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  1. Didn't you devote 3 videos to this?
  2. When it is cold, when it is dark, the freezing moon can obsess you.
  3. That's very dark.
  4. Why not Just get a Samsung or an iPhone and work a job to pay for it?
  5. Hate cloak
  6. Is this just spiritual talk? To appear as high consciousness? Do you actually live from that state everyday? Why do we isolate certain states(depression) that we enter if they all are one state?
  7. How many of us are actually doing the spiritual work?
  8. Words don't solve human b*shit. When you unify separation that state is impermanent and doesn't apply to dealing with humans. When you experience God you experience that state in pure aloneness. Notice that. It's humans and their mindgames that cause so much suffering(mentally).
  9. God isn't a human. It's other humans that make life horrible. When you are just with animals and are alone is life terrible? When you use drugs do all the human mindgames dissolve and you finally are at ease?
  10. It's not Leo but his followers. I haven't heard Leo say anything of what you are speaking of. Many on this forum don't actually do the work.
  11. *Upsides: News you wouldn't come across in daily life. *Downsides: You think you are high consciousness and neglect real spiritual work, and career goals.
  12. What makes someone look "creepy and weird"?
  13. Heavy metals. Kratom isn't that good. The high is amazing but overall I prefer the after glow of dmt.
  14. I've been there. After 4 days the withdrawal subside and its just a thought of smoking which will arise. try joining activities which occupy your mind(or sleep). You need to find a quality that arises when you smoke weed that you hate so much that you quit it. That is how you kick an addiction. Try Jordan peterson's self Authoring suite program. Helped me quit alcohol & all drugs, and re-create my life.
  15. It is all dependent on location. In upstate NY everyone says I look like lenny kravitz, and milli vanilli(rob). I get zero women here(dating wise. I can kiss and have intercourse though. Haha certain parents don't even want to meet me and I speak as well and as articulate as they speak=no black accent). They are scared to date black men due to their parents. The white girls I've dated(which is like pretty much every female in the suburbs) were seen as the "rebellious white girl who is into black guys". Maybe in Vegas or Las Angeles it is different. White girls like white guys. They barely post their photos with black people on their social media(especially instagram). Here in upstate NY it is seen as taboo. It is weird as fuck. Everyday I hate it her and I'm moving to Cali or Nevada. Maybe it is just the suburbs.