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  1. @fopylo There is nothing wrong with watching porn or eating Ice cream if you do them in a healthy manner. You are expecting Leo to be a saint or something?

    Leo is living a balanced life. He is seeking and living a goos life. It is not the things that is the problem, it is the attachment to things. Healthy expression is good. And then comes transcendence. But even after transcending things, you can still do them but from a higher perspective.

  2. 31 minutes ago, fopylo said:

    the Jews were longing to come back to the country for more than 2000 years. Saying it is laughable is kinda disrespectful.

    It is just silly. People believe in many silly things ans this is one of them. All evil comes from believing in such silly beliefs. Like Muslims also believe in many silly shit, like how holy Jerusalem is and how holy Al Aqsa mosque is.

    32 minutes ago, fopylo said:

    Israel did try to propose to divide the country 50/50 (which is not exactly what they wanted, but well), and the Palestinians refused because they wanted the whole country and for Israel to be completely destroyed.

    Of course they would refuse. Who accepts taking 50 % of their land?


    32 minutes ago, fopylo said:

    It is almost laughable at how much Israel has been trying to make peace but Hamas just wants to bomb us outa here 

    Israel is not taking any real action in real life, for Hammas to accept peace with them. Israel actually, kept taking more and more land and kicking people of their homes. Remind me? Why should one make peace with someone who just kept doing wrong things. Tho, I don't accept what Hammas does, but I understand their position. They are just  people who are angry and for a really good reason. The right wing in Israel is as bad and evil as Hammas. And this is a thing you, Israelis should start noticing. You are going in a very wrong direction. Love and understanding is the way. But it is costy. And it costs a lot.


  3. @Preety_India  Yeah he is too cocky as a person but he is good in what he is doing. He is a great chef, and already opened a couple of restaurants and made many TV shows. He is highly charismatic and very fluid in cooking and on TV.

    So basically he is a badass in mastering his art. But still he lacks development in others way too. He already done a lot. You cannot expect everything from everyone.

  4. This show is just hilarious. You just see people react in the most unconcious ways. Managers and owners are too lazy and ignorant to see all the wrong things about thier restaurants. Gordon is also unconcious and doesn't provide a good non pushy advice to the owners. He just keep yelling and deal with the owners like little kids. The idea of the show is very interesting actually and could have been done much better, providing insights for how to run a resturant or a business and hjat are the common traps in these fields. But no, it became just a drama of yelling and anger and denial. Typical stage orange.


  5. You can actualize your dream in Suadi arabia actually! Mohammad bin Salman is doing a huge effort to push Saudia arbia into stage orange. Focus on getting a job and get independent. Financial independence should be your top priority. If you are financial independent, you can leave your family even if they get angry from you. There will be a lot of new opportunities in Saudia Arabia and you should be looking out for those.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Raptorsin7 said:

    There were also Jews living their before the partition so it's not as clear cut that they simply stole the land from the native

    They were palestanian Jews, lol. The whole idea of making a jewish state is laughable and unnecessary. I don't know all the historical details about the situation. But more than 700 thousand people were kicked from their land. If they were to make a state in palestaine, they should have asked the people peacefully for a piece of land. But that doesn't work in real life, so to get what they wanted, they used force and claimed the land was theirs in the first place.

    I support a peaceful solution where the events of the past are forgotten and where there is a peacful division of land and resources. But this simply won't happen anytime soon.

  7. 1 minute ago, Hulia said:

    I completely agree with this. Hamas does more damage to palestinians than to israellis. Not only more Palestinians die after launching rackets than Israellis, because they are not that efficient and dont have such a good protection like iron sky in Israel. Bit also the West would support Palestina more if not for the terrorists from Hamas.

    Yeah and Arabs fail to understand that becuase of how angry they are. Hammas is one of bighest factos that played against the palastenain cause.

  8. I am an Arab and I have palastenain origins, actually my grandfather was kicked out of his land 70 years ago. I support the palastenain cause not from an ideological point of view or because I hate Israel,No. I support palastenains because Israel did wrong to them. I don't support Hammas and I view some of its actions like launching missles targeting civilians as terrorism. I see the only solution for this case is by an intervention from the west to give justice to palestanians and stop Israel from doing injustice.

    Arabs hate Israel as westerns hate hitler or even more, actually much more. If you gave the choice to Arabs to murder and rape Israelis and their kids , they would do it without doubt. Actually there is a story about a man who was praying, and a couple of Israeli girls came to him and started laughing at him, and he got so angry he actually murdered them. And the problem is, he is looked at as a hero in my country when he got out of prison.

    An overview of the situation would be like:

    1. Israel invaded palestaine kicking palestanians from their land that they ahve been inhabiting for hundreds of years.
    2. Israel Continued doing horrible things to this day and never cared about palestanians
    3. The west  doing supporting Israel
    4. Arab people developed toxic levels of hate towards Israel.
    5. Hammas started doing terrorism and counterintuitively, badly represtented palestanians
    6. Israelis developed right wing extreme view towards palestanians and failed to empathize with them.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    You just assume that democracy is superior and everyone wants that. This is not the case. Western values are not shared by everyone.

    Of course democarcy is better. Democracy is anti-dictatorship and prevents tyrants from rising. A good authority figure is good but this is not what happens in most senarios. In most senarios you will end up with either lazy governments or worse, dictators.



  10. 1 minute ago, Zeitgeist said:

    To them this is not a problem because they tend to view themselves as a part of a larger whole where everybody has to do their part and be a good citizen, kinda like in an ant colony.

    Yeah and slaves used to think that slavery is for their own good and white people are actuallyt aking care of them

    The idea you presented is what a stage green society looks like but that is not what happening in China. China system is stage blue and not a healthy one actually. The Chinese party is a dictator and it is preventing ant other parties from emerging and preventing people from expressing any kind of dissent. This presents a huge problem to the developmentof democracy and actually any kind of development. Development needs criticism.