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  1. You're singing a different tune now. Yes, it's correct that your profit is somebody else's loss. But you must ask yourself where the money really originates. Don't just believe Leo when he says it's from the company's employees. Over 90% of money from stock, currency, and other forms of trading originates from banks, central banks, investment institutions, and other financial corporations. Individual traders and investors such as you and me take a very small percentage. So, the vast majority of profits we accomplish from trading originate from those big players, not from other individual traders or company employees' salaries. Remember, it's the business owners, CEOs, insider shareholders, and top members of the corporate hierarchies who take the money away from their salary slaves (employees, to make it sound more polite) via exploitation and other unfair dealings. These capitalism winners then invest their wealth via banks, investment firms, and other financial corporations which engage in short-term and long-term trades and investments. So, if you win trades or obtain profits, you directly take money away from these capitalism winners, not from their salary slaves. I'm not advocating for trading. I'm just explaining what I see or perceive. If you don't have big ambitions or can simply obtain money via starting a business, then avoid trading or short-term investments. Or, if you're satisfied being a salary slave, it's best to avoid trading. But there are situations such as mine which involve trading as a way to materialize a purpose and ambitions. I gamble because it's worth it. I have already lost a few thousand USD. I'm from a third-world country, so a few thousand USD is equivalent to tens of thousands of USD in the USA. So, it hurts very badly. But I never regret it because I knew exactly the reward and the risk involved. It's better to incur a big loss than not do anything. It's better to be scammed than not do anything. Life itself is a gamble. You can't just say, 'I won't travel because I risk being crushed in a car or airplane accident. Or perhaps I'll end up being murdered on the streets.' Staying at home eliminates such risks, but it also incurs other forms of risks and consequences. I'll take a break from trading for now to recover from the emotional and monetary damage. But I'll hone my trading skills and then trade again. This might sound foolish, but I know my path and what needs to be accomplished.
  2. Japan had already started to favor Trump over Biden because Biden accused Japan, along with China, of being racist. The JPY has also been significantly decreasing in value against the USD, and the Japanese blame it on Biden. After the failed assassination attempt, it seems Trump is becoming even more popular in Japan. This is surprising because Japan is a very collectivist and disciplined country; Trump is too unhinged and wild for the Japanese taste. But if the current US administration is failing them, it's understandable they risk trying or favoring the other.
  3. Yes, and sleep well, and do therapy work for self-esteem. He sounded strange but not obvious he was a troll. They and the troll are engaged in humanshit. Thanks for the info. But what I said about the shooter being foolish and not valuing his life stays true.
  4. That foolish boy was either suicidal or at least didn't give a fuck about his life ending early. Sacrificing his life to assassinate Trump, who he hated, was not worth it. He didn't value his life that much.
  5. No, because he will transfer any trauma he obtained from this to others via bullying them in various ways. This is one of the ways devils survive trauma or any form of evil, by simply shamelessly transferring their shit to others. This evil way resembles the movie "The Ring" which was release when I was a teenager. In that movie, when somebody watches the "curse videotape", the telephone rings, signifying a curse has been inflicted on the watcher. The curse is fulfilled in seven days by a malicious ghost, who emotionally and physically tortures the cursed person to death. However, if that same person makes another person watch the videotape, then the original person is freed from the curse and survives. The curse is still present, just transferred to the other person. After seven days, the other person ends up being tortured and murdered by the malicious ghost. Movie Description by CHatGPT: "The Ring" is a horror film released in 2002, directed by Gore Verbinski. The movie is a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film "Ringu," which was based on the novel by Koji Suzuki. "The Ring" follows a journalist who investigates a mysterious videotape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later. The film stars Naomi Watts and became quite popular, contributing to the surge of interest in Japanese horror remakes in Hollywood.
