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  1. "Silence is repressing the truth",is saying something about the truth, which can't be spoken about.
  2. Seeing,tasting,touching/sensing,smelling,hearing,when reduced becomes experience alone.
  3. To me, that's quite a bit of clarity and insight. To acknowledge it and seek to heal it takes a lot of courage. Just by seeing this alone is a huge step. The spiritual path is certainly not always sunshine and can be tough. I sincerely wish you the best.❤️
  4. To be something, whatever it may be, you would have to know how to be it. You would have to have some knowledge of how to be it in order to be it, otherwise you could not be that thing. Since you are wondering if you could be that thing,it means you have no knowledge of being that thing or how to be it or even become it. It is a false imagination of creating a thought, seeing it as a problem to solve or get out of, then trying to find a solution to get out of it. When it was never a reality or problem in the first place. See the joke and nonsense in all of this. It's quite ridiculous, really. Just to note,I'm not saying you are ridiculous. This is how mind creates problems then tries to solve them. It creates its own problem to get out of. It really is ridiculous and kind of funny to watch,if you're just watching it.
  5. Time is just an idea/concept. What we mistake for the continuity of time is actually the continuity of timeless, unchanging Awareness. It would be the same to say, ever present Light, and Now/ the ever present moment, are the same ever present, unchanging Light and/or Reality. Non-different. ?
  6. "Now", if understood experientially, and not intellectually, it is found to be timeless/eternal. Time is the mind/thought (i.e. projections of a past and future). In the absence of these mental projections of past/memory and imagination of future, there is no experience of time, All that's left is the experience of a still, silent, space-like,timeless/eternal reality. Just look at your experience and see that you never leave, nor can you ever leave the Now/present moment and experience a past or future moment. They are always imagined and projected upon the timeless reality of now. Even if you were to travel to another solar system, now is always now and it never changes. Even if the whole universe were to disappear along with everyone and everything, Now would still be Now and is not dependent on anyone or anything for its existence. In fact, it is prior to existence.
  7. You've always been Here,Even before the beginning was a beginning. And ever shall be. So Shine.
  8. Tell us about the prisoner.
  9. Now,is not in time. Here,is not a location in space. This is the definition of timeless and infinite. What can be timeless and infinite? That which is not-a-thing ,(i.e.,"nothing" "empty of thingness"). This is what YOU (not-a-thing) not different from everything, truly are. Don't allow this to become a belief. Realize it.
  10. Peace. The ultimate end of any successfully, satisfactorily answered question is always peace, rest, contentment, joy.. What happens when a question is satisfactorily answered. The mind comes to rest. Quiet, peaceful joy. The same as when any desire has been fulfilled. The ultimate goal of any seeking is to come to the end of seeking.
  11. If this is not immediate, don't worry about it. No rush. Stay with,or keep coming back, to what has been realized and it will take care of itself. I'll leave no one alone now.
  12. So, boundless, limitless? And this is not just a mental answer, but your actual experience? If so this will take you beyond identification with the body. Beyond the physical boundary of the body.