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  1. Awakening
    Key Aspects of Awakening - Stream Entry
    Hi everyone. This is just some of the qualities of what the initial stages of awakening entails. This is not an exhaustive list.
    Here are some of the key shifts in perception and understanding that occurs with awakening. 
    Interconnectedness & Ego Transcendence: This shift is described as the dissolution of self, merging of the wave in the ocean and union with the infinite. Don’t allow these terms to produce negative mental reactions. This is only an experience you can understand personally. It is a beautiful thing.
    Timelessness & Spaciousness: No thing or concept remains fixed in time and space. Enlightenment sets into play a moment to moment existence. There is a realization that the present moment is all there is and a sense of fluidity pervades life.
    Acceptance: This is relaxation or surrender, a revelation or insight that all is transpiring according to a plan or randomness that surpasses the individual will. The struggle ends and gives way to an acceptance of reality free of bondage from and attachment to personal desires, thoughts and feelings.
    Equanimity: This is profound non-reactivity, a process where one goes beyond pleasure and pain. Awakening can also be described as infinite love and contentment.
    Sensory Clarity:  The awakened mind is spontaneous, immediate and flexible. Thinking is clear without limiting thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are purposeful and intentional free of extraneous mind chatter that usually pervades our baseline state of consciousness. This clarity pervades to other sense modalities.
    Much love,

  2. college degree.
    Rich kids have problems
    No. A pure designer. Not programming. Not art.
    Although of course I learned a lot about programming and 3D art.
    No one gives a fuck if you have a college degree, they only care about your ability to create results.

  3. Benefits of Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams hardly anyone knows about
    Benefits of Astral Projections and Lucid Dreams hardly anyone knows about
    (OBEs: Out of Body Experiences include:  LDs: Lucid Dreams, APs: Astral Projections and STs: Soul Travels)
    I bet I've listed some you haven't heard of:
    Psychedelics: You can materialize and take 5-Me0-DMT in lucid dreams and become enlightened or take sth like N,N DMT and have a fun trip.  
    Meet ups: If you are advanced, you can go into other people's dreams or meet other travelers in dreams, APs and STs  
     It is possible to induce full OBEs in less than 10 seconds. If you are able to go into the hypnotic Esdaile State and anchor it, you can enter it in a few seconds, and if you know what you're doing, you can relatively easiliy induce OBEs from there. For example Marco Lorenz can do that.  
     It is possible to pull someone out of their physical body while they are sleeping. Marco Lorenz and Jonathan Dilas used to this with the participans of their seminars (I believe Jonathan is still doing it). During the night they would pull them out of their physical bodies, then astral travel together, and on the next morning share their experience and notice a huge overlap.  
    You can talk with your guiding spirits, real aliens, deceased people, spirits,...  
     Splitting your consciousness: You can split your consciousness in LDs and APs (and probably STs as well), thus be able to inhabit many independent bodies having independent experiences at once. This allows things like inhabiting a male and female body and then having sex with yourself. And most importantly, it allows you to experience far more in the same time. If you have an OBE for 5 minutes and inhabit 5 bodies, you experience 25 minutes  
    Time Dilation:  - In LDs: You can deliberately dilate time in dreams and thus experience for example 1 hour of dream-time in 5 minutes of Earth-time. It is possible but very difficult.
    - In APs: Time is relative. You can for example project to a place where 1h Earth-time equals 5min or 5h. For example Marco Lorenz once projected to a paralel reality and stayed there for 6 months while only 8 hours passed in Earth-time. 
