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  1. Okay I think I'm about done with this forum. Thankyou everyone I'm out. (I'll continue to watch Leo's videos though) Peace.
  2. And that's the judgement I was referring to. Judgement, tribalism, lack of nuance.
  3. See this is why SD is such a silly system. Lots of unnecessary judgement and very little practical benefit.
  4. Interesting perspectives. Thanks.
  5. Out of curiosity, where would you draw the line on this? For example, imagine a powerful think-tank had concluded that the global population had reached catastrophically dangerous levels, and that in just 100 years every single human on the planet would be dead. There is a small window of opportunity to reverse this which involves exterminating 75% of the global population to save a remaining 25%. Otherwise the human race becomes extinct. Would you let the human race die out in total? If not, how would you go about performing the exterminations? Would you be open about it, or would it involve deception? It's just a theoretic exercise, but have a think about it. It's worth contemplating.
  6. A thread of encrypted messages that can be received in the now, irrespective of when it was sent. Usually would classify this as 5th-dimensional broadcasts, but tbh any number of dimensions is fine.
  7. You're right on the money. A lot of this has to do with simple Asche conformity and intellectual laziness seen through the lens of tribal myopia. A lot of people taking these vaccines have absolutely no clue what they're even injecting. This is what happens when you conform/submit to your particular political tribe, rather than digesting both sides non-submissively. For example, anyone who has done their research would know that these "vaccines" aren't even vaccines. They're gene therapies. But try having this conversation with anyone below Yellow and they're blinded by their own distorted Social Matrix. It's not about paranoia. it's about attack vectors and critical thinking. So yes, it's very easy to be Stage Yellow and against these campaigns.
  8. I think people also vastly underestimate the power and potential of duality. Just because this current game is sometimes a challenge, doesn't mean there aren't finite experiences out there that are mind-blowingly amazing... even within duality.
  9. A subjective illusion that compares two perceived points in duality: the Now state, and a state that exists as a retrievable perception. The retrievable perception is a lot vaguer than the magnitude of the Now state, so it gives rise to a perceivable dynamic allowing for an illusion of animation. The real issue is: How do you get change beyond duality? That is to say, how can there be change without time? That's a true mindbender.
  10. Sequential memory.
  11. It's a combination of both. You can think of it as a 3-step process via the metaphor of hardware, firmware and software. There's a lot of space for variation, but once all 3 elements have been "baked in ", it's pretty much permanent from then on. Hardware is built first (in utero) and pertains to genitalia type. (male / female). Firmware is baked in shortly after and pertains to instinct. (masculine / feminine). Software comes last and is the learning process of attraction aesthetics that takes a few years to develop following birth. Hardware is the most binary. Firmware is a spectrum with binary polarities. Software is a collection of practically unlimited variables depending on cultural environment. For example a person could be born with male hardware running feminine firmware attracted to a person running masculine firmware that has culturally feminine aesthetics. And so on.
  12. Another way to help explain this is by thinking of your eyeballs as webcams connected by a long cable. Imagine if you could somehow detach these webcams from your skull and place them in a totally different location. Maybe even on the other side of the world so that your body and brain would be in Europe and your eyes would be in Australia. Because of our addiction to visuality, it's easy to fall into the illusion that we merely sit behind the eyes as though they were like windows, but really they are more like cameras that can be placed anywhere without affecting your true location... which is nowhere.
  13. Come on man. Take a moment to breathe and think about what you have just written. How is this winning your argument on how masculinity wins wars? You've literally just offloaded the problem to the tech sector.
  14. Meh, you haven't really addressed any of the points I made previously and you're not really getting it. It doesn't really matter about animalistic force. If one doesn't have the intellectual skills to defend themselves against an intellectual higher power, then it's over. It could easily be argued that the only true forces in the world right now are Israel and China. But in any event, no modern war has even been won via muscle. Nor any future war. Battles? Yes, not but not wars. Address my points? Once again, Alan Turing won WW2 and was as gay as it gets. Masculinity not required.