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  1. How to study Carl Jung
    How to study Carl Jung
    Start with some introductory material by other authors. It's impossible to piece together his writings without either guidance or a really, really long time of study.
    There are two books I recommend starting with:
    1. Anthony Stevens' "Jung". It's a very light introduction to Jung's ideas, but you'll also have a really wonderfully written biography of his life, which I feel is surprisingly helpful to understand his ideas. What kind of person was he, what was his background, when and how did he have his breakthroughs. It will be a good foundation that you can "hang" other knowledge on.
    2. Murray Stein's "Jung's Map of the Soul". This is a proper introduction to Jung's ideas that is light, but also goes right to the core of them.
    These are books that won't necessarily make you a Jung fanatic, because they're not sexy, but they are extremely helpful as a foundation.
    If you now want to make Jung more sexy and just get a general feel for how to look at him, you can binge-watch Jordan Peterson lectures (which gets Jung wrong sometimes, but I wouldn't worry about it since you're still gonna learn after this), or people on this forum or Actualized videos.
    After that, you can start on Jung's own writings (finally! lol). I recommend starting with Man and His Symbols. It was written for a more general audience and is super interesting and has a lot of illustrations and dream interpretation and is easy to read. Symbols of Transformation is great because it analyzes fairytales and dreams and stuff. Psychological Types is also interesting if you're interested in personality psychology and typing (MBTI was built on this).
    After this you can start on Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious and Aion. This in many ways is the "core Jung". You won't understand these completely on first reading, but they'll give you a thorough understanding of the archetypes! They also include grand analyses of western civilization that requires that you are more historically, religiously and philosophically aware, but don't worry about it.
    After this you can go down the road of the alchemical psychology writings (Psychology and Alchemy, Mysterium Conjunctionis). This is crazy shit. Don't start here.
    Hope this helps!

  2. Dignity is an ego Mechanism
    Dignity is an ego Mechanism
    Dignity is defined as self-worth from your own perspective. Typically, the ego makes up certain rules about what it takes to be worthy or not. Worthy of what? Probably love, happiness, or peace. We often subconsciously frame this issue as "In order for me to be happy, I must meet these certain criteria so that other people will love me." It's ultimately a mechanism of survival. Of course, dignity can surface as fear when we're making changes to our life because we're stepping into the unknown and that might cause you to break some of the rules that are your self-defined prerequisites for happiness. So in that way, dignity is an ego defense mechanism because it is promoting homeostasis.

  3. The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    I received a lot of messages about the story I shared regarding collapsing the duality of self actualization & spirituality, and using the dream board, so I thought I’d make a post and add the responses here as a resource for anyone interested. Give it a try, & have fun with it! That’s the point & the ‘juice’ that makes it work - create your dream life!

  4. Cults, Explained | Netflix
    Cults, Explained | Netflix
    The way people in mainstream culture throw around the word "cult", they use it to disparage any POV which contradicts the ones they're comfortable with. It's often a materialist defense mechanism. But of course materialism is the biggest cult of all.
    See my 2 part series on Cult Psychology to really understand how deep this issue goes.
    The most amazing thing about cults is that people don't realize they're in one. But if that's true, how do you know you weren't in one since birth?

  5. Stage Green and Finding right companionship in the society
    Stage Green and Finding right companionship in the society
    Blue is roles, I guess the victim is a role. You can't change that you're playing the victim, you only have to be conscious of it. Continue to do what you're doing but be very honest with yourself. Don't judge yourself. Don't make a problem out of it. Don't analyze it. Don't try to change it. Just observe and soon you will notice that you're not the victim, you're the observer. Eventually you will get tired of doing what you're doing, you will have seen what it does, you will see for yourself that it really isn't green, that it's a fixation, empty, that it's not really noble as you once thought. Then it will change by itself. But before it changes you need to see it for what it really is, only then will you let it go. 

  6. My mother and my emotional stability
    My mother and my emotional stability
    @Annoynymous Youre resisting the situation. You're not aware of this, but this is whats happening.
    Become aware of how your preferences of health over sickness has become an attachment and you're keeping it there because its now become part of your sense of self.
    If you make this conscious, you can disidentify from it.
    In spiritual life the aim is to become non attached to circumstances. Not indifferent so that you feel nothing, but you want to be at a point where you can take it or leave it. Enjoying it for what it is, and feeling sorry for losses but not letting it take you over 
    Nothing should take you over in a positive sense or a negative sense. 
    You should be receptive to the present moment and what it contains. That means being here and now. If you're still thinking about mum here and now then you're fixated. Which is not liberation.

