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  1. You may as well be asking: Is a table conscious? There is nothing inherent about a computer or a complex system that implies consciousness. Complexity != consciousness.
  2. For the record:- Leo's YT work is mostly excellent. The problem with the forum is that it's an asylum.
  3. You only just worked that out?
  4. At this point it's almost like a kind of vaccine religion. Stop worshipping vaccine corporations! Remember: You are in the minority. Everyone else decided not to take the vaccine.
  5. Any evidence of this? The primary reason Jesus divorced himself from the Jews was because the Jews are a spiritual malfunction, simply because they identify as Jews - that is to say separate from non-Jews. Zionism is a perfect car crash built upon the malfunctioned premises of:- 1. Fear of Death 2. Love of Family That's not something to be proud of. There is no such thing as family, and there is no such thing as death. The point is to transcend the Animal experience and metamorphize unto the Angel experience which Jesus did perfectly. Jesus was Jew 2.0. The updated model. To celebrate the previous generation makes no sense and I don't see any evidence of being envious of a previous generation.
  6. The idea that Bin Laden was the architect of 9/11 is literally a conspiracy theory. Not my words, but Noam Chomsky's. It is a conspiracy because it involves more than one antagonist. It is a theory because it is a charge without conviction made by the US Government. Bin Laden was never brought to trial (unlike Nuremberg, the trials of Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milošević etc). Instead he was merely killed and disposed of at sea. Therefore the charge never became an established fact, and remains a theoretical belief by the US Government. Hence the official narrative of 9/11 is literally a conspiracy theory. Another example is Iraq. On the run-up to the Iraq War. it was the belief of the US Government that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed within 45 minutes. That theory turned out to be false. The conspiracy against Iraq however turned out to be very real.
  7. This is the way a slave thinks. How are you expected to walk on water, or turn water into wine, as long as you think like that?
  8. Freddie Sayers investigates Austria's lockdown of the unvaccinated
  9. I mean... it's almost basically over already. If you are in favor of mandatory vaccinations you literally have the whole Universe against you. It's crazy cray but still, I mean you literally cannot win. I don't know why they would try to push it. You literally cannot score this.
  10. There doesn't have to be any historical comparison. If you are salivating over the fate of the "enemy", then you are the problem. Literally....satan IS the antagonist. Those who wish to maintain that relationship are down with it.
  11. This is the kind of attitude that serves no-one.
  12. Actually crazy. If you don't resist this then we're all screwed.
  13. Winning the game is not about defeating the enemy. It's about understanding the deception.
  14. I would just like to know when governments are going to start taking natural immunity more seriously. If an un-vaccinated person recovers from Covid, they thereafter (arguably) have greater protection than someone who has been vaccinated. By now a significant number of un-vaccinated Austrian people surely should already have natural immunity, so what possible benefit is there in locking them down and removing their ability to work? If governments were genuinely serious about the issue. they would be testing for natural antibodies just as forcefully as they are pushing the vaccines and enforcing the lockdowns.