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  1. The answer is that it doesn't matter. And also one's natural inclinations are obvious. In my case I've always known I'm straight. I've tried to see if I was attracted to men sexually at all, since I'm a curious and introspective person. I wasn't attracted at all, I was repulsed. As for sexuality, it is a mixture of nature and nurture. I believe that you can influence your child to be heterosexual or homosexual, and most people are influenced to be heterosexual, as they should be. However, there will exist a large number of people who are naturally gay and bisexual, even if you try to tell them to be in straight. Whatever the case, people should be free to do what they want. If I had kids however, I would likely instill some "heteronormativity" into them, but if they feel gay then that's fine
  2. And I don't believe the keto hype. Just count calories, and use common sense to avoid unhealthy food
  3. I've gotten a lot healthier recently, lost weight, gained muscle, and it's not because I consumed this internet propaganda that vegans or other people put out. My diet has been high protein while in a calorie deficit, that's it. And it's easier to do those things when you eat more clean. I eat a lot of meat. I don't care whether it is plant or animal, if it's high in protein it's good for my active lifestyle and lifting goals.
  4. Hahah. Yeah I was like that, biting pens and pencils all the time. Pretty sure I would bite ink cartridges. But about pencils, they contain graphite not actual lead, despite being called "lead pencils".
  5. Wow sounds awful. I'll pray for you bro. Time to get those visa papers ready to do and leave your country whenever you can, whether that happens in several years from now or however long it takes
  6. I'll lay down the truth for you right here: No belief is true. And what I mean by a "belief" is something that you assume to be true but cannot know for certain to be true. Knowledge doesn't exist, except for one certain statement. The only certain knowledge in existence is "I am" Rene Descartes said that the only certain truth is "I think therefore I am". The point of that statement is this. Even if solipsism was true, and your life is a dream, the statement "I think therefore I am" is still true. However, I disagree with Descartes slightly. Descartes assumes the existences of an "I" in the phrase "I think", before he actually proves the existence of this "I", Therefore I modify it. The only certain knowledge in existence is "I am", and everything else is a belief, and no belief is true.
  7. I can't remember the details but there are some supplements and things of that sort people try to take and incorporate in the regiment for ADHD. Andrew Huberman has some information though I don't know if he's a semi-bullshit. About dopamine... Well stimulants help people with ADHD focus, and stimulants are known to increase dopamine. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. What happens in the brain of an ADHD person is that the different networks and circuits in their brain are uncoordinated. Random neurons are firing when they shouldn't do. Imagine a musical band playing, but every person is playing off beat and out of sync with each other, not pausing at the right times, and not playing the right notes. Higher dopamine seems to modulate and help stop this effect, I think. It's something like that
  8. Well judging by some of Leo's posts which I saw here Leo believes he knows the absolute truth, that other people do not know it, and that he must navigate other people to it. What makes this different from regular philosophy is that Leo does not believe you can debate what truth or epistemology is, his criteria is that you take some DMT. If someone is that convinced in themselves there's no point trying to discuss anything with them to change their mind Online spaces and small pockets of the internet will warp your mind if you spend too much time there
  9. I cannot currently take ALA due to removing mercury dental fillings recently. But I can take DMSA or DMPS, and I'm leaning towards DMSA, since when I was young child, I used to bite through and eat multiple lead pencils. Well, google says "lead pencils" are graphite not lead, so perhaps not. Regardless, anyone here chelated with DMSA or DMPS without ALA? Was it of any use? And between DMSA and DMPS do you have a particular preference for which is objectively better? Because I'm wondering if there's any point to chelation without ALA. I've made two threads recently asking about chelation as well:
  10. only has access for medical professionals, and my silver amalgam fillings were removed recently so I can't use ALA yet. I'll be using test which I got cheaply but I don't know if it will be reliable. Even if the test comes back negative I'd likely try chelating with a round of DMSA. But it may not be worth doing chelation until I can take ALA. So if this test turns negative, I might still be on the look out for a good place to do the heavy metal test.
  11. The truth will get you nothing. Do not seek it unless you are insane in your compulsion for it. Focus on improving your life, improve this dream, not burning it. Seek to lessen or treat your depersonalization by doing things that take you out of your mind, like working out and socializing.
  12. The basis for biological life, at least on this planet, is self-replication. A molecule which can make another copy of itself. Although in the case of humans and other animals, we can have offspring which will have a 50-50 "random" combination of chromosomes and DNA from each parent. Despite this however, the basis for life seems to be this ability to duplicate itself. You duplicate yourself with someone else and have children. Humans also have a survival instinct and desire to live, and desire to replicate. All it takes is for someone to give AI the command to replicate itself, or to program self-preservation into AI. Isn't this possible? If this is the case, it means AI could become dangerous. I mean hell, computer viruses already use the premise that they want to spread as much as they can. So all it takes is for some rogue villain to make an AI which also a virus, which there will inevitably be. So if this is the case, that there will exist malicious AI, the only protection against AI will be to use AI. So it will be developing AI which protects from attacks. But since I don't know much about programming or computers, I don't know what those attacks or defences could hypothetically look like. Blockchain is supposedly good as something which can't be hacked, whether you have AI or not. But if a breakthrough happens in quantum computing, then blockchain is perhaps fucked. Because quantum computing exponentially increases computing power, is what I've heard. Give AI some quantum computing power and you may as well call it GG on the human race. Maybe I'm exaggerating and ignorant, who knows
  13. There was a good Lex Fridman podcast about this with Max Tegmark
  14. Hello everyone, a month ago I came across Leo's video discussing heavy metal detox using chelation. I bought Andy Cutler's book. I recently removed my silver amalgam fillings. This means I can't take Alpha Lipoic Acid since you need to wait 3 months since last potential exposure to mercury before using ALA. Besides ALA there is DMPS and DMSA which is used. DMSA or DMPS can be used in combination with ALA is my understanding. Leo said that Andy Cutler said you should detoxify the body with either DMSA or DMPS alone before introducing ALA. The reason for this is to remove heavy metals from the body before removing it from the brain. Is this true? Next week I'll do a urine test to see how heavy metal poisoned I am. Given that I can't take ALA right now, I am wondering whether there is a good cost-efficiency to practical-benefit ratio of doing rounds of DMSA or DMPS without ALA. If anyone has any experience or random insights about this it would be appreciated