     (video is in german)
    Here I wrote in more detail about splitting consciousness and time dilation: 
     OBEs during the whole night. Usually when someone has an OBE it is during the day or when you are in REM sleep. So you usually have alpha or theta brain waves. It is generally believed that you can't have OBEs during SWS (Slow Wave Sleep / deep sleep, when you have delta brain waves, 0.5-4hz). I'm not 100% sure yet but I believe OBEs are also possible during SWS, here are my reasons: I have heard several people say/write that it is possible and that they have done it Tibetan monks are able to stay aware during the whole night, including SWS. They (including the Dalai Lama) are aware of Awareness, thus a nondual state. So if they can be aware of Awareness then it should also be able to project onto a plane with a body. Soul Travles (STs) are said to happen when your brainwaves are in 0-0.5hz, that is even lower than what happens during deep sleep. So it's not only that it seems that OBEs are possible during low brainwaves, but that certain OBEs, STs are only possible with very low brainwaves. That means you should be able to project the whole night, 8 hours each day, that makes 29 200 hours after 10 years. 99.999% of people waste that time.
    Extra Time: If we combine the last 3 points: Splitting consciousness + time dilation + OBEs during the whole night we get an incredible amount of time which can be used for all sorts of things.  
    Soul Travel: I don't know much about it but it is said to be far more epic than astral travel  
    You can explore our actual physical universe and the past. This for example allows you to check in your direct experience which conspiracy theories are true and which are false. But you would need to be extremely careful, because it is very easy to see something which is not actually there but created or distorted by you. So you would need to be very advanced and do a lot of cross referencing of what other advanced OBEers report.  
    Future. You can view probable future scenarios of earth. And you can see how different timelines of your life would develop depending on what choices you make. So for example you can preview the most likely scenario of what will happen in a week or in 10 years if you now choose job A versus job B.  
    Explore paralell Realities  
    Explore all of Creation. You are God so you should be able to explore all of Creation, be it past present or future.   
    Escape the Matrix: All advanced OBEers I studied say similiar things about that topic. Their investigations made them come to the conclusion that we live in a kinda simulation, a matrix. The Matrix includes many astral planes, so after death, you are still within the Matrix. First you go through a tunnel and a white light, then you meet deceased people and some Guides, then after a while you get an amnesia shot and then are sent back to earth. That's the reincarnation cycle. Aliens created the matrix so that souls can have a certain experience, like being human. (There are obviously many many more Matrixes). All advanved OBE practioners I looked into (John Kreiter, Don Juan, Carlos Castenada, David McCready, Jonathan Dilas, Marco Lorenz,...) agree that this is the case, even scientists and people like Elon Musk believe we live in a simulation. Now, the matrix was actually a good thing because it allows souls to have a particular experience, but many researchers believe (including the OBEers John Kreiter, Don Juan, Carlos Castenada and Jonathan Dilas) that it was hijacked by malevolent aliens a couple of thousand years ago. If you know what they have planned for the upcoming years, it might be worth considering to leave the matrix. There are several possibilites: Don't fall for the Light Trap. Instead of going into the light after death, you search for a hole (which looks black) in the artifically set up grid and escape through it. OBEing allows you to verify for yourself whether this is true and it will probably be easier to escape if you are an OBEer, but it is definitely not necessary  You create a double body while still alive and make it more and more solid (through having OBEs with it) till you can transfer your whole consciousness to it and then  just leave your physical body behind for good and then try to escape the Matrix. Read John Kreiters books: The magnum opus and the way of the projectionist. Dissociation. Jonathan Dilas talks about that as another option. (you can google-translate his blog: Matrixblogger.de) Become enlightened. Religions tell us that you break the reincarnation cycle by becoming enlightened. It is believed that the soul will continue experiencing, it will upgrade to a different plane. The question is whether this plane is within or outside the matrix.   
    Acashic Records. You will have access to the acashic records, thus to all knowledge  
    become enlightened. Tibetan monks use dream yoga (LDs) to become enlightened   
    Inhabit and control another real body. You can temporarily go inside someone else's body and live in it, as if it were your own. This is definitely possible. This usually happens in form of an agreement. 2 beings temporarily exchange their bodies so that they can explore the world of the other being. For example if an alien from another universe wants to explore earth, it can astral project to earth, but it can do more things with a physical body than with an astral body. If it happens involuntarily then this could be considered demonic possesion (if someone is demonically possessed they usually still have some control though)  
    Download skills. Leo said that when you are super conscious, you would be able to just download skills. I believe you don't even need to be super conscious, it's enough to be an advanced OBEer.  