  7. Can you actually control your subconscious mind?
    Can you actually control your subconscious mind?
    The best way I've found is to consciously brainwash yourself. That is, exposing yourself to people that has the kind of mindset that you want. For example, if I want to be more self-loving and authentic, I will spend some time finding the best books on self-love and authenticity. And after a couple of months of listening to these audio-books, it will be deeply ingrained in my psyche. I will start thinking like them, and over time, embody it. It's particularly powerful if you read / listen right before going to bed.
    Another powerful method is to spend some time writing down the ideal worldview that you would like to have, and then read it each morning. Spend some time getting this down, and only pick those sentences that particularly elates you. It should be grounded in truth, and beauty.
    Your subconscious is like a big, slow elephant. Changing its course requires repetition and consistency. But it's quite easy. You don't even have to think about the material you're ingesting, as all that stuff gets ingrained subconsciously.

  8. Rumi's poetry
    Rumi's poetry
    Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, Mevlânâ/Mawlānā, Mevlevî/Mawlawī, and more popularly simply as Rumi, was a 13th-century Persian poet, faqih, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan. Wikipedia
    Born: September 30, 1207, Balkh, Afghanistan
    Died: December 17, 1273, Konya, Turkey
    Title: Mevlânâ, Mawlānā, Mevlevî, Mawlawī
    Buried: December 18, 1273, Mevlana Museum, Konya, Turkey

  9. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
    Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
    This is a favorite of mine. Just found this review on it.
    This is a good book if you're making a study of your own corruption.
    Also a quote page-
    An article about it

  10. What you do when you are self conscious
    What you do when you are self conscious
    @MAYA EL  I think he meant self-conscious in a neurotic way, but I love your answer 
    When you are self-conscious, you are evaluating yourself through the lens of another person. 
    You are thinking about what the other person is thinking about you. Just typing that made my head spin. Basically, you are stuck in your head, when you are in that mindset.
    Short term solution: Get grounded. Focus your attention on something in the present moment. If talking to another person, ask them a question and listen 100% focused on them. 
    Long term solution: Self-understanding and self-acceptance. Know that no external judgement can make you less valuable as a human being. When you understand and accept yourself fully, then you stop caring about the lens of the other person so much. You walk funny? Who cares! You think your voice sounds weird, and you love it! You said the wrong thing or made a mistake? Oh no, you have exposed yourself as a human and not a robot! 
    Fundamentally when you are self-conscious you are in a deficiency mindset. Cultivate a strong self-esteem and an abundance mindset and you will find that your self-conscious experiences will become fewer and fewer that you don't even think about it as a problem anymore.

  11. Feeling detached after "nothing makes you happy" meditation?
    Feeling detached after "nothing makes you happy" meditation?
    @Nadosa It's a balance between love and fear. Love yourself and be good to yourself. Sometimes loving yourself means facing fears and working through them. To free oneself of fear. What a loving thing to do! And we can do it in a loving way. . . Imagine a child afraid the dark because there is a monster hiding. The loving thing to do would be to help the child work through this fear and become free of this fear.  We don't want someone going through life afraid of the dark. And not just freedom of this fear. There is also beauty in darkness. Imagine never enjoying a star-filled night. . . We can help in a loving way. We wouldn't pretend to be a monster and scare the child at night. This would just traumatize them. We may give the child a night light and allow them to acclimate to the dark. Or perhaps read a story to the child at night as they fall asleep. Yet along the way, there may be some uncomfortable moments. 
    I wouldn't push the meditation to the point of traumatizing yourself. Yet I also wouldn't create a scary story either. That just creates a whole new conflict and makes it harder to work through the original issue. . . Perhaps do a short meditation and sit with some discomfort, knowing that you are allowed to stop if it gets too intense. Or perhaps go out in nature and meditate, you may feel safer there. Or perhaps meditate with a supportive person or group. . .  Meditation isn't just an escape. It is also a form of introspection and some inner stuff may arise. This is a good thing. It allows us to become aware of inner turmoil and blocks. Working through this allows a healthier mind and body - it allows a new freedom.  I have gone through anxiety issues like you describe. Walking through it to the other side is liberating. It's worth the work and discomfort 

