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  1. This video is about a very old Japanese man at the top of the food chain in the Japanese entertainment industry. The old Japanese boss had raped hundreds or thousands of Japanese boys for decades until his death and was able to get away with it. The 2 Japanese comedians in the video did a very impressive job of exposing the old boss's sexual devilry. They made it very informative but also humorous. The idea that a human who provides "much value" to society can get away with all his sins is horrible. This shit is prevalent among collectivist cultures such as Japanese society. The WW2 emperor, Hirohito, got away with his sins of directly and indirectly murdering millions of humans, including the ant-minded Kamikazes. Hirohito's Japanese slaves considered him a national father, authority, even a God, hence above the law and can't be punished. Regardless of how they achieved it, humans who are of authority or with high status have been taking advantage of this ideological loophole for centuries. This reminded me of Lee Jae-yong, the Samsung heir released from prison for bribery in August 2021. The president's alibi was that the sinner was a big economic contributor. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-58196575 and https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/27/business/samsung-lee-jae-yong.html Other examples are the pardon of former presidents of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, and Park Geun-hye, who were imprisoned for corruption. https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2022/12/27/south-koreas-jailed-ex-president-lee-gets-presidential-pardon https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/23/asia/south-korea-park-pardoned-intl-hnk/index.html If they were wage slaves (ordinary citizens), they would have rot in jail. Nobody should be above the law, even if he is a "massive value" provider. First of all, these "massive value" providers don't provide as much value as you think. They surely provide more value than an ordinary wage slave, but not a thousand times. So, they don't deserve to be paid a thousand times more than an ordinary wage slave. They are able to provide that much value because of their subordinates who work hard for them. They don't do it single-handedly. Secondly, these high-status, "massive value" providers obtain value from society much more than they provide; it's disproportional. Thirdly, they tend to inflict harm much more than an ordinary wage slave can because of their power and resources. Fourthly, they can be replaced by other competent leaders or value providers. Of course, the value they provide should also be acknowledged, but not to the point of absolving their sins. The value they provide to society should have little impact on justice. Anybody who thinks the value a devil provides justifies him getting away with his devilry is the devil's accomplice.
  2. https://www.actualized.org/insights/the-wealthy-have-less-empathy It was good Leo turned the spotlight on the wealthy's bullshit. It's not exactly Stage Green. But I still must say that Stage Green deserves all the support in the world.
  3. Yes, it can be noble as long as the intention and actions are genuine. But only a very mentally mature human can pull it off; at least a self-loving Stage Yellow who is also selfless and has strong Stage Green and Red aspects. I wonder whether Robinhood was that way. No, it's not. Many Stage Green humans have gone through Stage Orange. But it's also true that many Stage Orange humans got stuck in that SPiral Stage. A good example is Warren Buffet. He's wealthy as fuck but also dumb as fuck. He will die soon, and he's still spending most of his time and energy on investing. What a waste of resources. Go for it and give it your all. True. But it's also true that extreme suffering can turn a human demon into a human devil. It depends on how you react.
  4. @Holykael I'm drinking coffee right now on my balcony while marveling at the surrounding tropical trees. I feel good. Later in the afternoon, I will go to a big mall and enjoy delicious foods and marvel at the beauty of technology. I chose to have a romantic relationship with existence. Existence is my real wife. The beautiful girls who existence produced are my concubines. See? I chose it. God can materialize it via me (if I choose it). I hope you will finally choose self-love and self-empowerment.
  5. @Holykael To be honest, I also feel tired. I have been standing up for myself my entire adulthood and I do feel the positive results; high self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, feeling good despite problems, etc. But I have been unlucky the past few years (divorce, lost much money via scam, my student visa got cancelled) despite my best efforts. I have been feeling tired for many years. But as long as I'm alive, I'll use all my energy and intelligence to continue standing up for myself. It's a mindset. I hope you will choose to acquire that mindset. But for now, sleep long and deep. Eat variety of foods. Ejaculate once every day or 2 days. Take a walk in nature and breathe fresh air regularly (this will help you sleep well). Try to remember what you loved doing before you felt this misery and then do those lovable things more often. Finally, take a nap as often as needed. These things boost your energy. Oh, I almost forget, Qigong can also boost your energy.