    Do magick during OBEs which will affect your day-life and physical reality.  
    Healing: By asking your subconscious, or aliens or guiding spirits, you are able to figure out the root cause of a disease and then tackle it (in case it has a psychological root)  
    Have long whole-body orgasms  
    And then we have of course the more well-known benefits:
    Personal Development: In dreams you are directly in contact with your subconscious. So this is obviously very valuable for any personal development work Fun Practice any skill Practice the Law of Attraction and make it more effective ...  
    I believe OBEs are the key to mastering all of life. 
    And the key to OBEs is deep hypnosis like the Esdaile State. I will soon make a post about that.

  4. Important Reminder
    Possible explanation for requiring more drug than usual?
    I believe (all speculation here) that upon inspection of the reoccurring thoughts which are in discord with feeling, what would be found is that there isn’t any “unique atypical high tolerance” situation. I think you’d find that you are using the substances to suppress the discord between thoughts & feeling, and it is leaving you feeling uneasy, frustrated, unhealthy, and ultimately revealing a desire to align the peace, love, & creator that you are, with the working, surviving, creating & accomplishing you do. I feel a not so subtle “cry for help” in your thread. To me, it reads as “I’ve realized this is a fucking dream - and that’s awesome - but wtf - why isn’t life ‘lining up’?”  How to “line it up”? That boils down to aligning thought with feeling, as feeling is the guidance and therefore must be abided by, must be listened to. You have passion, creativity, desire & are very open minded. What I believe is desired, is vision, to answer the question, “how do I align the infinite dreamer I know I am, with this dream, this life?”. 
    When in life is the resolution not “that thing” we’re so sick of hearing? Yep, I know it well too....and here it comes....
    Make a dreamboard. Before doing this, thoughts are coming and going, as if if behind our head. We’re aware of them, but it’s kind of hard to ‘see the bigger picture’ when it’s not in front of our eyes. Dreamboarding get’s every thought, of everything you want, in front of you. You know all to well that thinking about doing something, is not the experience of doing something. You’d have to do this, to experience what I’m suggesting. You also know, wether you care to admit it or not, that not a one of us really ever “grows up”. We convince ourselves of this, via responsibility, pressure, deadlines, etc. We all to often succumb to it, at the expense of the relationship with our inner being, our inner guidance - that which you desire so strongly to never feel discord or disconnection with. We’re all in truth God’s children. Nonduality, yep...and yet, he who assumes the upper hand over inner being, does so at his own inevitable peril. Chronic discord of thought & feeling leads to a pretend seriousness, grandiose nonsense, resentment, bitterness, stress, tension, etc. This leads to dis-ease, turbulent relationships, etc. Everything, in terms of feeling, we don’t want. The kick in the balls, is feeling - guidance - told us this since day one. But one can get so lost in the woods, so deep in the pressures of surviving, that a rather simple thing seems blown out complicated and practically unfixable. One accustomed to pressure & efforting their way busting through brick walls, at first struggles to appreciate the effortlessness of a simple dry erase board, vision, and the unconditional love and magic of reality. 
    I suggest you ‘take back your life’, and your happiness - that is, the relationship between you, and You, if you will. While the materialist paradigm and the believing of such thoughts can suggest to the contrary, this place is a dream. Put anyone, or anything, ahead of your relationship with the higher self within, and nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing clicks. The spring in your step & the joy in your heart just ain’t there - and that was what “worked”, what makes it all cohesively function like butter. Talking about your light here, your joy, your livelihood. 
