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  1. My parents are Keto& sugar free (as much as possible anyway), and in the process of eating their many artificially sweetened desserts, the conclusion Ive mostly drawn is a thumbs down in terms of taste. Maltitol and Monk Fruit are the most palatable (but maltitol can cause diarrhea, so Monk fruit is the winner). But honestly I'd prefer to just eat unsweetened things rather than the weird icky-sweet tastes of the alternate sweeteners. What would be a massive game changer would be Left-handed Sugar. It's literally just the sugar molecule mirrored, but because biology evolved to adapt to right-handed molecules our bodies cannot process it, BUT it still behaves exactly like sugar in every other way and tastes exactly like sugar. The only reason it's not used is because it's extremely expensive to produce at a commercial scale because nature REALLY wants all sugar molecules to be right-handed. But one day I could envision a breakthrough allowing it to go mainstream, since it would be what all artificial sweeteners wish they were: 0 calorie sugar that tastes normal and doesn't affect blood sugar.
  2. Good decision. far too often I come to this forum looking for a 2nd tier perspective on things, and then end up getting sucked into wasting my time reading a thread full of drama and immaturity or whatever else. If I wanted to read facebook-level discussions then I'd go on facebook.
  3. My friend did this combo and had his ass handed to him. He even went to the hospital cus he was freaking out (they gave him a placebo telling him it was a benzo and told him to go home and he was fine after that lmao). Made me a bit unsure if I want to try the combo out for myself. Might be better off just taking a higher dose of lsd or mushrooms rather than crossing them. Maybe I might try a double microdose one day to see how they interact at a lower dose. Like a quarter tab plus half a gram or something.
  4. if youre ok with plugging oil then that would work fine. and tinctures are themselves just oils themselves so you can use the same product for both sublingual and for plugging, find the most potent per ml you can find of a good quality tincture and you'll be set. probably should be sure to use 2 different droppers for each method though . My prediction is that because both sublingual and plugging methods bypass the liver's conversion of THC to 11-ho-thc (the edibles effect) the effects from both would be similar in effect. maybe differing rates in how fast the kick in or minor stuff like that but both would be a pretty pure thc experience. You can find nearly flavorless oils btw, so sublingual doesn't have to be that unpleasant if you dislike the taste of weed. I think sublingual would be better just because you can consume more at once. If I want to have 3 droppers worth of oil at once (what i would take for a very strong effect) i can easily fit that in my mouth, but going for more than 1 dropper worth of plugging might be too much to ask.
  5. This is a drawback for me too. Sometimes it's fun but other times it can be frustrating to be on a deep train of thought and really getting to someplace beautiful, and then suddenly getting really horny and being completely distracted. When you were saying vaping in other posts I was thinking of vape pens not shatter, but yeah if you're hitting dabs then those will take you all the way for sure. I'd be curious how the tincture affects you. It's good for what it is, but the alteration of consciousness I get from it is miniscule in comparison unless i take a ton of it and even then it's still fairly different. I'm skeptical if pure synthetic THC would actually be ideal, otherwise it would be a more popular method of consumption than it is considering how popular weed is. everyone wants stronger potency flower and higher % concentrates, but seems like the market for actually pure isolates is pretty small. I think there are some dabbing products that get closer than Shatter though. I've seen THC "diamonds" listed at 96-99% thc for instance. could be a more pure alternative to the shatter if you can find it. THC isn't water soluble so that would complexify the plugging route. You could plug thc oil/butter, but then it wouldn't be pure thc anymore. There are now "water soluble" (nano-emulsified) thc products out there which could address this, but it still wouldnt be "pure" if that's what youre looking for. I would expect the effects from that to be nearly identical to just using the same product sublingually though.
  6. as high a dose as it takes for you. everyone is different. but you want to get as high has you can comfortably (or not so comfortably) get. work your way up slowly if youre not sure. sativa strains are preferred. but having high quality weed is more important than the specific strain. I don't like eating it because the physical effects of edibles are unpleasant for me and it doesn't put me in a mystical state as reliably as smoking, but some people prefer it. depends on you. put on music. something you can have an emotional connection to but isn't distracting. dancing or any rhythmic movement help me a lot as well. chanting or mantras would probably work too if your into that. or silently meditate if that's what you prefer. avoid anything that could potentially distract yourself from the flow state you're in. never ruin perfectly good weed with tobacco. and you'd just be diluting the weed anyway. how does the legal weed system work in Thailand btw? Curious to know what the scene is like over there.
  7. i don't think it's that complicated. lsd is really stimulating, your body is working on overdrive for 12 hours. of course you'd be exhausted and drained afterwards.
  8. This thread is a train wreck. Merry Christmas!
  9. I don't think i could be aroused with a sex doll. that shit's not hot. at all. Also imagine cleaning it afterwards.
  10. There are other possibilities. Maybe you triggered an underlying condition or opened yourself up to an ungrounded state. If you felt the drug that is the feeling of the drug being used by your body, it is not used twice. Once it is used it breaks down into various metabolites which are excreted. Anything that lingers would linger at smaller and smaller concentrations as more and more gets eliminated from your body so even if it still affected the user that entire time the effects would drop off drastically and quickly. If your body lacks the ability to break down these types of molecules, then you would probably not have survived childhood because the same enzymes that break down psychedelics do the same job with serotonin and other neurotransmitters, and you need that to be alive at all. If somehow you are an extremely rare anomaly to all this then your brain chemistry could make a valuable contribution to science, and you should contact some researchers or something.
  11. LSD staying in your system is drug war propaganda bullshit. Weed can stay for up to a month or so because it gets stored in fat cells, but you ain't getting high from that.
  12. I can't help but imagine what kind of trip the real Michael Jackson would have had.
  13. I think most people could have a positive experience on weed their first time if they only had a little bit. Just ONE hit of weed for most newbies is probably equal or greater to an entire joint or more for a regular user. But most people don't know what they're getting into and end up in over their head. My first experience (when I was drug naive except for alcohol) the entire world turned the color red, everything went slo-mo, got tinnitus, and a head rush so intense that I passed out from a standing position. I was lucky I didnt hit my head on something. After that I was much more careful.
  14. I can't speak for Leo obviously, but with my best experiences with weed it accelerates my mind in a way that maximizes insights extremely effectively. If unique or strange states of consciousness are what I'm after than weed isn't necessarily it, but if insights alone are what I'm after than weed is terrific. in my sober state i can get stuck in certain thought patterns pretty easily but weed just bursts the doors down and starts spinning the wheels of what my mind is capable of, while also deepening my emotional response and connection to the world around me. Massive waves of love and joy, gratitude and passion. With LSD for contrast even though it's far "trippier" and it's a more radically altered state of mind, I need to actively choose to start thinking and contemplating about things, or else I'm just in whacky acid land for a while (which is still great of course, just not always productive) but with weed it just starts happening. It's like point A leads to point B leads to point C leads to point Z leads to point infinity and beyond.