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Hi everyone. This is just some of the qualities of what the initial stages of awakening entails. This is not an exhaustive list.

Here are some of the key shifts in perception and understanding that occurs with awakening. 

Interconnectedness & Ego Transcendence: This shift is described as the dissolution of self, merging of the wave in the ocean and union with the infinite. Don’t allow these terms to produce negative mental reactions. This is only an experience you can understand personally. It is a beautiful thing.

Timelessness & Spaciousness: No thing or concept remains fixed in time and space. Enlightenment sets into play a moment to moment existence. There is a realization that the present moment is all there is and a sense of fluidity pervades life.

Acceptance: This is relaxation or surrender, a revelation or insight that all is transpiring according to a plan or randomness that surpasses the individual will. The struggle ends and gives way to an acceptance of reality free of bondage from and attachment to personal desires, thoughts and feelings.

Equanimity: This is profound non-reactivity, a process where one goes beyond pleasure and pain. Awakening can also be described as infinite love and contentment.

Sensory Clarity:  The awakened mind is spontaneous, immediate and flexible. Thinking is clear without limiting thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are purposeful and intentional free of extraneous mind chatter that usually pervades our baseline state of consciousness. This clarity pervades to other sense modalities.

Much love,

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5 hours ago, electroBeam said:

Your heading makes me feel like an astronaut doing this work.

Gotta take it to outer space  ;) 

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