    I’m not suggesting you make any sudden changes, or that there’s actually anything you need to do. I’m suggesting that the dreamboard will reveal to you a series of “ah ha’s”, which reveal to you that your whole life, every experience, has lead up to a perfect culmination of the realization, and the illumination of the path of actualizing it, with natural passion & conviction - with a newly discovered knowing - of what you actually want to do, and what it looks like going forward. This would flush out some emotional misunderstanding in identity, resulting in profound understanding arising within you, making practices like meditation peaceful and fruitful, without any desire for substances. It doesn’t occur in a moment, but overtime. Again, if I’m off, or outta my place here, apologies. I just think you’re a cool, smart loving dude, and I love ya. There’s an “above my pay grade” reason I call it a dreamboard. I didn’t “think” of that my “self”. 

  5. I know Dragons exist (Confirmation Bias)
    I know Dragons exist (Confirmation Bias)
    Don’t forget about the beautiful creature Simulans dragonis (aka the Blue morph dragon butterfly). It was discovered in a jungle in Belize in 1974 by the Ecuadorian ecologist Dr. Luis Bandera. Unfortunately, this awesome creature is likely extinct. Yet fortunately, Luis preserved a tissue sample. More than two decades after it’s discovery, the advent of DNA sequencing and genomic analysis allows a deeper exploration into this fascinating organism. Interestingly a dendrogram, based on sequence homology of both invariant rRNA gene sequences and highly variant simple tandem repeats (STRs), did not group the Blue morph dragon butterfly in the same clad as arthropod insects. Guess which clad showed highest evolutionary homology? Wait for it. . . . Drumroll. . . Yep, reptiles!! And not just any reptile, prehistoric reptiles. This is consistent with the facts that the dragon butterfly is partially cold blooded, has an exoskeleton composed of alpha-keratin and cannot produce viable offspring with traditional butterflies. As well, it’s been said that one of Luis’ students, Alejandro Lopez, witnessed the dragon butterfly breath out a wisp of smoke. However, this was never confirmed by photographic evidence and Luis himself said in a 1975 interview that the dragon butterfly was unable to breath fire (not even a micro flame).  
    Sadly, Luis passed away in 1986 before the exciting genetic discoveries were made. Yet we know he is looking down on this with a big smile. His colleagues and students fondly called him “Doc Lu” and he was well known for saying “There are 100 million years of evolution underneath every smile”. ? 

  6. Thoughts create reality
    Will spirituality fuck up your game?
    You know the law of attraction is a lot more than just you will attract positive things if you're positive.
    The universe literally morphs and restructures itself, goes against the laws of physics, depending on the attitude you have.
    Like i mean, of 7 billion people, lets just say objectively 1 million of them are hippies. As soon as you change your mindset, that number changes to 100 million. Its like the double slit experiment sort of, where facts literally change depending on your mindset.
    So yes, in your old world it will fuck up your game. In your new world though it will enhance it.

  7. Can dreams just be produced by the brain?
    Can dreams just be produced by the brain?
    I got into it last summer and was remembering 1-3 dreams per night. However, dream recall can be really inconvenient. I was waking up multiple times per night and would have to turn on a light and journal them - or I would forget them. Yet, I wasn't working so could sleep later. My mind also wasn't pre-occupied with work responsibilities. Yet about month ago, I stopped remembering. I do miss it and may want to start putting in some effort again to remember. Yet I need to be careful. I'm a really light sleeper and it can be difficult to fall back asleep. If I wake up at 4am and wake up to write a dream down, I may not be able to get back to sleep. When I have to work in the morning, that's not good.
    My favorite things about dream recall was a window into my psyche. It was like I was connecting to a deeper part of myself and expanding. As well, I started lucid dreaming during the day. I could spend all day out in nature. I would lay under a tree for hours gazing up and enter lucid dreams. It was super cool. It also gave me realizations about what is real vs. imagined. . . I also had one prophetic dream that connected a dream to waking life. It was super bizarre and had a big impact on me. 

