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  1. @flowboy Your message is just awesome. I know exactly what I'm going to do right now. Will let you guys know... Thank you
  2. @Pav @Keyhole I thought about these things too... MAYBE she's just "using" me, pushing me and my personality into the shape that she wants. But if she does, then it's unconscious. I do want to discuss it with her, because I know that she love me. Ofcourse that my mind is inclined to defend her (by this), since I love her, but I still think it's not her intention at all. -> It's the little things that she does for me and the opennes of her to me. Also, I don't know any person who would have the intentions to lie on psychedelics and we did few together. What I do believe is, that this isnt really coming from her heart. That she's scared to lose her freedom somehow and she's got tendentions to be destructive (when she's in stress, she eat a lot and then feel bad about it), so I can see that in this too. Just now, right know I think, that she might be saying this, because I introduced myself to her parents and she was dissapointed that we didnt find more topics to talk. But that's ofcourse her problem, not mine. And I can see link between those... @Key Elements That is exactly what I want to tell her. I want to go deep in her feelings about this, it's gonna be super important to discuss. Because I would not do this just because she is somehow addicted to have sex with more guys. If it's just her mechanism to keep yourself up and happy with yourself. This I need to tell her I don't want to be drained, both emotionaly and materialisticly. The second one is not happening at all, so, let's check out first one Thanks all of you for these thoughts! And ofcourse continue with them, I would loveto hear more of your opinions.
  3. From my experience. Sometimes they just don't feel a need to respond. It may be because they are in certain mood, or as @Aeris said, she's got more dudes texting her with more interesting things. If it's a girl that you're trying to pickup or something, I would recommend to not text her if she doesn't responding and play "The Game" in real life. Girls really don't recognize a person who is attached to them too much as sexy, menly and so on... So it may be combination of too much text and also, when you reply almost instanly, for her it means "He's got nothing to do in his life except to chase me, what a looser"
  4. Yeah, with these informations said -> Leav him
  5. @assx95 Darkness is necessary for findinf the light.
  6. I started this topic 2 days ago in section which contant psychedelics, but right now I think that this topic is more suitable here... Let me start with that I know, I know "everyone" will tell me that it is a bad idea to do that. Because of ............ a lot of stuff..... But is there someone who did it and can share his experience? Because, I got my own story about it. Me and my girlfriend were camping in the forest at big, old mountain, where she in the past lived. We decided (long before it) that it would be great for her to try Ayahuasca too (I did it year before). Things came together and she was prepared for it. So at first morning of that camping (she followed the right diet) we prepared Ayahuasca for her. When was everything ready and Aya was ready in a small cup for her to drink, she went just to pee before it. I was sitting there waiting for her to come back and suddenly a strong wind occur and make our blanked to run into the cup and spill it. I saved just a small dose of it. - We believe it was meant to be... So she drinked a really small dose. After that we waited, talk a bit about things. After 3 hours she didnt feel anything, so we started to thing that it might not have any effect on her, due to the small dose or something. So we switched completely out of it and after a while we ended up having sex, it was really strong tension for it and under the blue sky, on that mountain surrounded completely by nature, it was awesome... It took about 30min till I cummed and after it we just layed next to each other. It didn't took even a minute and she suddenly said "I feel something, it's coming"... - Ayahuasca just hit her right after our sex. Her experience was pleasant, I was there for her the whole time and she felt really good. Had some nice visions. This took about 2 hours after which it stopped, like completely. We were debating for another hour and nothing happened, so we went together for water to the near river. When we came to the river, she sat down, looked at me and told me that it is there again and that she wants to be alone. I was suspicious if she can take it, because she told me if I can go back to our camp and she came after me when it is over. I was there for her about 10-20mins and after that I decided "Ok, I believe that you can take it, but I'll come back to you after 1 hour", she agreed. I went back to our camp, really, really slow, still not very sure and suddenly, she appeared behind me, with eyes saying "I can't take it, I need your help". So I took her by the hand and went with her to our camp. It wasnt so pleasant this time, but with me, she felt save. This takes about another hour and after it nothing camed. I would love to hear your experiences with these, or similar cases. I'm not really searching for thoughts about why do, or do not do that, or things telling me that we did this or that wrong and we should be ashamed of yourself or that Mother Ayahuasca will punish us for it. Thank you
