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  1. I'm going to be working as a high school teacher of English and I was wondering how I can embody a high level of consciousness not only in how I go about teaching English but also in managing my class to set a great and inspiring example for my students and fellow colleagues. To give a little background about myself, teaching was never my dream and I had to pursue this job because I had no other option and also to escape unemployment which is rampant in this third-world country namely, Morocco. My question is how can I teach with love, passion, and inspiration and incorporate the principles of self-actualization into my career?
  2. @Leo Gura But there were some written scriptures back then... I really think he kept his teachings strictly oral for some good reason.
  3. I want to hear some compelling arguments and postulations about why Jesus taught orally..
  4. @Leo Gura Wtf?! I can't believe you actually said that. My mind is so open that I literally think you're the one that's being close-minded about what I have to say. I am being a contrarian to provoke others into validating their attitude toward science. I know I am saying foolish things and I am aware that could come across as trolling. That is the bait to get people to give a piece of their minds.
  5. @RedLine It is the best we have. I cannot emphasize this enough because some of you seem to be denigrating science and taking it for granted. Science has been a major turning point in our human evolution. Just go back in history and see how humans lived before science and then compare that to how we're living now. It's like night and day difference.
  6. Science does not recognize reality as a dream because such view cannot be scientifically proven or at least has not been tested or measured. So this will remain mere speculations and hypothesises until scientifically proven otherwise. If you're gonna say it's all one then there's no difference. The words serve no function in that sense except if used to highlight the mundane difference.
  7. @RedLine if science is a mere language then how come we've come this far in our human progress due to science? Plus science is also about experiments and using tangible methods to explain all phenomena.
  8. I mean that he was the same God that the bible spoke of and in the name of.
  9. Someone who believes in the divinity and resurrection of Christ.
  10. @Artsu you're a Christian? That would make sense.
  11. @dflores321 Why do you call it a worldview? If you were talking about idealism then that would be a correct example of a worldview, but materialism is just what is. It's not a worldview. I'm not using any philosophical configuration inside my head to perceive the outside world. All is material stuff.
  12. @Artsu The primitive people at the time were deluded enough to think and see him rise from the dead. Just as you would expect from 1st century superstitious culture. It is simply a folktale that may have some metaphoric meaning.
  13. @Artsu I would appreciate it if you could point out what I'm missing exactly.
  14. That is a nice way to think about it. It can add some meaning or beauty of some sort to the mere mechanical processes by which the universe operates. It still doesn't create any actual physical change. It is just a conceptual perspective through which to look at the world and feel less alienated. That is the only value I see in this spiritual stuff, is that it can psychologically transform you to the better. It is soothing to the soul. But you still need to survive as a material being in a material world.
  15. I know enough. That's why I'm here at all. My point is not that spirituality should be abandoned or that we aren't spiritual. Yes it may be true that everything is happening within the spirit of God, but that is just an idea. It has no real physical implications. We're still living in the material world 99% of the time. The spirit of God will not drive you to work, your material car will.