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  1. You and I know that the core reason you hate and harm beautiful girls is because you love and admire them, but they don't love you back. You reminded me of Elliot Rodger. I read his manifesto a few years ago. He hated girls because of the same reason I stated above. Initially, he did the things you did. I even remember him pouring hot coffee to a beautiful girl who he couldn't get. You and he are dangerous, but also pathetic. I'm issuing a strong warning: If you continue down that pathetic and twisted path, you'll end up the way Elliot did. After all the harm he inflicted on beautiful girls, he eventually murdered them before murdering himself. Here's a recent case of mass murder committed by a twisted Australian a few days ago, who might have been walking a similar path to you and Elliot. The 40-year-old Joel Cauchi also struggled with sexually attracting girls because of his poor social skills and schizophrenia. I know you're too selfish to try to put yourself in the shoes of beautiful girls. But I think it's better if I talk about their perspectives. Yes, many of them may come across as rude, arrogant, or entitled because they possess the power of physical beauty. And you can't really blame them. If you were a man with a beautiful face and body, emitting masculine energy, and highly sexually attractive to girls, you couldn't help but be very self-confident or even arrogant. Beautiful girls capture the hearts of dozens of boys in person, and hundreds, even thousands more on the internet, every day. That's how powerful they are. It's the reason they can earn a living without exerting as much effort as everybody else does. That's the power of their physical beauty. Their entitlement and arrogance are understandable. The beautiful girls who are confident but not arrogant are the mentally mature ones. Another strong reason beautiful girls can appear rude and arrogant is because they feel they need to. Throughout their teenage and adult lives, tens of thousands of boys have hit on them. At work, male colleagues hit on them almost daily. Every time they walk down the street, a dozen male pedestrians hit on them. Inside the mall, another dozen horny boys, including pickup artists, hit on them. This constant, repetitive sexual aggression from boys makes beautiful girls feel repulsed and exhausted. It's important to note that almost all of these advances are UNWANTED from the perspective of the beautiful girls, constituting forms of sexual harassment. How would you feel if an ugly and dirty male Indian homosexual with bad English approached you and initiated unwanted sexual contact? You would feel repulsed, correct? Now, imagine experiencing that scenario multiple times every day. It would undoubtedly make you feel extremely repulsed and annoyed; you might want to murder that homosexual. That's how beautiful girls frequently feel. They endure various forms of sexual harassment almost daily, leading some to develop defense mechanisms such as aggression, rudeness, or arrogance to deflect unwanted advances. Beautiful girls aren't as physically strong as males, so their defense mechanisms are often subtle, indirect, or aggressive but non-physical. These mechanisms are sensible and valid. Beautiful girls have the right to say NO to horny boys the same way you have the right to say NO to that ugly Indian homosexual. (I'm not being racist to Indians. I remember this user complaining about Indian callers with bad English, hence an Indian homosexual is a suitable example.) How do I know these things? I also frequently experience what beautiful girls experience. I'm not bragging but I must acknowledge that I tend to sexually attract beautiful girls (and ugly ones), and male homosexuals and bisexuals. Possessing beauty is a gift from God but it is also a curse. I frequently endure unwanted sexual advances, and most of them leave me feeling repulsed and annoyed - it amounts to sexual harassment. There's only a small percentage of girls who I want to fuck or impregnate. I'm lucky because I can defend myself from sexual predators. Male homosexuals and bisexuals are much more sexually aggressive than girls but they fear and respect me, hence their sexual aggression towards me is implicit and subtle. Just a few hours ago, I deflected an implicit sexual aggression from a male homosexual neighbor via screaming at him and calling him a fagg0t until he walked away. I made my defense mechanism explicit because the implicit sexual aggression had happened too many times and my implicit defense mechanism was not enough to stop it. Humans are too greedy and immature to stop their shit. I feel very sorry for beautiful girls because they tend to be easy targets for sexual predators. And beautiful girls tend to endure explicit sexual aggression from horny boys, resulting in significant mental-emotional pain. And in some cases, beautiful girls are even murdered by these sexual predators as documented by the video below. If you have some remaining goodness and sanity in you. Try to understand what I said. You can't blame beautiful girls and you can't hate them that much. You are free to dislike them but STOP harming them.