  7. Oh, so yeah. In other words, let her go...
  8. @assx95 Actually, they all gave you the same answer. I think, that I can give you that too, but supported with my own experience with this. I was chasing my current GF 4 years. It was 3 years of constant rejection. I loved her so fucking much that I would do anything for her, and we were really good friends in terms of understanding each other. She rejected me like... 20 times? Both throught text, but mostly personaly. We usually started talk about it when we got high or something (when I just couldnt pretend no more). Last year was different... I decided to let her go and focus on myself. "Do stuff that mens got to do". Not only that I realized that my love to her wasnt actually love, but only passion, passion to fuck her, be with her, own her. But I also realized that I got other options! She's not the only women in the world. So, year past and we didnt see each other, nor text. She were at Erasmus and at the end of it, she started texting me. - She wanted my attention back. "But girl, I'm not the same person you left." We met after she came back, spend few nights together (drinking, talking, nothing more) and after that I realized that she chasing me, she wants me now. Now that I changed. It was still hard, for both of us. But one night, when she offered me a place to stay for night (we were drinking and I couldnt get to my place) I just took her and went for a kiss. She was defensive for the first second, but then... haha... Right now I'm with her and it's the most amazing 5 months in terms of relationship. We love each other purely. BUT and it's a freaking big BUT, don't dream about this and don't think that you will make it too. It's possible, yea, but only for those, who will do the work not for her, not for the relationship, not for the sex, BUT FOR YOURSELF. Change yourself if you want her, she won't do that to you right now
  9. I feel you... I'm not really sure if this is a good advice, but if I were in your situation I would try to manifest my masculinity from different things. Like going to gym, run your own business, travel alone or with your homies. To me this really helped and womens will see that. But it seems to me, that you already doing this or did think about it. So, there's my advice comes to an end... Good luck with that brother!
  10. Avoid sex being an unpleasant experience by finding what makes you dissapointed or guilty, think about it for yourself (why you do/don't do that) and then talk about it with her. With this you can find a way out of it... Also, It's pretty stupid for a healthy relationship to hide your feelings (in my opinion). You're not needy because you talk about your feelings, you're needy because you talk about them and do nothing with them to change/get better. Also, don't push it too much... but IDK, you're the only one here who knows your girlfriend GL
  11. @Serotoninluv Thank you for your inside! I was hoping for ideas from "the other side". So I can have different points of view But isn't that the main thing? To be somehow scared of changes? I mean, change is like the key in the Universe for me... And I did change myself big time (And I love it). So I'm thinking... even that it may change our dynamics (and I really do love our relationship right now > her), it doesnt mean it will change for "worse". Maybe it will be even more awesome then now. Yes, there's that thing you mentioned as: And yes, this thing would be 100% true for me right now. Because I just don't feel that need. It's not that I can't get a women, I just don't really need that when I have it with my loved one right now. Maybe I would feel it, but it would be the case of a women approaching me, which let's be honest, in our society is almost unthinkable... So that's another wound from my past, feeling of being "subordinate". And in this case it would (I guess) manifest itself in her sleeping with 5-6 different guys per year and me with 0 women, only her. BUT, I still strongly believe right now, that this would be only material for me to grow more. Thank you for support
  12. @universe Yes. Exactly. Sometimes it's good to hear that again. Sometimes I forget that And yes I'll try it, I'm not saying that from now I'm gonna flirt with every other girl and try to get her, that would be my Ego. But I'm gonna be open to it. It will be something new for me as I mentioned. @Gili Trawangan It was there. I was the most hurted person few years later. For example, I was thinking about suicide at my 15y. Since then a lot changed, but there's still something like "voices" hiden deep deep in my consciousness. And these voices/programs of thinking, are hard to destroy/overwrite. But I'm working on it, slowly... Since I post my topic I went into deep thinking about it and come out with exactly what you both guys said. I told her that. I also told her, that I thing, that everything will be clear when she tell me about this experience with "the first one", especially withthat guy that she love too. That in my opinion will be the only way for me to overwrite these old programs of thinking... Thanks guys! Really, mainly for being honest
  13. Well, there's few things... Why she always want sex in complete dark? Is she ashamed of her body? - That could be one thing, why u can't have good erection > U can't see her, her reactions (and this is really important), or you can even feel that this sex inst stimulating for you (it can't be spontanous, because you always need to turnf off the lights..) Also... sex without condom is so freaking awesome, but ofcourse, dangerous... And 13 centimiters isnt really small i guess, idk I experienced something (but it's far behind this) like that once with my current gf. We fucked, I ejaculated after like 20-30mins, went into bathroom, clean yourself up, take a piss and went back to her for another round. Ususally I can, but this one time, my penis was just soft - so I know how it feels. But ofcourse don't experienced that again... guess it can happen sometimes. Do you have problems with erection when watching porn?