  8. I just started Leo's life purpose course
    I just started Leo's life purpose course
    That's the whole trick. Money is survival. Business is survival. If it wasn't for that, LP would be easy and everyone would be doing it.
    The whole trick to following your dreams is that you also have to be extremely pragmatic about it. You can't just dream shit up, you have to make it fly in the real world given all the limitations and restrictions of the real world. In other words, if you want you dreams to be actualized, you need to find a path for their survival on the material plane, otherwise they will remain merely ideas floating around in your mind. The hard part of life is creating a material thing which can sustain itself and yet still not be so evil as the destroy everything in its path.
    To actualized your dreams is not much different than creating a baby, expect it's harder because now God doesn't do it automatically for you. Now you have to engineer it yourself and you must make sure it can survive. Now you are consciously playing God. What kind of God will you be? What kind of monstrosity will you create?

  9. Law of attraction
    Trip Report: Trying LSD for the first time
    @7thLetter You're not realizing the power of these subatances. Whatever your mind focuses on will become actualized, since that is the mechanism by which God creates the world.
    If you do not use your mind properly, you will get nightmares come to life. If you don't want nightmares, think pure thoughts. If you cannot help but think impure thoughts that is because you have not done sufficient growth, development, and spiritual purification work.
    Impure mind comes from bad karma.

  10. Astral Projection
    Instant OBEs and Lucid Dreams whenever and how long you want
    The technique takes some months to learn, but once mastered, you can have instant OBEs and lucid dreams whenever and how long you want.
    The technique is mainly from John Kreiter's book "Out of body experiences". (I just give a brief explanation of it and elaborate on some more points, so definitely buy his book, it is invaluable.)
    When you have an OBE, there are basically 3 places to go. 1. you can explore our physical universe 2. you can go to paralel universes/ other dimensions and 3. you can go to what John Kreiter calls the Grey zone. Every daydream or night dream takes place in this Grey zone. So dreams are a kind of OBE . Whenever you daydream you already have a very very faint OBE. The difference between a daydream and a lucid dream is that daydreams are way less vivid and your consciousness is not fully established in your daydream body, but is still in your physical body to a large degree. The difference between normal visualization of your neighbour's house and a real OBE in your neighbour's house is that the visualization is way less vivid and that you visualize the house, so you don't yet see the actual house. 
    - The technique:
    Upon closing your eyes, you visualize your etheral/astral body in your room. You try to perceive everything from this new body through the new sense organs. Over the course of weeks and months, it gets more and more vivid and your etheral body starts to perceive the actual environment instead of visualizing it. You probably say that this is not possible but I believe it is. Google thought-forms/servitors/tulpas then it's easier to understand. A servitor is a real entity in the astral realm which you create through visualizations. The difference to your etheral body is, that the servitor has its own will and consciousness, whereas when you have created an etheral body, your consciousness can access it, such that it will eventually make no difference in vividness and realness whether you are in your physical or etheral body. If a servitor can pick up legitimate data from the physical world then so can your etheral body. If you doubt that a servitor can do that then google, there are too many people talking about it as that it could be untrue.
    Once your consciousness establishes more and more in your etheral body, your physical body will be in a trance and eventually enter sleep paralysis.
    - So are these OBEs actually as vivid as classical OBEs (including lucid dreams)?
    according to John Kreiter's book, it seems so Someone on the forum dreamviews says: "my level has increased tremendously, but I am not quite at the max. Right now, within 10 minutes of sitting down for a visualization, I can enter into a lucid dream, any time of day (...) I am hoping to be able to, with persistent practice, take this down to an almost instantaneous WILD at any time.   https://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-discussion/163199-how-effectively-visualize-part-1-incubation.html and I have read similar things by other people  but I do have a small doubt. Because - even though your body is in sleep paralysis - you are not in REM compared to classical lucid dreams (and OBEs in general I guess). I am very sure that you are not im REM, because these OBEs you can do as long as you want, longer than any REM phase would allow. So perhaps these OBEs are less stable or less vivid. I don't know, but according to the above-mentioned it seems that they can be equally vivid. But even if not, then it wouldn't be that bad. The solution: OBE-WILD - OBE-WILD 
    This is the most instant and reliable WILD variation. Wake up in REM. get into your etheral body. Now you already have an OBE (potency depending on your level of mastery) but within a few seconds/minutes your body enters sleep paralysis, you are in REM and have a very vivid lucid dream. If you want you can use this lucid dream as a gateway to a classical astral projection.