  6. It really seems God loves devils more than it loves angels. In my home country, there's a saying "Bad weed is difficult to kill.". Trump clearly demonstrated this. He was extremely lucky that the shooter aimed just two inches differently. Otherwise, Trump's right eye and brain would have exploded. Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, wasn't as lucky. His shooter's bullets literally punctured his heart. Shinzo Abe was not an angel, but if you compare him to Trump in terms of spewing falsehoods and level of self-responsibility, Abe was surely more angelic. But I like the way Trump got up and raised his fist while shouting "Trump" (or was it "fuck"?). That was a display of strength, which is a characteristic of a good leader.
  7. It doesn't matter how much growth you accomplish; some things about you just don't change. For me, it's music. The way I think, talk, walk, act, and react has changed, but not my taste in music. I used to listen to these songs when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, they don't make music this way anymore.
  8. When everything is said and done, there's nothing left but to observe and marvel at the beauty and mystery of existence. All self-actualization work, childhood trauma work and other internal work, money accumulation, and raising one's consciousness are for this purpose.
  9. It seems human life (the world of limited forms) is itself unlimited. It's interesting.
  10. The OP did not imagine the suffering of others. He saw and knew the suffering of others. One of the horrors he saw was probably a Palestinian girl whose skeleton was shattered and powdered by an Israeli bomb, with her mother crying in extreme pain. The OP did not imagine the pain, nor did he speculate whether the mother and the girl actually felt pain. The OP saw and knew the pain, and then felt the pain. Yes, I agree. Balance is the key. Correct. I had a problem with not emphasizing that the Oneness-Suffering worldview is valid. Calling it OCD is too simplistic and reductionistic. That is why I started with "This downplays or even invalidates the sense of the Oneness-Suffering worldview." in my last post.
  11. This downplays or even invalidates the sense of the Oneness-Suffering worldview. This is one of the reasons I dislike psychiatry. It's all too material and "chemical". They miss the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of human "mental illness". If you think about it, Leo would be considered mentally ill by traditional psychiatrists. Of course, tell a psychiatrist what he thinks of a human who spends most of his time and energy investigating truth via injecting psychedelics into his ass; spending thousands of hours contemplating the nature of consciousness; and who is willing to neglect socialization and other survival needs, and even die for it. That psychiatrist would respond with "mentally ill." A normal human doesn't do what Leo does. Only an insane and "mentally ill" human would do such things. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was a teenager. I was told by my psychiatrists and OCD books that my OCD thoughts and anxieties were meaningless signals from my brain caused by a chemical imbalance. How simplistic and reductionist such an explanation was. Having high love and respect for literal and metaphorical cleanliness is NOT normal; it can only be OCD.
  12. That's a valid point. I embraced this idea when I was 20. I felt the suffering and problems of the world. I wasn't responsible for all the evil and suffering in the world, and my external situation was generally good; but I felt miserable because I instinctively felt connected to all humans and animals. In retrospect, I realized that this mindset is not the best one to have. It's even an error in a way. So, what's the best mindset for this situation? It is this: YOU LIFT THE WORLD UP, NOT LET THE WORLD BRING YOU DOWN. Be happy and make the world happy, or at least better; do not let the world make you suffer with it. But I must also say that embodying the mindset "The world is in immense suffering, and I feel connected to the world, hence, I also suffer." has a good side. It makes you more sensitive and empathetic to the suffering of others. It can also help motivate you to do what you can to make the world better. That way, you can grow as a person. It's all stages of development. One must experience one stage first before going to the next one.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I acknowledge its validity and sense. I could add many shitty things to what you already mentioned, but I'll add only one: I don't like the fact that you and I need to murder other living things to stay alive. What kind of bastard would design such shit? I don't know what you mean by "light" and "heaven". For me, heaven is found inside this hell (Earth). Beauty, goodness, intelligence, mystery, love, excitement, peace, joy, and satisfaction are heaven; and thankfully exist in this world. I have witnessed, experienced, and enjoyed heaven many times. And I want to witness, experience, and enjoy even more of it (with more variety and quality) in the future.