  6. Yes, your will is an illusion because it is actually God's will, not yours. But this is partial truth. The other truth is your will is also real because you do have some control and can choose to do whatever you want. What matters is from your experience, you direct things. You chose to write this miserable, hopeless post and I chose to respond to it. Yes, God manipulated us to do it but it still felt as if we willed it. That's what matters, it feels as if we have independent control. The good thing about predestination is if God willed it for you to be happy and peaceful in the later part of your life, it will happen regardless of your current miserable, hopeless situation. It can go both ways. It doesn't need to be always bad. But it doesn't really matter because what matters is what you choose. You can choose to continue doing it your way, which is to live and die miserably. You can also choose to love yourself and stand up for yourself until the end. If you must die, why not die standing up for yourself? Stop being a fool. You have no right to complain if you haven't done your part (standing up for yourself for years, until the end).
  7. Here's a real-life example. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Covxt90jA70/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  8. Yes, it should be that way. It's a very long, painful process, at least 1 decade if you were extremely abused as a kid. But it's worth it. Rectifying your destroyed soul is always worth it and should be top priority. Within that process is also the start of your spiritual path (but it's not spiritual bypassing).
  9. That's sensible and how it should be. I hope you will be able to finish your course on how to get the highest awakening before you die. I am interested in that. And it would be better if you make more videos related to politics such as "What is a good politician?", "Why would Jesus and Leo be bad politicians?", "What is the ultimate function of politics?", "Who is the greatest human?", "Why can't society recognize the greatest human?", etc. before you retire. And if you decide to permanently shut this forum, please announce it months in advance so I will have time to save my posts. That love-hate relationship you have with Leo is stronger than ever. And that neediness you displayed will not help you get girlfriends and sex.
  10. Surely. And to go deeper and be frank, the best time to hang out on a forum such as this is when you already have gained various life experiences, wisdom, financial stability and has done years of serious internal work. Only then you can be interesting and of great value because your posts will be high quality and unique. Anything else is mental-emotional masturbation or spiritual bypassing, and a waste of time.
  11. Yes I wonder why your name is there. It was I who edited my post to make it more accurate. I don't think I violated any forum rule. I don't want this to happen again. Your potential students are probably interested in knowing the answers to that question.
  12. Are you the Creator's Minister of Human Affairs? @PeaceOut96 I don't take what Christianity preaches about death as truth. I also don't take Leo's as truth. It's sensible to believe that death is simply going back the state before you were born. It's sounds crazy but somehow a part of me existed before I was born. That part of me remembers the experience before I was born. So, I know death is nothingness and peace. Death is good, not bad. It is heaven in that way.
  13. Correct. I did my self-massage Qigong 4 days ago. It lasted more or less 30 min. I immediately felt relief and healing. I don't need a scientist to validate the positive effects. My experience is the ultimate validation. I think Qigong strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation, hence the magic (its effectiveness). Aside from instant relief from stress and anxiety, it cured my flu, coronavirus infection, and significantly helped me endure and conquer the depression I felt because of my divorce. I focused on rubbing or massaging my chest and belly in a circular motion for the extreme pain and depression. The pain and depression always disappeared after 20 to 30 min. It was amazing. But it came and went many times so I also did Qigong many times, every 2 to 3 days because of the severity of the pain ( I lost my Japanese wife, apartment, school I co-founded, money, and Japan itself and its four seasons and beautiful, feminine girls, etc.). ANother good thing about Qigong is it always gives me a surge of energy the next day. But I noticed based on my experience that Qigong is not effective for extreme anxiety diseases such as OCD, BDD, agoraphobia, etc., and toothache. It's not clear to me why this is the case. What made you decide to study and then teach Qigong? In my case, I tried to use it to cure my extreme anxiety. But as I have already mentioned, it was not effective for such diseases.
