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  1. And basically nothing changed. Minority Liberal government again. Way to waste everybody's time Trudeau.
  2. Doesn't look like it's available for me at the moment. But I'll keep my eyes peeled. If Leo's vid makes it more popular then maybe it'll get sold more widely after word spreads. the non-5-meo version, n,n-MALT does seem to be around though. I wonder if n,n-MALT is to 5-meo-MALT what n,n-DMT is to 5-meo-DMT. I'm not gonna be the guinea pig on that one though.
  3. it would distract from his life purpose.
  4. Yes. Trudeau only has a minority government and he wants a majority. So he timed the election for when his approval ratings were the highest to maximize his chances of winning. Which imo is a scumbag move.
  5. Yeah at this point i think it could go either way. It's really hard for me to gauge where people who used to vote liberal but are changing their vote will swing. I could see them largely flocking to the conservatives just as easily as I could see them flocking to the NDP. A result similar to the 2011 election where the conservatives formed the government with the NDP as the opposition seems plausible to me, if unlikely. I'll be working at a voting booth on election day and helping to count votes, should be an interesting day!
  6. I'm surprised Leo didn't talk almost at all about Spiral Dynamics in this interview. I'd think that Curt's audience would be really into that.
  7. I watched her interview Eckhart Tolle once and she seemed mostly clueless to what Tolle was talking about. Strange, since her support for his books was a big part of how he got so popular, you'd think it would have at least resonated with her on some level beyond the shallow mainstream new age mentality, but nah. But also not too surprising, since her show is aimed at mostly middle-aged normie moms.
  8. I had a drinking problem for a couple years and that shit did NOT make me feel good. It exacerbated all my personal issues and made me hate myself. Stopped drinking for a few years, and now I can't stomach more than 1-2 drinks on rare occasions. My hangovers last longer than the buzz and if i'm not in a social environment it makes me ruminate negatively about my life. I also noticed since I began to do spiritual work that I really notice how much alcohol affects my judgement, and I really don't like how out of control it makes me feel.
  9. As a Canadian this is a pretty unexciting election to me. There are many important issues on the table of course, but I'd give it about 80% chance that Trudeau wins again and things will pretty carry on the same as they were before. The real question is will it be a minority or a majority, and that could go either way. I really don't have much of a sense as to how the majority of Canadians feel about the way Trudeau has handled the pandemic but I feel that will probably be a deciding factor for many voters. I'd be surprised if the conservatives won, but I like O'Toole a bit better than the last several Conservative leaders so I wouldn't be too bothered if it happened. I'll probably vote NDP.
  10. How about these?
  11. did a quick search and found some articles. seems like it's specifically cluster headaches that they can treat. so if you just have normal headaches then they probably won't help.
  12. I think you should take them as frequently as you can manage, at doses that you can handle, while also minding your tolerance and taking the time to integrate. How long that is will vary from person to person and between different psychedelics.
  13. The most beginner friendly psychedelic is probably mushrooms as long as you're starting with moderate doses (1-2 grams). It's got a long enough duration (4-6 hours) that you have plenty of time to explore the state of mind, but not so long that you get sick of it. The "natural" aspect of it also makes it much easier to be confident that you're not getting scammed with fake LSD tabs or something. Regardless of what you choose always start with small doses and scale up until you have a sense of how your body interacts with the chemical. Always leave at least a week or two (or more) between significant experiences both for tolerance and for time to integrate your experience. Though if you're microdosing you can take it more frequently (2-4 times a week usually is typical for microdosing).
  14. The experience of being the opposite gender (or any other variation of the spectrum that isn't your default) would surely be a worthwhile thing for people to experience. Understanding the perspective of the opposite gender would be a fantastic tool for improving relationships between men and women.
  15. Quit Facebook. It's not important. Spamming people's FB feeds just makes you annoying. It wouldn't even matter what the articles were about I'd probably unfriend somebody who was constantly spamming my feed with posts too. Alternatively, limit yourself. select only ONE article a week that is the most important thing to share. (but really, if you've got this much of an issue with it, you should quit)