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  1. How much celery do you need to produce 16oz and how much do you pay for celery per month doing this every day?
  2. You just exactly described something Peter Ralston talks about in 'Zen Body-Being'.
  3. Took the test. Am a four apparently. Though not sold on it enough for the twenty $ yet. I have been interested in these personality type things (MBTI, Big Five, etc...) for some time, and they revealed solid insights to me, but even though they were helpful vessels for understanding myself, understanding myself always happens beyond any such labels. They function as observations that can only capture still lifes of something very lively and changing. From there I proceed in my true, intimate and direct investigations. I have recently come to a point from where seeking just no longer seems viable. The end of exclusive identification (not entirely solidified) and the understanding that I am nothing in particular has produced a great sense of freedom and peace. My behavior and daily conduct however has not changed that much, which was expected because the separate self's conditioning runs deeper in the body. I will now give my body the time it needs to catch up and heal on it's own term out of a desire to conduct my behaviour with love, and peace at it's source rather than the goal. This desire feels so warm and deeply affectionate I just teared up a little. Anyway, I started putting closer attention to personality and what it is made of. Different people who have gained mastery in this path report different results. Adyashanti says that at the end a very basic personality structure will remain. Matt Kahn says that once one has completely transcended the world she comes back into the body and back into the personality under the realization that there is absolutely no separation between the Absolute and Relative. Peter Ralston however seems to imply that at the end of what he calls transformation there are no attachments left whatsoever. I am curious to see how all this will unfold in my life, thus far it a mystery I am excited to uncover. I would like to hear your opinion on personality. Have a good day, my friend
  4. I'm sorry you are going through a rough patch right now. However, those can be most helpful in my experience. Whenever I sense I am in one I like to step out of the understanding of discipline vs. acceptance. It's just not effective. That allows me to align myself with whatever it is that I am going through. Really to join with and intimately feel the experience I have right now. Turns out it always has something to teach me and I always come out more understanding. Just step out of the thought-story of what you should and shouldn't do, and where that will and will not get you. There is so much beauty to every experience you could possibly have. You will come out of it stronger, I promise PS: here's a blog entry by Matt Kahn, quite short and I think very fitting to your situation: https://mattkahn.org/you-are-not-your-urges/
  5. Vegan Lentils-Chickpea-Vegetable pan: 1. Chop vegetables of your choice( zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, green onion, egg-plant, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, etc...) 2. Steam vegetables in the pan until edible. 3. Add a can of chickpeas and a can of brown lentils. 4. Put in herbs of your choice ( I like parsley, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, but not all at once. Definitively squeeze in half a lemon. Don't forget the pepper, instead of salt I like to use vegetable broth powder which is a hidden gem for so many recipes.) Instead of step 3 you can pour a can of coconut milk over it and serve with rice as a curry. Both of these are very cheap and easy to make and taste good. When putting in the lentils I make enough for at least two days, when serving as curry with rice I have a little stock of at least four meals. Definitely under 10 bucks, possibly 5. Hope you enjoy it and am looking forward to your suggestions. Easy and cheap but tasty recipes are my personal sweet spot. I like to have something I could eat every day.
  6. The most important thing about chewing gum is to dispose of it considerately. I hate stepping into or even touching gum under chairs or wherever people put it. Yuck!
  7. Contact Shinzen Young: https://www.shinzen.org/contact/ Sorry to hear that. On the bright side: it will get better. If you truly forgive yourself for it, you will see it was a necessary step in your evolution. You will learn to love yourself and eventually figure out how to utilize your unique hardships and struggles for something good. But that is not your main concern now, I believe. Is that your experience in any way whatsoever? Ask yourself that seriously and don't bullshit yourself. Don't let advanced spirituality get in the way of meeting your most basic psychological and physiological needs. Yes, believing consciousness is a product of the brain is a belief, but so is thinking brains do not exist, if that is not grounded in authentic, direct experience. You can never believe your way into truth. Learn to discern between hearsay and authentic experience. To counteract the destructive force that adopting spiritual beliefs can have on your life I want to offer you a different paradigm that you can adopt until you are truly ready to transcend it: I am a human being I need shelter, food and water secured presently and in the foreseeable future I require healthy and caring relationships with people I can trust and rely on I entertain the idea of a positive future, things will get better for me You can modify this as it suits your situation. I hope you get the general idea. I don't think any drug will be the solution to your problem. But you gotta know what's best for you here. I would recommend psychotherapy. I tried to exercise some tougher love than I would usually do because I feel that would be better suited here. You are obviously in a tough spot right now. I truly hope you find the healing that you need. If you have any further questions feel free to ask.
  8. If you got there via meditation, which as I have been told is rare but can happen, you might find Shinzen Youngs videos on that topic helpful. Maybe even contact him directly. If I remember correctly he said it is not too hard to steer people in which he senses it in the right direction during his retreats. Otherwise or even if go seek out a medical professional who you deem trustworthy. Depersonalization disorder is not a spiritual acquisition or phase you have to go through. A real spiritual leap leaves everything the way it was before, only changing the context by becoming conscious of false assumptions ideas and beliefs. I hope you find the help you need, all the best
  9. Look into Peter Ralston, he holds many 3 day Intensives and other consciousness workshops at his ChengHsin center in Texas. Definitely worth the buck.
  10. I am sorry for what you have gone through. I can't imagine what it is like to be in your shoes right now and I hope your situation will get better soon. As for my advice: forgiveness, understanding and letting go are states of minds and ways of relating to yourself and others. They are not specific sets of action. I say we toss out our ideas of what they look like in action. You can 'let it go' by moving on and not getting over it for decades. You can get back at him by becoming a happy, healthy, self-sufficient and loving person. I'm trying to receive the advice I want to give to you. I guess it is that the action you choose does not imply a single one motivation by which to get there. So investigate your assumptions. To make this advice a little more concrete: if you choose from a place of forgiveness and understanding you are free to look at this situation from a higher wisdom and free to act by however it dictates. You likely won't want to intentionally hurt him, but you also will not undermine your own need for closure. Revenge is such a bizarre concept to me. I hope you will choose with love and find healing. PS: I hesitate in making this statement because I really don't know enough about your situation and feel my above advice can be much more helpful, but personally, I think I'd turn him in.
  11. Perhaps Matt Kahn will be your guy. He always makes the point that once one has completely transcended the world and abides as pure consciousness, you come back into your body, your personality and start to embrace and include everything rather than needing to discard and transcend. Perhaps start with this one: I think what you feel is not a desire for less truth but a desire for more love in your life. More embraciveness and humanness. Perhaps you are just outgrowing outdated assumptions about what this path is all about.
  12. Congrats on the trip, I really resonated with your report. As someone who has never done psychedelics before but is going to try them I would like to hear your and @Leo Gura 's opinion on a short paragraph from Peter Ralston's "Pursuing Consciousness": An Acid trip is not Enlightenment While we're on this subject, don't confuse enlightenment with the use of mind-altering drugs. Such an experience might challenge your habits of perception for a while, but that's not the same thing as an increased consciousness. It is possible to have an enlightenment no matter what the circumstance, but drugs only provide an altered mind-state, and certainly not enlightenment. I would like to hear your opinion on this, good luck with the integration
  13. Lovely For some reason this came up, think you might enjoy it. Curb is brilliant in outlining the ridiculousness of human interaction. Hope you like it
  14. @Chumbimba he will conduct a workshop in the Netherlands this summer. Check out chengshin.nl for more.