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  1. @Leo Gura my opinion is if its illicit like mdma or lsd dmt then no sourcing but if its a RC then sure, this comes to bite me in the ass because i still struggle to find MALT :[. but you DEF should lookout for yourself and your org before anyone of its individual members
  2. So i heard once from somebody. and this was a topic that is kinda serious it was about whether to join the military or not. This person said. "do it why not nothing matters anyways. but from reading this i was so.... shocked that some people see it this way, like thats literally your life your gambling with! i think some people just take it too far. like if someone asked me hey should i do drugs? and i responded sure! go for it! nothing matters! (now i dont mean to demean the military in anyways i was a marine.) but like. your life matters. YOUR LIFE MATTERS. and i was so shocked to hear someone say "oh it doesnt matter" if you have a drive in you to live a beautiful life and live in a way that brings tears to your eyes. your someone special! (which at this point i know everyone has that in them its just about working to find that.)
  3. no need to think ab existential shit, it does matter as were just humans thats ur life ur talking ab
  4. i was in the marines, i enlisted afterhighschool, now heres my HONEST opinion. what really keeps people in is the collective ego of "being part of the worlds finest fighting force". of course theres feelings of being a hometown hero and all this which makes it VERY appealing and especially if combat is something that always intrested you (like me) but when your in you get treated as a number not as a human yes you get bonds with your platoon and all of that good stuff (if ur lucky enough to get a good command) but at the end of the day the government owns you are your expected to act accordingly. you gotta wake up early for PT work long hours (if ur infantry) and what u make really isnt good day as an example i think as a private i made maybe 300? or less every two weeks. which kinda sucks. but what really kinda bothered me and sickened me in a way was how everyone is completly sucked into an ideology of tribal thinking when it came to countries. constant ego inflation. oh dont let me forget to say brainwashing in bootcamp (which has kinda payed off for me cuz now i have a iron solid work ethic) but it changes u man. i didnt feel i fit in i was too caring for everybody i joined to help not to kill, but your constantly surrounded by killers. thats from my experience but if you have a life purpose this world needs you you cant serve the world in the military the military is sheeple. i wouldn't waste this opportunity of life yes the military is VERY LOW CONSCIOUS
  5. @hello1234 i thought that was funny as fuck i nearly pissed myself us russians have a different sense of humor please understand that xDDDD
  6. its gonna put a dent in my bank acc but im so happy! but at the same time nervous! ive experienced the godhead before but i was in too much shock to really probe into it and deconstruct further. i have high hopes for this course!
  7. i tend to stay quiet as is but i think this is a good thing
  8. @Leo Gura :C im sure a lot of us wish to hear your deepest insights, i kinda was brought to tears, not that you betrayed me or anything, but that people battle you, its not right :C i love your work leo it literally transforms me, but it hurts it feels that you given up on us :CCCCCC but please dont just listen to me, im only alexander. tbh i just want u to b comfortable. my honest opinion is u should form a circle of people u trust. <3 do things at ur own pace :]
  9. @Sandroew i think he should really make a circle on patreon
  10. :CCCCCCC i think leo really should have a some kind of system where maybe on patreon or something people who are really into his teachings can get the deepest ones :C i was really looking foreward. sorry people suck leo :C
  11. @Bob Seeker oh jeez lol, i did take a note that said expect a 24/7 work life
  12. @happyhappy thanks man! thanks for reminding me that spirituality isnt mainstream yet! that somehow slipped my mind. i have my personal channel ive been practicing with ill post it here if u wanna give any input, i know the quality is shitty especially the audio i did order a cheap mic to help fix that. but once im comfortable and fluent talking to a cmaera i wanna start up the other channel
  13. :C i dont know if this can really be guided into for me i found that i just had to "get it" but once u get it it CANT be mistaked it will make u cry made me cry at least
  14. i wanna teach meditation and yoga on youtube, how would i start this journey? i posted two posts already but curious how you guys did it (if u did it of course lol) this is a new world for me kinda funny i never imagined i would try this. i have taken some notes on like SEO, post, connect to your fans, leave hearts keywords and such idk im just curious what u guys have to say namaste
  15. thank you friends the heavy metal thing i never even thought about maybe the practice made me better aware of that idk. imma keep practicing