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  1. Yes, this is definitely good point and to that I would add what @DrewNows said. For me it's just that combination of these two principles. 1. The hunting one and the hunted. 2. Seeking fullfilment in others. But, i don't think it's always in a way that the "bad ones" will take all. They may do, at first, but then it all crash and those "good ones" can strike. But yea... good guys usually come late. And in that time they might be pretty depressed from being alone and not worthy judged by society. There's plenty of examples even on this forum. Bad guys rollin because they are Mens, maybe an abbusive ones, but still Mens atleast. Good guys struggle with being a Man. They can't provide protection and other things for the women, even thought they usually think that they can...
  2. Did you do that because of yourself? Or because you wanted a women into your life? Because that's huge difference
  3. @Mikael89 I was virgin to my 22. And I was really desperate for a girlfriend. Now I'm 24, my experience with womens exploded when I started to work on myself. To just focus on yourself. And I can say that too, relationships are overrated AF. You don't need "them", you need yourself, to be happy with yourself. Only after that you can truly attract someone else into your life. To have a girlfriend is like condiment for your food. It's awesome on a good prepared one, but it will not make an A+++ meal from waste/scrap.
  4. @Nickyy Yeah, u're right. Didn't mean to insult anyone... @AwakenedSoul444 As I was saying... didn't mean to insult you. I'm just that kind of a guy, who likes to give straight answers. And what's bad about using swear words? For me they are great tool to express emotions in words, to say something seriously with no bullshit around it. I'm aware that it's not easy... I Don't have asperger, but I was in kinda same situation as you are. Desperate for girlfriend. My suggestion is to take aim on yourself, try to be a pure man, fully responsible for his own life and capable to be alone if needed.... that take atleast 2-3 years of work. You can find plenty of material online about "being a man"... After this, you will be blocking girls, not they.... Sorry if it's unpleasant for you, Good Luck
  5. Dude, to those blocations... I'm 100% sure that this isn't about one "final" message that you send. Girls don't block you after one message (if you're not complete strangers). To me it looks like you're needy AF to them and that you can't express emotions in a right way. About crying for a girl: It's the same story as the text one. You think that you're a fucking God in living a right life and it seems to me, that you're not waiting at all to tell everyone. This shit is like repelent for people... Stop being so GodLike and also work on your anxiety. That's probably your problem. GL
  6. @Mikael89 Bro, you need serious help. You're so stuck. I remember your posts like 2 months ago and you're still the same victim as u was. Go for a therapy, please. @Preety_India Time to grow again
  7. @Lento So you're telling us that you don't care, but having sex with her would be good - then you do care And yes, as @ADD said. You just didn't make that fucking move. When you're doing this and that and expecting her to perfectly reciprociate for every goddam thing you do, then it's not gonna work at all. Girls don't want things that's obvious obvious. You need to build a tension that is obvious in terms where it will end -> in bed, or somewhere else, haha. And be careful about options that @Gili Trawangan suggested. They are great, yes! BUT God pls don't do them step by step, mechanicaly, add something to then in that moment. Also in a situation where you will be next time with her can be something that will not allow/interupt this. Be prepared to make completely your own move. Just do that move, bruh Also... I'm not very sure, but since her backstory I would expect her to not want just sex....
  8. @Lento What would I do? Idk man :D, it seems like she accepted that you don't want to be with her and moved on from it. And that might be the reason why you suddenly feel something for her (you're not sure), or atleast overthinking this whole situation. Because you wasn't expecting this, so you're ego might be little bit hurt by that. That boner tho For me
  9. @Preety_India This is some serious shit over here now. You're opening more and more about him. All the respect for you that you did not do something stupid to yourself because of his behavior. Well, except one thing, that you are still with him. Don't even think about it and leave him. If you're scared of him stalking you or even worse, go to police or tell your friends and family atleast. I don't know about the situation in your country and cultural things, but if you can, get away from him ASAP.
  10. @Shakazulu it's not only about field footage, because then you might tend just to mechanicaly repeat what happened in that footage instead of thinking for yourself and get just the right patterns for it. I would recommend these 2 channels: Todd V Dating - And his The Art of Game Manifesto Maximilian Berger - he's got great infield videos Well, good luck
  11. @Preety_India I feel like you opened up a lot more now I sincerely don't think that what @Leo Gura said is necessary true (I mean about your counsciousnes). I think that you need to work on your boundaries. I had the same problem lately. You need to recognize when things starting to not being pleasant/hurt you so you can act right away and don't allow them to happen again. But ye, I'm also adding - Run away from this vampire!
  12. @remember Oh, right Atleast I know that I need to still work on this thing. Obviously I still have some connection with it... Thx And to @Preety_India. If you already did that (told him that you're not happy in a serious way) and that you need change -> and he didn't respond in a right way. Then, leave him... maybe try to give him a lesson (as few people said). Maybe he will understand and change after you leav him. But maybe not. Be prepared to get on your own foots again Wish you best luck with it!
  13. There's 2 points which you can be refering to, so... If it's that it wouldn't be a problem for me to tell him in a serious way that I don't want from him to do that any longer, othervise I'm leaving, then yes, it wouldn't - and you're right, maybe I'm overpowering Pretty India... But if it's on that side that I would live with that problem anyway...? Oh, come on :D, in my past, maybe, but not anymore
  14. @Preety_India At first, just tell him that you don't feel good about it at all. Sometimes we tend to think that the other person know and is conscious about everything we do. Maybe he's just isn't aware of it. Leo basically said the same. This might not be problem at all. GL
  15. @Eph75@flume Flume, thank you. This is awesome insight