    - Advantages of OBE-WILD (compared to other lucid dreaming induction techniques)
    Far more reliable then any other technique imo (if you already have a strong etheral body). You can probably reliably WILD in every REM (if you wake up). The problems with the classical WILD variations are that you either can't enter sleep paralysis because you are too conscious of your physical body (which is solved with OBE-WILD because your full consciousness is established in your dream body and your physical body would enter sleep paralysis anyways even if you weren't in REM) or you fall asleep because you can't stay conscious (which should be solved because being in your vivid etheral body, it should be more easy to stay conscious) you don't need to be in REM. you can have non-REM OBEs whenever you want and as long as you want (during the day, not during non-REM sleep). I guess that you could easily do this 10h a day if you wanted Full day-time consciousness, very stable and high dream control (just like every WILD, because you directly enter the dream with your day-time consciousness, unlike with DILD) Very vivid. Because your OBE is already very vivid and then gets potentially amplified by the REM phase you are (almost) instantly in the dream, compared to other WILD variations which often require you to lie still for 15-60 minutes  
    - How long does it take?
    Let's assume that you have average visualization skills and practise 1h daily. So here are my assumptions:
    1 month to build a strong etheral body. that means that you truly feel like you are in that body and not the physical body. These visualizations will probably feel like a very weak DILD. That also means that now you can start trying the OBE-WILD during the night in REM phases.  But it will probably be still very unreliable  2 months: When on the physical plane, you start picking up legitimate objective data from the physical world. And many of your OBE-WILDs will be successful   
    - Enlightenment
    Lucid dreams are a powerful tool for mysyical experiences. 
    If you master the OBE-WILD technique, you can have mystical experiences every night. On top of that, I guess that you can have mystical experiences in the non-REM OBEs as well. But I am not sure because you are not in REM. Perhaps you would just get thrown back to your physical body because the OBE might be too unstable if not during REM (even though your physical body is in sleep paralysis during these non-REM OBEs). But if you can have mystical experiences there then that would be a game changer. You could induce any kind of mystical experience like a zen master (probably more instantly amd more reliably than the zen master) without decades of meditating, just some months of practising the OBE technique ( for non-REM OBE induced mystical experiences, you probably need at least 6 months of 1h daily practise). The reason that we can't easily have a mystical experience is because our consciousness is so firmly bound to and identified with the physical body. With these OBEs you instantly go around that problem by leaving the physical body and entering an etheral body. Once in the ethereal body it is way easier to induce an awakenig because everything is less dense on this plane. 
    - Some Resources:
    Book: Out of body experiences by John Kreiter https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1535560479/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1576691019&sr=8-7  or kindle edition $3.61  https://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initiated-lucid-dreams-wild/128996-mancons-simple-visualization-wild-technique.html That's basically the OBE-WILD, he calls it V-WILD (I don't call it V-WILD because in the above-mentioned technique you actually have an OBE to induce the WILD)  https://www.dreamviews.com/attaining-lucidity/141703-ldd-lucid-day-dream.html make daydreams so vivid that they are like lucid dreams https://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-discussion/163199-how-effectively-visualize-part-1-incubation.html  visualization to WILD, so the same again.  
    I have found out about it just a week ago. I am on day 6 and already see many improvements. I currently practice as many hours a day as possible. I have already tried the OBE-WILD during REM but without success so far, my etheral body is still too weak.