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  1. It was a mistake to give WWII that name. People should have just let WWI remain "The Great War" while calling WWII simply "The World War" or something. The presence of a 2 primes people to await a 3. Let wars have their own names.
  2. If you're open to psychedelic-themed suggestions for the booklist I'd put forward: PIHKAL & TIHKAL (Shulgin), True Hallucinations (McKenna), Diamonds From Heaven (Bache), Sacred Knowledge (Richards). Those are probably the ones where I that I have gained the most educational, historical, spiritual, and entertainment value from (in various proportions). At least so far.
  3. As much as I'd like to see Leo discuss science with somebody, I kinda think it's a tall order right now, since most scientists and public intellectuals don't want to have someone dismantle their worldview in front of them. How do you even pitch that interview in a way that makes a scientist actually want to participate in it? Leo might have a million subscribers but he's still far from being a well known public figure who could pull big guests on clout alone. I'd bet a lot of people who would otherwise be good candidates for this discussion who haven't heard of Leo before might look him up and be like "whats this woo woo crap? I'm not talking to this guy."
  4. Legalization/decriminalization of psychedelics will have a bigger impact on the country (and world) than whoever is president for the next 4 years. But of course this is going totally under the radar for the vast majority who are focused on the big horse race. I kinda think a lot of America is going to be completely blindsided by this since most people are completely ignorant about psychedelics. Radical change occurring right under their noses!
  5. How is it that every time I check, the % of votes counted remains exactly the same? Surely they've counted SOME in the last few hours? When are those percents going to start rising?
  6. There were some psychedelic legalization/decriminalization bills too I think.
  7. as far as i know first polls begin to close at around 6-8 eastern time. so presumably results will begin to come in after that. Of course there are still tons of mail in votes to be counted and plenty of other crap could still happen to delay things. But the more decisive the victory the more quickly we'll get a result.
  8. Regardless of the result, I'm just counting down the hours until it's over. This shit stresses me out big time.
  9. I'm canadian and US politics are shoved in my face all the time, so I don't know how you've managed to avoid it. We just had a provincial election in BC and over the last month I probably saw 10 times more coverage of the US election I can't vote in than the election I actually could.
  10. Yeah this is the reason I find it difficult to recommend Leo to other people. I know that they will not understand. Frankly, it's Leo's dedication to not dumbing down his content and to reaching for the deepest possible insights that make his work valuable, and I don't think he should change that approach. But that simultaneously makes the videos very inaccessible, and perhaps even offputting, for new people. so perhaps there is a role for others who can frame things in a way that can help those at lower levels start to see what he's getting at.
  11. How do you feel about Rupert Sheldrake's views? He makes many similar points about science.
  12. I laughed out loud at the guy who posted a link to rational wiki as if that was a reasonable source for an explanation of who Leo is.
  13. it's fascinating to see the responses to this video. Seems to me like the people who miss the point the hardest are those locked in the belief that science and facts and logic are out there in the world rather than projected onto it by the mind. For those people understanding what Leo is saying becomes like 100x more difficult, he might as well be speaking in paradoxes for all the sense it will make to them. One of the biggest points I liked from the video is that you need to explore the limits of science in order to do better science. That seems completely reasonable to me. But i think many people within the scientific paradigm are so locked into that way of thinking that they dont realize that there are limits at all. Like the room labelled "science" is so big that you can't see the walls or the ceiling when you're standing in the middle of the room, if you explore deeply you'll find that those limits are there, but most people cant be bothered to put in the effort.
  14. Thanks for sharing, I've been really enjoying this series. Contemplating some of his ideas has inspired some really good self-reflection too.
  15. I listened to some of his talks on a trip once, it was stunning. Deep spiritual power in that man.