel like in this moment I am beyond such conventions, I still know what those conventions are and so it remains in my best interest to not piss out in the open but to walk back home and do it in private." I kind of get the impression that people who end up acting on a lot of the more destructive impulses while on psychedelics are also the type to do stuff like mix drugs like alcohol into the mix. if you're drunk and tripping then you're just asking for trouble.
  12. I would like to see Leo have some dialogs with the wider community outside of his channel. But I don't really blame him if he doesn't want to do that, that's never been what he's been about and while I'm sure I would enjoy watching it I doubt it would have as much value as his regular content.
  13. Oh I've have had a taste of that too and it's true. Extreme existential anguish and suffering did instill an altered state in me and made me start seriously questioning all of reality for the first time, and that's ultimately what put me on the path of seeking out psychedelics in the first place which majorly helped me put that experience of suffering within a context. I also don't recommend it. But hey, that's life for ya.
  14. Damn It takes like 300ug of LSD for me to even be on the edge of a breakthrough, and even then it's usually only a brief taste. there is also the factor that some people are just naturally more sensitive. My friend had a breakthrough on 1 and a half grams of mushrooms (it would probably take me at least 3 or 4 depending on potency), but he definitely didn't take to it as a regular spiritual practice or anything whereas I have. I'm fairly convinced that there would have been no way someone with my brain and body chemistry could have experienced anything remotely close to enlightenment-like experiences without psychedelics. I wasn't even open to that possibility being a real thing that existed before. The structure of my ego as I've come to understand it (so far anyway) is very heavy on putting up barriers and walls between myself and others. That's a pattern that led to a lot of negative shit in my life. Psychedelics are the only thing that reliably breaks down those walls for me and it was such an incredible life-changing relief to discover that. I think that is likely the case for a lot of people out there.
  15. Can you have fizzy water while on a fast? I'm a big soda water fan, love those bubbles.