  2. Very cool indeed. Fresco was a very intelligent man and a true revolutionary. I think his vision will materialize. The only question is when. Just look at the current development of AI and robotics; it's already amazing and magical. You should have said "As long as you're not cool with the idea of everyone doing nothing, this world have no chance of materializing." Who will farm, fish, and cook to satisfy your hunger? Yes, eventually AI robot will do the slave labor. But as of now, we need to work. Fresco was not a failure, and his work is NOT useless. His vision and work provide the north star for humans.
  3. Sounds very romantic. I love it. But in the end, God needs to sleep, eat, and shit.
  4. She has scammed 42,000 other victims and will face additional charges for it. Perhaps such charges will result in another death penalty for her in her next incarnation. 😂 In the end, this massive value provider is actually a massive value predator.
  5. Yes, If you're full of shit and can't help it, at least acknowledge it.
  6. It can materialize via very advanced AI and robotics. But I think UBI must also be the norm first. We'd be very lucky if it all materialized in our lifetime. But suppose it does, doing nothing until death would be a tragedy. Doing what makes us feel love and excitement is the key. And it involves activity, intelligence, and creativity, though doing nothing is also a part of it. Are you really Japanese? Ryoko sounds a Japanese girl's name.
  7. Correct Who you want to be and who you are are 2 different things. But yes, being strong and fierce but simulatenously sensitive and compassionate is a very beautiful thing.
  8. This is absurd. One dissatisfied bank salary slave doesn't represent the bank. Exactly your case, girl.
  9. The difference is the wife has a desire for infidelity and urges me to fuck her. No bank desires to be robbed and actively seeks to be robbed. Simple analogy.
  10. The point of self-acceptance is to serve you, not the world. Who gives a fuck if the world doesn't accept you, as long as you accept yourself? As long as you have your basic survival needs met, you're ok. Another truth I must proclaim here is the world does respond in alignment with how you feel and view yourself. When I developed high self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-respect, the world started to show me love, acceptance, and respect. But paradoxically, the world's love, acceptance, and respect for me has offered me little value, exactly because I have high self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-respect. My cup is already full; I don't need the world to fill it.
  11. No, because I acknowledge that the wife has polygamous tendencies. Fucking her fulfills her polygamous, sexual desire. I'm doing something good. But if I don't want to hurt my friend, then I will not fuck her wife. It doesn't mean I acknowledge the monogamous relationship between my friend and his wife to be pure and true. Obviously, it's not. That's why her wife wants to be fucked by me. But if I prioritize NOT hurting my friend because of his dumb monogamous ideals, I will not fuck her wife. I acknowledge that it doesn't really matter whether I fuck his wife or not because the wife is already cheating. If I don't do it, another man will. My friend's monogamous relationship has already failed just by the wife's intention and desire to be fucked by me. And what's more, my friend is probably also cheating. He might not have fucked another man's wife, but only because he's not capable of sexually attracting a woman or he's too afraid to get caught. But his soul has already cheated. If presented the opportunity to fuck a very beautiful girl and get away with it, it's essentially 100% sure my friend would go for it. I don't condemn my friend nor his wife because I know most humans are naturally polygamous. They're just too dumb or pretentious (or both) to acknowledge and implement it. I also acknowledge that my friend and his wife has been essentially divorced. Yes, legally married, but essentially divorced. Many couples live together in 1 house, but the romantic spark has been gone. Of course, the sex has also been gone for years . In Japan, this is true for almost all marriages; a phenomenon which is well-documented. Sexless marriages are one of the primary reasons infidelities is prevalent in Japan. The essence of marriage or any romantic relationship is the romantic spark(includes sex). NO ROMANTIC SPARK = NO ROMANCE. Yes, they might get along well, but they're NOT in a romantic relationship; they're simply very good friends cohabiting. And if I fuck his wife, I'm doing something very favorable to his wife. And my friend should feel grateful to me for doing what he's supposed to do but doesn't or can't. I still have many things to say about this situation, but I choose to stop here.
  12. Is that you @Asia P? Regardless, break all the rules, girl.