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  1. Several steps and methods are given, from beginner to advanced. Clear and precise Instruction is given by Swami Tadatmananda , an ordained monk in the Advaita tradition. Highly recommended if you are new to meditation, or are looking to expand into more advanced practices. Posted a few examples below. Here's Link to full playlist Chapter 2: Turning Within Pranayama: Breath Control Calming the Nerves Nadi Shodhana Ujjayi Pranayama Chapter 3: Concentration Trataka Gazing Bhramari Pranayama Developing Your Concentration Overcoming Associative Thinking Chapter 4: Mantra Japa Advanced Meditation
  2. But wait. There's no self to be GOD, no self to be nothingness. No self to be self and no self to be no self. There's not even a self to say there's no self to be no self. Of course, no self has to make sure not to forget to add the word 'apparently".
  3. Great explanation. Especially the mentioning of the physical aspect of the silence, and not just the mental. This is often overlooked by those who are unaware of what true silence/stillness/prayer(all being synonymous), means. This deep silence is the "spiritual" silence. It is the "peace that passeth all understanding". The mind can be quiet and yet the physical body can still be in an active ,tense, or agitated way, and is not what true silence is. It is in this silence of the Heart and/or Spirit, that Being/Awareness/God/Truth, abides. To quote Rumi, "Let Silence speak to you about the secrets of the universe.” "Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. All is known in the sacredness of silence." "There is a way between voice and presence where the voice-less voice of Truth flows. In disciplined silence, it opens;"
  4. No argument here.. 👍 Nor here...👍
  5. One simple selfless, but effective action that does not take any significant time is gratitude.
  6. The very fact that you ask the question proves you are not that. If "selfish fuck" is all you are and all you ever could be, then the question would not arise. The ego, which is not an actual thing or "entity", but a mix of "I", with thoughts/ideas, feelings one has about oneself. What are you when you do not have a thought about yourself? What you desire is not to "not be a selfish fuck", but happiness. That's all desire is. The pursuit of happiness. The desire for happiness or to love comes from the happiness or love that is already present within you. How can you know what love is if it was not already within you? Happiness ,peace, and love are not separate things. In happiness there is peace and love. In love, there is peace and happiness. In peace, there is love and happiness. They are inseparable, and in any experience of one, is the other.
  7. What is there, in the perceiver and the perceived other than the experience of perceiving. And what is there in the experience of perceiving other than the awareness of it. Thus the triad of perceiver,perceiving,and perceived collapse into objectless awareness.
  8. From Anandawood "266 7. W H AT I S I T T H AT A P P E A R S A S W O R L D ? "As soon as we wake up from deep sleep, the existence of a ready-made world – including our own bodies – confronts us. To examine it closely, we utilize our sense organs straightaway – one by one, relying on their superficial evidence without a thought. The organ of sight asserts that the world is only form and nothing else; the organ of hearing that the world is only sound and nothing else; and so on. Each organ thus asserts the world as its sole and particular object. In effect, each sense organ contra- dicts the evidence of the other four organs, with equal force. This hopeless mess of contradictory evidence, and the stubborn denial by each of the sense organs of the others’ evidence, form positive proof of the falsity of this world – as it appears. But all the while, the existence of a positive something is experienced without a break, beyond the shadow of a doubt. This, on closer analysis, is found to be that changeless, subjective ‘I’-principle or Consciousness itself".
  9. The experience of something ,is an experience. The experience of nothing,is also an experience. That which experiences something, or nothing ,is itself neither something nor nothing and is therefore not limited to nor affected by any experience. Who or what would be limited to, or by, any experience other than a superimposed projection and/or belief that, in reality, has no inherent self existence.
  10. Because of the ideas they have about God and themselves. How could a mere human be GOD. Well technically it can't because only God is God and there is nothing other than God appearing as something other than itself. When God realizes itself as it is, and not what a conditioned, finite mind full of beliefs and assumptions imagined it is, it sees itself as it truly is. As the only reality. Vested interests from so-called higher authority also have an agenda to maintain the status quo. What are the implications of God,who exists in and as every self-aware being, realizing its true nature? Realizing one's true nature is a threat to any so called "established" society whose establishment is, by purpose, based on misinformation and control.
  11. The experience of perceiving is also perceived.
  12. Yeah, simply because thought is ,by nature ,dualistic. Samadhi is a state where subject-object, time-space , self-other, are non-existent. Thought,which is a product of memory and intellect (i.e. mind ),is dependent/reliant on the existence of Being . But Being , is self existent and independent, of thought/mind. Being is the substratum existing prior to, during,and after every thought, and/or, perception. Thought/mind appears in Being, but Being itself is without appearance. Being is the stillness in which thought dances.