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  1. He's great but Religion of Tomorrow is probably the worst one to start with (and not one of his better books in general tbh, He rambles and repeats himself often, an editor could have cut the book in half and lost nothing). If I hadn't read a bunch of his others first RoT would have been impossible. If you want a big Wilber tome, read Sex Ecology Spirituality (and if you only want to read one of his books make it that one), otherwise just look at the page counts and start with some of the shorter more accessible ones.
  2. Take the acid first then take the mushrooms on the comedown. they'll blend better that way. lining up the peaks is too much.
  3. Looking in the mirror is a regular part of my psychedelic practice. Does wonders for the self-esteem, that's for sure.
  4. It does cause tolerance, but I kinda like taking an equal or smaller dose over halfway through or near the end of the trip. Usually I'll do this if I trip at night taking the redose in the morning to keep the good vibes going through the rest of the daytime. It doesn't boost it up to the same strength as the initial peak obviously (unless I smoke weed or mix in something else), but it really extends the tail end of the trip nicely, which for me is the part of the trip where I can do the most self-inquiry and integration.
  5. If you are having uncomfortable feelings on your microdoses then you're taking too high of a dose. I enjoy low doses just fine, but I dont think of them as micros, I think of them more like mini-trips.
  6. Lions mane tastes really good and is healthy to eat so I still like it and recommend it for that reason, but it didn't add anything to the microdosing experience for me.
  7. Check out his book "True Hallucinations", he tells the entire La Chorrera story in detail.
  8. If drugs was legalized the form most people use would likely change as well since the forms used currently are often the result of prohibition in the first place. Coca tea, which is significantly less potent and harmful than powdered cocaine intended for snorting, could become a viable alternative to caffeine for many people for example.
  9. I can definitely relate to LSD having a strong feminine energy to it. I theorize that because I'm attracted to women when psychedelics show me beautiful things there's a higher likelihood I'll interpret what I experience as being more female-oriented. You can explore your perceptions of gender and sexuality to whatever wild extent you want on psychedelics. Exploring fantasies and experimenting with possibilities and what ifs can be a great thing to do while on them, there's a lot to discover there. that doesnt necessarily need to imply anything about being trans or not though. we all have access to both masculine and feminine energies within us, and developing a healthy connection with both is a good thing you should strive for as you develop and mature in life.
  10. he has taken breaks from the forum before.
  11. "Reading a Poetic Description of God Consciousness" would probably be pretty great while tripping.
  12. Maybe next time you're tripping imagine being a woman and having sex with your penis visions. perhaps that might "use them up" so to speak.
  13. you storing your acid on top of the stove or something? keep it away from heat, light, and moisture and lsd lasts ages. people have found acid from the 60s that still works.
  14. At the very least ponder how everything is framed for the camera. Your real life perspective is not a camera lens.