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  1. 5 day Enlightenment Intensive 2019 3 Day Contemplation Intensive 2020 Contemplation and Satsang Workshop with Peter Ralston 2020 3 Day Intensive 2021 Upcoming: Residential Work with Peter Ralston 2021 (if Covid allows) Overall I could probably widen my scope a bit, but as of now Peter's and similar work is blowing my mind.
  2. I tend to go for alcohol-free beer. It's isotonic, only has little sugar and I really like the taste. Normally those will have <0.5% vol, but you can go for one's specifically advertising as 0.0% vol. As a guy I tend to get some weird looks but I just shrug it off and usually don't give an explanation. If your friends have a problem with that, or even pressure you into drinking, you should know that that is not okay and set boundaries accordingly.
  3. A beautiful older movie based on the story of Thomas More in 16th century England, who refused to publicly approve of King Henry the eighth divorcing his wife and remarrying. (spoiler alert) He held up his silence unwaveringly until they executed him. The whole film is gleaming with integrity and there is an especially beautiful scene towards the end when his daughter begs him to just do as the king demands, he tells her: 'you hold your self in your hands like water. Now when you lie it is as if you opened your hands; and don't expect to find yourself easily again.' I'm not sure if that movie fits in this section as it is not explicitly a spiritual teaching, but it is a very moving display of integrity. I couldnt find a video of the scene I was referring to so here's another good one to give an impression: It's on Netflix btw. Enjoy and feel free to discuss
  4. Anyway, here's Bill with the weather.
  5. In my experience, a more depressive episode tends to be a catalyst for growth, as it naturally promotes introspection, and helps me get some distance from daily affairs. I tend to think of it as caused by me ignoring something for too long, that would have needed tending to, that I'm now forced to look into. If you are clinically depressed though, get help asap.
  6. What I was going to suggest, +1
  7. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading it as I will be doing some work with him later this year, but have never actually met the guy. Interesting to hear about your experiences with and of the person Peter, so if you got any more anecdotes, keep 'em coming
  8. Glad you liked it. I've put together a compilation of Ralston videos talking on integrity specifically in a separate thread, in case you want to check that out.
  9. For those who've watched the latest episode and might like to hear another voice on it. 'Integrity comes from and makes real the experience of being whole and complete.' Ralston in Ancient Wisdom, New Spirit. Integrity-talk starts at 11:00
  10. Good stuff thanks for sharing. Perhaps you'd appreciate this: Cheers.
  11. "When a hot girl meets a hermit, one of them is going to change"- Charles Bukowski
  12. Who says the latest Lamborghini won't make you happy? It's just a believe you hold, without which you would have to admit you don't know what will make you happy. Why would a Lamborghini be out of the question? Especially if you have some sort of pull in that direction. To dismiss something within you on the ground of some belief you picked up is bad strategy; you will never judge or manipulate your way into true transformation. Instead look into it, and be open to why you feel drawn towards all that stuff, but to do that you must first be as and where you are. Spoiler: it is you you'll find. Also, if you don't mind sharing, may ask what you do for a living? Just curious. Best of luck.
  13. Glad to hear it worked out. Throughout the thread I just kept thinking of this song, perhaps it speaks to you its the best Depeche Mode song that they didn't even make
  14. A state without fear would be one where fear is not present but the underlying assumptions that make it necessary are still active. Fearlessness would be the result of grasping those assumptions and eliminating the perceived need for fear. You want to get rid of the effects of the assumptions but leave the assumptions themselves untouched? Try and get that you look at this entire situations through those assumptions, as if they were true. Don't you fear not becoming fearless? Fearlessness won't be found in the same domain as the absence of fear. Perhaps Ralston is not the most agreeable teacher, but I'm certain he is neither condescending nor a madman (okay, that one is debatable). I think he is talking to his Apprentices here, who should be pretty serious about this stuff. And I disagree, I think the video fits your situation well, but I might be wrong. All the best to you. Take care!
  15. I'm like that too. I'm horrible over text, basically if I don't have you in front of me in some form I barely think about you. Don't take that personally. In terms of what you should do now: why do anything? She lives in a different city, you can't meet regularly. If you feel like it text her about that cool new Pink Floyd song you just discovered. Other than that you will meet her when you are both home for Christmas. There's really no point in an active long distance friendship. Doesn't mean you're not friends anymore.