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  1. if I'm consciousness perceiving this world, why do I feel the suffering of this 'false self'? and I've heard the following ideas: *when you go higher in your level of consciousness, you don't get rid of suffering, you transcend it! *also consciousness has no qualities whatsoever! sorry if it is a low-quality question, or already answered in a video or the forum!
  2. I've just had this question: Weird humm, Why don't we see Women Masters, Zen/Buddhist Masters, (or some mojo/ rupert spira, Leo WOMEN) even in Islam, Only men are allowed to be Imams! (or they are out there, but I don't see them!) (or gender is a social construct! hhhh ) What's your point?
  3. I've never had any chance with psychedelics 'Yet', but can you explain how the different people will relate to psychedelics;(5-MeO-DMT) 1st, some one who is just an addict, have trapped in many issues in life and use different drugs as escape, and let say his friend exposed him as to this powerful drug, that will make him forget even more his problems! 2nd, some average spiritual seeker, who is full of beliefs and ideas/ expectations after watching a ton of leo's content, others experiences... & what people say about it! 3rd, let say,a guy seeking the 'truth' in some place like india, tibet... what ever, with a guru that tell him just meditate for some years and you will realize it, you know what I mean, not as direct as leo!