  14. A little background to us: I'm 24/ She's 23 We are together (having sex, and share really deep intimacy) for 5 months now We consider ourselfs as stage yellow persons Both of us and I can tell it for sure, are in love with each other. It's the most pure thing I ever experienced (Like on Ayahuasca :)) And last important thing: We were friends before and I had a crush on her. But I was needy, not self-confident, not independent and so on. But I was working on it for 3 years and here we are... And I still do... that's why I'm here We also don't see each other often. Sometimes for few days, sometimes for month. So, my topic is about feelings she told me yesterday. She told me, that she's having trouble with giving her body just to me. And that she wants to know, if I would be mad at her, if she experience a one night stand from time to time - just for fun. What's also worth to mention is her... """ex-boyfriend""". She were "with" him 2 years before I started being with her - they saw each other like 8-10 times per year. As soon as we started to having sex, she told me about him when we were together. Since then, she was with him only 1 time and without sex, because she *quote* "Couldn't do that to me". She love him too and I was cool with it, because I knew that I'm The One for her right now. I told her that I want to meet him in person, but she told me that he don't know about us and that she won't told him, because he wouldn't be able to take it. She also told me, that she was sure, that he's the one - even at our "start" she told me, that one day, we will end this and she will move to him. Since then a lot things changed... we are having the most amazing sex on this planet and do share everything. We are as open as we can be to each other right now She gave me so much and She also receiving so much from me. We do love it. So what is my problem then? The problem is, that I'm not sure with this (and yea, I already told it to her). The reason isn't one night stands, but I feel kinda insecure with this. Let's say, that I'm not that kind of a guy who have a lot of experiences with short, quick flirting and getting girls for one night. I didn't have a single women like that (in terms of sex). Partly because of my "high demands" (like inteligence) and also because I just don't have a lot of chances for that - I do not look for them. But she? Meeen, she's flirting with like everyone :D, she's having fun and I get it. She is really open to conversations with random people, so, she's getting suggestions from men like all the time. She isnt that type of girl who will sleep with everyone, definitely not. But sometimes, it'sthe consequences... like last time, she told me about a guy from boat when she was sunbathing completely naked and he came, completely naked to, making suggestions... and for one moment she really wanted it. (she told me) When I last time saw her personaly, we had amazing, long sex and during it she told me that she wants to be only mine, that she won't be able to have sex with other guys, because I'm The One and that she wants to have kids with me, etc etc.... So that is why I'm so unsure about this. At one hand it's my personal problems from the past (low self-confidence) at which i still working on, so I feel a small feeling of a chance to lost her with another men. And at the other hand it's her constantly switching from one position to another, not knowing what she actually wants. But that's just womens? Right? She's coming in few days to me and we said that we will discuss it in person ofcourse. But in text messages we ended at "Yes, let's not limit our physical experiences just to ourselfs". So... I'm thinking, is it bad for me to let her do her things, let her to be free, but keep my sexual life as I did till now? It feels to me right, to accept her feelings and let her to have not only one night stands, but maybe even "regular" relationships? She told me, that this thing is not about me and that she just want me to know it, it's not like she's asking me for permission, she needs it, she said... But I kinda feel it's "my thing" too. Your opinions? Thank you...
  15. Didn't notice.. Thank you! <3