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  1. I'm currently planning another trip that I'll do tomorrow (had 5 so far and only mushrooms). I'm curious: 1.What do you usually do during a trip? Sit and observe what's happening, listen to music, go for a walk, journal? I always try to have some sort of agenda for what I'm going to do during a trip but then when the experience begins I'd do something else, since my all of my thoughts and concepts are twisted and I realize it doesn't really matter if I do x or y 2.How do you make the most out of a trip? On my last trip I had very profound insights about various aspects of my life and consciousness however just after a few hours after the trip I lose it all, I forget and I get back to my ordinary life as almost nothing happened. How do I bring those insights back and more importantly be concious of them in my sober everyday life? 3.How do I know if the insights I got during a trip are valid in my sober life as well? So on psychedelics you can experience something that is radically different that ,,normal life'' but how do I know what does that mean? I don't want to label these things as ,,infinite love'' or ,,unlimited conciousness'' or ,,god'' or any terms like that which Leo uses. I want to get my OWN insights and realizations so that I know I'm not just adopting someone's ideology But how do I know that what I experience is true, how to make sense of it and how do I bring a piece of that to my ordinary life? Peace out!
  2. @SamC Can you Can you expand more on that? What is love per your definition?
  3. Do you have any recommendations for psychedelics that doesn't have much of a ,,mindfuck'' effect like you can experience on mushrooms for example So far I've had 4 trips on mushrooms only, and I am quite tired of all of these thought loops and mindfucking my whole concept of reality. Looking for psychedelics that can have more spiritual / nondual effects 5MeoDMT and 5Meo Malt? I've heard that those 2 can be really powerful but am honestly a little bit afraid of trying them cause they're way different that traditional psychedelics
  4. Hi guys, I've been following Leo's work for a few years now Don't you think that it'd be cool to do zoom calls so that we can speak about this stuff more directly? Written form like posts and comments have it's limitations, I think we can learn way more from each on calls and build great communities of like-minded people (not that easy to do in the real world) Does anyone know if there's something like this already organized? If not, we could think of starting Let me know your thoughts
  5. Recently I've come to the same conclusion about life There is no bigger Truth
  6. I always get something like that after meditation or yoga. A think its just some sort of universal high. Always pleasant feeling for me
  7. I am speechless you can't express these things with human words All rules and boundries are relative Sorry for writing this in replies
  8. I am perfectly concious of everything that is happening in the room that I'm sitting in, every little detail. I'm aware of how life runs on automation. Everything just flows perfectly and it,'s so smooth You dont have any control of any of your actions that you do
  9. I think a few days ago I just awakened. I faced most of my fears I now I can see how stupid all of them are. I also realized that enlighment is not some heaven like place or deep meditation state. Enlighmemt is awarness of the present moment. It's literally omnipresense. Life is for me so smooth and effortless. I've realized how stupid and unnecessary problems of most people are. All the party small talk All the loneliness Depression Caring for others, social games and obligations( brothet, husband, fad etc) I could never in my wildest dreams imagined enlighment to be that way It's so smooth but and the same it's extremely scary I don't even know for sure if I exist or not I feel like I'm floating above the notions of life and death, existence and non existence I dont know how far I can go on this path and where it will end I dont know if I should go further in that road its scary as fuck
  10. What do you think of smoking weed, when you don't have access to psychedelics? Can it produce some insights when you do it in nature alone with calm mind?
  11. I've started to have pain in my stomach after starting the video + I've experienced the same kind of feeling that I used to feel during the explanation of enlighment by Leo - my first video touching this topic. This really shows me that what he is telling is Truth
  12. I also didn't have a direct mystical experience of infinite love yet, I'm working towards it BUT I am starting to really get it. The universe is just the way that it, you are the part of it and you can't control it. So for example if you have a cancer, it is just wise to accept it and experience it with universal love instead of getting angry and depressed about it. Notice that you DON'T control your daily actions. You grab a glass of water and just 2 seconds after that you have a thought of even getting thirsty and drinking some water. You are literally the universe doing it's own thing. Just surrender to whatever is your current experience and give up all control, because you really dont have it
  13. How do you deal with that? I usually meditate in cross-legged position sitting with my back touching the wall. After 10-15 min I start to feel pain somewhere in the middle of back, and than it becomes difficult to focus on the practice. I would be grateful if you have any tips
  14. I have recently bought the book ,,The Secret Power Of Kriya Yoga'' to start doing the practices. The author recommends two combinations of techniques: 1 - Kriya Bow (for beginners) or Kriya Supreme Fire (for more advanced people) ->Mahamudra -> Kriya Pranayama -> Yoni mudra 2 - Kriya Bow or Kriya Supreme Fire -> Kriya Pranayama -> Yoni Mudra -> Mahamudra And the Parvastha State should be done at the end of these practices Yoni mudra, Kriya Pranayama, Kriya Bow and Supreme Fire are described how to do them properly, but I can't see the explanation for Mahamudra and Parvastha State in the book If someone here is following the practices from this book I would be glad to clarify those and share what does your daily routine look like