  12. Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga
    Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga
    underrated yogi teacher with profound wisdom

  13. What Are Some Of The Greatest Audiobooks To Listen To While Walking?
    What Are Some Of The Greatest Audiobooks To Listen To While Walking?
    For audiobooks I like to listen to less complex books that don't require taking notes. Something that's thought provoking or inspiring. 
    Everything Eckhart Tolle Everything Les Brown Everything Grant Cardone Everything Steven Pressfield Everything Jocko Willink Tao Te Ching   

  14. Self Enquiry: How To
    Self Enquiry: How To
    This is my ultimate guide on the real practice of Self-Enquiry.  According to Ramana Maharshi.  It is extremely simple, and the masters say that if you are not luck enough to attain Self-Realization in this lifetime from doing this practice, it does not matter because it brings increased peace and many benefits along the way.  It has been described as a win-win practice.
    Watch these videos, do the practice and go back to these videos as tutorials.  Nothing could be more simpler than this.
    First download this free ebook published by the Ramana Maharshi Ashram:

  15. Dealing with arising emotional baggage
    Dealing with arising emotional baggage
    It might just be regular backsliding.
    Your ego integrated the idea of being good at yoga and now "you got it" so it tries to enter auto pilot and forget about the most important principles. Leo made a video about homeostasis which is the idea that you will always be dragged toward your "center of mass" by default and so you need to take the control and create the life you want to create by yourself.
    For me "emotional baggage" is more like when I put myself into a neurotic situation because of any specific reason and then I accumulate bad energy because of all the thoughts that are coming without them being properly let go of. You might have an emotional baggage toward the idea that you are doing low consciousness activities (judgements toward your own identity). This happens a lot to me too, instead of judging yourself for not doing what you want you gotta let go and empty your mind of those judgements too.

  16. [book] The Wisdom Of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety. 10/10 .(Alan Watts)
    [book] The Wisdom Of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety. 10/10 .(Alan Watts)
    Alan starts off the book by explaining two main paradigms that westerners have gotten themselves into. The fundamentalist religion paradigm, which tailed into the materialistic paradigm of the universe. He then goes onto to describe that both belief systems are essentially the result of man’s search for meaning/security in an apparently meaningless universe, and questions why it is we seek such paradigms to buy into. 
    The book goes on from there, questioning the very deep foundational assumptions we have that cause our confusion. We are constantly looking for ways to isolate and divide a “self”, which can stand apart and be fixed in a universe of constant flux. When we say life is meaningless, what we really mean is that we cant find some static concept/abstraction/idea/belief to make sense of a world in flux.
    Alan is amazing with metaphors and is perhaps the best articulator of non-duality I’ve ever seen. The book is quite upbeat in tone, in contrast to some other teachers who’s style is more dry. 
    He articulates with great precision how the attempt to sustain and create an ego is a contradiction. It amazes me that despite this book being written in a more Christian traditional/religious era,  Alan could still see with great clarity the issues that are inherent to typical rationalist views of the world. I personally prefer having a paperback.

  17. Things to write in my daily journal
    Things to write in my daily journal
    I am writing in various journals, the one i choose to use on a given day is dependent on how i feel. 
    If i want to deal with anger / negative feelings towards someone or a situation, i will just write it out, possibly going back and reframing each negative point. Then typically this page will be ripped out and shredded.
    Other styles i use:
    5 minute journal - see tim ferriss blog post to explain what this is for Grattitude journal - just bulleting things i'm greatful for I've found this exercise useful, as posted on the resources page:

  18. The non achieving mind!!
    The non achieving mind!!
    From Osho:
    Only a nonachieving mind can be at peace. But a nonachieving mind is possible only with the background of a cosmic purposelessness. If the whole existence is purposeless then there is no need for you to be purposeful. Then you can play, you can sing and dance, you can enjoy, you can love and live, and there is no need to create any goal. Here and now, this very moment, the ultimate is present. If you are available the ultimate can enter you. But you are not available here; your mind is somewhere in the future, in some goal.
    Life has got no purpose and this is the beauty of it. If there was some purpose life would have been mean — just futile. It is not a business, it is a play. In India we have been calling it leela. Leela means a cosmic play… as if God is playing. Energy overflowing, not for some purpose, just enjoying itself; just a small child playing — for what purpose? Running after butterflies, collecting colored stones on the beach, dancing under the sun, running under the trees, collecting flowers — for what purpose? Ask a child. He will look at you as if you are a fool. There is no need for purpose.
    Your mind has been corrupted. Universities, colleges, education, society, have corrupted you. They have made it a conditioning deep down within you that unless something has a purpose it is useless — so everything must have a purpose. A child playing has no purpose. At the most, if the child could explain he would say, “Because I feel good. Running, I feel more alive. Collecting flowers, I enjoy, it is ecstatic.” But there is no purpose. The very act in itself is beautiful, ecstatic. To be alive is enough, there is no need for any purpose.
    Why ask for anything else? Can’t you be satisfied just by being alive? It is such a phenomenon. Just think of yourself being a stone. You could have been, because many are still stones. You must have been somewhere in the past, sometime, a stone. Think of yourself being a tree. You must have been somewhere a tree, a bird, an animal, an insect. And then think of yourself being a man — conscious, alert, the peak, the climax of all possibilities. And you are not content with it. You need a purpose, otherwise life is useless.
    Your mind has been corrupted by economists, mathematicians, theologians. They have corrupted your mind, because they all talk about purpose. They say, “Do something if something is achieved through it. Don’t do anything which leads nowhere.” But I tell you that the more you can enjoy things which are useless, the happier you will be. The more you can enjoy things which are purposeless, the more innocent and blissful you will be.
    When you don’t need any purpose you simply celebrate your being. You feel gratitude just that you are, just that you breathe. It is such a blessing that you can breathe, that you are alert, conscious, alive, aflame. Is it not enough? Do you need something to achieve so that you can feel good, so that you can feel valued, so that you can feel life is justified? What more can you achieve than what you are? What more can be added to your life? What more can you add to it? Nothing can be added, and the effort will destroy you — the effort to add something.
    But for many centuries all over the world they have been teaching every child to be purposive. “Don’t waste your time! Don’t waste your life!” And what do they mean? They mean, “Transform your life into a bank balance. When you die you must die rich. That is the purpose.”
    Here in the East — particularly the mystics we are talking about, the Upanishads — they say, “Live richly.” In the West they say, “Die a rich man.” And these are totally different things. If you want to live richly you have to live here and now, not a single moment is to be lost. If you want to achieve something, you will die a rich man — but you will live a poor man, your life will be poor.
    Look at rich people: their life is absolutely poor, because they are wasting it transforming it into bank balances, changing their life into money, into big houses, big cars. Their whole effort is that life has to be changed for some things. When they die you can count their things.
    Buddha became a beggar. He was born a king, he became a beggar. Why? Just to live richly… because he came to understand that there are two ways to live: one is to die richly, the other is to live richly. And any man who has any understanding will choose to live richly, because dying a rich man doesn’t mean anything; you simply wasted yourself for nothing. But this is possible only if you can conceive that the whole existence is purposeless; it is a cosmic play, a continuous beautiful game, a beautiful hide-and-seek — not leading anywhere. Nowhere is the goal.
    If this is the background, then you need not be worried about individual purposes, evolution, progress. This word progress is the basic disease of the modern age. What is the need? All that can be enjoyed is available, all that you need to be happy is here and now. But you create conditions and you say that unless these conditions are fulfilled you cannot be happy. You say, “These conditions must be fulfilled first: this type of house, this type of clothes, this type of car, this type of wife, this type of husband. All these conditions have to be fulfilled first, then I can be happy.” As if by being happy you are going to oblige the whole universe.
    And who is going to fulfill your conditions? Who is worried? But you will try for those conditions, and the effort is going to be so long that they can never be fulfilled really, because whenever something is fulfilled, by the time it is fulfilled the goal has shifted.
    A meditator needs a nonachieving mind, but a nonachieving mind is possible only if you can be content with purposelessness. Just try to understand the whole cosmic play and be a part in it. Don’t be serious, because a play can never be serious. And even if the play needs you to be serious, be playfully serious, don’t be really serious. Then this very moment becomes rich. Then this very moment you can move into the ultimate.
    The ultimate is not in the future, it is the present, hidden here and now. So don’t ask about purpose — there is none, and I say it is beautiful that there is none. If there was purpose then your God would be just a managing director or a big business man, an industrialist, or something like that.
    Jesus says…. Somebody asked him, “Who will be able to enter into the kingdom of your God?”
    Jesus said, “Those who are like small children.” This is the secret. What is the meaning of being a small child? The meaning is that the child is never businesslike, he is always playful.
    If you can become playful you have become a child again, and only children can enter into the kingdom of God, nobody else, because children can play without asking where it is leading. They can make houses of sand without asking whether they are going to be permanent. Can somebody live in them? Will they be able to resist the wind that is blowing? They know that within minutes they will disappear. But they are very serious when they are playing. They can even fight for their sandhouses or houses of cards. They are very serious when they are creating. They are enjoying. And they are not fools, they know that these houses are just cardhouses and everything is makebelieve.
    Why waste time in thinking in terms of business? Why not live more and more playfully, nonseriously, ecstatically? Ecstasy is not something which you can achieve by some efforts, ecstasy is a way of living. Moment to moment you have to be ecstatic, simple things have to be enjoyed. And life gives millions of opportunities to enjoy. You will miss them if you are purposive.
    If you are not purposive, every moment you will have so many opportunities to be ecstatic. A flower, a lonely flower in the garden… you can dance if you are nonpurposive. The first star in the evening… you can sing if you are nonpurposive. A beautiful face… you can see the divine in it if you are nonpurposive. All around the divine is happening, the ultimate is showering. But you will be able to see it only if you are non-purposive and playful.
    – OSHO