  14. I had a quick conversation with chatGPT just a few minutes ago about how money is created. I had been wondering about the answer to the question for a decade but had never done any serious research on it. After exercising, the question suddenly crossed my mind, hence I asked chatGPT about it because I knew I wouldn't need to do serious research , the AI would do it for me. My instinctive reaction was money creation is mambo jumbo and corrupt. I don't have time to contemplate why it must be this way. If there's somebody out there who has good insights, please share them here.
  15. Yes, his analysis of the current monetary system is good. I wonder whether his proposed solution is really possible to implement on a global scale. Fractional Reserve Banking is actually not as bad as I thought because when the loan is paid, the money created from air is destroyed. But if you look at it as a whole, it is still shitty. Only humans who already have wealth can have access to loans. The humans who are starving or at least living paycheck to paycheck don't have access to such loans. This current monetary system matches well with capitalism. Both systems propagate a horrible pyramid scheme. The few humans at the top win big time and are perversely perceived as role models. The many humans at the bottom have their bodies and souls crushed and are treated as garbage. This form of shit makes me wish I was born 5 centuries after I was born (1980s).
  16. Yes, and to love yourself deeply, first of all. You can't love existence deeply if you don't love yourself deeply. Its mechanism is similar to the mechanism of making a girl feel deep love and excitement by having that love and excitement towards yourself first. You then just spread it to external aspects of existence. Self-love -> Mental-emotional health -> Physical health. Everything else is secondary (except beauty and truth). Yes, those twisted humans who have destroyed our souls actually forced us to be strong and grow. It's paradoxical.
  17. Leo boy is very intelligent but he is also limited. If he was UNLIMITED, I wouldn't recommend Qigong to him. He wouldn't have that throat-gut-energy problem in the first place (or at least could easily and quickly solve it by himself). I also tried Taichi. But it was Qigong which was very helpful to me. Btw, if Leo goes for it, I recommend you prioritize or at least include the self-massage or self-tap Qigong form, done from the top of the head to the tip of the toe. That was the specific form of Qigong which made me experience miracles. I made a mistake. I said it took me 5 days of Qigong to completely cure my flu. It was actually only 3 days. My Japanese students who I got the flu from all went to the hospital and paid thousands. But it took them 10 to 14 days to be completely free from the flu.
  18. @Thought Art Your 20 descriptions of a good leader hit the target. And a good man is simply a good leader who is good at women. Btw, I recommend you teach Leo Qigong. It has the potential to increase his energy. I have been doing Qigong on and off for the past 11 years. I remember using Qigong (pure Qigong, no meds) to heal the flu in 5 days and the coronavirus in 2 days. I never got vaccinated. I also used Qigong to heal my body and mind from stress. Every time I do Qigong, I always feel a surge of energy the next day. If Leo's energy increases by 50% after 2 or 3 months of Qigong done every 3 or 4 days, Leo is obliged to give 100,000 USD to you and 100,000 USD to me. Don't let him take psychedelics during that time.
  19. It is growing but at a very painfully slow rate. UBI and AI can and will probably be mainstream in 20 to 40 years (UBI or sth similar will come late) but not spirituality. One of the manifestations of significant personal and spiritual growth is being comfortable with being spiritual and solitary in a greedy, materialistic, pretentious world.
  20. You mean S. Africa? No. I'm asian.
  21. The best poet ever. Amazing!
  22. I created an account 5 min ago. I told the AI my home country. I did not even know where "third world" originated. This AI seems knowledgeable and intelligent.
  23. Which one? I uploaded 2 videos. Anyway, they make you smile and make life a bit easier.
  24. Drink too much--_今日も優雅にお水飲み_(人で言うお茶の時間)___モモイロインコ_鳥好き_インコスタグラム __galahs _galahcockatoo _petstagram _funnypets(video0).mp4 Unconfirmed_download_https___www.instagram.com_p_CksuCb8Alay_(video0).mp4
  25. This is gold in a pile of shit. But very few detected it.