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  1. Isometrics can build muscles, but it's not very effective. A slow eccentric (2/3 sec.) with a pause in the most lenghtened position is better. I read that too much isometrics in exercises involving many muscles could raise the blood pressure in the long term. Isometrics contractions build strenght, but it's very specific, they build strenght only in the exact position of the exercise (as in static gymnastics positions, you become strong only in that position).
  2. Why do you think so? Because it forces you to grow?
  3. An hour is already long , I practiced from a minimum of 20 minutes to a maximum of one hour and forty minutes; I think the effect is subjective and it depends on how you breathe I think the practice itself produces an altered state in which it is easier to have mystical experiences, but you can contemplate a specific question if you want; it's different from meditation because the mind remains more active, I usually see images with particular colors that I don't experience in any other way and so I contemplate those. I don' t do the breath holds like in the wimhof method, It's distracting for me, But I take breaks if I'm tired and resume breathing when the effect subsides.
  4. I have watched a lot of videos of this fitness channel:"Renaissance Periodization" on you tube, that I recommend, with this huge doped bald bodybuilder. Than I discover he also has a philosophy channel: is 38 years old, he was born in Russia, he has taken mushrooms many times, and works in Las Vegas, AHAH! Reminds me of someone...
  5. Yes there are meditations with eyes open or half open. Sleepines is a common obstacle for meditation I meditate in the morning so I'm already rested or in the evening so I can sleep later to avoid this problem. You can also meditate with your eyes closed and when you feel sleepy take a break, breathe deeply open your eyes and stare up for a little while or meditate while walking.
  6. I think people just use the word new age to criticize a spiritual practice that is wrong or superficial for them. I have no problem saying that I have a new age spirituality, In the sense that I can study different philosophies or religions, but I don't believe in any particular one.
  7. It's crazy that someone can just say words like truth and love and people think they've had some kind of deep awakening. They may also be liars or have very little understanding of the subject.
  8. Why do you think buddism deny the Absolute? Absolute nothingness, absolute void, cessation, dharmakaya is the classic buddist awakening.
  9. Some techniques I have practiced over the years: Vipassana Dzogchen Kundalini yoga Pranayama to feel bliss Wim hof breathing method Holotropic breathwork Contemplating spiritual books and videos Contemplating leo's videos on God-realization The power of now Feeling love or gratitude surrender Mantra meditation Lucid dreaming/dream yoga Choose again the 6 steps process for healing trauma.
  10. I think the teaching of Leo is unique, and everyone on the forum has a different idea of what God-realization is.
  11. AWAKE does not require alien consciousness. AWAKE requires that you become conscious of how you imagine the entire world into existence around yourself. It's very direct, very pure, very profound God-Realization. You need to get to the very root of what GOD is. Not as Emptiness or Nothingness, but as yourself imagining everything around you -- including your body, your memories, the Earth, and other people. And including all spiritual teachings and enlightenment. You have to realize that enlightenment, nonduality, Buddhism, meditation, sleep, birth, and death are all imaginary.
  12. yes it seems to me that he has changed his teaching style over the years, maybe when they get older they all start talking like neo-advaita, I don't know! ??
  13. I consider Adyashanti very different from neo-advaita, he has a lot more knowledge, he talks about integration, several traps of the path, unconscious emotions; he has read hundreds of book of psychology and Christian mysticism while practising zen. Here he tells his awakening:
  14. I had a huge insight, I finally understood what this scene was indicating: awakening to Alien Consciousness!! ??