  19. What is a good plan for eventually becoming financially independent?
    What is a good plan for eventually becoming financially independent?
    You need to read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. Or Unscripted. Total paradigm blaster. I'm reading it right now.
    My plan was also to save up, invest and then start a business. Until I read that.

  20. Arent psychedelics a bit too good to be true?
    Arent psychedelics a bit too good to be true?
    There is a misunderstanding about how psychedelics work. They aren't causative like that. It's not like taking some penicillin and making the bacteria go away, or taking a paracetemol and having your temperature go down. They aren't really zen in a pill like people sometimes think, especially people who've never taken them. 
    Generally speaking, psychedelics are generic mind-amplifiers. Each psychedelic shines in different areas of the mind which it amplifies, but as a general pattern they are context-free. Psychedelics don't care if you have enlightening experiences, they are more like tools for opening the mind to new modes of being.
    So when you take a psychedelic, there's still work to do. If you want to use the psychedelic for enlightening yourself, it's something you have to work on. It can help you open the door in a big way, but it's still you who has to choose which door to open and to walk yourself through it. 
    And when the psychedelic effects have dissipated and you find yourself back in your mundane shoes, it's up to you what you do with that.
    Maybe it's a bit like weights in the gym. They are very effective tools for getting stronger. You can get strong without them, but they work really well in that path. But it's still you who has to go to the gym and lift, and face the challenge. They weights don't do it for you.

  21. How to stop judging others and myself - music related
    How to stop judging others and myself - music related
    Sensation is far more powerful that thought. Listen to it. If “it feels bad to think about X” - listen to that sensation, ponder the Truth in the message of that sensation. Why does it feel bad to judge others? Because the perspective “others” is simply not True, and you did not “come here” to think, you came here to make your music, and enjoy living. 
    You would not turn on Mortal Kombat, and then set the controller on the floor, and ponder what the other character in the game is thinking. You would play. Life is intrinsically the same. 
    You are pretending there is a separation, that you are a separate being / entity - separate from the universe, separate from other people. Then, from that false perspective, you tend to think more about what other people will think, than you are focusing on doing what you love. The truth is you could make the exact music you enjoy, and there will be an audience for it. Check for yourself. Think of something you believe nobody would want in a million, YouTube, amazon it, and you will see, people actually do want it. Seven billion interests is so vast, you can do whatever you can think of and there will be people interested, and people not interested. 
    See “life as a buffet”....if you like chicken, eat it. If you don’t like liver, pass on it. Don’t dwell on liver when there is chicken. When someone expresses judgement of you, or your music - simply know you are doing what you love, and they wish they were too. Perhaps your music strikes exactly this nerve, in it’s message of living, loving, and letting be. 
    You are indeed no thing, all things, and you have the sensational guidance of God, hardwired within you. This is the greatest thing anyone could possibly ever have, and you already have it. You will never be without it, yet you are free to choose whatever perspectives you like. Might be wise to listen to the ‘opinion’ of the sensations as you go.
    What if “baby, baby, baby, ohhhh” - is closer to the Truth than the culmination of every book ever written? What if life is simple, and you can dream it up, and experience it? 
    Notice, when someone is talking to you, the tendency to think about your response while they’re still talking. Just notice the mind drifting etc. In being attentive to this, return to actually listening - actually experience the person as they are, without any input from your thoughts. You might “blow it” a few times, but you’ll notice now, and that will begin to open a door for you, a new ‘seeing’, if you will. 
    Also, more practically speaking, you already have an audience. I want to hear your music. 
    Also, you have arguably the greatest example right here in front of you. Have you not seen the threads people make, judging Leo? Do you not see how the Love he is giving, his dedication to the betterment of mankind, stirs up egos, and the judgement of? Do you think he gives a fuck? No. Why? Because he knows he’s creating, and that is just the nature of The One forgetting “it’s self”, and working it’s way to remembering. 
    We all die. We don’t all live. Time is short. Don’t give a fuck. 

