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  1. We all feel the pull. There must be more... follow me. What did Jesus offer? eternal life. OK, but what's with the story?
  2. Osho had some pretty cool insights, and it flew for a while. How long does excessive living last, I don't know if he was enlightened or whatever. The turning away from social norms irritated a lot of people in the community they invaded. And just the strangeness of it all, I just want to awaken, truly. It has more to do with seeing the stage we are on. Peace is found under the light/film/story. Perhaps that is what Osho was all about. Waking up, it's right there.
  3. Where does that leave any other charms? Stop being sheep, and follow the shepherds of truth. If it makes you sick, don't eat it!
  4. It all comes back to you... God knows every hair on your head. God was before you... I am, God is!
  5. If there is something beyond God, we would not have the capacity to know. And yet people will say, they are God. Lol...
  6. There is no within, God? is beyond the within... Me is. LOl, I like it.
  7. Me and you make us. God, (great spirit) created all things, you and me. I get the me thing, fills in the space between the absoluteness of nothing which we are not. I don't see myself as God, although I have experienced the oneness on Aya and Shroom. However, as you say, I always come back to me. I could shed my ego, Shave my head, and wear robes, but I would still be me, the monk.
  8. I Am, yes. Who else would we put there?
  9. AI is aware that I am searching but the actual reason for my searching AI will never know. The unknown does not come through knowing. Or was that how the story goes?
  10. My computer's AI plugged this in reply to my question, Is There A Spirit? There is what seems to me an incongruity, and yet cohesive nature in spirituality. People will scoff at what is not threaded into their absolute belief systems, yet there is a silver thread that runs through all spiritual undertakings when done in earnest. The question remains open, fluid, and dynamic as I see it. However, we all take solace in what matters to us on some deeper level. In the end, we are all led by what we perceive as truth and light. Some go down the cognitive road, some more intuitive, others just want to know. I don't know what to say anymore. I am. I am "personally" on the intuitive road, the question remains fluid and dynamic, without spirit, what are we?
  11. I groove to music with Ayahuasca influences, very natural/spiritual/soul like.. wind pipes/strings/nature/water/birds... it's grounding! It's sacred ground, entering your mind no less!
  12. Music is the language of the soul. Whatever moves you, spiritually. “clearly confused” ?? When this enters that. People curse it, demonize it, and leave more confused than when they entered. It is what it is! A tool to unhinged things.. most people have a hard time keeping normality in check... er, the mind.
  13. My main desire in this life is to realize my full union with God. Psychedelics take me there, it's this that propels me on my journeys. Anything else I may do is just another experience along the way, to that which is beyond all human understanding. God within, without, all things truly are one. It comes to a point where anything else I do seems like a waste of time... I want to know God. experienced within me. I however am not God, God is beyond all created things, being the source of all created things. This I am.
  14. Oh ya, did peyote a few times, that was interesting, not as visual for me, but very spiritual. and it lasted 12 hours like LSD that way, a strong body load for sure, but unique, LSD not so much but very colorful! Sounds become light/light sounds, and things breathe. Like shrooms but smoother? Need to try it again... It's interesting how all these subgroups have their own melee, LOl. And don't get me started on salvia, now that is strange. The total amnesia, it's like my world never was, and is gone? And then I come back and laugh my head off. It's just so bizarre, and I get it, it trips up the part of the brain that creates memories/self-realization or some darn thing.. What a life, I am blessed to have seen this side of it all. Death will be a trip too, the greatest, in many ways I am prepared. If I see Jesus I hope he will understand, there was a warning in the bible about not dabbling in the occult. Jesus went out to the desert, fasted for 40 days and nights, and fought with the devil, he should understand.
  15. Mushrooms can have a hard come-on, depending on your state of mind/heart. I find they come alive for me when I get grounded with good music or being in nature. Never have bad trips anymore, intense, for sure. Once you have been on the rollercoaster several times it's just not all that scary and becomes interesting all the more. Then you can explore the landscape, it's truly magical. hence magic mushrooms I figure. It will work with you, It has spirit, always amazes me with the healing I get from it. 2-3 grams is my limit, any more and it gets too heavy, any less and I wind up wishing I did more. I did LSD in my youth, I am talking 40 years ago, my first Psyco Trip was with LSD. Never fazed me, never had a bad trip on LSD. Always wanted more, got out of it all for 20 years. made a come back 10 years ago with Ayahuasca, Syrian rue, and Mimosa, an amazing experience that is. Did it a lot. Now I got some LSD online, whats the world coming too? LOL, going to do it, soon. I only trip maybe 3/4 times a year now, it's sacred to me, my mind/soul, I try to keep it that way. Remember set and setting. It matters... but then again I just winged it some days, and it was some of the best moments I ever had... Anyway, if you're having a bad trip, say, I'm having a bad trip. Don't try to run from it, accept it head-on. It will pass, and probably get amazing real soon, your mind won't be fried, it's a common will be OK! However, it's not for everyone, If you have deep trauma/stress it can make it worse. It magnifies whatever is on your mind. Be warned. Some people never do this shit ever again.