  14. If there is, God still created the world via that being. Everything exists because God wills it. The devil is God. God is devilish and bastardish, but also possesses mind-boggling intelligence and beauty. To make it even more complicated, God is also an archangel. Think about the good things which exist in the world. It's also overwhelming if you're sensitive to it and know where to look.
  15. Generally good. But reality is complex. Some people want what you don't want, and vice versa. You think nobody wants to be punched in the face? Ask the masochists. Nobody wants his wife to be fucked by other men? You'll be surprised by the number of cuckolds out there. There are times when you can't know what others might not want.
  16. Would you mind explaining that? I'm curious about what you mean exactly by that. I would appreciate a few examples. I see variety of shitpiles in the world and often feel disappointed. When I look at my own life, I see imperfections and disappointments. It seems life is inherently difficult and unsatisfying. I came back from my spiritual walk and run, and the entire experience felt very different from "real" life. The entire time, I saw beauty, sacredness, and mystery. And I felt love, excitement, and satisfaction. I felt grateful I was born and alive. But now after a few hours of staying at home, the anxieties, disappointments, and dissatisfactions are starting to resurface.
  17. AI is more intelligent than humans in many ways. The difference is that a human has a sense of self and experience, AI doesn't. Would you rather be an AI robot or a human? I'm glad I'm a human. Paradoxically, the quote below is created by AI (Copilot).
  18. Yes I don't have much time to read articles, but I was able to read this. It has valid points but fails to consider the amount of effort and resources China needs to use and lose for a Taiwan invasion. No, because the 2 conflicts haven't drained and will probably not drain the USA's economic and military powers. But a direct war with Russia can.
  19. Very impressive. That boy in the video was having a blast. I have seen futuristic building and IT infrastructures across China. One of those is a solar-powered, driverless bus. That was also impressive. China has surpassed both the USA and Japan in these domains. The boy in the video implied that Wuhan airport is the best airport he has ever been in. It simply means he has never been to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan. But I have my own standards. What I consider beautiful might not be beautiful to others. I simply had a romantic time sitting in front of a big glass window while drinking hot coffee and eating cookies, observing the falling snow and the airplanes accumulating snow. Such moments are unforgettable. It's not about the people. It's about the governments. The CCP wants Taiwan badly.
  20. Where did you obtain this information? The video below was recommended to me by YouTube just minutes ago, and I’ve just finished watching it. I feel compelled to share it because it clearly illustrates why China hasn’t invaded Taiwan. But I disagree with the video creator who said China would never invade Taiwan. It’s true that China has too much to lose in invading Taiwan. It’s also true that the USA’s military power deters China, but only as of now. China is very passionate about reuniting Taiwan; it will eventually invade Taiwan to materialize its national and political vision, despite the heavy cost. China is simply buying time to prepare for the invasion. If Russia engages in war with NATO and Russia surprisingly hold its ground for a few years, China's invasion of Taiwan will be expedited.
  21. Why sensationalize all this? It's just a military drill. China already did the same drill in 2022. No, WW3 won't happen soon.
  22. Travelling solitarily, and living in a foreign country are also good ways to develop self-reliance. Facing your fears and traumas also build internal strength. If you feared driving because of the possible consequences, then you must go and drive regularly. If you got fucked because of it, dealing and overcoming it would make you stronger and wiser.
  23. I agree with his statements except "I was an extremely successful professional trader.". Almost all "professional" traders lose money. Trading looks easy, but it's actually very difficult. What's easy about it is losing money.
  24. Such a species hasn't and will not exist. Perhaps an awakened species which feeds on sunlight or stones could exist. On planet Earth, survival has always been dirty and cruel. But that can change for the better when AI and robotics become advanced enough.
  25. I mean Leo is supposed to be the first one to announce the forum's restoration and explain what happened. He used to do that. But not this time. This makes me suspicious. There's something wrong.