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  1. I have experienced enlightenment from doing kriya yoga on a high dose. Once the energy gets pulled up into the brain your perceptions and feelings of having a body vanish, at that point you just are, not as anything just are. The field unifys and if u can sit with half decent concentration you'll get some insights
  2. Is ayahuasca a good tool for god realization?
  3. @Kksd74628 thanks :D. I def want my baseline to be higher. I think it will help me go deeper into my trips
  4. @Leo Gura do you think zazen is a waste of time? I still practice your practice of deconstructing the mind, wouldn't zazen help?
  5. @SourceCodo can u elaborate on that? That sparked my curiosity. I know zazen can lead to cessation but I don't know how much deeper it can go, what's your experience?
  6. @Leo Gura I leave that to psychs
  7. i practice zen buddhism. im just curious on what the community think about zen and sitting zazen?
  8. @Kamo I def hold a negative bias and I came off a lil too strong, yes I was technically a terminal lance I got hurt and after that everything spiraled downhill I was in Yorktown VA NWS. I'm glad you had a good experience, I guess it's luck of the draw. Lol I was boot af when I first got in I would wear my assault pack to the malls all that good stuff. But you ARE right my experience does not reflect the military as a whole I gotta take back any attitude I put out that was generalizing
  9. I was a marine and I hated all the racism and nationalism that was all around me, me I didn't fit in. I'm a firm believer in people with life purpose wouldn't waste it by being government property. But that being said the military can use some revolutionaries to turn the military from the ideological, and sometimes down right racist and nationalistic fighting force to a real force to protect freedom. I like to look at the Shaolin monks from back then (they aren't the same anymore) they fought only for defense. Our military isn't like that at all. We've raped and pilliaged MANY countries I hate to say that but it's true. And I promise the military experience is worse than what you imagine. I was smacked in the face once it was made clear to me that I was government property and signed away all my rights
  10. I'd love to chat and trade some words of wisdom how you guys fuse consciousness with your art. I was a boxer for a long time but tryna start a kickboxing run. The fight sport world brings me to tears it's so beautiful love you all
  11. It would be awesome to have another guided meditation or deconstruction of the mind or something of the sorts!
  12. @Leo Gura my opinion is if its illicit like mdma or lsd dmt then no sourcing but if its a RC then sure, this comes to bite me in the ass because i still struggle to find MALT :[. but you DEF should lookout for yourself and your org before anyone of its individual members
  13. So i heard once from somebody. and this was a topic that is kinda serious it was about whether to join the military or not. This person said. "do it why not nothing matters anyways. but from reading this i was so.... shocked that some people see it this way, like thats literally your life your gambling with! i think some people just take it too far. like if someone asked me hey should i do drugs? and i responded sure! go for it! nothing matters! (now i dont mean to demean the military in anyways i was a marine.) but like. your life matters. YOUR LIFE MATTERS. and i was so shocked to hear someone say "oh it doesnt matter" if you have a drive in you to live a beautiful life and live in a way that brings tears to your eyes. your someone special! (which at this point i know everyone has that in them its just about working to find that.)
  14. no need to think ab existential shit, it does matter as were just humans thats ur life ur talking ab
  15. i was in the marines, i enlisted afterhighschool, now heres my HONEST opinion. what really keeps people in is the collective ego of "being part of the worlds finest fighting force". of course theres feelings of being a hometown hero and all this which makes it VERY appealing and especially if combat is something that always intrested you (like me) but when your in you get treated as a number not as a human yes you get bonds with your platoon and all of that good stuff (if ur lucky enough to get a good command) but at the end of the day the government owns you are your expected to act accordingly. you gotta wake up early for PT work long hours (if ur infantry) and what u make really isnt good day as an example i think as a private i made maybe 300? or less every two weeks. which kinda sucks. but what really kinda bothered me and sickened me in a way was how everyone is completly sucked into an ideology of tribal thinking when it came to countries. constant ego inflation. oh dont let me forget to say brainwashing in bootcamp (which has kinda payed off for me cuz now i have a iron solid work ethic) but it changes u man. i didnt feel i fit in i was too caring for everybody i joined to help not to kill, but your constantly surrounded by killers. thats from my experience but if you have a life purpose this world needs you you cant serve the world in the military the military is sheeple. i wouldn't waste this opportunity of life yes the military is VERY LOW CONSCIOUS