  22. How to stop judging others and myself - music related
    How to stop judging others and myself - music related
    You can sink into the judgemental feeling you get during meditation and sit with it and go into it it, let it be as it is and accept it and it might soften up or dissapair. Don't go in as with a goal to get rid of it tho, be curious and interested in the feeling. 
    Also just put ur music out even if you fear the judgement, dear to be judged yourself. 

  23. On becoming a Yoga Teacher
    On becoming a Yoga Teacher
    One of the challenges of becoming a yoga practitioners is that (as Cal Newport said) it takes a month for a newbie to get to a bottom-rank of yoga qualified professionals. Because the learning curve is extremely steep here, it does not require years to become genuinely good at yoga but rather something around 3-6 months. 
    To breakthrough, you'll have to bring more than just stretching exercises. Unfortunatelly in the west, most of us don't really know what true yoga is so it has become a fitness exercise of who can lick their own but and who has more expensive clothing. If you can create a bridge between this and true spiritual yoga and bring your clients over to these teaching, you may have a lot of success in the practice although that won't be as easy as having a stretching studio with a "spiritual music" from youtube. 

  24. Radical implications of oneness
    Radical implications of oneness
    That's a good sign of consciousness.
    But also what must be integrated and accepted is that if the mouse is killed, that too is oneness and love. If you fail to integrate that then you will not be able to love those who do evil.
    It is not enough to not do evil oneself. You must realize that even if you stop committing evil personally, you will still commit evil as others. But since self = other, it makes no sense to judge other since you are just judging yourself.
    Perhaps the hardest thing to accept is the inevitability of evil.
    For example, next time, kill the mouse and accept your own evil for what it is. Can you love evil? That is the true test of your realization of oneness. After all, if everything is one, then love and evil must be one.

  25. how to cease thought before sleep
    how to cease thought before sleep
    Over thinking at bed time is something I really used to struggle with. It would easily take me 1-2 hours to get to sleep every night.
    I did two things which turned that around for me:
    1. Gave up ALL caffeine. I eventually worked out that I'm highly intolerant to it, and it wasn't allowing me to sleep.
    2. Every night. I religiously listened to a recording from Paul McKenna's Change Your Life In Seven Days. This was a kind of hypnotic style relaxation CD.
    I'd like to elaborate on those two points. 
    Firstly, what you ingest during the day can greatly affect your state of mind and your ability to relax enough to get to sleep. It's very important that you experiment with your diet to see if any particular foods or drink is affecting your alertness at night. Of course this applies to other areas of your life and health in general.
    Second. It's important to train your mind/body that the bedroom is for one thing only: sleep (have sex somewhere else!). Your mind works by association and it does that very very well. If it associates lying in bed with thinking and ruminating, then you'll have trouble sleeping. You have to retrain the mind to associate bed with relaxation and sleep.
    The point with the hypnotic CD was that it was nearly impossible for me to think while I was listening to it.
    Apart from those two things, there are a million other things that can improve your sleep and ability to get to sleep. Here are some highlights:
    Block all blue light entering your eyes from about 8pm onwards (i.e. two hours at least before sleeping).  This will shift your body clock. Ensure the bedroom is slightly cooler than other rooms. You will not sleep as easily if you're too warm. Take a shower if it helps you cool down before bed. Get bright sunlight or daylight as soon as you can after waking up. Talk a walk outside! Don't stay indoors in dark rooms. Again, this will shift your body clock. Do exercise (walking, running, gym whatever) very regularly several times a week. This will reduce your alertness in the evenings. Find time to do your 'thinking' during the day and not at night. Do your thinking at the same place and time each day. Good luck!